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Mar 15th, 2016
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  1. Defcon 4K RPG
  3. When the bombs fell...
  4. Its unknown what was the cause of the nuclear war. Some speculate that the ever growing divide between the fortunate and destitute reached a tipping point and the ensuing civil war brought an end to civilization, others believe that religion was the cause; men fighting for angry gods in the name of peace. However many believe that it was accidental, a slip of the finger ended the world and all who inhabited it. Now whats left of humanity tries to pick up the pieces and reform society with what they can scrounge from the wreckage of the old world. But the World after the bombs is a harsh place, filled with mutants, machines, and mad-men. A straight shot, a keen eye, and a good pair of boots are the only things that seperate the living from the dead.
  6. Stats
  7. - Character's base stats
  8. · Might (Carrying capacity and Melee damage)
  9. · Agility (Speed and Initiative)
  10. · Dexterity (Attack accuracy and Maneuverability)
  11. · Perception (Stealth and Awareness)
  12. · Intelligence (Complex skills and Knowledge)
  13. · Endurance (Health and Resistance to damage)
  16. All character stats start at 1 and a player can spend 25 points at creation and then 1 point each level after the first. 1 point in a single stat increases said stat by 1 and a +1 modifier is added for every 5 points. (5,10,15,ect...)
  18. Carrying capacity: A player is capable of carrying 100lbs at creation and it goes up by 15 points for every 1 point in Might
  20. Skills: A character gets 15 skill points at creation and an additional 5 (+Intelligence modifier) for every level thereafter
  22. Health: A character gets 50 HP at creation and goes up by 10 points for every 1 point in Endurance
  24. Speed; A character’s speed is 5 at creation and goes up by 1 for every 5 points put into Agility.
  26. Armor: Armor is made and maintained through the collection of scraps. There are 10 slots where a piece of scrap or armor can be placed, Upper Left Arm (ULA), Lower Left Arm (LLA), Upper Right Arm (URA), Lower Right Arm (LRA) Upper Left Leg (ULL), Lower Left Leg (LLL), Upper Right Leg (URL), Lower Right Leg (LRL), Torso (T), and Head (H). {Diagram below}
  30. D20+ Modifier VS Goal number in non combat.
  31. D20+ Modifier VS D20+ Modifier in combat. All opposed rolls
  33. GUNS are assigned four (4) values: Ammo Capacity, Armor Piercing, Damage Value and Range Value.
  35. · Ammo Capacity represents how many rounds of ammunition a gun can hold before needing to be reloaded.(A revolver has an Ammo Capacity between 3 and 12 rounds, while a Submachine Gun can have an Ammo Capacity between 21 to 40 rounds.)
  37. · Armor Piercing represents the weapons ability to bypass an opponent’s armor. The higher the number the easier it bypasses armor. (A Revolver has an AP of 5 while a Rifle has an AP of 15)(Note: picking a specific location adds additional modifiers)
  39. · Damage represents how much harm you can do to the target. The higher the number the higher the damage (A Revolver has a damage of 1d4 while a Shotgun has a damage of 1d10)
  41. · Range represents how far the weapon can be effective. The lower the number the shorter the distance (A Double barrel shotgun has a range of 2 while the Bolt Action Rifle has a range of 12) (Note: when using weapon beyond its range add +5 to difficulty for every space beyond the Range value listed for that weapon.)
  43. Equipment
  44. Weapons are assigned a condition value which is a modifier to be applied during combat and trading
  45. · Awful(-10), Poor (-5), Fair (-2), Good (0), Well (+2), Excellent (+5), Pristine(+10)
  46. · As weapons are used their condition value drops. After 25 uses condition drops one value.
  47. · Though risky, a high repair skill can improve a weapons condition value, a failed roll will reduce the weapons condition value. A weapon at poor(-5) condition has 10 uses before it becomes Awful(-10).
  48. * In Awful(-10) condition the weapon has a (1d4) chance to misfire which takes Full action to remove the misfired bullet. If misfire occures the weapon has a (1d10) chance of destroying itself rendering the weapon to scrap. If weapon is destroyed it has a (1d20) chance of backfiring, If backfire occurs, User takes half damage from the weapon. Weapon becomes scrap.
  49. · Upon a sucsessful roll while reparing a weapon in Excellent (+5) condition it becomes Pristine (+10) for a single combat senario and will sell for its maximum potential value at trade.
  51. GUNS:
  52. Weapon
  53. Name Bullet
  54. Capacity Armor Piercing Damage Value Range Value
  55. Repeater 1d12+6 3 1d4-1 3-5
  56. Revolver 1d10+2 5 1d6 4-8
  57. Submachine 2d10+30 5 1d8 4-6
  58. Bullpup 1d20+20 8 1d8 6-8
  59. Shotgun 1d8+1 10 1d10+2 2-4
  60. Rifle 1d8+1 15 2d8 10-18
  62. MELEE:
  63. Weapon Name Critical
  64. Chance Armor Piercing Damage value Range value
  65. Knife x2 2 1d4 1
  66. Combat Knife x2 4 1d4 1
  67. Bat, Wood x2 0 1d6 1
  68. Bat, Metal x2 0 1d6 1
  69. Bat, Spiked x3 2 1d8 1
  70. Cleaver x3 4 1d8 1
  71. Machete x3 4 1d10 1
  72. Crowbar x2 6 1d8 1
  75. The players while exploring can find scraps.
  77. Scraps are assigned an armor and barter value.
  78. · Example: a Tire has an armor value of 5 and a barter value of 7.
  79. · Scraps found, have a flexible armor value of 1D8-5 and a flexible barter value of 1D6-4
  80. · Scraps acquired in barter are the value given in the scraps list.
  81. · Scraps acquired in barter are always in good (0) condition
  83. Combat:
  84. Combat is relatively simple. First is to determine the order of players and opponents. This is determined by rolling 1d20 and adding the agility modifier. Once the order has been determined, the player/opponent can choose 2 of the following standard actions or the same action twice for a full round action.
  85. · Attack
  86. · Move
  87. · Draw weapon
  88. · Load weapon
  89. · Use a skill (Repair, Hacking, Camouflage First Aid)
  90. · Defend ( +1 to AD)
  93. Skills
  94. 1 point in any skill will add a modifier of +1 competency bonus. (I.e. 1 points in Light arms means a +1 to the use of Repeaters, Revolvers, and Submachine Guns while in combat. which can be applied to 1 of the 3 values associated with the weapon during each combat phase)
  96. General skills.
  97. · Light Arms (Information & use of Repeaters, Revolvers, and Submachine Guns)
  98. · Heavy Arms (Information & use of Bullpups, Shotguns, and Rifles)
  99. · Explosives (Informatin & use of explosives and munitions)
  100. · Melee (Information & use of melee weapons)
  101. · Unarmed (Effectiveness of attacking without weapons)
  102. · Repair (Fix and maintain armor and equipment)
  103. · Hacking ( Information of computers, security systems, disabling electronics )
  104. · Lock picking (Picking locks and opening sealed containers)
  105. · Scavenge (Finding items and weapons in the environment and on opponents)
  106. · Camouflage (Effectiveness at hiding and moving without being detected)
  107. · First Aid (Effectiveness at healing, information of injuries/mutations)
  108. · Negotiate (Trade goods, pursuade/decieve others, Information of people)
  109. · Motives (Sense the intentions of others)
  110. · Survival (Tracking, information of plants/animals, and cooking)
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