Ginger's Confession | Public Release 2019 |

Apr 13th, 2019
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  1. Ginger's Confession | Public Release 2019 |
  4. Let's start from the beginning! So it all started when I made a game for ZephPlayz™ called ** Prison Life for Zeph** at the time I didn’t really care for the fame (just something fun to do at the time, cause why not) So Zeph got my tweet of me telling him to play my game and yeah that's when all this started! So he played the game twice and did a video on it twice! One was “ Prison life Update for me” and the other was “I got admin commands in Prison life” so yah! Fame for a little bit I guess… and yah that fame took over and turned me into a jerk.. Yahh not proud of that at all.. You know what they say (money controls people) for me it was fame.. So yah around that time my roblox account was terminated (banned) a couple months later for scamming! Becuase I had a couple gamepasses that were marked as (Scams) which I will be honest the gamepasses were scams! The thing I didn’t know was they weren’t working in the game! So in my head i thought “oh the admin game pass is working” but in reality it wasn’t.. Mistake on my behalf! Whole bunch of people were telling me I scammed them but I was confused because at the time I was confused and I just started playing Roblox so was new to the system and gamepasses and scripting so I didn't really know what to do at the time! (HOP A MONTH OR 2 BEFORE) so before all that happened! I acted like my account was hacked because I was trying to act like Danielt0 , think I spelled that right.., anyway.., I tried to act like my account was hacked and then maybe a month or so after that I was banned . One more thing at the time of my “so called fame” I was being an imposter to PoptyXD and ZephPlayzYT (my impersonating usernames were these) >> P0ptyXd and ZephPlayzUT (so I was changing characters of my name to look like I was them) why did I do this? Honestly I don't know (99.99% was because I thought since I had the fame already people would believe me) terrible ideas!! Worst of all this I started to betray friends such as **Fultrex** the time I became famous I unfriended him and lied about it (damn I was a terrible person) and bunch of other people I unfriended … (looking back on this i really wish I never became recognized by ZephPlayzYT)
  8. Ok since that’s all out the way let's go to discord drama! So this was maybe a year later or half a year (i have a terrible memory) I was able to come back in contact with Fultrex and I added him on discord and we made a server! I forget if it was NSA Security or #GingerSquad… forgot which one was the first one…?? So from there we were good friends and all.. (hop some months) this is when the shit went down) I botted a discord server! When I was known as GingerPlayzYT with a whole bunch of sub botted subscribers… (ugh I am F**kin terrible) anyway… I botted my channel and my discord around the same time! (yah great f**kin choice maximo!) So yah I was a terrible mess then and i current day I am trying to make things better… anyway… I had the server and some of my school friends in it and we bullied Fultrex and KBDennis and called them mean things and trolled them! But the person who did it the most was Drakon (AKA) DrakonIsDrunk.. Yah he was worst then me on Discord! So both me and him terrorized Fultrex! Still to this day I regret ever doing that to my best friend, but when your with the wrong people you do the wrong things and that's what happened with me! So I kept apologizing to Fultrex saying how I was sorry but I kept doing it over and over so that how I was being more of the D**k here! Hop a couple months I raided some of Fultrex’s servers and @everyone my discord server in RYT (Roblox YouTubers) Former server owned by Fultrex! I was a dick in that server and in a lot of servers! I also faked suicide multiple times to get attention! At some times I felt suicidal and sometimes I did it for attention! I admit That’s all I can think of what went down on Discord
  12. I have scammed Robux out of people! Yah this is almost over sorry for all of this! I scammed multiple people can’t ring thier names into my head (maybe Aq) was one of them! **BAD MEMORY** I would make deals with Fultrex and other people for Rbux and never give it to them! That's scamming if your smart (which I wasn't at the time) I also free-modeled multiple games and clothing at the time! I did alot of shit that was 100% not needed but I did it, and it will still haunt me from this day! Karma is a B***h!! It’s coming for me!
  16. In Conclusion, I would like to apologize to all the people I bullied, scammed, was a jerk too, affected their daily lives, free modeled off of and impersonated and destroyed your server and being a betrayer and terrible friend/person overall! Please forgive me for what I have done!
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