killed your own brother and took his bookventure

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  1. [20:36:56] <Giantree> Okay but REALLY - honestly I guess you other people can join in too if you want until the part where it gets raunchy - we're resuming right as you exit Ramiel, because I can't even stress the plot importance of that exact moment enough.
  2. [20:37:51] <Giantree> But since there's no longer any combat going on - except for the Nanashi/Megid showdown that gets to be its own scene - Varos exits the giant robot.  Noa's projection comes out too.
  3. [20:38:10] <BloodthirstyPagan> the bachelor and bachelorette waste no time, eh
  4. [20:38:48] <Giantree> "I... saw everything I needed to from out here," the former gulps.  "A-Are you okay?"
  5. [20:44:40] <Ellamae> Noa is literally watching right now. Also, it's sort of cold out here. Can't do anything freaky. "S-somehow. I'm alive, at least!" She's got that going for her! She's not even dead inside, just particularly wounded. Can't win the fight to save EVERYONE'S soul, especially when they've got more power behind them. "...Though if it weren't for Ionah, I'm not so sure I would
  6. [20:44:40] <Ellamae> have been..." 'Don't be reckless!' How about she do anyway.
  7. [20:45:20] <Giantree> Oh, no no no, Noa has been MORE than encouraging of hot passionate couple stuff, she'll just look the other way~
  8. [20:45:44] <Giantree> ... Doing it in her cockpit would be ill-advised though, that's some Muv-Luv shit.
  9. [20:46:52] <Ellamae> SHE CAN STILL HEAR
  10. [20:47:21] <Ellamae>'s OK if she hears some sappy stuff and strange noises, but they obviously can't just go wild without getting a room
  11. [20:47:44] <Giantree> "6... Yes."  At least in THIS moment, Noa isn't a silly comic relief character, and speaks with all the tone of a caring older sibling figure.  "6I didn't know what to expect from this, but... it seems her long torment is over."
  12. [20:51:18] <Giantree> "I-I'm sorry," the shota chokes out.  "We haven't known each other for very long, but still all this had to happen."  His eyes stare deep into your heart, with a reassuring gaze that confesses he can see all the discord and regret he needs to.  "There isn't anything I can do for you except..."
  13. [20:51:40] <Giantree> Before anybody can react, he's wrapped your whole body, armor and all, in a tight hug.
  14. [20:55:16] <Giantree> A yellowism projection comes out from the octahedron, and though both are intangible. the two ancient robodragons wordlessly do the same.
  15. [20:55:22] <Giantree> >ism
  16. [20:55:23] <Giantree> ish even
  17. [20:57:26] <Ellamae> Things she very much needed: a reassuring look and a hug! Noa can't exactly provide one of those except in spirit (because she's basically a spirit because she's a ghost get it), so Varos's hug is most certainly welcome! (As well as the intangibles, though obviously it isn't quite the same!) She returns the favor as much as she actually can with her pisspoor STR, and...cries!
  18. [20:57:26] <Ellamae> The reality of the world comes down on her, and man, it's pretty friggen harsh every time it does that.
  19. [20:59:51] <Giantree> Of all people to be reassuring at this point, it's actually Ionah.  Once the others have calmed down, she floats in the skylooking like an off-color Aura and curtsies as thanks.  "8You know, I've been watching you all these years.  Um, you were pretty brave!"
  20. [21:03:16] <Giantree> ... oh and to clarify the intangibles were hugging each other
  21. [21:03:23] <Giantree> you know i never pay attention to myself when i describe things
  22. [21:03:33] <Giantree> Group hug isn't a TERRIBLE idea though, that may be coming too soon
  23. [21:04:42] <Giantree> "6I did all this catching up with one of you," Noa muses, "6But I never imagined I'd be getting to do it with both so soon.  And... there's no need for me to introduce you to each other either, then, is there?  Hehe."
  24. [21:05:29] <Giantree> "6But I'll second that notion.  Somebody with a weak will couldn't have done what you did- either of you."
  25. [21:12:17] <Ellamae> Ohhhh. Well, the solid's was still pretty great yeah. Either way, sniff. "I-I guess." SHE GUESSES SHE'S BRAVE. And SHE GUESSES SHE HAS A STRONG WILL. Both of those are looking pretty spent right now, though. She can barely even come up with anything to say! Really, her strong will goes without saying, considering what it had to go through all those years, and it only
  26. [21:12:17] <Ellamae> went slightly off course a few times!
  27. [21:14:28] <Giantree> "8... His hate was real.  There's no denying that.  But in the times you were close... well, it was almost like I was your sibling.  Even if you didn't know I was there!"  The loli says while sniffling a bit herself.  But since she's physically incapable of crying, you have to do all the work.
  28. [21:15:27] <Giantree> "Your heart is screaming," Varos speaks almost nonchalantly, as though he were Nihi or something.  "But... there's no need to be afraid anymore. Everything will be fine now, okay?"
  29. [21:17:19] <Giantree> "I can't pretend to really understand what's going on after having just learned about it all so suddenly, but the least we can all do is be here for you," he continues.
  30. [21:27:21] <Ellamae> Her heart's pretty much crawling in her skin, yeah. Sniff. Tears are still kinda flowing too. Pulling some serious overtime here. "Y-yeah. I...couldn't..." Sniff. No. Stop that. "Right. It'll be fine now! ...I can't save everyone, but..." Sniff. "...w-well. I should really be apologizing for send you into the thick of all this with barely even a warning, Varos! Just sorta
  31. [21:27:21] <Ellamae> threw you in as I threw myself in. If...if that hadn't worked out..." REALLY STOP THAT. Ellamae knows she shouldn't dwell on potential outcomes, whether positive or negative, but man, considering she wasn't sure what was going to happen, the idea of it is both terrifying and makes her feel like she coulda been a serious jerk. "...but it'll be OK now." Sniff.
  32. [21:30:07] <Giantree> "No, no," Varos continues to hold you close, speaking in a reassuring, almost sibling-like tone.  "I'm thankful for this!  I did say I wanted to travel to learn about others' feelings, didn't I?  Sadness is just as important as happiness.  Even for us just as much as mortals, experiencing those things and getting past them is how we're able to grow.  In a place like a battlefield, others lose their loved ones all the time... how they recover from that and become stronger, that's what I'm really interested in.  So I know you'll be alright."
  33. [21:31:57] <Giantree> At this point, Ramiel just sort of poofs out of the air (in a terrifying, angelic motion) and you all somehow-or-another end up on the ground, by the Big N's feet.  Dragonbane is expelled from the giant creature before it vanishes, and Ionah stands by it in projection form, looking down almost scornfully at the torture device.
  34. [21:32:13] <Ramiel> Nani
  35. [21:32:25] <Giantree> GET USED TO IT
  36. [21:32:35] <Ramiel> Oh, heh
  37. [21:32:58] <Ramiel> I'm in the middle of my regular MP Sat. night SPACE EMPIRIN' game
  38. [21:33:04] <Ramiel> And like 'What are all these pings'
  39. [21:33:21] <Ellamae> It's OK, you can go back into space now, like the freaky angel that you are
  40. [21:34:43] <Giantree> "8He wasn't a good person," she speaks with distaste.  "8But even if so many of his feelings were fake, the experiences you had were real, you know?  No matter how much of 'monsters' we may be, I think his soul would be at peace if you could just remember him for that."
  41. [21:43:28] <Ellamae> Sniff. A quieter sniff. "Y-you did, but...r-right. ...Sides, this kind of stuff is usually sudden anyway." AS SUDDEN AS THOSE NERDS RUSHING INTO THE ANGEL IN ONE TURN--she composes herself a bit to respond to Ionah! "...That is true. ...And yeah. He might have been twisted by a lot of things, and he might not have been the greatest person...but I'll remember him for the
  42. [21:43:29] <Ellamae> better times we had. Wouldn't be fair to remember someone by who they were at their worst!"
  43. [21:48:09] <Giantree> The wind blows, and the front cover of Dragonbane flips open.  The page inside, as well as the next pages when they start being blown open, is/are completely blank.  Not in the eerie kind of 'you're mind-controlled into being unable to read what's clearly there so it appears blank yet feels unnerving,' but ACTUALLY blank.  Even Ionah herself is confused at this.  "8Is... its power leaving it?  I know it was fueled by hate... but now it has no source of hate to feed off of..."
  44. [21:51:45] <Ellamae> ...Ah! That's there. "...Huh. I was going to ask what we were going to do with that, actually...but...I wonder if it could feed off love instead." ...She realizes how corny that sounds, even compared to her JRPG speech earlier, and begins to laugh at herself. "man even I can't believe I said that"
  45. [21:54:31] <Giantree> "Well..." Varos actually takes that seriously, perhaps because he's innocent shotabait.  "I COULD feel the hate from it until just a little while ago, but it seems totally empty now."
  46. [21:55:26] <Giantree> Noa grins.  "6Magic DOES work in strange ways, though!  Or maybe someone should just use it as a diary?"
  47. [21:57:07] <Giantree> "8I..." Ionah zips around it, clearly bearing a grudge for all the torture it's caused her but also with a positive spark in her eye.  "8Don't think that's totally unreasonable, actually?  It definitely has some power still, that's for sure, but... it's almost like it's trying to apologize."
  48. [21:57:20] <Giantree> "8Well I'm still mad at you!  Nyeh!"  She sticks out a projectongue at it.
  49. [21:59:11] <Ellamae> "I-it's OK. It wouldn't make sense if we weren't mad! ...But in time, maybe we'll forgive it~?" She picks it up--confidently, doesn't even poke it first to see if it's gonna 'jk lol' her--just to get a feel for it!
  50. [21:59:41] <Giantree> AND THEN YOU BURST INTO FLAMES, RANC
  51. [22:00:11] <Giantree> jk, there's a little tingle from it at first, but it isn't nearly as violent as last time.  Or painful at all.
  52. [22:00:30] <Giantree> also you said the m word, time to make a facedrag of it
  53. [22:01:14] <Ellamae> yeah, all four dragons facedragging at LeBlanc
  54. [22:01:26] <Giantree> facedragon
  55. [22:01:33] <Ellamae> dam
  56. [22:01:37] <Giantree> ye
  57. [22:02:06] <Flamy> DAMMIT TREE
  58. [22:02:08] <Flamy> I SMILED
  59. [22:02:09] <Giantree> Indeed, all the pages are blanc- I mean, are blank.  I guess technically both because they're on more-or-less white patchment?
  60. [22:04:18] <Ellamae> The pun isn't entirely lost on Ellamae. "...It does seem to want a fresh start! ...I guess I'll use it in memory of LeBlanc, then! Even if I couldn't fully save him, there's still a part of him that lives on in here, right?"
  61. [22:05:41] <Giantree> Upon picking it up, you do however feel a tinge of power, like being granted a gift from the gods.  Unlike other S-Rank weapons you don't know about it doesn't turn into a parasite and eat part of your body whole, instead behaving like a spiritual spoiled child and wordlessly demanding thoughts and emotions to give it being.  You can feel this, subtly but surely.
  62. [22:06:58] <Giantree> "It's... like she said, I think," Varos puts a finger to his chin.  "The part that lives on are your feelings and the memory of the times you had.  Somehow, I don't think it minds if you let it start anew."
  64. [22:07:53] <Ellamae> YEAH REGEN'S PERFECTLY FINE TOO
  65. [22:07:59] <Giantree> Either way, it was previously Dragonbane - S Rank - 1-2 Rng - 20 Mt - 70 Hit - 12 Crt - SE against dragons, wyverns- shut up i'll hit you
  66. [22:08:10] <Flamy> So theoretically, Ellamae can do a Sekiha Love-Love Tenkyouken when using the weapon, with THE HELP OF VARRRROOOOOOOSSSSSS!
  67. [22:08:24] <Giantree> Now it's still all the same stats, only its name is 'whatever the fuck you want'
  68. [22:09:54] <Giantree> And since it's not owned by a boss anymore, I guess it's not unreasonable to give it +stats or bonus skills; +5 MAG is probably the most benevolent, and I say this because I considered having it grant Resolve but can you fucking imagine?  You'd literally have to write two EXTRA character sheets, nevermind the fact that it'll make every fight literally unlosable.
  69. [22:09:55] <Giantree> Shit.
  70. [22:10:21] <Ellamae> Well, it's OK! She's got a lot of thoughts and emotions right now! Thoughts of her long adventures with Noa, of hanging out with her new sister--it was like Noa said, she IS a pretty great little sister figure--and of her bright (dark???) future with Varos...yeah, it'll be satisfied.
  71. [22:11:14] <Giantree> ... maybe +2 MAG and Awakening instead though, that's also possible and not COMPLETELY insane
  72. [22:11:55] <Ellamae> Also Resolve wouldn't be as bad as it seems, her speed is garbage and her SKL isn't much better
  73. [22:12:06] <Ellamae> the mag boost, however, would be hard to excuse
  74. [22:12:18] <Giantree> DON'T TRY TO TRICK ME YOU POWERGAMER
  75. [22:12:33] <Ellamae> 12 speed, she'll literally graduate to 'not getting doubled'
  76. [22:12:37] <Ellamae> 'maybe'
  77. [22:12:40] <Giantree> ... still the bad part is just the 'would have to make extra sheets for it' thing
  78. [22:12:51] <Flamy> Resolve doesn't affect Magic.
  79. [22:12:58] <Flamy> :^)
  80. [22:13:05] <Ellamae> it does in this system
  81. [22:13:09] <Giantree> yeah, it does
  82. [22:13:16] <Giantree> ...
  83. [22:13:17] <Giantree> hmm
  84. [22:13:23] <Ellamae> and yeah I'd have 3 sheets, that'd be some shit
  85. [22:13:30] <Flamy> Oh what, that's bullshit?
  86. [22:13:36] <Flamy> *THAT'S BULL SHIT!
  87. [22:13:51] <Giantree> well CONSIDERING it's an S-rank weapon, you'll mostly be oneshotting everything REGARDLESS
  88. [22:13:53] <Ellamae> honestly when I think about it
  89. [22:14:05] <Giantree> and i won't lie that i'd enjoy drawing elly with a supernova halo
  90. [22:14:10] <Giantree> (because that's what it does)
  91. [22:14:16] <Flamy> Oh clogs.
  92. [22:14:27] <Giantree> ok you know what sure, it can have resolve and just no stat bonus
  93. [22:14:46] <Ellamae> alright everyone, lend me your speedwings
  94. [22:14:49] <Ellamae> :^ )
  95. [22:14:52] <Giantree> i'm CONSIDERING keeping the SE bonus because i mean, tiki's kill yourself
  96. [22:15:02] <Flamy> Okay.
  97. [22:15:03] <Giantree> ... divinestone had SE versus drags too
  98. [22:15:11] * Flamy uses a speedwing on Shinobu.
  99. [22:15:15] <Giantree> gj
  100. [22:15:33] * Bardy (~bardy@8192D5D9:73100692:D028F90F:IP) has joined #WhenYouNeedYourEmblemsToFire
  101. [22:15:37] <Giantree> yeah whatever man you're all gonna be broken by endgame anyway, might as well start now
  102. [22:15:52] <Ellamae> yeah dragons have been especially problematic when it comes to dragon/human relations
  103. [22:16:04] <Ellamae> probably needs an extra kick for them because they're stronger and all
  104. [22:16:21] <Bardy> >problematic
  105. [22:16:24] <Bardy> tumblr got to u
  106. [22:16:27] <Ellamae> SE AGAINST DRAGONS THAT ARE DICKS
  107. [22:16:31] <Giantree> yeah he's a tumblrina these days
  108. [22:16:33] <Giantree> you didn't know?
  109. [22:16:37] <Bardy> I did know
  110. [22:16:42] <Bardy> that's what I was referencing
  111. [22:16:43] <Giantree> alright
  112. [22:16:48] <Giantree> for secret reasons i won't tell you
  113. [22:16:54] <Bardy> baka Mitsubishi oneechan
  114. [22:17:01] <Giantree> that actually won't destroy the entire campaign and gives me an excuse to give every boss like 500+ HP
  115. [22:17:04] <Giantree> so sure, you can have all that
  116. [22:17:45] <Giantree> 20 mt 70 hit 12 crt SE against dragons grants resolve
  117. [22:17:46] <Giantree> gg
  118. [22:18:04] <Giantree> NOTE:
  119. [22:18:06] <Ellamae> the fun starts here
  120. [22:18:19] <Giantree> you do NOT get resolve if you switch to another weapon and get reduced below half while wielding something else
  121. [22:18:56] <Giantree> but if while it's equipped, yeah
  122. [22:19:22] <Ellamae> So you have to have it when it happens to TRIGGER THE TRANSFORMATION
  123. [22:19:38] <Giantree> "6Looks like you made another new friend already, huh?"  Noa tries to lighten the mood.  "6'Dragonbane' sounded pretty edgy.  What're you gonna call it now?"
  124. [22:21:50] <Ellamae> "Yeah, no more need for that kind of painful edge. How about...Chaosbane might fit but that's also pretty edgy..." names
  125. [22:22:20] <Giantree> oh nice i got you thinking of names, that means i can go back to other shit for about 5 hours
  126. [22:22:23] <Giantree> c u l8r : ^ )
  127. [22:22:49] <Ellamae> yeah have fun you fucking asshole
  128. [22:22:51] <Ellamae> au auu
  129. [22:22:55] <Giantree> and Arche isn't here to call it a big tome
  130. [22:22:59] <Giantree> for you
  131. [22:23:06] <Giantree> so there's nothing i can do
  132. [22:24:52] <Giantree> oh god i lied there is
  133. [22:27:29] <Giantree> "What about," Lilli peeks out from behind the leg of the giant robot, having spent this time changing into her winter uniform.  By which I mean it's literally the exact same uniform she wore at St. Rolantia Academy in the Mahou Shoujo Lightning★Lilli spinoff, but you wouldn't know that.  You WOULD know that it contains warm tights and long sleeves to keep her from freezing because wearing the usual midriff-baring idol outfit in this winter hellscape is a death sentence.  Her eyes are alight with fascination as she eyes the book of a magic type she can't wield, holding her microphone (yes of course she has one of those) close to her face and spinning it around in her fingers.  "Something like 'Peacemaker?'"
  134. [22:29:25] <Ellamae> Well, it ain't black leather, so at least she's taking cues from the right spinoffs. "...Peacemaker. ...I like that, actually~!"
  135. [22:29:37] <Giantree> nah, she has that one too
  136. [22:29:49] <Giantree> her new bonus skill is access to the garment grid
  137. [22:30:11] <Ellamae> "...Peacemaker. Somehow, it still sounds kind of violent..but, well, it's a weapon so that sort of thing kinda makes sense!"
  138. [22:30:38] <Giantree> "Hm."  Varos smiles.  "Well, making peace is what you plan on using it to do, isn't it?"
  139. [22:31:41] <Giantree> "8I still don't wanna forgive that thing," Ionah scoffs, but sighs dejectedly.  "8Buuuut I guess we'll see if it can redeem itself.  Oh and, pleased to meet you all!  I'll be in your care from now on, okay?"
  140. [22:32:22] <Ellamae> "Yep! ...And I guess it'll have to be violent for now. Maybe sometime in the future, I'll have a chance to make peace without resorting to violence, but in the meantime...oh, yeah! We'll take ~good~ care of you~"
  141. [22:33:03] <Giantree> At those ominous tildes, Ionah's projection instantly hides behind Noa's.
  142. [22:33:15] <Giantree> The latter chortles.  "6Some things just never change."
  143. [22:34:23] <Giantree> Oh and Lilli doesn't speak more, but her eyes have stars in them.  The camera pans close to her and the player can hear her thoughts going (I was helpful!).
  144. [22:35:14] <Ellamae> Ellamae has plenty of experience as a younger sibling under the unforgiving wrath of an older one. SHE KNOWS HOW THEY WORK. You could say it pans to Lilli partly because of her own thoughts, and partly because panning too close to Ellamae right now might be dangerous!
  145. [22:35:59] <Giantree> Yeah and Lilli was voted higher on the popularity chart anyway, nobody likes niggirls
  146. [22:36:38] <Ellamae> yeah that probably has something to do with it
  147. [22:36:58] <Ellamae> maybe it's for the best, being too popular is an awful thing
  148. [22:37:10] <Ellamae> and being underrated is practically a badge of honor
  149. [22:38:02] <Giantree> shit you're right
  150. [22:43:10] <Ellamae> "...For now though...if there's anything I need now, it's a good rest. All this willpower and stuff is kind of exhausting!" She's all better now! Except for being really tired. Could sleep a year if she had the luxury!
  151. [22:43:43] <Giantree> All that aside, Varos gives you a close-up, concerned look.  "Would you like to be alone?"
  152. [22:44:11] <Giantree> You can practically hear Noa wolf-whistling in the background, only not really because she's too busy being happy that her OTHER best friend is freed from years of unimaginable torture.
  153. [22:46:10] <Ellamae> "Alone...with you~" She might actually be hearing it now, but that's just a figment of her imagination.
  154. [22:46:26] <Giantree> NOW it isn't.
  155. [22:46:53] <Giantree> ... But the others relent, and give you plenty of space for a ~comforting~ session.
  156. [22:47:11] <Giantree> I could also call it 'healing' because that's both pseudo-innuendo AND you both happen to be healers legitimately, how about that.
  157. [22:48:49] <Ellamae> ~~healing~~
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