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  1. >be me
  2. >be asleep
  3. >be dreaming of cute girls and guns
  4. >feel something vibrating in pinky finger
  5. >slowly wake up
  6. >it’s 2 AM in the night
  7. >why did my alarm go off?
  8. >the screen of my tablet on my bedside night stand is flashing a soft red
  9. >I pick it up
  10. >the red light is the critical warning signal
  11. >something is wrong
  12. >I unlock the tablet to check what activated the alarm
  13. >the screen is in night mode, putting no strain in my eyes
  14. >the motion sensors are detecting something big moving in the kitchen
  15. >someone has broken into my house
  16. >that’s not good
  17. >I grab my trusty hk mark 23 with its rugged obsidian suppressor and walk outside my room
  18. >pistol in one hand, tablet in another
  19. >the sensors are still detecting something still in the kitchen
  20. >whoever or whatever it is, it’s not moving
  21. >as i get to the kitchen i hear weird sloppy sounds
  22. >there’s a faint light coming from the doorway
  23. >it’s digging through my fridge
  24. >the motherfucker
  25. >I creep into the kitchen
  26. >the thing is wearing a cloak of some kind
  27. >it’s clearly a humanoid of some sorts
  28. >very short and thin
  29. >I turn the lights on and put my best “gonna fuck you up” face I can make
  30. >the intruder, startled by the lights, gasp before slamming the fridge door shut and trying to run to the door
  31. >only to come face to face with me
  33. >the intruders slips trying to stop before running into me
  34. >I throw myself on top of it, punching it in the head until it stops struggling
  35. >the figure gets into a fetal position and covers its head with its…
  36. >hands…?
  37. >no…
  38. >what the fuck is this thing?
  39. >I rip the cloak of the intruder to reveal a female figure
  40. >but not exactly human
  41. >the first thing that sticks out is a pair big black triangular ears on top of her dark brown hair
  42. >they are pointing straight up and the left one has a notch near the tip
  43. >definitely a monstergirl
  44. >the second thing is her arms
  45. >they are not exactly arms per say
  46. >they are more like thin boney twigs with membrane between her fingers, wrist and armpit
  47. >it’s patagium, they are wings
  48. >this girl is some sort of bat monster
  49. >I didn’t notice her wings right away because I thought it was some sort of weird clothing
  50. >but that doesn’t matter right now
  51. >I pick her up by her scruff and lift her up
  52. >she begins to whimpers in pain, scratching my hands to let go
  53. >“what are you doing in my house? how did you get in?”
  54. >“I-I’m sorry, I don’t have anything, I was just so hungry and you l-left a window open I couldn’t help it!”
  55. >I move one of her wings out of the way to check the rest of her body
  56. >she is wearing a designer purple tank top and denim short shorts
  57. >both clearly new
  58. >her legs turn more animalistic a few inches below her knee
  59. >with fur and little claws for toes
  60. >I pull on her tank top with the muzzle of my pistol
  61. >“this… is not the clothing someone in need wears, there are expensive and you are clearly just a petty thief”
  62. >“n-NO! I AM NOT!”
  63. >she begins to trash around trying to free herself
  64. >her struggling is very weak on the account of her small frame
  65. >unlike harpies, bats don’t have very light frames
  66. >that’s why they are short and have very big wings
  67. >she may be only 2/3 my size but she must be around my age range
  68. >I hear Chell walk down the stair
  69. >she stays midway the staircase just looking at us
  70. >pajamas on and bags under her eyes
  71. >“I caught a little shit that snuck in, bring down your box of toys, I’m showing her how we deal with thieves in this house”
  72. >she rubs her right eye before nodding and walking back up
  73. >what an obedient girl she has become
  74. >I should reward her for that
  76. >the bat stops fighting and resorts to pleading
  77. >“p-please, I’m sorry I broke into your house and ate all your fruit, let me go and you’ll never see me again I promise”
  78. >“nah”
  79. >Chell walks downstairs carrying a big cardboard box labeled “toys”
  80. >“put it on the basement”
  81. >she carries the box downstairs with me following behind her
  82. >the basement is just one big concrete box where our water boiler is
  83. >I installed some steel tube rafters on the ceiling for special occasions like this one
  84. >besides that it’s completely empty
  85. >there are some little windows right under the ceiling where light should enter
  86. >but because I haven’t cleaned the garden in a week all the death leaves on the ground cover them
  87. >leaving only a dim lightbulb to illuminate the entire room
  88. >Chell puts down the box and turns to me
  89. >I walk up to her and begin to rub her cheek with my thumb
  90. >at first she flinches to my contact but eases quickly
  91. >“you have been such a good girl these days”
  92. >I plant a kiss on her forehead before patting her head
  93. >“go to sleep, I’ll make you a nice breakfast in the morning, ok?”
  94. >she nods and wipes her nose before leaving
  95. >“right, now to deal with you”
  96. >I drop the bat onto the ground
  97. >she immediately crawls backwards into a wall
  98. >her little feet claws clacking rapidly
  99. >I kick the box close to her
  100. >“what are you gonna do to me?”
  101. >tears forming on her eyes
  102. >I don’t respond, just open the box and pull out a roll of duct tape
  103. >the distinctive rip of duct tape fills my ears as I pull a big strip
  104. >it’s like music to me
  105. >she is shaking her head like crazy
  106. >I pin her down and tie her arms to her body with the duct tape
  107. >she starts struggling like crazy beneath me
  108. >she starts screaming
  109. >her noises go through me and make me feel weird
  110. >“geez! SHUT UP!”
  111. >she immediately closes her mouth and puffs her cheeks
  112. >tears streaming down her face
  113. >when I’m done her arms are bound to her torso, her legs are completely bent and tied to her sides
  114. >leaving her crotch exposed
  115. >I rip her shorts off, exposing a little flat triangular tail above her butt
  116. >she wasn’t wearing any panties
  117. >damn, her bits are pristine
  118. >clearly a virgin
  119. >she has nice even butt cheeks and her hymen is intact
  120. >not for long though
  122. >I start running my index finger between her soft lips
  123. >faster and faster with every pass
  124. >her entire body starts quivering
  125. >“ah… ah… please… I can’t…”
  126. >I suddenly insert two fingers into her
  127. >she arches her back and her thighs go tense
  128. >I start my fingers around as fast as I can
  129. >and reaching as deep as I can go
  130. >the bat starts panting rapidly
  131. >little trails of blood start dripping from her labia
  132. >“this is your first time feeling something like this, right?”
  133. >she stars sniffling and sobbing harder
  134. >“I-I wanted my first time to be s-special!”
  135. >“well, you can’t always be on control of everything”
  136. >I bend my fingers into a hook and pull out hard
  137. >scrapping her innards and pulling on one of her lips
  138. >making her scream and sending little droplets of blood into my shirt
  139. >I clean the fluids of my finger by rubbing it off with the fur of her legs
  140. >the bat is panting heavily now
  141. >I crouch down to the toy box and pull a little packet containing one fresh long sleeved disposable rubber glove
  142. >I tear it open and stretch it over my right hand
  143. >the rubber glove makes a hearty snap as it sticks tightly to my whole forearm
  144. >"since you seem to have shit inside your head instead of brains, i have decided to look for them inside your ass"
  145. >"w-wait, WHAT?!"
  146. >I start by sticking only two fingers in
  147. >seeming to not provoke a response so far
  148. >“yo-you are not serious! you are not gonna put your whole a-”
  149. >I press my free hand over her abdomen
  150. >she looks at me and shakes her head as tears start rolling down her cheeks
  151. >I prove her wrong by immediately shoving my entire hand into her rectum
  152. >she starts screeching again
  153. >I can actually feel something tearing up in there
  154. >her little toe claws curl and quiver
  155. >her whole body tenses up
  156. >blood starts seeping out
  157. >I move my hand around
  158. >not only back and forth but also side to side
  159. >making sure poke and pull on every inch of innards I can reach with my fingers
  160. >the bat starts convulsing as her screeches get more and more intense
  161. >they are drilling into my ears
  162. >she’s gonna leave me deaf
  163. >I pull out my hand from between her cheeks
  164. >hooking my fingers around a flap of intestine
  165. >prompting her asshole to prolapse
  166. >her inside-out rectum is peppered with driblets of blood
  167. >gotta put an end to those annoying sounds
  168. >I search around in the toy box for the best tool for the job
  169. >here it is, the almighty ball gag
  170. >I’ve never had a chance to use this before
  171. >Chell has always been nice and quiet
  172. >my good girl
  173. >i’ve already figured out how to reward her
  174. >she’s gonna be so happy
  176. >anyway
  177. >I walk around her and place the ballgag in her mouth
  178. >just as I’m adjusting it I hear something similar to an unproperly closed sink
  179. >what the fuck?
  180. >looking around her I just manage to catch the stream stopping
  181. >did she just…?
  182. >…ok then
  183. >the bat’s muffled pleading is more bearable than those awful screeches
  184. >I could feel them in my insides
  185. >and through my bones
  186. >augh
  187. >it feels awful
  188. >but that’s over
  189. >now the final act for tonight
  190. >I look through the box again
  191. >I hope I left batteries in them
  192. >here they are
  193. >a fist full of bullet vibrators
  194. >I tape one to her clit
  195. >I shove one as deep as I can her urethral track
  196. >she lets out a little yelp with that one
  197. >and the rest I shove them as neatly and as deep as I can into her pussy
  198. >I flick the remote on all of them
  199. >immediately the bat begins to spasm and contort in unnatural ways
  200. >dribble starts to pour from the sides of her mouth as she attempts to vocalize
  201. >only to produce muffled and incoherent screams
  202. >I laugh to myself a little
  203. >playing with girls is always fun
  204. >but punishing a bad one is gratifying
  205. >“well, let’s see how you turn up in the morning, hoe”
  206. >I tap her twitching legs with my foot before spinning on my heels and heading to the stairs
  207. >I hear a little plook sound and feel liquid splash my other leg
  208. >as I look down, I realize that I have, indeed, stepped on her piss puddle
  211. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  212. >it’s been an entire day since the bat broke into my house
  213. >I haven’t checked on her since that last time
  214. >I got very angry at the end, so I barely slept that night
  215. >in the morning I made Chell some delicious pancakes with sunny side ups and bacon
  216. >she seemed to enjoy them
  217. >later in the evening I went grocery shopping
  218. >I made sure to pick up extra fruit
  219. >can’t have my guest starving after all
  220. >although I have a special meal planned for her
  221. >I have to make sure she’s hungry
  222. >“don’t want her missing this”
  223. >I said as I opened the door to the basement again
  224. >a big porcelain bowl in my hand
  225. >flicking the light switch to see that she has passed out at the base of the stairs
  226. >she crawled there and couldn’t get up the stairs
  227. >considering all her limbs where bound, it must have taken her quite the effort to get there
  228. >too bad is was mostly for nothing
  229. >I bend down and pick up a water pitcher I had put down to free my hand and open the door
  230. >she starts to react to the noise my shoes made against the steps of the staircase
  231. >slowly coming back to her senses
  232. >ballgag and toys still on their place
  233. >she looks so miserable
  234. >but I don’t feel pity
  235. >she earned this
  236. >this is punishment
  237. >once conscious enough to notice me she started freaking out
  238. >wriggling like a worm trying to crawl away from me
  239. >she has bags under her eyes and bruises on her forehead and left arm
  240. >that’s the side she must have crawled on
  241. >I grab her by the shirt and prop her against the wall
  242. >the moment I take the ballgag off she starts coughing and sobbing
  243. >“I never asked you your name”
  244. >“w-what?”
  245. >“what’s your name?”
  246. >“I’m… I- my name is…”
  247. >she starts sniffling aggressively
  248. >she breaks down crying
  249. >I put my hand under her chin and point her head forwards
  250. >locking eyes
  251. >she musters the will to calm down and speak
  252. >“m-my name is a… a-Amapola”
  253. >“nice to meet you Amapola, say, are you hungry?”
  254. >she doesn’t respond
  255. >she just sits there shaking
  256. >I lift the bowl and wave it in front of her face a little
  257. >her nose twitches a bit
  258. >a little bit of drool hangs from her mouth
  259. >she gives me a reluctant nod followed by and empty sigh
  260. >“good, I know you’ll like this”
  261. >I said as I put the pitcher down on the ground
  262. >grabbing the fork I had left inside the bowl with the bits of fruit
  263. >I squatted down and began placing bits of assorted fruit into her mouth
  264. >she seemed to doze off after the first few bite
  265. >her stare was lost
  266. >head tilted to the side
  267. >ears twitching
  268. >not reacting to anything besides the bits of fruit being gently pushed into her mouth
  269. >“it’s a bit dull, isn’t it”
  270. >she nods slowly
  271. >“don’t worry, I have just the solution”
  272. >I move back a bit and unbutton my pants
  273. >her face turns to horror as I begin to jack off right in front of her
  274. >I make sure to stare her down the entire time
  275. >tears start forming on her eyes again
  276. >I keep going for however many minutes it takes
  277. >when I’m feeling close I place the tip of my dick over the fruit bowl
  278. >letting loose, I decorate her meal with my seed
  279. >I sigh in relief as I pull a pair of napkins from my back pocket to clean my dick
  280. >closing my pants again and mixing the man frosting with the rest of the fruit
  281. >Amapola is visibly cringing
  282. >“this will add to the flavor”
  283. >I get face to face with her
  284. >she has her mouth closed tight
  285. >“come on, this is your only meal of the day so you better enjoy it”
  286. >she shakes her head and moves around trying to avoid the fork with seasoned fruit
  287. >“don’t be such a baby and eat it!”
  288. >she has to eat it
  289. >I’m not leaving this basement until she does so
  290. >if she won’t do it willingly then I have to use my mother’s old technique
  291. >this always worked with me and my siblings
  292. >I pinch her nose close
  293. >she tightens her mouth more
  294. >she knows what I’m doing
  295. >so let’s see how much she can endure
  297. >15 seconds in: she’s beginning to look distressed
  298. >20 seconds in: she starts struggling and shaking her head
  299. >30 seconds: her chest starts spazzing and contracting in a weird bit
  300. >50: her eyes roll back on their sockets
  301. >at the minute and 7 seconds mark she gives in and opens her mouth a little to breath
  302. >the moment I see this happen I quickly shove my fingers of the hand I was using to pinch her nose into her mouth before she can close it again
  303. >it doesn’t take much strength to pry her mouth wide open
  304. >her wriggling gets frantic as I pour as much of the contents of the bowl into her gaping mouth
  305. >she tries her best to shove it out of her mouth with her tongue but the love coated fruit proves to be too numerous for her
  306. >some bits do fall out but it’s a small amount
  307. >I quickly pull back my fingers and hold her lips shut with my hand
  308. >tears roll down her stuffed cheeks as she gives up and begins to chew
  309. >she takes several swallows to empty her mouth again
  310. >“see? It wasn’t that bad”
  311. >she goes limp as I continue feeding her the rest of the fruit bowl
  312. >when she’s done, I pull her tank top up to her face and wipe the fruit juices and cum stains on her lips
  313. >with her shirt in my hand I get an idea
  314. >I pull out my wallet and take my credit card knife
  315. >since I can remove her shirt normally with her arms bound, I simply cut it off
  316. >she has a pair of little perky breast
  317. >like a couple of small mounds of sand on an otherwise calm even beach
  318. >they are quite cute
  319. >I want to chew on them a little
  320. >instead I just pinch one gently to see how she would react
  321. >she flinches and makes this weird sound that’s like a combination of a squeak and a moan
  322. >I tug on it a little bit harder
  323. >her cheeks turn red in a blush as the little squeaks get a bit louder
  324. >I run my finger down her chest
  325. >tracing her flat stomach and circling her belly button
  326. >my gaze wonders down to her crotch
  327. >she still has the vibrator stuck to her orifices
  328. >they have stopped working
  329. >probably ran out of battery
  330. >she flinches and lets out little moans as I’m pulling them out one by one
  331. >her crotch is completely wet
  332. >I grab one of the scraps of shirt and use it to wipe her labia clean
  333. >I gather the rest of the scraps of clothing and put them in a pile to make it easier to carry out to the trash
  334. >as I’m standing up to leave, I see her lips start to quiver and her breathing gets heavy
  335. >“w-wait… I’m… thirsty…”
  336. >oh right
  337. >that’s what the water pitcher was for
  338. >“oh, sorry”
  339. >I said as I squatted down again, picking the pitcher up and moving it close to her mouth
  340. >she starts sipping directly from it
  341. >I put my free hand under her chin in case she spills some water
  342. >after she’s done drinking, I leave the basement and start some preparations
  343. >I have another special surprise for Chell
  344. >the evening flies by
  345. >by the time the sun sets, I’m done preparing the surprise
  346. >I arrange everything to reveal the surprise by dinners end
  347. >the sky has darkened
  348. >the only light in the house coming from the kitchen as I’m preparing dinner
  349. >teriyaki chicken popcorn with a side of steamed broccoli served with garlic hummus
  350. >the heavenly scent of the food is being spreads throughout the house by a small retro desk fan on the kitchen bar besides me
  351. >the sound of steps coming down the staircase gets my attention
  352. >she’s coming down on her own
  353. >that’s rare, I usually have to drag her out of the room to come eat
  354. >she sniffs through the air as she walks down the stairs, and nonchalantly walks to the table and sits down
  355. >“what’s with that confident stride?”
  356. >“i-I smelled something nice… so I came down to eat”
  357. >“great timing, it’s pretty much done, just hold on a few seconds”
  358. >I move the fan over to point it at the door that leads to the basement
  359. >I walk to the door and open it
  360. >enough of the light from the kitchen passes around my figure to dimly illuminate the bottom of the stairs
  361. >Amapola is at the base of the stairs again and she’s looking up
  362. >she’s gonna be able to smell the delicious food but touch none of it
  364. >I give her a little smile and a wave before retreating back to the dinner table
  365. >Chell is scratching her head and waiting calmly
  366. >however, her lower pair of arms seem to be quite irritated
  367. >they are twitching and tapping the table rapidly
  368. >I don’t know if they have a will of their own like octopuses or if she’s faking her calm demeanor, but her biology is betraying that façade
  369. >which ever one is it, it just goes to show that I need to study her further
  370. >I served our plates with a good amount of food, making sure to put a bit more of the chicken in Chell’s plate
  371. >her antennae, or what’s left of them, twitch in excitement when I place the plate in front of her
  372. >she takes no time before she starts eating
  373. >I start too, making quick work of my food but making sure to savor it properly
  374. >food made with effort is meant to be enjoyed after all
  375. >I finish my plate before Chell, getting up only to put it in the sink to then sit back down and wait for her
  376. >when she’s done, she tries to get up and put her plate on the sink too, but before she could even lift a finger off the floor, I stop her and grab her plate
  377. >put it in the sink and return to the table
  378. >her face turns from a smile to a worried look
  379. >“w-what’s the matter?”
  380. >I give her a coy smile as I bent down to grab a cardboard box from under the table
  381. >setting on top of it, her face turns to worry
  382. >“I have a surprise for you… and it’s the good kind so chin up”
  383. >I put the box in front of her and she hesitantly opens it
  384. >the box contains a set off electronic implants that look like her older antennae and a silver chip
  385. >“w-what are all these things?”
  386. >“upgrades, I developed them myself”
  387. >I started developing these a few days after Chell came into my life
  388. >the first ones were total rushjobs
  389. >they were dangerous and unsanitary
  390. >that's why I decided to limit their use on her from the moment she became more docile
  391. >Chell reaches into the box and pulls out one of the prosthetic antenna
  392. >she inspects it thoroughly
  393. >“those are not only a more natural looking headers but they are actually fully functional prosthetic antennae, you’ll feel like if you had never lost the first ones”
  394. >I can see a single tear form in her left eye as those words escape my mouth
  395. >“and this piece of metal?”
  396. >“that’s my new neural chip, it will replace the spinal port in the back of your neck…
  397. >Chell moves her hand to the back of her head and runs her fingers over the rubber cap that covers the hole on the back of her neck
  398. >…and it’s wireless, so you’ll never have to wear the dangerous and cumbersome steel collar again”
  399. >she flicks the tear in her eye and starts sniffling
  400. >“you like them?”
  401. >she nods
  402. >“you want me to install them on you right now?”
  403. >she stands still for a few seconds thinking her answer
  404. >“it’s a quick process, the new header just simply clamp onto the stumps of your old antennae and the chip is just a matter of removing your spinal port, connecting the chip, and sealing your skin again, I can do this in no time”
  405. >Chell slowly nods, almost in a hesitant fashion
  406. >“wonderful, just let me go get my instruments and a dose of anesthetics, you’ll be feeling better in less than 15 minutes, I promise”
  407. >as I head to my room, I hear Chell start sniffling behind me
  408. >no doubt, she feels terrible now
  409. >I just dug up a grave filled with the horrible and painful memories of the first time we met
  410. >I’ll make it up to her
  411. >this upgrade will make her feel so good
  412. >she's gonna be so happy
  414. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  415. >11 minutes later
  416. >Chell is laying her head against the table as I prepare to seal the wound
  417. >I grab a paper clip and unfold it, turning it into a makeshift ejector pin
  418. >I insert the pin into a small hole on the side of the chip
  419. >like if I was ejecting the SIM card of a phone
  420. >a small green LED light starts flashing in a constant pulse on that same side of the chip, indicating that it is powered and properly attached
  421. >I take the pin out and grab the already threaded needle
  422. >Chell’s breathing gets uneasy when I begin to suture the incisions close
  423. >“does that hurt?”
  424. >“n-no, it just feels u-uncomfortable”
  425. >“don’t worry, I’m almost done”
  426. >I took my time to make sure I was making strong even sutures
  427. >if they came undone before fully healing could pose a serious health risk to Chell
  428. >I sigh in relief as I cut the leftover thread, sealing her cut close
  429. >a thin layer of red stained my gloves and instruments
  430. >“it’s close but I’m not done yet, don’t move”
  431. >I pick up all the instruments and put them on a silver tray which I then pun on the sink
  432. >I threw out the bloody gloves and the used syringe that was once filled with anesthetic
  433. >now I only need to clean and protect Chell’s delicate neck
  434. >with a lightly wet paper towel I cleaned the blood that stuck to her skin
  435. >making sure not to disturb the sutures
  436. >once clean and dry I applied a refreshing healing ointment on the area and patched a gauze over it
  437. >“there, done”
  438. >Chell slowly rises her head
  439. >she has a completely tired demeanor
  440. >“you want to go to bed?”
  441. >she replies by slowly nodding
  442. >“ok, stand still for a sec”
  443. >I put my arms under her knees and back to hoist her up
  444. >before carrying her to the bedroom I turned the fan off and close the basement door
  445. >“when you wake up your neck is going to itch and sting a little, don’t try to scratch it, ok?”
  446. >Chell nods as her eyes fall heavier and heavier
  447. >she’s practically asleep by the time I tuck her into bed
  448. >I go back downstairs to clean my instruments before ending the day
  450. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  451. >noon of the next day
  452. >I was sweeping the floors of the house when I heard a knock on the door
  453. >I approached the door carefully
  454. >looking out of the peeping hole with my hand in my holster
  455. >outside my door stands a young man with a DHL uniform
  456. >ah, it’s here
  457. >I thought to myself as a grin creep up to my face
  458. >after opening the door, the man just made me sign a paper and left without further input
  459. >just the way I like it
  460. >I open the box to inspect its contents
  461. >everything I ordered is here
  462. >nice
  463. >once I’m finished with the floor, I grab a piece of cork from a decorative wine bottle in the kitchen and a knife
  464. >I put them in the box and head down the basement
  465. >Amapola is still at the bottom
  466. >but this time she has managed to climb one step of the staircase
  467. >“making steady progress I see?”
  468. >my voice triggers her flight or fight response as she suddenly starts squirming and struggling
  469. >“p-PLEASE LET ME GO!”
  470. >“no can’t do little lady, not until you have learned your lesson”
  471. >“m-my body hurts, I c-can’t- …PLEASE JUST LET ME GO!”
  472. >“sorry, but you are a liability, I can’t allow you going out there and telling people of who am I and where do I live”
  473. >“I’m- I won’t say anything, I promise!”
  474. >“perhaps you are saying the truth, but I won’t take the chance”
  475. >tears start rolling down her cheeks
  476. >“n-no…”
  477. >“in the meantime, I have something I want to test”
  478. >I drag her back to the wall and open the box besides her
  479. >inside, besides the items I put in, are what I ordered
  480. >a book of incantations and spells, a brush, and a special paint used for rituals
  481. >all from a very nice wizard from Germany
  482. >I move Amapola over and start painting stokes around her limbs
  483. >filling them with random streaks of black
  484. >I put one going horizontally across her neck
  485. >on her torso it’s a different story
  486. >I put one across her belly, 2 inches over her belly button and across where her legs meet her torso
  487. >finally, I grab the knife
  488. >she starts to freak out and scream
  489. >I’m not going to hurt her
  490. >instead I use it to cut her binds
  491. >she immediately stands up, but doesn’t go anywhere
  492. >she instead puts her arms up in a defensive position
  493. >silly bat, I have ascended beyond the physical spectrum
  494. >I open my new book of incantations
  495. >I have been practicing this with a borrowed one for some time
  496. >let’s see if I can pull it off perfectly with this brand-new copy
  497. >here it is, the marks of separation
  498. >I point my finger at her and chant
  499. >“circumlinisti stibio rituum. da mihi hanc meretricem, et dividant iubes super eam”
  500. >the tip of my finger flashes a bright light
  501. >the strokes of paint on the bat turn from black to white before disappearing from her skin
  502. >Amapola trembles for a fraction of a second before falling apart at the marks
  503. >her body has been divided into dozens of pieces
  504. >she stares in horror at her body being spread over the floor like a collapsed lego set
  506. >“I made it more manageable”
  507. >I walk to her, shoving her unwanted bits aside with my foot
  508. >I pick her head and her lower abdomen from the mess
  509. >“see, now I can toy with your cute butt without having to worry about you kicking or hitting me”
  510. >“y-you… YOU TURNED MY INTO A TOY!”
  511. >the short stumps that were her legs start squirming around
  512. >the small bits of her on the floor that contain joints are twitching as well
  513. >“we are gonna have a fun evening today”
  514. >“y-you can’t…
  515. >the tears rolling down her head become bigger and more numerous
  516. >a little bit of snot is dripping from her nose
  517. >“…this is my life now, I’m just a hole for you”
  518. >“noooot really… I could undo the spell any time I wanted”
  519. >“are… are you gonna do it?”
  520. >“maybe later”
  521. >she sniffles and shuts her eyes shut
  522. >that’s pretty much all she can do now
  524. >I laugh as I take stuff her two useful pieces into the box and carry it up
  525. >I dump the box next to the couch in front of the tv
  526. >from it, I pick Amapola’s head and place it gently on the sofa
  527. >I check my watch to see what time it is
  528. >“I’m half an hour the match is going to start”
  529. >“w-what?”
  530. >“a MMA match, some Cuban guy and a Philippino guy are gonna kick the shit out of each other for sport”
  531. >she just stares at me confused
  532. >“…anyway, I’m gonna go for snacks so don’t you move~”
  533. >“it… it’s not like I can anyway”
  534. >I snap my fingers and point at her
  535. >“exactly”
  536. >she starts to sob again as I pour a bag of party mix into 2 bowls
  537. >one larger than the other
  538. >I put the larger bowl on the couch next to Amapola’s head
  539. >I walk upstairs with the other one and walk into my bedroom
  540. >Chell is laying down on my bed and wearing her pajamas
  541. >she’s watching Diamond Is Unbreakable on the tv
  542. >“I brought you some snacks”
  543. >I place the bowl in front of her and she gently tugs it to her
  544. >“those this one have cheese twists?”
  545. >“no but it has honey cashews and chocolate mini-pretzels”
  546. >she gasps a little before digging through the snack mix for a pretzel
  547. >she inspects it with puppy eyes before gently putting it in her mouth”
  548. >she smiles and her antennae wiggle a bit
  549. >“t-thank you anon”
  550. >“no problem, just don’t make much noise, ok?”
  551. >gives me a reassuring nod as I leave the room
  552. >back downstairs I see Amapola’s head on the floor
  553. >face down and completely still
  554. >“a-anon? please help me up”
  555. >her voice sounds muffled
  556. >“what did you try to do?”
  557. >“no-nothing!”
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