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  1. I leisurely wake up in my penthouse next to the silky shores of my private island in the Bahamas. My daily routine is accompanied by my four beautiful call-girls. Jessica, a 13-year old girl from Vietnam who I am especially fond of, always wakes up early to take care of my morning wood (She takes great care to chop up the logs in an even shape to stack the furnace in an appealing shape). After Jessica finishes blowing me dry (I make sure to take morning showers to keep my hair grease-free), I stroll to the dining table to enjoy a scrumptious brunch menu which is cooked by one of my call girls Marie, an enticing woman who is an ex-chef from a premium 7-star hotel. Of course, my dining cannot go without some exciting sexual play (such as hand holding and cuddling). After I finish my brunch, I prepare to head out, but it is always a challenge to choose the best outfit from my library-sized designer brand collection. My first modding session begins in my private jet where I cleanse the subreddit of common reposts and Cummy abusers. However, the job may not be so easy at times. For example, I sometimes have to hold civil debates with my call-girls to decide whether a copypasta spamming nigger is ironic humor or should be removed for being racist. Anyways, after exiting my private jet, I meet up with my connoisseurs whom I’ve met through various multimillion business deals, many of whom are fellow mods such as u/LiterallyKesha and u/elonmustardgas. I usually invite them to my luxurious gaming lounge in New York to share, review, and hold discussions about the latest CP (CopyPasta) productions. We sometimes even go CP hunting on 4chan and the deep web for the kinky stuff. This practice, of course, is accompanied by my four gorgeous call-girls who also have expert knowledge in CP culture rivaling even my connoisseurs. Now, as we are browsing through the hot r/copypasta posts on my 50-feet wide movie screen, we noticed that
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