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May 23rd, 2019
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  1. "Hmmm, I think I might have over estimated the security on this house."
  2. My goggles were picking up hardly anything. Just a few security camera and motion sensors around the periminter. Thankfully, I'm on the roof where none of this matters at the moment.
  3. I walk to the edge of the roof and take a look around. Perfect! A balcony not that far away! I slowly edge my way over and look down. Roughly about a 10 foot drop, give or take. Still no reason to risk injury, plus I can use my new little gadget!
  4. I open my bag and pull out 4 little canisters and screw them into my special gauntlets. This should be more than enough to stop my decent. I grab a couple spares and slide them into my jacket. Staring down I begin psyhcing myself up.
  5. "Now or never Tsukamoto" I mumble under my breath. Ready and jump! One quick flip of the wrists and the gauntlets come to life, releasing a super condensed gas. It slowed me down...but not enough to keep me from falling over after landing.
  6. "Ow...." I say rubbing my hip, "I think I'll stick with the grapple hook."
  7. I open the door and tiptoe in.
  8. "Now Mr. Uyehara, time to pay your dues to the moon~"
  9. ----
  10. Sneaking around has been no problem. Thanks to my handy little remote, any camera I come across I've been able to disable. This felt almost too easy and it would've been until I rounded the last corner and caught side of a guard.
  11. "Eep!" I squeak before pulling back. I pull a little mirror out my pocket and peek around the corner with it. Thankfully, he didn't notice me.
  12. I don't remember seeing guards in my run through! Looks like Mr. Uyehara beefed up security but still, how did he know I was going to be hitting him? Either way, I need to distract the guard. Time for my little friend to give me a hand! I go back into my jacket and pull out a small cube.
  13. "Wakey wakey" I whisper tapping the cube. It shudders to life, folding out into a little spider. Its little red eye stares up at me, waiting for a command.
  14. "There's a bad guy around the corner, I need you to go cause a distraction~" I say, patting its little head. The eye changes to green and it skitters off my hand and off around the corner. I check the mirror again to see what the guard is up to. Not more than a couple seconds go by before I hear an ear shattering alarm. The guard jumps too and he bolts off down the opposite hallway after my little spider. I quickly take off for the door and turn the knob. It swings open no problem. Weird.
  15. The office was what you'd expect from from a wealthy developer. A large monitor sits between 2 windows on the wall next to me, company logo gleaming proudly on the screen, on the other side sat a whiteboard with tons of plans written on it, possibly future ideas. In the center of the room sat a couple tables with various tablets and even computers in various stages of being taken apart. That could be useful but it wasn't what I was looking for. I step around everything to find a little desk shoved off into a back corner with a solitary computer. Bingo! I fire it up and immediately I meet a login screen. I chuckle as I touch my fingertip to the keyborad. A warm stream trails through my arm as the password is typed in and accepted. I quickly start scanning through folders start finding file after file of future tech and products. This stuff will make me a killing! I go to pull out a flash drive when I get an idea. I power down the computer and quielty slide the panel off the tower. I quickly detach and slide out the hard drives one by one, 4 in all. I quickly run to the table of exploded guts and find 2 hard drives. It'll have to do. I tap both of them as the warm current runs through my arm again. Not long after the computer is all set with my own special OS added in. I turn back to the door when the door swings open and a gun trained directly on me.
  16. "Welcome. Welcome!" A calm voice says a taller gentleman appear behind the guard and then steps around him, "I hope you've found my office up to your standards."
  17. My mind was racing on where I tripped up but was coming up empty, "How?" I manage to squeak out.
  18. The man smiles "Simple, that computer registers any logins deemed suspicious and alerts me. You just happened to shut down before I could cut you off remotely."
  19. I stay silent, thinking about how I can bypass that security check in the future. A jolt runs up my spine as my little spiderbot skitters up my leg and makes his way to my right gauntlet.
  20. "Now let's make this simple." The man continues, "You can walk out here right now and I won't tell anyone or I let my buddy incapacitate you and we reveal to the world just exactly who you are...Tsukuyomi."
  21. "So you have heard of me?" I say, trying to keep him busy while spiderbot finishes an adjustment and starts making his way to my other hand.
  22. "Being cute isn't going to help now," he responds. "I've been expecting you to hit my company all this week. I just thought you'd hit my production facilities first."
  23. "Why go there when I can steal directly from the source?" I camly reply as the spider rests himself into the gauntlet.
  24. The man chuckles, "You have a good point, but unfortunately time is up on my offer." He waves his hand and the guard takes aim. I throw my right hand up with a flourish and begin firing out smoke bombs. The room quickly fills up as I hear both men coughing. I grab the hard drives and make it to the closest window before straightening myself up.
  25. "Remember! You sit under the cold gaze of the moon and I, Tsukuyomi, gladly accept this tribute!"
  26. I take a few steps back and take off running and slam right into the window. It gives as I go flying out. I hold out my left hand and out fires spider bot, a small, but strong rope behind him. He hit the roof and locks down allowing me to swing around and grab the roof to scramble back up. From here, I can hear the man barking orders to his gurad while I put the hard drives in my bag. Spiderbot climbs out the gauntlet and back into the bag where he folds back up and goes to sleep.
  27. "Thanks for the help." I whisper as I slip out 2 boosters that fit over my hands. I throw the bag on and then attach the boosters, "Let's get out of here!"
  28. I fling my arms down and the boosters fire up, launching me off the roof and out of the property. They fire back on as I land on the street outside and I repeat the process, landing on a nearby roof of a building. I begin running across the rooftops until I find an alleyway unoccupied. I jump down and land before sliding off the boosters and my bag. Not the best place to do this but oh well. I open the bag and dig out a larger shirt and some baggy pants. I throw my jacket and skirt off before throwing everything on, making sure nobody was looking. I reach up and pull my hat off, along with it goes the rest of my wig as my real hair explodes out in a pile of curls. Lastly I pull my mask off and toss it in the bag as well. I'm about to close the bag when I look down at my heels.
  29. "One day, I'll remember." I say as I pull them off and pull out some sneakers from the bag. I slide them on and slowly make my way out the alley and beign the trek back to Bonyari.
  30. "Tomorrow's going to be fun~"
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