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  1. Komat felt the grease trickle down his chin, the Greenlands were filled with such fatty rats with far greater tasting meat then anything he had caught before, it was such a large beast he could eat for days over such a simple kill. It moved far too slow to stop his sudden chop that severed the creatures head from it's body. When it was cooked it crackled, even burnt it was nourishing. He heard a shout catching his attention, dropping cooked leg.
  3. He snapped his head to focus on the source when a sudden 'rock' had took him full on the face. Dazing him he was lucky to not have lost an eye. There was alien shouting heard along with the distinctive sound of hollow metal tinkling onto the grass and -SNAP-. The Greenlander was pointing a weapon towards him. He had never been pelted by such speed and force before and it had caught him off-guard. Sneaky. He thought, that was the only way they ever achieved anything.
  5. Sneering then he closed the distance before the Greenlander could twitch and grabbed the weapon, snapping it and blindsiding the Greenlander with the broken weapon. He discarded the remains and reached down to take a fatty neck, whimpering and pleading would not help this one now. Komat felt the rush of the Gods wrath washing over him then, numbing his senses. Black eyes dark as coal flickers with their power as they took on a green hued shine.
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