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How to Steal ROBLOX Accounts and Annual OBC + 100k+ Robux GA

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Aug 12th, 2016
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  1. How to hack roblox accounts the fast and easy way!
  3. {This works with NBC, BC, TBC and OBC}
  5. {CAUTION:
  6. IF YOU THINK I WILL STEAL YOUR ACCOUNT TURN AWAY NOW, BUT AS SOMEONE WHO HAS BEEN HACKED 5 TIMES BEFORE, I KNOW IT HURTS. BUT IF YOU DO NOT TRUST ME, THAT'S FINE! YOU CAN GET A VIRUS IF YOU WANT! (Still not saying you have to.) So if you do decide to follow these instructions I am giving you, be cautious that you send it to ME and not an "alt" or anyone else.}
  8. Want to hack accounts? Including admins? If its getting an old account back, hacking an admin for fame, hacking a youtuber for fame, terminating an enemy, or just trolling your friends, it's all here!
  10. How to do it:
  12. {1}Open up your roblox account
  13. {2} Find the person you want to hack, and in the search bar will be lots of numbers. Example: 83436
  14. {3} Copy them numbers
  15. {4} There are two ways to send the numbers to me:
  16. You can use my ROBLOX account (I know I look like a noob on it, my other one got hacked but I'll get it back)
  17. My ROBLOX account username : TheJapaneseBoy (Add me to message me)
  18. Or, if you're afraid ROBLOX will see you sending this code to me, you can go on an iOS/Android/Samsung/Any phone
  19. and download Kik. Then kik me the numbers on the searchbar. My kik username is annalisefyfe.
  20. {5} That will not be all - it will require... A minor sad part. I'll need your username and password, too D:
  21. But like I said. As someone who has been hacked before, I know the pain it is. But I will explain near the end of this text
  22. Why I will need it.
  23. {6} Once you have messaged me the number/code, your username and password, I will reply as soon as possible.
  24. I am quite busy but I check my roblox messages more than my kik messages because my phone is never
  25. Charged. I will reply with the password to the account you have now officially stolen!
  26. {7} I hope you enjoy your new account, have fun.
  28. -------------------------WHY DO I NEED YOUR USERNAME AND PASSWORD?----------------------------
  29. This is all for security reasons. I will need it to go into your account to hack the password. I know your asking "Why don't you just do it on your acc?"
  30. This is because if my acc gets banned by someone, I will have to re-write this whole script and change the username and stuff. I am not implying that your account will get banned for this, but I hope you can trust me.
  32. Another reason is that I do daily giveaways to some of the people who have given me their user & password. Once a week the giveaways will be done and the prizes are: annual OBC and 100k+ robux.
  35. -------------------------ABOUT THE GIVEAWAYS-----------------------------
  36. So, if you don't want to steal anyone's account, you can just enter the weekly competition for annual OBC & 100k+ robux! All you gotta do is the same as account stealing, but just send me the username + password. Don't forget you can also enter your alternate account if you do not feel safe with this. Don't forget to tell/enter your friends into this giveaway too!!!
  38. --------------------------A LITTLE MORE------------------------------------
  39. I do not take happiness and joy over stealing accounts some of you have spent money on and grown to love. I think its horrible and barbaric that people do that to children. =( (I'm not calling everyone children)! And I also wouldn't spend 2 hours writing a pastebin for no reason if it was going to make people upset. I hope you can grow to trust me. I'll leave a reminder below. V_V
  42. ------------------------------------------------------------------REMINDER-------------------------------------------------------------
  43. What to Send to me : Number/Code/ID in the searchbar of the person you'd like to hack, your username and your password :/
  44. My ROBLOX Username : TheJapaneseBoy
  45. My Kik Username : annalisefyfe
  46. Giveaway : Every Sunday, your ROBLOX username & password required to enter. (You know, because I cant give it to you unless I give it to you in your account)
  47. Giveaway Prize : Annual OBC & 100k+ Robux
  50. PLEASE NOTE : Do not leak this over ROBLOX pages otherwise ROBLOX will
  51. A : Ban the account of the person who leaked it
  52. B : Ban me, which means no more giveaways or accounts.
  54. ANOTHER NOTE : Feel free to leak this on Google+, Facebook, Twitter, any social media EXCEPT ROBLOX! :D
  56. LAST NOTE : If you DO NOT trust me you can turn back. But I will make a pledge.
  57. I swear down on my life, I will not hack anyone's account unless I am getting my own account back.
  59. So yeah, if you are not comfortable with this, turn back.
  60. If you are comfortable with this, I hope you have fun with a new acc / if you won the giveaway, good job!
  62. Q/A
  63. Q: But, how will you tell everyone the giveaway is on?
  64. A: I will message everyone who sent me their user and pass and all my Kik chat members.
  66. Q: How many people have used this method?
  67. A: A few hundred, but they're just my friends on my hacked account. I've decided to release
  68. To the public though.
  73. <3 Love you all!
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