Hangin' (O/S ft. Daze&Spike) (DTFG #4) (COMPLETE)

Mar 23rd, 2017 (edited)
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  1. >You are Spike, Ponyvilles very own native dragon.
  2. >.. Or one of them anyway.
  3. >A few years have passed since you met your friend Daze, and she's uh.. Well.. Different.. To say the least.
  4. >You always found her mannerisms and quirks really crude, which is why a lot of the ponies don't understand her, but she's a good dragon (or person, as she likes to be called) at heart.
  5. >"For fuck sakes Spike, you're giving me a fucking headache, fuck off."
  6. >Yup, that's her, good ol' Daze.
  7. >She's currently sprawled out on your couch in a white tshirt with a cap over her eyes as she groans with her hands grasped to her head in pain.
  8. >For whatever reason, she seems intent on always wearing at least /some/ form of clothing.
  9. >You couldn't imagine anything worse than being constricted by clothing, especially when you're not feeling too great.
  10. >It's apparently something about her not being a uh, "fucking slag" as she put it when you questioned her about it that one time.
  11. >Yikes.
  12. "C'mon Daze, I've told you, you can't stay here when you're drunk. Twilight would kill me if she found out!"
  13. >"For the last time, I'm not pissed, I'm just hungover. There's a big difference. Now, give me peace, quiet, water, and some toast, or fuck off."
  14. >If it wasn't for Twilight being away right now, your head would be on your name.
  15. >You shudder at the sheer thought.
  16. >She has enough of a problem with Daze being around at the best of times, but after the alcohol fuelled party she started at the end of last year, drunk Daze is permanently banned from the Twilight Sparkle household until further notice.
  17. >Turning the basement of the castle into a nightclub was apparently the final straw for your purple friend.
  18. "Fine, fine, I'll go and grab you something to eat. You want ice with your water or no?"
  19. >She flicks her cap to the side to meet your eyes with her own bloodshot and baggy half-lid eyes before letting out her remark in a pained tone.
  20. >"Mate, I don't give a fuck, just get me some scran before I have you as a fucking appetiser."
  21. >As you scramble off to make her some food, you hear her say "cuck" under her breath before giggling to herself and flopping back down into place.
  22. >Some time passes while you're fixing Daze her toast, and after burning it for the second time, you've finally got it just how she likes it.
  23. >Black, but not burned to the point of being charcoal, and a generous amount of butter that she always demands is "entirely melted" before you bring it to her.
  24. >You plate the stack of toast up, and grab her a quick glass of water before making your way to the living room to see her lazily flop her head back over the arm of the couch causing her hat to fall off onto the floor.
  25. >"Now then."
  26. >She rolls her head to the side before reaching down and grabbing at her cap a few times before finally snagging it and pulling it over her head as she sits up with her legs kicked up to her side where she lays.
  27. "Toast, almost nuked, but not quite, and a tall glass of water. Done."
  28. >She practically takes your hands off as she snatches the plate from you at lightning speed as she begins to munch on a piece of toast before swallowing and letting out a satisfied sigh of what you assume is satisfaction.
  29. >Feigning a sob and a wipe of an imaginary tear, she looks straight at you.
  30. >"I don't think I've ever said this before and actually meant it Spike, but I fucking love you, you legendary little shit"
  31. >As she says this, she reaches out and gives you a hug before making a fist and nuggying your head and kicking you up the butt causing you to be pushed away.
  32. "Hey, what was that for!"
  33. >"For being a gay cunt. Now fuck off and get that bastard toaster back on. I'm only just getting started here."
  34. >She shoots you a smirk and a wink before turning her attention back to destroying her plate of food.
  35. >Despite how crude she is.
  36. >Despite the things she says.
  37. >Despite the way she acts.
  38. >She's one of your closest friends, and you wouldn't change her for the world.
  39. "Sure thing Daze"
  40. >You turn back around to walk away with a smile on your face.
  41. >"Oh, and Spike?"
  42. "Yeah Daze?"
  43. >"I have some friends coming round', so you better make sure Twilight isn't coming back for at least another three or four days. This place is going to be a fucking mess."
  44. >You are Spike, and Twilight Sparkle is going to literally murder you.
  45. >Fuck.
  46. >The end.
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