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Nov 19th, 2019
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  1. My ancestors survived Britain’s occupation of Ireland and the Draconian laws that forced the Irish to grow food for the Crown and subsist on potatoes. The Irish perished or fled when a blight destroyed the potatoes. This genocidal period in history has been whitewashed under the names The Great Hunger and The Potato Famine. The starving Irish were labeled as unwelcome immigrants in late 1800’s USA.
  3. We must not only succeed in stopping the genocidal vaccine program now, but make sure that the injured and killed are remembered with historical facts, not the pharma controlled lies and propaganda that is force fed to the general public. We need not debate whether the damage to our children is intentional or just a nuisance to Big Pharma’s largest source of profit; the vaccine industry. Our children are dying quickly or slowly from vaccine injury. That is fact.
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