Oran Mini: Things Get Fishy

Jul 11th, 2011
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  1. [16:07:37] * @Jack can be seen today out scavenging by the river, carrying a basket. Taro is beside him, sniffing around for items of interest. Most of what he's found today seem to be berries. Plain, mundane berries that provide little benefit other than nourishment. It was disappointing, but better than nothing.
  2. [16:08:02] * @Jack sighs, making his way over to the Riverbank to take a quick break.
  3. [16:08:16] <@Jack> "Well, Taro, it wasn't too bad, but I'm not sure if these will sell for much."
  4. [16:09:34] * Iona , on the other hand, is laying on her stomach on the riverbank, deep in conversation with the Finneon that bobs along contentedly in front of her. "And then she said, 'and that's how you tell it's a true ant!' Get it?" It's only belately that she notices she's got an audience of more than one. "Great joke, huh?"
  5. [16:11:05] * @Jack turns his attention to Iona, quirking a brow at her posture and 'joke'. He answers her halfheartedly, "Oh? Yeah, sure."
  6. [16:13:03] <@Jack> "What are you doing like that, anyway?" he asks, a bit puzzled.
  7. [16:14:01] <Iona> "Taking a break. Aina was telling me all about how she was feeling cooped up in her ball, so I figured why not take a break? And well, I'm sort of persona non alloweda at the lake so I thought I'd come here instead. You know how it is~"
  8. [16:15:31] <@Jack> "Ah, yeah," Jack begins to scratch Taro's 'mane' idly before something strikes him, "At the lake? You weren't involved with the, ah, Ol' Pincher incident I heard about, were you?"
  9. [16:16:45] <Iona> "Totally his fault!" Iona speaks up a bit too quickly.
  10. [16:16:51] <Iona> "...Who are you, anyway?"
  11. [16:18:20] <@Jack> "What was his fault? I'm still not sure exactly what -happened-," he responds, still puzzled before flustering faintly at the reminder he didn't introduce himself, "Oh? Uh, I'm Jack. The one who inherited the old farm on the edge of town."
  12. [16:18:31] <@Jack> "The one with all the weeds," he adds with a murmur.
  13. [16:19:21] <Iona> "All plants look the same to me." Iona shrugs. "And I thought Mr. Alex owned the farm? He said he was a farmer."
  14. [16:20:09] <@Jack> "There are a few farms in town. Of course, he probably owns the only one that actually sees use. I...don't farm on my farm."
  15. [16:21:14] <Iona> "You...don't? But that's what it's for, right? It's like saying I don't see in the sea or something."
  16. [16:23:19] <@Jack> "Well, I want to make it into something different," he explains eagerly, "I want to make it into a Pokemon gym, like the ones you see in the big cities."
  17. [16:23:38] <@Jack> "You...probably think I'm crazy for that, huh?" he shyly scratches the back of his head.
  18. [16:25:31] <Iona> "Hmmmmm." Iona contemplates. "Maybe a little! But it might bring all sorts of new interesting people - like Miss Raven and Mr. Bulkhead and Miss Maka - and that couldn't possibly be a bad thing."
  19. [16:26:42] <@Jack> "Yeah, that's what I was thinking!" Jack suddenly stops and quirks a brow, "Mr. Bulkhead? Who's that?"
  20. [16:29:44] <Iona> "You know, the guy who lives with Ms. Maka. Or maybe his name was Punch Ironfist. Or Sky Uppercut. Something silly like that.'
  21. [16:29:51] <Iona> "He tried to serve me fish. FISH. D:"
  22. [16:30:36] <@Jack> "You mean Submission?" he ponders, thinking of the people in town he knows, "And I take it you don't like fish?"
  23. [16:31:11] <Iona> "Of course I like fish! I love fish."
  24. [16:32:09] <@Jack> "W-what was the problem, then?"
  25. [16:32:32] <Iona> "He wanted me to eat them. After I saw them alive and wriggling, the poor things."
  26. [16:32:35] * Iona sniffles.
  27. [16:33:51] * @Jack seems a bit surprised, but nods, going along with the crazy woman for now, "Right, then." His eyes drift towards the Finneon, "Is that your friend there, then?"
  28. [16:36:11] <Iona> "Yeppers! Aina, this is Jack. Say hi!" Aina glubs as she staaaares.
  29. [16:37:38] <@Jack> "Er, nice to meet you," Jack smiles, "This is Taro, by the way." he gestures to his Eevee, who is yipping playfully at the two.
  30. [16:37:56] <Iona> "Aww, he's cute. He'd totally be cuter with fins, though."
  31. [16:38:09] <Iona> "....Not that I know much about fins or anything."
  32. [16:39:18] <@Jack> Jack seems surprised, then eyes her hair ornaments, asking, "Then why do you wear them in your hair?"
  33. [16:39:31] <Iona> "
  34. [16:39:52] <Iona> "Huh?" Iona looks up. "Oh! Those! Because...because they're pretty."
  35. [16:41:39] <@Jack> "Well, they are, yeah," he says, actually earnest this time.
  36. [16:42:05] <Iona> "Aww, thank you. You're pretty nice, for a crazy guy." :3
  37. [16:44:11] <@Jack> Him crazy? Well, he did say that. "Er, thanks," he says reluctantly before eyeing his small basket of berries, "I, uh, don't suppose you'd like any of these. They're all edible, I know that much."
  38. [16:45:37] <Iona> "Are they sweet?" Iona is INSTANTLY INTERESTED. She's also probably violating his personal space.
  39. [16:46:52] <@Jack> "Errr," Jack struggles not to look too uncomfortable, "yeah, a bit."
  40. [16:48:00] * Iona beams, tanks a handful, and flops back onto the riverbank again.
  41. [16:49:54] <@Jack> "So, uh, how long have you been around here?"
  42. [16:52:47] <Iona> "Hmmm....when was it that the place that served all the nice food opened? I smelled it and it was yummy, so I thought I'd stay for a while."
  43. [16:53:02] * Iona flicks a few berries at Aina, who goes munchmunch.
  44. [16:55:19] <@Jack> That sounded quite fishy, but Jack just shrugs. "Oh," he asks, "Well where are you from, then?"
  45. [16:55:40] <Iona> "Over there." Vague pointing.
  46. [16:55:54] <Iona> "By the beach."
  47. [17:00:35] * @Jack seems a bit confused, "So you moved here...from the beach?"
  48. [17:01:20] <Iona> "Mmmhmm!"
  49. [17:04:17] <Iona> "Exactly right."
  50. [17:05:03] <@Jack> "You lost me," he seems completely confused.
  51. [17:06:35] <Iona> "But it makes perfect sense."
  52. [17:07:33] <@Jack> "So, do you live by the beach, or did you move there?"
  53. [17:07:42] * @Jack raises a finger, still not getting it.
  54. [17:07:49] <Iona> "I lived by the beach."
  55. [17:08:29] <@Jack> "And where do you live now?"
  56. [17:10:39] <Iona> "...By the beach~"
  57. [17:12:18] <@Jack> "So you lived by the beach...and moved to another place by the beach?" he continues to try to put it together.
  58. [17:13:15] <Iona> "Hrrrrm. You could say that!"
  59. [17:14:59] <Iona> "Or you could say I kinda sorta never moved at all."
  60. [17:22:25] <@Jack> "Okay, then!" Jack finally smiles before picking at his berries himself. He needs them after that.
  61. [17:22:58] <@Jack> "So, uh, what do you do generally, anyway?"
  62. [17:23:49] <Iona> "Hmmm. What did they say it was - oh, right. I am an adventurer!"
  64. Cue awkward silence.
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