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  1. Beginning in Rails 4, Rails ships with a `rails` binstub at ./bin/rails that
  2. should be used instead of the Bundler-generated `rails` binstub.
  4. If you are seeing this message, your binstub at ./bin/rails was generated by
  5. Bundler instead of Rails.
  7. You might need to regenerate your `rails` binstub locally and add it to source
  8. control:
  10.  rails app:update:bin           # Bear in mind this generates other binstubs
  11.                                 # too that you may or may not want (like yarn)
  13. If you already have Rails binstubs in source control, you might be
  14. inadverently overwriting them during deployment by using bundle install
  15. with the --binstubs option.
  17. If your application was created prior to Rails 4, here's how to upgrade:
  19.  bundle config --delete bin    # Turn off Bundler's stub generator
  20.   rails app:update:bin          # Use the new Rails executables
  21.   git add bin                   # Add bin/ to source control
  23. You may need to remove bin/ from your .gitignore as well.
  25. When you install a gem whose executable you want to use in your app,
  26. generate it and add it to source control:
  28.   bundle binstubs some-gem-name
  29.   git add bin/new-executable
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