All the time God is great

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  3.     LEAVE WHAT YOU ARE DOING AND LET US PRAY!!! (just 2 minute)
  4.     Almighty Father
  5.     creator of Heaven and earth and
  6.     everything in between, We
  7.     humbly come before you with
  8.     thanksgiving in our hearts,
  9.     asking for your never ending
  10.     mercy. We lift your name on
  11.     high, above any name that has
  12.     ever existed, our father and
  13.     creator, we ask you to bless,
  14.     protect and to pour your
  15.     supernatural favor upon us, our
  16.     children, spouses and friends.
  17.     God we ask you today for divine
  18.     intervention in our lives, we ask
  19.     for your touch in all areas of our
  20.     lives, be it a new job, promotion,
  21.     freedom from debt, rebuilding of
  22.     our relationships with our
  23.     spouses and friends. Father any
  24.     situation you touch, we believe it
  25.     can never remain the same.
  26.     Father in heaven, let your will be
  27.     done in our lives as your decision
  28.     in our lives is the best and will
  29.     always be the best, please send
  30.     double portions anointings and
  31.     blessings in the quickest time to
  32.     the person who will DONATE
  33.     NOW!..
  34.     as your name is being
  35.     worshiped and glorified by
  36.     multitudes In the name of your
  37.     only son, our personal Savior,
  38.     Jesus Christ. AMEN!!! God is going
  39.     to shift things around for you
  40.     today and let things work in
  41.     your favor. If you believe DONATE HERE NOW :
  43.     115KZw98ETy7P53sYstT8gGWUQ3izQ84Pq
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