Sinister64's Application for North Kai of Silky J.'s Server

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  1. Username: Sinister64
  2. Current character name and race: Gennai, Kai.
  3. What rank are you applying for: North Kai
  4. The Story thus Far:
  5.     Paorco, after failing to defeat Boru, had attempted to make a hasty retreat. However, just as he was caught, he decided to give up. He knew all along that he would die while fighting Captain Boru. So, he stopped mid-flight, and allowed himself to be killed. However, Boru wanted to absorb him. Whether Boru absorbed him or not, it doesn't matter.
  6.     "As long as he's still weak enough to be defeated by my friends, that is all that matters." Paorco said when his soul made it to Heaven.
  7.     However, his death was not in vain, he realized. He forgot about his ability to communicate via telepathy. And so, he contacted his friend and training partner, Symere Woods, who had ambitions to defeat Lord Gelid, despite having been friends with him since childhood.
  8. "Symere? This is Paorco, contacting you from Heaven." Paorco proceeded to say.
  9. "Oh hey, how ya doin over there?" Symere asked.
  10. "Other than being beaten to a pulp by Boru, pretty good. But this is serious. I need you to get off of planet Braal." Paorco communicated hurriedly.
  11. "I thought the ship was on Icer?" Symere asked worriedly.
  12. "I moved it to Braal while you were training." said Paorco, with a sigh. "Not the best decision on my part." he added.
  13. "OK, I moved the ship, and made it to Puranto." said Symere.
  14. "OK, but don't stay forever, Gelid will go there eventually." Paorco warned. "In fact, it's probably next on his list."
  15.     Paorco then stopped for a moment, reading a piece of paper he recieved while communicating. He read it and gasped. He was going to the Final Realm. He would be dead forever, with no hope of coming back. However, he accepted this with open arms.
  16. "I'm going to the Final Realm, Symere. A Kai will be born to help you." Paorco said. "Listen for a Kai named Gennai." he said.
  17. "Farewell, good friend." said Symere. "May your death not be the end of the fight" he whispered.
  18. The next chapter of this Roleplay will be written soon.
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