Roblox SCP: Mobile Task Force Buddies Credits

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  1. Kevin MacLeod - Chase Pulse Faster ( CC3.0)
  2. Indoor Firefight sounds from
  3. Audionautix - Clowning Around ( CC4.0) played at 2x speed
  4. Tension Nonstop - Myuu
  5. Screaming from BFV
  6. Gib sfx from Half Life
  7. Tape melting footage sampled from "Crumb - Locket" music video
  8. TTS by Cepstral
  9. John Deley and the 41 Players - Ersatz Bossa
  10. Alert sound effect from Metal Gear
  11. Zombie sounds from Half Life 2
  12. SYBS - Chasing Time
  13. Girl spinning basketball sampled from "Battles - The Yabba" music video
  14. SFX for girl spinning basketball transition by Lz4o (played at 3x speed)
  15. "Cells" scene from Blade Runner 2049
  16. Chasms - Sudden Vision
  17. Horror SFX from SCP Containment Breach
  18. Hotel Pools - Melt
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