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  1. - TextureMap is now AtlasTexture, but not all the methods are the same
  2. - Minecraft.getMinecraft() is now Minecraft.getInstance
  3. - Minecraft.class is CLIENT ONLY
  4. - Actually separate all Client and Common code into separate files
  5. - Allow access to Client-only code through the proxy to throw actually meaninful errors (thx mcjty)
  6. - TODO - Determine if "GLStateManager.enableAlphaTest()" is the same as "GLStateManager.enableAlpha()"
  7. - ActiveRenderInfo is no longer static and must be retrieved from the gameRenderer
  8. - EntityPlayerMP is now ServerPlayerEntity (similar for client)
  9. - Most items/blocks now have tools for passing essentially builder pattern classes, removing a lot of boilerplate
  10. - IItemTier allows all scaling of items
  11. - Bows/Crossbows are *not* using that ^
  12. - Stairs take a parent block to use for calling state/block related methods, while slabs don't? :thinking:
  13. - Food is now a property of an item, so you can make anything edible if you like
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