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  1. [18:51] <@DBN006> Tsukimiko and Vallon Knight, you've both been summoned by the UGN into the depths of the University campus, meeting with one Agent Cho outside of what looked like an interrogation room. "You really need another name. How many Vallons do you think there are in Japan?"
  2. [18:52] <@DBN006> Her gaze was focused through the one-way glass on the room's sole occupant. He was wearing what might have been a hospital gown now soiled with his own blood.
  3. [18:55] <Vallon> Vallon looks at the person, "Well...I don't know." she says quietly, "I haven't been here that long."
  4. [18:57] <LeahofCherem> Adjusting her sweater and pulling it closer around her, Mary smiles a little as she approaches the care without seemingly a care in the world. "A fine day to you two~", she chirps, looking between the two, "I haven't kept you waiting, have I?"
  5. [18:58] <@DBN006> Cho took a moment to check her watch. "Your tardiness is tolerable." She turned away from the view to get along at the two women. "We appreciate you coming, UGN resources are stretched this currently. Up for some work?"
  6. [18:59] <@DBN006> a look at the two*
  7. [18:59] <Vallon> Vallon shakes her head and crosses her arms, "Not to my knowledge. Hello to you as well." she says to Mary. She looks down at her shoes for a moment then looks up to Cho, "I'm a hard worker, of course I am ready."
  8. [19:00] <LeahofCherem> "I suppose that would depend," Mary answers, smiling, "What kind of work would this be? Cleaning? Baking? Escorting? Trou- ah... Tro-bo-ru-shoo-ting?"
  9. [19:07] <@DBN006> "Something like that. We need you to stop a bombing. The False Hearts plan to blow up a bus downtown in hopes to creating more Gjaum and swelling their ranks."
  10. [19:12] <LeahofCherem> "Aaah, that's no good." Mary makes a face, covering her mouth with a hand. "And with the intent of creating more of those poor creatures as well." She frowns, glancing at the other Overed.
  11. [19:14] <Vallon> Vallon blinks a few times, "I guess...I'm not surprised, but I'd like to help any way I possibly can." she looks at Mary, eyeing her for a moment, "So what are we like partners in this or something?"
  12. [19:15] <@DBN006> "Correct. Resources are spread thin currently breaking up larger groups so we're asking available Illegals to deal with individual threats."
  13. [19:17] <LeahofCherem> "The UGN doesn't have the manpower to deal with these kinds of things?" She makes a half-hearted sigh and shrugs a little, "Oh well. I will aid them in this endeavor. The tragedy that would come from leaving this unchecked is too much to ignore."
  14. [19:23] <Vallon> Vallon's arms remain crossed, "Put me to work." she lightly chuckles before stepping back a bit to eye her new-found "partner" yet again.
  15. [19:24] <LeahofCherem> "Are there any leads so far?" Mary clears her throat a little, "You say that a False Hearts group is behind this plot, how was this discovered?"
  16. [19:25] <@DBN006> She thumbs over her shoulder to the beaten man in the interrogation room. "He was questioned vigorously. We feel the threat is credible enough to investigate."
  17. [19:26] <Vallon> Vallon looks at the beaten man and winces, "That's pretty and most certainly worthy enough to investigate. So what exactly do you need from"
  18. [19:27] <LeahofCherem> Mary smiles at Vallon's look, before directing her attention to the bloody man. "Ah. As light-handed as always." Her smile drops a little as she approaches the one-way window. "What is his name?"
  19. [19:30] <Vallon> Vallon sighs and feels slightly embarrassed but can't help but notice Mary's smile. She turns to Cho and waits for the guy's name in curiosity.
  20. [19:30] <@DBN006> "Sasada Tetsuo, also know as Bloody Rampage or something. He's not very high in the False Hearts ranking, likely send because he's expendable."
  21. [19:32] <Vallon> Vallon laughs, "Blood Rampage..." her voice trails off in laughter, "because he's bloody...." her laughter continues for a moment before she composes herself, "Anyways...sorry. I had a moment." she covers her mouth to try to not laugh anymore.
  22. [19:33] <LeahofCherem> Mary smiles at the painful joke, "And what did Sasada say about his comrades? Has he said something about a home or meeting ground for these False Hearts?"
  23. [19:34] <Vallon> Vallon just listens at this point, partially wanting to go talk to Sasada first-hand.
  24. [19:35] <@DBN006> "He mentioned a few, all currently being investigated. All were breached exactly...thirty minutes ago."
  25. [19:36] <LeahofCherem> "Mm... So the UGN can do something at least." She rubs her cheek, thinking. "This is worrisome. Did he name any other plotters?"
  26. [19:39] <Vallon> Vallon chuckles at Mary's "the UGN can do something at least" comment. "So essentially how do you want us to stop this bombing exactly?"
  27. [19:40] <@DBN006> "A short list. We're hoping to round up most of them, if not all. At this point the most I can ask you to do is go to City N Station and wait. We'll try to identify the agent you're looking for."
  28. [19:42] <Vallon> Vallon nods, "Seems simple enough." Afterwards she contemplates what she said on a meta-cognitive level and shakes her head, "Er, famous last words perhaps."
  29. [19:43] <LeahofCherem> "Very well." Mary nods a little. "Are you requesting that we make haste to the Station? I would like to visit these safehouses if we have the time, but If our presence is necessary now, then I shall make my way to the Station."
  30. [19:44] <Vallon> Vallon blinks at Mary before looking at Cho, "What the boss said." she shrugs. It was clear she was better at teaching than strategizing.
  31. [19:45] <@DBN006> "To the station, agents have the safe-houses covered."
  32. [19:47] <LeahofCherem> She nods a little. "Alright then. I shall take my leave." She bows a little, "I look forwards to working with you, Mister..." She looks at the other Overed expectantly.
  33. [19:48] <Vallon> Vallon blinks, "Miss Vallon Knight. And you are?"
  34. [19:51] <LeahofCherem> "I am oft called Tsukimiko. For brevity's sake, Mary will do." She smiles again after another bow, "It is a pleasure to meet you, Miss Knight. I shall see you at the Station then." With that she stands up, nods curtly to Agent Cho, turning on her heel and going for the exit.
  35. [19:53] <Vallon> Vallon nods, "Mary it is. Thank you for sparing this American on saying that name repeatedly. God knows I'd butcher the hell out of it." She smiles at Cho, "I'll await your next order. Off to the station we go." she turns around and heads out of the room.
  36. [19:55] <LeahofCherem> Mary manages to bite back her curiosity regarding the safe-houses. If left alone, she goes to the station at a leisurely pace.
  37. [19:56] <Vallon> Vallon does as she is told to do and goes directly to the station, hoping Mary does the same.
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