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  1. You nod at Kanako, accepting her invitation.
  3. "Good. Can you walk?" She asks. You nod and look around, trying to find your stick; Sanae hands it to you and helps you stand.
  5. "If you get tired or can't walk anymore, tell us, okay?" The shrine maiden says. You nod at her, and walk outside. The pain was still there, but it's ease up, better than when you walk earlier. You notice that it's night now; you must have been unconscious for a long time.
  7. After some walk, you three arrive at what you suppose is the dining room. There is a table here, on top of it there is some variety of food served. Suwako sits at one side of the table.
  9. "Ah, Outsider, you came too! Come on, sit here!" She says. You slowly lower your body; easier said than done, considering that your left leg was splinted. Sanae quickly holds your body, so it won't fall too fast. After you sit properly, she and Kanako sit down at each side of the table. "Eat up, don't be shy!"
  11. Sanae takes up a bowl and fills it with warm rice from a basket, giving it to Suwako. She takes another bowl, and this time gives it to Kanako. She's going to take a third bowl, but stops.
  13. "Uhm, did it hurt when you swallowed food earlier?" She asks. How does she know that? You confirm her guess. "Doctor said earlier that you might have suffered from whiplash." She then takes some soup from a pot and puts it in front of you. Miso soup, you can tell from the smell. "Here! You might not want to eat some rice, but try this soup." Sanae says. This should do, and it's not like you can eat much with your condition. And it's easier to eat soup with only your right hand, your only functional hand at this time.
  15. "Well, let's eat, then!" Suwako says and gobbles the rice quickly.
  17. ---
  19. You've finished your food. It seems the others have finished too.
  21. "Hmmm, sooo Sanae..." Suwako starts to talk. "What did the doctor say about his injuries?"
  23. "Well... She mentioned a dislocated left shoulder. Maybe that's what makes his shoulder really hurt, and combined with his whiplash..." Sanae says.
  25. "How is your shoulder now?" Kanako asks you. You move your left shoulder to show her that you are fin- Ouch. Bad idea.
  27. "Don't move it too much, Outsider." Sanae warns you, then continues her explanation. "His head was also wounded from a severe blunt trauma, which might be what's affecting his memories. The doctor also said that he should go to Eirin to check for more wounds, and to correct the position of the broken bones so everything can heal properly. For now, rest and try not to move your body too much, except your neck. Exercise so the whiplash can healed faster."
  29. Well, that was a lot. All of this treatment must be costing them; your money should cover some of it. You take some money from your pocket and hand it to the shrine maiden.
  31. "Eh?! No thank you, keep your money Outsider, you don't need to pay us!" Sanae quickly says. You keep pushing her, but she refuses. You sigh, there must be a way to give this shrine maide- You get an idea. You try to get up from the room.
  33. "Outsider, where are you going?" Sanae asks. She helps you stand up, and walks with you outside, followed by Kanako and Suwako. You look left and right, and find your destination; the donation box. The three women realize what you intend as you walk up to the box.
  35. "You are really pushy, don't you?" Kanako comments. Sanae stops for a minute, then walks to the box.
  37. "Outsider...Are you sure about this?" She asks. You nod, you won't find a better use for this money. You insert the money in the offering box, and pray for your memories to come back, and for your health. Sanae sighs. "Thanks, Outsider..."
  39. "Rest up Outsider, it's already late." Kanako says. You're really tired now. You walk back to your room, escorted by Sanae, who lowers your body to the bed.
  41. "You didn't have to give us your money, you know...I was just happy that you are okay, I can't let people die in front of me, especially after-" Sanae stops suddenly. "Ah, sorry, I was talking too much! Good night Outsider, hope that you have a good rest!" She says, leaving the room.
  43. You wonder what she was trying to say. Ah well. Time to sleep.
  45. ---
  47. "...Poor man. Even though I brought you here, you've forgotten everything."
  49. You hear the sound of a woman, disturbing your sleep.
  51. "I thought bringing you here would grant a good ending to your little drama, but it seems the curtain won't be closing soon. Interesting..."
  53. You open your eyes. You see a woman, but it's too dark to see any part of her clearly. You try to get up from your bed.
  55. "No no no~ Stay in the bed. I'll just leave this here." She puts something on the floor, and pats your head. "Until we meet again..." The woman vanishes.
  57. ---
  59. Sunshine lands on your eyes, waking you up. What a strange dream you had. You rise, noticing a new object beside you...That was not a dream?
  61. You take a closer look at the object; a pair of glasses. You try putting them on, and your vision's instantly better. Who was that woman? She must know who you are, given that she left these glasses for you. You hope that you can meet her again someday, to ask who you are.
  63. You look out through the window; it's already morning here. You want to practice walking again, but there's no one to help you stand.
  65. []Try to stand on your own.
  66. []Wait for somebody to help you.
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