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  1. Sometimes my elastic lover dreams of me....
  6. Some days I wake up barely able to believe my good fortune.  Since I
  7. have discovered my lover's incredible secret, nothing has been the
  8. same.  It still remains a wonderful mystery, how it is that she can make
  9. herself so wonderfully pliable.  This "superpower" has its practical
  10. application in our mundane routine, for example, her shelves are never
  11. too high. We never get locked out of the house or the car, but she uses
  12. the utmost discretion in public.   I am sure that the sight of a woman
  13. who could lengthen herself, squeeze under a tiny crack between a door
  14. and its threshold, would, well, attract the wrong kind of attention.
  15. Besides, she has no intention of creating an identity to become some
  16. kind of fantasy crime fighter or anything.
  17.         Of course, the sex is fantastic!  To very literally stretch the
  18. imagination, means no end of variety to our lovemaking.  The intensity
  19. of pleasure becomes surreal; if I were religious in any way, this kind
  20. of fuck would be declared a miracle.  The whole experience of our sex
  21. can be exhausting at times; we find other ways for each other to still
  22. feel our pleasure when the other is just too tired.  Like when she has a
  23. hard day at work, I am content to play with her feet like Silly Putty
  24. (she knows they are my favourite); kneading her soles as if they were a
  25. fleshy elastic dough, pulling & knotting her pretty toes into warm,
  26. wiggly strings.  Or, when I am beat, I will simply watch as she twists,
  27. bends, flattens and defies the fantastic with the impossible shapes she
  28. can make on her own.  The stretching, she says, makes everything come
  29. alive in her, each pull is akin to an orgasm in itself.  And, to behold
  30. her pleasuring herself while she stretches, well, it is quite amazing to
  31. see my "rubber girl" transform into a moaning, quivering, spent
  32. puddle...
  34.         Friday, 11:00 pm...
  36.         "I have something new for us to try.  I've been working on it all
  37. week." "Really?  I have been so looking forward to this weekend", I say,
  38. glint in my eye.  "Come, I'll show you part of my secret." So, off to
  39. the bedroom we go.
  40.         The bed has been pushed off to the side of the room.  In the centre,
  41. what seems to be a turntable, with two straps like you might find on a
  42. sailboard.  The corners of each wall have been outfitted with large
  43. hooks, like the kind you hang your bicycle on, only much larger.  And,
  44. in the middle of the open wall, there is a hand hold, placed vertical.
  45.         "So this is the secret?  It looks devilishly wonderful, my sweet, but
  46. I'm not sure how it will work." Smiling, and stretching her neck over to
  47. give me a kiss, she says, "No, silly,  the secret of MY secret..." and
  48. off she goes to her little cabinet atop her dresser, unlocks it, and
  49. takes out an iridescent vase-like bottle.  It looks very old, and seems
  50. to glow with blues, greens, reds and yellows.  Cupping it in both hands,
  51. she carefully carries it over to me and simply says, "This..." "What is
  52. it?", I ask. "Something I am very lucky to have.  When I was in Africa
  53. doing that relief work, we came across a tribe of people in the jungle
  54. who deliberately shunned civilization and the West.  They have been
  55. practitioners of magic for 5000 years.  They used some of it on us, to
  56. frighten us away, but somehow, it just didn't work on me.  I stayed with
  57. them for a few days; I can't even begin to describe what I saw and
  58. experienced...but as I saw them transform into their elastic state, i
  59. knew I just had to experience it for myself.  Such incredible joy and
  60. ecstasy!  It took a lot of convincing, but eventually I got the shaman
  61. to give me some of their ancient concoction for myself.  In the end, he
  62. decided I was strong enough to be able to handle it.  And, you are very
  63. lucky to be sharing this with me, since it works best only with the
  64. people you trust."
  65.         With that, she pours a fair amount of the slightly luminescent, pearl
  66. coloured potion into my cupped hands, and says "Okay, time for you to
  67. give me that massage that you do so well."
  68.         As, she stands before me, I begin to rub the potion onto my lovers body
  69. beginning with her lustrous, dark hair; down her face, neck, shoulders.
  70. I proceed to her chest, her lovely breasts, all the while kneading it
  71. into her body, which contorts under my grip, and continues to awaken her
  72. pleasure.  "Mmmmm....", I hear in quiet anticipation; I move down the
  73. hips; her vagina; her legs.  There is a little giggle as I finish at her
  74. feet; I watch the toes curl & flex, and i am surprised that the magic
  75. lotion has covered her entire body in one dose, while disappearing
  76. completely out of my hands.
  77.         "Now for you...I hope this works!", and she kneels in front of me,
  78. pouring a little more of the lotion into her hand.  I am already quite
  79. stiff in anticipation, with a light touch, massages the cream onto my
  80. dick with her fingers, making it tingly, and making it grow a little
  81. more.  "This may not work right away, so I won't ruin the surprise for
  82. you", she says, and grinning, give the head of my penis a sharp tap,
  83. which makes it sway back & forth a little, and gives me a shiver.
  84.         My lover then grabs hold of the vertical bar, and with a wink, says
  85. "C'mon you pervert, grab hold of my ankles."
  86.         So I do, and I begin to pull.  Now, I have figured out what the hooks
  87. are for, so i stretch her to the corner, and pull her legs around the
  88. hook.  I then continue on to the next corner, and then the next;
  89. pulling, stretching my girl into a long rope; she begins to moan, eyes
  90. closed.  When I return to where her hands are, she is pulled out about
  91. 40 feet long; two inches thick.  She is a little breathless, but
  92. whispers loudly, "Now, get on the turntable...".  I get on, still
  93. pulling, and slide my feet into the straps.  I see a switch at the base,
  94. and surmise that I must flip it to proceed with our adventure.  And so,
  95. I stand, rotating, we rotate, and my beautiful lover starts to wind
  96. around me, binding me. I am the spool, and my lover is the rope.
  97. Eventually, she covers me, from my ankles to my chest, but my arms are
  98. free.  Finally, she lets go of the bar, and with a swoosh, her arms fly
  99. around the room, wrapping me up tight, her hands whack my ass and then
  100. grab tight.
  101.         After she catches her breath, she lengthens her neck until she can face
  102. me; "Oh baby, get inside..."
  112.  I have to explore the rope bodystocking, which is now undulating and
  113. warm all over me, to find my lover's pussy.  It is now very long; my
  114. left hand finds the bottom of the slit near my hip, the right finds the
  115. top near my chest.  I start to tease her pussy open with my fingers; I
  116. am getting so hot to please her; then I start plunging into her warm
  117. moistness with both hands; her sharp inhale says I've hit the right
  118. spot.
  119.         Rubbing, massaging, I feel myself through her skin; this makes us both
  120. moan.  My right hand has found her clitoris; my fingers try to gather up
  121. as much as i can, i pull & stretch it; pull and stretch.  It slips
  122. though my wanting fingers; it feels incredible for both of us.
  124.         "Oh, yesss......."; her orgasm is so intense the pulsing nearly makes
  125. me fall over, I am breathless myself.  Suddenly, I feel such a power in
  126. my groin, as the magic takes effect and my dick starts growing all on
  127. its own.  By now, we are sitting down.   Three feet long, and getting
  128. longer, I think I will pass out from so much pleasure.  My lover can see
  129. this, and she smiles.  I don't know how, but now her feet have my cock,
  130. they stretch and contract, pulling it even longer.  Her dextrous toes
  131. direct this snake towards her own sex, so now her feet, her cunt, her
  132. whole body are making me so high.  I am plunging deeper, longer inside;
  133. surrounded by & enveloped by her.
  135.         At last, I come.  She does too; again.  In the ensuing explosion, I
  136. disappear from myself.  I have become an orgasm.  I am her orgasm.  I am
  137. my lover, and she is me....
  140.         ....I awaken to her kiss.  This kiss is forever....
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