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  1. Remove Tunisian government phishing scripts:
  4. How to install:
  7. "This script overrides and deactivates the JavaScript phishing functions that the Tunisian government has sneaked into the most popular email and social-networking sites (including Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo! Mail and Facebook). Without these JavaScript functions, the Tunisian government cannot phish your usernames and passwords. These JavaScript functions are forced for anyone who is connecting to the Internet from within Tunisia.
  9. For more information about the Tunisian government's phishing, see:
  12. --------------------------
  14. Download and install Tor or Linux Live CD, browse the web securely.
  16. How to install and use Tor on Windows (Video, .ogg format, ca. 6 MB, english)
  19. You can download Tor Onion Router here:
  20. Mac Os (              
  21. Windows (             
  22. Unix/Linux (          
  24. They have been downloaded from their original place at on Friday, 7 January 2011.
  25. Once you downloaded the software, share that link and spread the software. Burn it on Cd, copy it onto an USB-Stick, a Memory Card, ...
  27. Another way to use the internet securely and anonymously is with Live-CDs. I.e. this one:
  30. "Use this linux liveCD to stay anonymous. tunnels all network traffic through Tor, writes nothing to hard disk" as said Anon said.
  31. I have not tested it but told it is working for him.
  32. Software on Live-CDs is pre-configured. And you don't have to install anything.
  34. Download the .iso-file ( and burn it on CD (as ISO Image). Restart you Computer with the CD in the CD-Drive and boot from CD. Many computers have CD-ROM device set up as primary boot device, some do not.  For those, enter the BIOS (press Delete, F1,..) and look for Boot Device priority.  Set CD-ROM higher than Internal HD.
  36. When you are finished enjoying the internet just remove the CD from the CD-Drive and you are done. Your main operating system is untouched, it leaves no traces on your computer.
  38. Do not NOT Tor for DDoS. If you do, you will DDoS Tor, and damage the Tor nodes network.
  39. Tunisians: Do not DDoS from inside Tunisia, will get your IP.  You have get out on the streets.  Unite and support one another. Take  pictures and videos of incidents and demonstrations, and spread them on the internet, upload them to youtube, megaupload, email them to the press (use Tor and foreign email provider!) or why not hand them out to tourists.  Let your voice be heard.
  41. Now what?
  42. * Once Tor is installed, register a new identity using Tor, with a foreign service provider (twitter, yahoo, google, fb)
  43. * Email and tweet your experiences, pictures or videos to friends abroad, press, human rights organisations, ...
  44. * Go to , select a server and connect to it.  At the bottom, in the text entry field, enter /join #channel or /msg nickname message, to /join a chatroom or /msg a nickname privately.  /topic will show the current channel's topic, and optionally but recommended, /msg nickserv help will send a message to the nickname handling service where you can register your nickname.  Your IP is always masked on Anonops IRC, if you want to hide your ISP too then /msg hostserv help.
  45. * Anything you say can and will be used against you - never for you.  Do not reveal more than necessary, keep it on-topic.  Set up a whole new you, online. Be Anonymous.  Also in real life.
  47. This is *your* revolution.  It will neither be Twittered nor televised or IRC'ed. You *must* hit the streets or you *will* loose the fight.
  48. Always stay safe, once you got arrested you cannot do anything for yourself or your people.
  49. Your government *is* watching you.
  51. All the best,
  52. Anonymous.
  54. _______________________________________
  55. [rev 0.1: added BIOS Boot Order, cosmetics, now what]
  56. [rev 0.2. added Greasemonkey Link and How-To Link]
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