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  1. Welcome to, "<color="red"><b>[UK]</b></color> <color="blue">SCP:</color><color="green">FunBreach</color>"
  2. <color=#add8e6ff><b>Rules:</b></color>
  3. <color=#add8e6ff>- English only</color>
  4. <color=#add8e6ff>- Respect staff and other players</color>
  5. <color=#add8e6ff>- No deliberate team-killing</color>
  6. <color=#add8e6ff>- No mic spam</color>
  7. <color=#add8e6ff>- No hacking</color>
  8. <color=#add8e6ff>- No camping</color>
  9. <color=#add8e6ff>- No ghosting</color>
  11. <color="purple"><link="https://discord.gg/K4Kanfz">Click here for Discord (K4Kanfz)</link></color>
  12. <color="purple">Server owner: Crazybrain#6776</color>
  13. <color=#00ffdd>Staff applications:<color="red">Closed
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