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  1. <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?><res:ShipmentValidateErrorResponse xmlns:res='' xmlns:xsi='' xsi:schemaLocation= ' ship-val-err-res.xsd'>
  2.     <Response>
  3.         <ServiceHeader>
  4.             <MessageTime>2019-01-22T12:48:59.771+01:00</MessageTime>
  5.             <MessageReference>date-20190122114852-order-200055</MessageReference>
  6.             <SiteID>v62_9HsvcWUgOR</SiteID>
  7.             <Password>OJCRHFNJVb</Password>
  8.         </ServiceHeader>
  9.         <Status>
  10.             <ActionStatus/>
  11.             <Condition>
  12.                 <ConditionCode>DCT_GENERIC_ERR_001</ConditionCode>
  13.                 <ConditionData>DCT exception while processing shipmet.
  14.                     Please contact help desk.</ConditionData>
  15.             </Condition>
  16.         </Status>
  17.     </Response></res:ShipmentValidateErrorResponse><!-- ServiceInvocationId:20190122124853_8979_1eea1372-8ebc-40af-b843-086065f4b5f9 -->
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