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How to Link a PlayStation Account to Activision Account

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Oct 20th, 2021
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  1. If you play on Xbox or PC:
  3. You must goto
  4. Login there using the Xbox or BattleNET logo
  5. (Make sure to use the logo of the console you play on to sign in with. If you play on Xbox use the Xbox logo to sign in on and if you play on PC use the BATTLENET logo to sign in on
  7. Once signed in on, click on profile (in the top right)
  8. And link a PlayStation Account there. Once linked provide us the playstation login email and password.
  10. Everything should all show linked on that Activision profile page
  12. If you don't have a PlayStation account already you can easily make one here.
  14. Create PlayStation Account here:
  16. Everything should all show linked on the activision profile page like this (in the example below since we play on Xbox we logged in with the Xbox logo and linked a PlayStation):
  18. Example in link below:
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