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  1. (Ace Combat) #178
  2. -Background: Engineer (Free) -Time to build shit.
  3. -Soundtrack (Free) -AW YISS, SUPERB SOUNDTRACK.
  4. -Basic Flight Training (Free) -At least I can fly a plane.
  5. -Missile Surplus (Free) -ALL THE MISSILES.
  6. -Comm Chatter (Free) -I want to hear them panic.
  7. -Don't Need A Team (Free) -Fix up a plane in a fraction of the time with no crew.
  8. -Technical Certainties (800CP) (Discount) -Noticeably augment planes, and slave computer systems to it.
  9. -Snug Suit (700CP) -I'm gonna look pretty. APPEARANCE PERK.
  10. -Belkan Heritage (400CP) -A Belkan noble, with a crazy aptitude for fighter planes.
  11. -Flight Suit (Free) -Aaaaand mine.
  12. -Basic Hangar Bay (300CP) -Get the upgrade, make it an automated bay to repair my plane. Attachment.
  13. -Angels' Dancing Floor (250CP) -Aesthetic with computer screens at will!
  14. -Angels' Skies (200CP) -I'll get to fly my plane around at my leisure.
  15. -Tool Box (Free) -A good set of tools to fuck with things.
  16. -Optimization Computer (Free) -Scan vehicles, see how changes would improve or alter them, and get to work.
  17. -Noble Paraphernalia (Free) -A signet ring and cloak to show I'm a royal!
  18. -Munitions Supply (100CP) -This way my plane will always be stocked up.
  19. -Electrosphere Infrastructure (0CP) (Discount) -I'll take my internet with me.
  20. -Custom Forge (-100CP) (Discount) -3D printer, smelter, and forge to be able to make parts for my plane.
  21. -Noble House (Free) -I'm putting this luxury castle on the Archipelago. It'll be like my own kingdom.
  22. -Gründer Industries (Item Stipend) -A sick weapons manufacturing firm that specializes in aerospace and aviation.
  23. -Advanced Automated Aviation Plant (-200CP) -Churning out quality planes with absurd cheapness! I'll make a killing!
  25. -Plane: 6th Generation Plane (-500CP) -I'm getting the ADF-01 FALKEN. For Belka.
  26. -Autocannon (Free) -SHOOT IT.
  27. -Standard Missiles (Free) -Dakka dakka.
  28. -Flare Launch System (Free) -Aaaand mine.
  29. -Short Take-Off and Landing Conversion System (900PP) -It's gonna take off on a dime.
  30. -Powerful Radarx3 (600PP) -I will never be jammed.
  31. -Battle Scan (400PP) -I will get information on you.
  32. -Color Scheme (350PP) -It's going to be a nice red.
  33. -Luxury Interior (300PP) -And it's going to be AMAZING.
  34. -Enhanced Turning (200PP) -Swing and dive around on a dime.
  35. -Aerodynamic Upgrade (0PP) -And it's going to have little to no drag.
  37. -Bring Your Own Warship (-600CP) -Bringing in the Arcadia.
  38. -Plane Conversionx4 (-800CP) -Get an extra 100PP.
  39. -Autocannons (Free) -Guess I've got some machine guns.
  40. -Standard Missiles (Free) -RELEASE THE PAYLOAD.
  41. -Flare Launch System (Free) -I guess it's being launched!
  42. -Powerful Radarx3 (900PP) -This thing's detection isn't getting jammed either.
  43. -Zone of Endless (600PP) -My warship will be autonomous. Answering to me. Lilly will be the A.I.'s name.
  44. -Support Fleet (200PP) -I'm getting the eighty drones. My own personal attack force.
  45. -Color Scheme (150PP) -Make it a sick metal black.
  46. -Luxury Interior (100PP) -It's going to look like an amazing hotel inside too.
  47. -Frame Redesign (0PP) -And now it looks like the Arcadia from the movie.
  48. -Bring Your Own Fortress (-900CP) -And make it my flying base too.
  49. -Base Type: Heavy Command Cruiser (Free) -It will be my mobile fortress.
  50. -Communication Network (950BP) -My ship is networked and has internet.
  51. -Radar Systems (Free) -Gonna detect!
  52. -Datalink Server (900BP) -Share my data with my drones.
  53. -Supercomputer Systems (700BP) -My ship is optimized for effeciency.
  54. -Control Tower (Free) -Coordinate drone landing and takeoff.
  55. -Runway (650BP) -Let it get an arrested take-off bit.
  56. -Hangar Bay/Warehouses (600BP) -Any plane that lands here can get reserviced quickly.
  57. -Barracks (550BP) -Everyone gets luxurious private rooms.
  58. -Chow Hall (500BP) -It is going to be like a Michelin restaurant here.
  59. -Upgrade Variant: Black (0BP) -Better armor, more damage, laser web system, advanced targeting, and more firepower!
  61. -Political Problems (-800CP)
  62. -Embarrassing Callsign (-700CP) (Trash Panda)
  63. -Logistical Problem (-500CP)
  64. -Number One (-300CP)
  65. -Onslaught Mode (0CP)
  66. Dice Rolls: Free Choice (1995), Aurelia, 28 years old
  67. -End Choice: Next Adventure
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