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  1. First round
  3. 213300 - cloak earlier or use illusions. Your movement was too predictable.
  4. 216350 - You should be dead now. That decloak was aweful but luckily for you your enemies are freaking oblivious
  5. 216850 - Just use your gun to kill the pyro.
  6. 220380 - Dat stab. After you stabbed him in the front don't try to do it again. either kill him with the revolver or cloak and run away.
  7. 222980 - Be more patient with your stabs. Even though you got the heavy you shouldn't be relying on those matador stabs
  8. 224600 - So basically you bumped into the scout and then you uncloaked and tried to revolver everyone down? That won't work. Trading a spy for a solly on lakeside is not worth it
  9. 227600 - There was a minisentry on the point. That means if you got 1stab just cloak the fuck out of there.
  10. 229900 - Stupid decloak. The heavy was alone behind the point and not even in a fight. In this case you can assume that he's looking behind him. He did and killed ya.
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