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Chapter 2 ver 0.3

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  1. Mecha Awesome Chapter 1 part 2 (or Chapter 2)
  3. Panel 1-4
  4. Spike is in a huge bed surrounded by hot bitches; including Tiffany, Amanda, and Trina (new character, do your own interpretation). Montage of them playing video games and doing other things that would be fitting of the situation.
  5. Panel 5 (rectangle)
  6. Alarm goes off.
  7. PA: Attention! Attention! Report to sector 3B for first-time Avatar calibration
  8. Panel 6 (rectangle)
  9. Spike is laying sideways in his bed. His eyes are completely wide open and bloodshot. He does not look pleased. The PA repeats the same message.
  10. Spike (in thoughts): They just had to. They just had to.
  12. Panel 7
  13. Show an elevator display saying it has reached floor 3.
  14. Panel 8
  15. Elevator doors open. Kurt, Spike, Daniel, Amanda, and Tiffany are all there (from left to right). Kurt is looking nervous, Tiffany looks excited, Spike still has bloodshot eyes and looks tired, Daniel looks very relaxed/collected, and Amanda is drinking coffee, still having that bored look in her eyes.
  16. Panel 9
  17. Grant Keith is standing, his hands behind his back
  18. Grant: Ah, so glad you could make it
  19. Panel 10
  20. Focus on Spike
  21. Spike: Did you really need to wake us up at 6 in the morning? I mean it’s summer and that means that the earliest you can wake up is 10, maybe 9 but it’s usually 10. But seriously, really at this time?
  22. Panel 11
  23. Move back to Grant’s face
  24. Grant: No, I just wanted to give you guys a rude awakening.
  25. Panel 12
  26. Spike is now looking giving Grant this look kind of like Toon Link in (http://25.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_lx1u0vwwix1qivl21o1_500.jpg), except his eyes are looking more upward and they are still bloodshot.
  27. Panel 13
  28. Grant now has an "Ainsley Harriot"-esque grin (specifically this one: http://www4.pictures.gi.zimbio.com/Chef+Ainsley+Harriot+Promotes+Cookbook+Melbourne+DenPvNuSUw1l.jpg ), but tilted more backwards and a bit more distorted.
  29. Grant: Has this turn of actions caused you to enter a state of disturbance?
  30. Panel 14
  31. Grant now has a grin similar to
  32. Grant: Anyways~,…
  34. Panel 15 (rectangle)
  35. Zoomed out view. Everyone is pretty much a silhouette
  37. Panel 16 (rectangle)
  38. Diagonal birds-eye view. They are on a moving walkway.
  39. Panel 17 (rectangle)
  40. Spike is rubbing his eye. Amanda and Daniel are still in the shot; Amanda is still drinking her coffee.
  41. Spike (in thoughts): Grant seems to really like these moving walkways. Honestly, I don’t blame him. It’s almost a reminder of airports or large scale amusement parks, an homage to-
  42. Panel 18 (rectangle)
  43. Side view of walkway, everyone is looking towards a large glass window. Behind the window are the five avatars: Synth, Bass, Frontman, Axe, and Beat. Grant has this satisfied smile on his face that essentially says “Yeah, I just impressed them.”
  44. Tiffany: Wow!...
  45. Kurt: Whoa…
  46. Spike: Oh cool.
  47. Spike (in thoughts): So this is where the Avatars are kept when they’re not in use. Interesting.
  49. Panel 19
  50. The five highschoolers and Grant are at the end of the moving walkway. In front of them is Colleen, holding a clipboard. View is from Downstage right.
  51. Colleen: Ah, so you’re the new pilots.
  52. Panel 20
  53. Move view to side.
  54. Colleen: Colleen Moore, MIDaS Tactical Commander. I’ll be the one that gives orders on how to go about defeating your enemy.
  55. Spike (in thoughts): Damn she’s hot.
  56. Panel 21
  57. Colleen is still holding the clipboard. Only her head and shoulders are in view.
  58. Colleen: The dressing rooms are in that door over there. There you will find the required jumpsuits needed for-
  59. Spike (off panel): Waitwaitwaitwaitwaitwait.
  60. Panel 22
  61. Spike now has this “Are you sure” expression on his face.
  62. Spike: spandex?
  63. Panel 23
  64. Back to panel 21, except her eyes are closed this time.
  65. Colleen: Yes, but it automatically adjusts to your body size and shape.
  66. Panel 24
  67. Spike looks like he’s about to say something
  68. Panel 25
  69. Spike stops before he says anything, kind of like when you’re about to inhale in order to say something but you end up just inhaling.
  70. Panel 26
  71. Spike now has this “Give me a break” expression that’s seen on a lot of anime and cartoon characters (ie eye lids half down)
  72. Spike (in thoughts): Let’s just get this over with.
  74. Panel 27
  75. Tiffany pretty much has the jumpsuit on. She touches a button on the right wrist.
  76. Panel 28
  77. The jumpsuit immediately fits her form. She looks surprised. Draw lines for motion.
  78. Panel 29
  79. Diagonal top left view. The five teenagers are walking.
  80. Panel 30
  81. Kurt is leaning towards Spike, like he’s going to say something quietly
  82. Kurt: Hey Spike.
  83. Spike: Yeah.
  84. Kurt: What happens if I get a boner in this?
  85. Panel 31
  86. Spike just has this “…what?” expression, like a mix of surprise and confusion.
  87. Spike: …
  88. Spike (same bubble): Why would you get a boner?
  89. Panel 32
  90. Kurt drops spaghetti (not literally, but I’m not exactly sure how to describe this either).
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