Pirates IRC February '20 Changelog

mruno Mar 2nd, 2020 94 Never
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  1. Pirates IRC -
  2. February 2020 Changelog
  4. Changes:
  5. Decommissioned HMS Interceptor to make room for the new player ship, The Echelon
  6. Disabled port investments expiring since they can be stolen from chests
  7. Bots on bot ships will now randomly bet for their Captain in a Capn vs Capn duel
  8. Added +4 stamina boost during the Mon-Fri daily specials (3pm-5pm EST)
  9. If it is not a holiday and it is between 3pm-5pm EST Mon-Fri, the doubloon rate is boosted to 110%
  10. Added duel win/lose percentages in !P Power <pirate>. The count of wins/losses begins today so it will not be accurate for the season until a new season begins on your ship
  11. Fridays now be known as 'Foray Fridays' where ships with >50% HP have the option to raid any port they sail to
  12. Added status updates for ships claiming ports
  13. Ship vs Ship Battles: When in battle phase, bot ships will perform commands based on the player ship's active user count
  14. When doubloons are rounded, the thousandths place is shown
  15. increased Ship vs Ship battle phase timeout to 20mins (was 15)
  17. Fixes:
  18. Ports not being instantly claimed after raiding the port
  19. "How many secrets do ye know?" for all players when trying to answer a secret
  20. "That fruit has helped reduce ye scurvy to 100!"
  21. Player's chest too full and unable to grab the item
  22. Faction Reputation inconsistencies... see !P Rep
  23. Cannon loading fixes
  24. Fixes to Too Much Money event
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