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Oct 27th, 2018
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  1. As Ninja the FortNite™ sits in his house contemplating life. He remembers how much he has had to suffer from playing the godless game of Fortnite. He contemplates the abyss which the endless swirl of his endless grind, the fun he once had a thing of a bi gone past. He looks over to his window, in his Luxury Apartment™ in Long Beach, California. He stands up from his deluxe couch and looks upon the wonderful city, he stands up and walks outside before he contemplates if he could fuck a spider. It hits him F I R E Y LIZARD P U S S. Without any hesitation he googles Salamander girl, his mind is awakened to the Unholy Logic of something he would once consider degeneration. Immediately gaining the insight needed for ascension, his action as a awakened entity is to contact Elon Musk. Without even a single word spoken Elon Musk, sets to work on creating Catgirls and the baseline monster girls. With in the day a red letter event swarms humanity, as hundreds monster girls swarm from anywhere and everywhere. Including Elon Musk's Tesla Self Driving car™. Ninja watches this grand reveal from his apartment as he fucks spider coochie and thinks to himself “Fortnight is the big gay” before is bound by his once beloved fanboys, bearing there Gucchi Gang Pump shotgun and Mud Chug Jugs and Vape Pens. He knows his time is now, but out the abyss he is saved by visions of Salamanders and there flaming embrace. As a clank echos across his house, multiple entities of mix variations which only can be described as NEETs take there stand. Among them is a Arcane who blows a ornate whale bone whistle. At this time hundreds of monster girls swarm the sounds creating what would later be called the first BATTLE FUCKAL. It ends in the last man to not have his pelvis destroyed or if he out lasts the waifu who grips upon his crotch in the end. As the light fades in eyes, as the black abyss of the lightless world closes his eyes. One final thing reaches his ears. “THE END IS NIGH MY CHILD”, He is gripped by a hellhound dredged in the robes black as night and as old as life itself. The hound drags Ninja through a land surrounded by what only can be described as a hellish embrace of people shagging in the river styx. As he advances towards the bright light. He Hellhound looks into his eyes, he sees within those eyes the reddish hue of hell fire. He continues his advance forwards inspired by his new found comrade. Ninja awakens once more, now freed of his binds. He stands and charges what his would be enemy was once more. As he charges, he sees to the side of him a flaming draconic folk, laced in scales with a tale glowing with the fire only comparable to that of lava. With in this final stand he and new found companions hold the line against Ninjas rampaging would be assassins. As the dawn arises upon the battle, he looks out to see the world consumed in the rise of monster girls and people procreating without fear. Man and monster finally together embraced in the future once thought impossible.
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