Julier Albertson's chat tranny

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  1. [17:18] <Julia> Okay …
  2. [17:18] <Julia> I’m here
  3. [17:18] <fig> hi Julia
  4. [17:18] * mib_bcsu1l is now known as guessthisisme
  5. [17:18] <Pinky> Hi Julia– thanks for doing this.
  6. [17:18] <@juliafoolia> hola Julier
  7. [17:18] <discardedtutu> hi julia
  8. [17:18] <mea> hi julia
  9. [17:18] <dearcatastrophe> herroh
  10. [17:18] <discardedtutu> thanks for braving the chatroom
  11. [17:18] <Well> This is great, Julia.
  12. [17:18] <~partypants> guys
  13. [17:18] <K> Jules, what do you want to say to us most?
  14. [17:18] * partypants is going to moderate ok
  15. [17:18] * Julia is now known as Guest26794
  16. [17:18] * Larry is now known as Guest53280
  17. [17:19] <~partypants> hey guys lets do one question at a time ok
  18. [17:19] <Pinky> Good idea, partypants
  19. [17:19] <@juliafoolia> whoa did  you guys get auto switched
  20. [17:19] * Guest53280 is now known as KatieB
  21. [17:19] <Ginger> wtf
  22. [17:19] <@juliafoolia> NICK UP everyone /nick nicknameyouwant
  23. [17:19] <~partypants> and also nothing from this chat goes on the blog no even to comments are we clear
  24. [17:19] <fig> ok
  25. [17:19] <fl00fy> clear
  26. [17:19] <Foolia> PP — yes
  27. [17:19] <Ginger> got it, pp
  28. [17:19] <elise> yes
  29. [17:19] <@juliafoolia> absolutely
  30. [17:19] <discardedtutu> yes, pp
  31. [17:19] <K> yes ma’am
  32. [17:19] <~partypants> ok
  33. [17:19] <Melissa_Sue> got it
  34. [17:19] <@juliafoolia> radio silence, people
  35. [17:19] <~partypants> is julia in here
  36. [17:19] <nosrsly> somehow I doubt thats what she wants though
  37. [17:19] <nosrsly> is it julia?
  38. [17:19] <elise> im excited. this is my first time in the chat
  39. [17:19] * partypants sets topic to: type /nick usernameyouwant to change your username – we kick mibs who’ve overstayed their welcome!
  40. [17:19] <@juliafoolia> Julia’s name just changed to Guest
  41. [17:19] <Guest26794> Hello?
  42. [17:20] <Guest26794> Why did you just change my name to Guest?
  43. [17:20] <Guest26794> I’m deeply confused.
  44. [17:20] <@juliafoolia> we didn’t
  45. [17:20] <~partypants> im just saying this so we can keep some order
  46. [17:20] <@juliafoolia> oy Julia type /nick JuliaA
  47. [17:20] <@juliafoolia> please
  48. [17:20] <Melissa_Sue> why the heck do you always blame others for shit that happens to you?
  49. [17:20] <Ginger> the chat seems to be switching people’s names to Guest
  50. [17:20] * Guest26794 is now known as JuliaA
  51. [17:20] <fl00fy> shhhhh MS
  52. [17:20] <~partypants> ok
  53. [17:20] <@juliafoolia> thank ya
  54. [17:20] <tellyphone> everyone?
  55. [17:20] <Pinky> Has anyone had huitlacoche?
  56. [17:20] * mib_juy2gk is now known as jiggles
  57. [17:20] * mib_skys9y is now known as vinca
  58. <hr>
  59. [17:20] <JuliaA> Should I just stay on the site?
  60. [17:20] <~partypants> ok lets give julia a minute to make a statement
  61. [17:20] <@juliafoolia> Nah, do it here
  62. [17:20] <~partypants> go julia
  63. [17:20] <Pinky> (Sorry– still on Iron Chef, and trying to keep the mood a little light…)
  64. [17:20] <JuliaA> This seems rather … uh … unorganized.
  65. [17:21] <KatieB> Julia, are you just answering questions in here now or in the comments as well?
  66. [17:21] * \nick is now known as LIckedRandisCake
  67. [17:21] <WonkEyeDonk> <—baking cupcakes, milk replacement BPC
  68. [17:21] <~partypants> GUYS SHUT UP OR JULIA WILL LEAVE
  69. [17:21] <@juliafoolia> seriously guys
  70. [17:21] <~partypants> ok
  71. [17:21] <@juliafoolia> chill
  72. [17:21] <JuliaA> Well, wordpress just told me I was posting too quickly.
  73. [17:21] <fig> lol
  74. [17:21] <@juliafoolia> so just do it here
  75. [17:21] <JuliaA> So I’m here for now.
  76. [17:21] <~partypants> julia just say what you want to say
  77. [17:21] <@juliafoolia> it’s better here, everyone is coming in anyway.. speak your piece
  78. [17:22] <~partypants> ignore the craziness
  79. [17:22] <mib_ciqnf4> IS this really happening?
  80. [17:22] <mibkjh> hi
  81. [17:22] <Jean> Yeah this seems disorganized – should we ask questions or what?
  82. [17:22] <~partypants> answer what you want and say what you want and ignore the rest
  83. [17:22] * virgil is now known as Guest40253
  84. [17:22] <@juliafoolia> we’re waiting on JA to say what she has to first
  85. [17:22] <@juliafoolia> MIBS NICK UP – type /nick nickyouwant
  86. [17:22] <Eyebrows> yeah, give her a moment to get oriented.
  87. [17:22] <JuliaA> Sorry, was just answering a question about Indiana in the comments on the other site
  88. [17:22] <The_Manta> 1st Q: How did the vids of PK go public?
  89. [17:22] <JuliaA> How much I HATED THAT FUCKING SCHOOL.
  90. [17:22] <JuliaA> Anyway.
  91. [17:22] <fl00fy> it’s ok, chat is always nuts
  92. [17:23] <WorrisomePelts> Hi, Loren~
  93. [17:23] <JuliaA> vids of PK.  An idiot I know removed the fucking privacy button for about an hour yesterday to show someone.
  94. [17:23] * partypants sets topic to: LET JULIA TALK you will be devoiced if you annoy type /nick usernameyouwant to change your username – we kick mibs who’ve overstayed their welcome!
  95. [17:23] <The_Manta> so no hacking then…
  96. [17:23] <JuliaA> No hacking.
  97. [17:23] <IJustBray> Julia, are you bored? I had a period in my life where I was very marginally employed as a writer and just thought I was losing my mind. Not enough friends, not enough shit to do. Does it make you feel insane sometimes? Have you ever thought about just starting over completely?
  98. [17:23] <~partypants> Julia – as a mod i want you to understand that i posted in anger because of your accusations
  99. [17:23] <JuliaA> I thought maybe it was hacked.
  100. [17:23] <JuliaA> nope.
  101. [17:23] <nosrsly> what do you mean “an idiot you know”…who has your passwords?
  102. [17:23] <~partypants> that we hacked your stuff
  103. [17:23] <tellyphone> an idiot? is this your friend?
  104. [17:23] <JuliaA> Not bored, I’m tired and so fucking sad.
  105. [17:23] <JuliaA> Um, yes.
  106. [17:24] <nosrsly> weird
  107. [17:24] <JuliaA> wait wait I’m confused.  hold up
  108. [17:24] <JuliaA> let me go one at a time here.
  109. [17:24] <nosrsly> sure
  110. [17:24] <JuliaA> Yes, a lot of people have my passwords.
  111. [17:24] <The_Manta> mistake #1
  112. [17:24] <@juliafoolia> hmibs – NICK UP OR GET KICKED. Type /nick nickyouwant
  113. [17:24] <~partypants> silence folks, julia has the chatfloor
  114. [17:24] <JuliaA> well … uh … not a lot.  But enough.
  115. [17:24] <nosrsly> why
  116. [17:24] <mibkjh> Why don’t you just get a real job and be done with all this?
  117. [17:24] * mib_e0b2w2 is now known as missbojankles
  118. [17:24] <Eyebrows> Obviously, it’s in your best interest to change them, at this point.
  119. [17:24] <JuliaA> I don’t know what I want to do.
  120. [17:25] <JuliaA> No shit.
  121. [17:25] <JuliaA> They didn’t mean any harm by it!
  122. [17:25] <Florida> Julia, what happened with PK? Did you guys break up?
  123. [17:25] <JuliaA> He dumped me.
  124. [17:25] <nosrsly> are you sure about that?
  125. [17:25] <JuliaA> but …
  126. [17:25] <JuliaA> left the door open.
  127. [17:25] <JuliaA> for a future relationship.
  128. [17:25] <iamla> Julia, did you tell Jordan she had to reimburse you for the tix to Aspen if she didn’t go?
  129. [17:25] <JuliaA> NO WAY
  130. [17:25] <K> was blogging/tweeting an issue, JA?
  131. [17:25] <JuliaA> quite the opposite
  132. [17:25] <JuliaA> no, not at all
  133. [17:25] <mibkjh> Sometimes you just have to do something until you figure it out.  By something, I mean something other than posting fuzzy shots of your dog on your “blog”
  134. [17:25] <test123> I have never posted on rebloggingns before (I find it disturbing…although, yes, I still read it sometimes and more this week than ever before)
  135. [17:25] <Pinky> JuliaA, I asked this in comments, but will ask here as well.  (And seriously, thanks for coming in here.) How do your parents feel about all of this?  Are they sympathetic, do they understand, do they think you brought it on yourself?
  136. [17:25] <JuliaA> wait
  137. [17:25] <test123> and all I would like to say
  138. [17:25] <nosrsly> what do you mean “quite the opposite”?
  139. [17:25] <JuliaA> please, too fast
  140. [17:26] <JuliaA> stop stop
  141. [17:26] <@juliafoolia> don’t bombard JA with questions people
  142. [17:26] <@juliafoolia> we’ll have to devoice everyone otherwise
  143. [17:26] <JuliaA> with regard to PK, I should clarify this, because it’s important.
  144. [17:26] <iamla> she said the tickets were bought without her being asked first. is that true?
  145. [17:26] <nosrsly> please
  146. [17:26] <JuliaA> okay, I’m going to do one subject at a time here.
  147. [17:26] <JuliaA> what do you want to start with?
  148. [17:26] <@juliafoolia> PK
  149. [17:26] <elise> PK
  150. [17:26] <JuliaA> because this is overwhelming.
  151. [17:26] <@juliafoolia> PK first, Jordan/Aspen
  152. [17:26] <test123> too many people writing…I wanted to say that I think you are only exposing yourself
  153. [17:26] <fl00fy> or if you have anything particular you want to say
  154. [17:27] <@juliafoolia> I think that’s what a lot of people are curious about
  155. [17:27] <fl00fy> (and thanks)
  156. [17:27] <test123> to people who probably don’t care about whatever you have to say
  157. [17:27] <JuliaA> Okay, PK.  We are broken up.  He dumped me, I had a mental breakdown.  I think that was quite clear.
  158. [17:27] <Maggie> Yep
  159. [17:27] <@juliafoolia> Yep.
  160. [17:27] <JuliaA> yep.
  161. [17:27] <nosrsly> mental breakdown caused by his dumping you?
  162. [17:27] <JuliaA> I’ve spent the last five days in bed crying.
  163. [17:27] <test123> and I seriously think you should see a real therapist (live, in person…not the phone deal)
  164. [17:27] <bald_runyon_canyon> Julia: do you consider yourself to be an honest person?
  165. [17:27] <test123> and take a break from the online world
  166. [17:27] <donkeypoop> dumped you for what reason?
  167. [17:27] <test123> that is all
  168. [17:27] <JuliaA> oh dude, you have no idea how much I want to see a therapist.
  169. [17:27] <~partypants> slow down guys
  170. [17:27] <@juliafoolia> guys
  171. [17:27] <nosrsly> so why dont you?
  172. [17:27] <Ginger> if anything was said since my chat kicked me off, please C&P. thanks.
  173. [17:27] <K> PP why don’t you ask the ?’s?
  174. [17:27] <@juliafoolia> honestly please send Qs to myself or PP
  175. [17:28] <Maggie> Is he mad his name is out there?
  176. [17:28] <@juliafoolia> and we’ll work it out that way
  177. [17:28] <guessthisisme> Maybe the mod should repost the “rules” of this chat on occasion for new joiners
  178. [17:28] <@juliafoolia> it’s too much and too disjointed for this to work
  179. [17:28] <JuliaA> well, actually, I’m being overly dramatic. He broke up with me.  We’re on very good terms, and to be honest, he left the door open for a future relationship.
  180. [17:28] <JuliaA> but the reason for it was my fault.
  181. [17:28] <mib_2xdvxz> what did you do?
  182. [17:28] <JuliaA> I really fucked up.
  183. [17:28] <mib_2xdvxz> did you cheat on him?
  184. [17:28] <test123>
  185. [17:28] <test123> you live in NYC….there are TONS
  186. [17:28] <test123> also
  187. [17:28] <JuliaA> I didn’t treat him well enough.
  188. [17:28] <@juliafoolia> test – chill.
  189. [17:28] <nosrsly> test123, knock it off
  190. [17:28] <test123> start w/ one that specializes in eating disorders
  191. [17:28] <nosrsly> this is a conversation
  192. [17:28] <~partypants> ok mass devoicing
  193. [17:28] <discardedtutu> test, plz stop
  194. [17:29] <JuliaA> I had a problem with his age – that he was younger …
  195. [17:29] <tellyphone> yeah test is being annoying. can we just PM pp jf q’s?
  196. [17:29] <mib_2xdvxz> how much younger is he?
  197. [17:29] <@juliafoolia> PP is gonna mass devoice
  198. [17:29] <JuliaA> he’s 25
  199. [17:29] <@juliafoolia> which means nobody will be able to speak
  200. [17:29] <@juliafoolia> so if you have a Q, direct it to her
  201. [17:29] <@juliafoolia> and she will ask
  202. [17:29] <nosrsly> what? thats not really a chat
  203. [17:29] <@juliafoolia> because this is ridiculous
  204. [17:29] <~partypants> ok
  205. [17:29] <@juliafoolia> yeah but we have joins going on and people jumping in asking unrelated questions
  206. [17:29] <DLM> Julia I married a guy 5 years younger than I… it’s fine!!
  207. [17:29] <Jean> how did you meet him?
  208. [17:29] <@juliafoolia> otherwise people just pause for a bit
  209. [17:29] <JuliaA> Oh, I realize that now
  210. [17:29] <JuliaA> I was an IDIOT
  211. [17:29] <@juliafoolia> (see what I mean)?
  212. [17:30] <JuliaA> who CARES if he’s younger??
  213. [17:30] <mib_2h4akl> that’s noy to youg julia. why did you discuss jake’s mental illness on the internet?
  214. [17:30] <nosrsly> right
  215. [17:30] <JuliaA> I just … I was so stupid.
  216. [17:30] <JuliaA> Oh dude, JAKE LODWICK
  217. [17:30] <JuliaA> ughghagkgoiwjarglrwjga;lkejgf;lajgajrg;aleg
  218. [17:30] <mib_2xdvxz> julia, don’t beat yourself up
  219. [17:30] <JuliaA> That motherfucker
  220. [17:30] * partypants sets mode +m for #gomirbns
  221. [17:30] <@juliafoolia> Nooooow.
  222. [17:30] <@juliafoolia> We are in moderation mode.
  223. [17:31] * mib_v6r9yb is now known as yupisaidit
  224. [17:31] * partypants sets mode +v JuliaA for #gomirbns
  225. [17:31] <@juliafoolia> I can’t focus on mibkicking right now and it’s fine to have questions
  226. [17:31] <+JuliaA> Did you know that he didn’t mind at all about that comment on gawker, he even – and this is TMI, but fuck it, we’re there – slept with me afterwards, didn’t give a shit at all, but then allowed everyone to gang up on me because it made him and his ridiculous leven rambin banging look better?
  227. [17:31] <@juliafoolia> we just have an ENORMOUS amount of people joining and many questions.
  228. [17:31] <+JuliaA> I probably shouldn’t be so harsh, but goddamn that kid fucked me over.
  229. [17:31] <~partypants> Julia,  <bald_runyon_canyon> pls ask julia if she considers herself an honest person?
  230. [17:31] <+JuliaA> Worst breakup I ever had.
  231. [17:31] <+JuliaA> anyway.
  232. [17:32] <+JuliaA> yes.
  233. [17:32] <+JuliaA> YES.
  234. [17:32] <@juliafoolia> If anyone has a Q direct to PP or me
  235. [17:32] <+JuliaA> God, yes.
  236. [17:32] <+JuliaA> I didn’t use to be honest.
  237. [17:32] <+JuliaA> But I sure as hell am now.
  238. [17:32] <+JuliaA> I’ll say – the one thing you guys did for me was teach me not to lie.
  239. [17:32] <+JuliaA> You think I lie constantly, but usually you’re wrong.
  240. [17:32] <+JuliaA> You get the story off SO frequently!!!!!
  241. [17:32] <~partypants> Julia,  <elise> ask her if she plans on staying in NYC
  242. [17:32] <@juliafoolia> No JA, just more than you need to.
  243. [17:33] <+JuliaA> I don’t know if I play on staying in New York.  I’m pretty unhappy right now.
  244. [17:33] <@juliafoolia> Maggie wants to know how you met PK, when you’re done with Elise’s Q
  245. [17:33] <+JuliaA> But I don’t know whether that’s New York’s fault
  246. [17:33] <~partypants> julia,  <Jean> can we ask her about the Jordan situation – what was said to end their business relationship. Are they on speaking terms? Does she follow Jordan’s new blog?
  247. [17:34] <+JuliaA> I met PK through a friend – remember those pretty wedding photos?  That friend.  I asked him if he knew anyone last Sept and he said “I have a guy who’s 27 (lie!) and a lawyer” and I was like “oh hell no!”  but I went out with him anyway.
  248. [17:34] * partypants sets mode +v juliaspublicist for #gomirbns
  249. [17:34] <@juliafoolia> I actually knew that ;)
  250. [17:34] <+JuliaA> Okay, Jordan.  No Jordan and I are not speaking.  I’m heartbroken.
  251. [17:34] <+JuliaA> That’s the other reason I had a mental breakdown.
  252. [17:34] <~partypants>  <mib_dj5lle> can you ask Julia about her relationship to NBC during fashion week?
  253. [17:34] <@juliafoolia> Pinky wants to know – how your parents feel about all of this. (Sympathetic, don’t understand, unaware, unsympathetic, etc.)
  254. [17:34] * james is now known as Guest40413
  255. [17:34] <@juliafoolia> Just take them one at a time, no big.
  256. [17:35] <@juliafoolia> Anyone with questions direct to me or PP
  257. [17:35] <+JuliaA> I was freelancing for NBC’s New York NonStop for Fashion Week.  I produced 5 videos for them.  Or around 5?  I’m not sure.  I think some of them have run, others will run later.  I sent an email proving this to your moderators.
  258. [17:36] <+JuliaA> also …
  259. [17:36] <+JuliaA> okay, here’s the thing.  I learned my lesson a while ago.  You guys are STICKLERs.  You think I would be that stupid???? To go out there with a mic flag they gave me if I weren’t actually going to give them videos??
  260. [17:36] <+JuliaA> COME ON.
  261. [17:36] * partypants sets topic to: Chat is currently moderated sorry /nick usernameyouwant to change your username
  262. [17:36] <~partypants>  <Tololo> Why does JA have this constant need for attention from strangers?  ie. Her various blogs with more information than necessary?  Lena Chen started out that way, realized it wasn’t the kind of recognition she wanted, she so changed her focus
  263. [17:36] <+JuliaA> I was ANAL about it, too.  I made sure I had that shit in writing!!
  264. [17:37] <+JuliaA> No, it’s not about attention.  Like this?  Your blog?  That is AWFUL.  NOT FUN.
  265. [17:37] <+JuliaA> I like sharing.  Honestly.
  266. [17:37] <+JuliaA> I really do.
  267. [17:37] <@juliafoolia> Maggie wants to know what caused the fight with Jordan. and MIB asks “does she have an idea why this site exists? like, as in, why sh riles so many people up? Has she done any soul-seaching about some of these criticisms or does she think we’re all out of our minds?”
  268. [17:37] <@juliafoolia> JA make sure you backsearch the questions, there are quite a few coming through
  269. [17:37] <+JuliaA> I grew up insecure.  I’m STILL insecure!!!  I think that’s fairly obvious.  I’m trying to work through it now.
  270. [17:38] <~partypants> Julia, someone wants to know why should we engage with you this way if you are talking to lawyers?
  271. [17:38] <+JuliaA> well.
  272. [17:38] <+JuliaA> I said that when I was mad
  273. [17:38] <+JuliaA> And I meant it.
  274. [17:38] <+JuliaA> but …
  275. [17:38] <+JuliaA> I’m reasonable.  You guys just don’t treat me like I am!
  276. [17:38] <+JuliaA> And I’m so tired of feeling just … I can’t even think of the term … abused?
  277. [17:38] * partypants sets mode +v loren for #gomirbns
  278. [17:39] <@juliafoolia> More questions: “what’s up with always posing from one side? it’s nauseating..” and “is your online persona an accurate reflection of who you are as a person? do you ever consider that the online character you created can be perceived as despicable, and why?”
  279. [17:39] <+JuliaA> You hate me!  And you make judgments about me!  And you don’t even bother to ask what really happened!??!?
  280. [17:39] <@juliafoolia> Not everyone hates you, Julia.
  281. [17:39] <+JuliaA> posing from one side – I am ugly from the other.
  282. [17:39] <+JuliaA> duh.
  283. [17:39] <+JuliaA> I’m serious!
  284. [17:39] <@juliafoolia> In fact, most of the site doesn’t.
  285. [17:39] <@juliafoolia> Questions – msg PP or me
  286. [17:39] <@juliafoolia> we’ll post to JA
  287. [17:40] * juliafoolia sets topic to: Chat is currently moderated sorry; send Qs for JA to PP or JF /nick usernameyouwant to change your username
  288. [17:40] <~partypants> Julia, I think a lot of people want to know what you really get out of this sharing? Is there an agenda here?
  289. [17:40] <+JuliaA> no, my online persona isn’t an accurate reflection of me.  But … I don’t know – this is going to sound incredibly lame – who I am.  So.
  290. [17:40] <+JuliaA> Originally I just wanted to write columns
  291. [17:40] <+JuliaA> I loved that shit
  292. [17:40] <+JuliaA> LOVED it
  293. [17:40] <+JuliaA> I love talking about why people do what they do
  294. [17:40] <+JuliaA> It made me so happy …
  295. [17:41] <+JuliaA> When I was in college, doing the dating column, we’d talk about why guys did this or that or the other thing.  I loved it.
  296. [17:41] <~partypants> But honestly, did you do because you wanted to be famous? Isnt that what you are after?
  297. [17:41] <+JuliaA> So I wanted my blog to become that.
  298. [17:41] * mib_jb79ts is now known as LickedRandisCake
  299. [17:41] <@juliafoolia> QUESTION: “Does she see how tacky and obnoxious those bicoastal birthday party are? What a waste of money they are, and how it’s a burden on the environment  – and the people in her life – to fly around just to celebrate oneself?”
  300. [17:41] <+JuliaA> Okay, I’m going to try to answer this as honestly as possible – re: the famous thing
  301. [17:41] <@juliafoolia> QUESTION: Julia, I for one do not hate you and started off as a fan, really. I am really worried about you and I hope you get the help you need. That being said: what are the biggest misconceptions/lies that you want to clear up?
  302. [17:42] <+JuliaA> The biggest misconception probably IS the “attention seeking” thing.   The fame thing.
  303. [17:42] <+JuliaA> I think that’s huge
  304. [17:42] <@juliafoolia> LOL QUESTION: Is she ever worried people mispronounce her fake name? Something like Juliallison…
  305. [17:42] <+JuliaA> wait, let me answer this
  306. [17:42] <@juliafoolia> sorry for the barrage, we have a lot coming through
  307. [17:42] <@juliafoolia> guys I’m gonna save the Qs and get them out slowly if you don’t mind
  308. [17:43] <+JuliaA> Okay … so, there is one part of me that says “yes, absolutely, it feels awesome when people know who you are” so in that sense, I suppose I did want to be famous, to be well known.
  309. [17:43] <+JuliaA> but. …
  310. [17:43] <+JuliaA> the other part
  311. [17:43] <+JuliaA> I just wanted to entertain people.  But – as you all have noted – I am not talented.
  312. [17:43] <+JuliaA> HA
  313. [17:43] <+JuliaA> I can’t sing or dance or act.
  314. [17:43] <+JuliaA> I can write, a little bit.
  315. [17:43] <+JuliaA> And apparently pose from one side of the face.
  316. [17:43] <+JuliaA> so … I just wanted to have conversations with people for a living.
  317. [17:43] * mib_seyiu1 is now known as DRGARY
  318. [17:44] <~partypants> ok
  319. [17:44] <~partypants> For Julia: Julia A. Do you really think this site is the problem? Do you think this site really damages your friendships? Can you accept any responsibility for the demise of your friendships/relationships?
  320. [17:44] <+JuliaA> One of the things that pisses me off is that – if you believe ALL I wanted was fame, then I must be REALLY dumb – or REALLY bad at getting famous, because there are a lot faster ways to just straight up FAME. Like fucking someone famous and leaking the tape.
  321. [17:44] <+JuliaA> I guess that’s a stupid thing to be pissed off about though.
  322. [17:45] <~partypants>  <K> she should host a face-your-insecurities week. encourage everyone to send/share what makes them most vulnerable. launch it with her story, that she’s telling here.
  323. [17:45] <+JuliaA> Also – it has recently occurred to me – and since I’m being very honest -
  324. [17:45] <+JuliaA> I think I’ve dated men to make up for being insecure.  (stop yelling out “duh” please)
  325. [17:45] <+juliaspublicist> um. . . we’re not
  326. [17:45] <~partypants>  <lisathegreat> what happened with mary? why did she leave? are you guys still friendly?
  327. [17:45] <@juliafoolia> More Qs: *Ginger* question: julia, you said you wanted to write about human behavior, but NS has deteriorated into half-hearted product endorsements, posts about buying stuff and blurry iphone pics. Why is that?”
  328. [17:45] <@juliafoolia>  *tellyphone* is she really friends with Levin or is that for show? WHy be friends with a friend who slept with your boyfriend?
  329. [17:45] <@juliafoolia> *donkeypoop* Why does she think she’s of interest to anyone, when she’s led such a tiny sheltered life?
  330. [17:45] <@juliafoolia> *bald_runyon_canyon* you claim you’ve never had plastic surgery.  your older pictures suggest that’s not the case.  did you have a nose job or other work done?
  331. [17:46] <+JuliaA> I always thought I was very confidant – and I am in many ways – but I never felt desirable to men.  So now that this is a therapy session.  Next question.
  332. [17:46] <+loren> I feel like I’m witnessing history.
  333. [17:46] <+JuliaA> no way dude!  I’ve never claimed I never had plastic surgery!!!!!  be careful.  I always word things so I’m telling the truth ;)   I said I never had botox!
  334. [17:46] <+JuliaA> I haven’t had a boob job
  335. [17:46] <~partypants> ok tons of people asking if you REALLY cared about pk
  336. [17:46] <@juliafoolia> Won’t throw out a few at a time anymore, but for that one JA just try to answer all at once.
  337. [17:46] <+JuliaA> But I sure as hell had a nose job!
  338. [17:46] <+JuliaA> I had two of them, in fact.  Had to get a second to fix the first.  Yep.  There you go.  It’s all out there.
  339. [17:46] <+JuliaA> fuck
  340. [17:47] <+JuliaA> You know anyway.  Why bother pretending?
  341. [17:47] <+JuliaA> I wish I hadn’t had to get one.  er.  two.
  342. [17:47] <+JuliaA> I don’t know which question to answer now
  343. [17:47] <+JuliaA> mary …
  344. [17:48] <@juliafoolia> I’m gonna condense
  345. [17:48] <+JuliaA> Mary and I are cordial.  I wouldn’t say we’re friends, but I respect what she’s doing.
  346. [17:48] <~partypants> Julia, ? this is from a former reader: why dont you write about your nose jobs, a lot of people want to like you, but want you to be more open and honest
  347. [17:48] <+JuliaA> I am …
  348. [17:48] <+JuliaA> Insecurity, I guess.
  349. [17:48] <+JuliaA> All of my friends know …
  350. [17:48] <+JuliaA> but …
  351. [17:48] <+JuliaA> I don’t think I would want the world to know.  Although you do now.
  352. [17:48] <+JuliaA> sigh.
  353. [17:49] <+JuliaA> You can’t really hide anything, if you’re going to try to open up some things, right?
  354. [17:49] <+JuliaA> I was really humiliated about them for a long time.  Still a part of me is …
  355. [17:49] <~partypants> Julia: people want to know what is going on with pk? are you still together?
  356. [17:49] <+JuliaA> pk and I are … well, he left the door open.
  357. [17:49] <+JuliaA> whatever that means!
  358. [17:49] <+JuliaA> Fuck I’m sad about it.
  359. [17:49] <+loren> Ummm Lilly?
  360. [17:49] <+JuliaA> We are not together, but he said there was a possibility for getting back together.
  361. [17:50] <+JuliaA> if he can regain the way he felt about me.
  362. [17:50] <+juliaspublicist> ouch
  363. [17:50] <+JuliaA> :(
  364. [17:50] <+JuliaA> fucking a.
  365. [17:50] <+JuliaA> Trying not to cry here.  Okay then!  next question.
  366. [17:50] <+juliaspublicist> is doing this making you feel better?
  367. [17:50] <+JuliaA> a little bit, yes.
  368. [17:50] <+JuliaA> oddly.
  369. [17:50] <+JuliaA> HA
  370. [17:51] <~partypants> ok, former reader question: A lot of ppl sought out rbns because you disabled comments. Do you think rbns would be so big if you had just addressed the haters in your own forum?
  371. [17:51] <+JuliaA> only because people can’t say mean things
  372. [17:51] <+JuliaA> Yeah, well, I fucked that one up, but just so you know – I was SO overwhelmed I just couldn’t handle it
  373. [17:51] <+JuliaA> you have no idea what reading some of the comments can do to me
  374. [17:51] <+JuliaA> I … am not … as strong as you may think
  375. [17:51] <~partypants>  <confused> also please ask how in the world she is affording her apartment/food/utilities without work?
  376. [17:51] <+JuliaA> I’m also not as devious!!
  377. [17:52] <+JuliaA> oh, I made … uh … how do I say this?  I made a lot of money last year.
  378. [17:52] <+JuliaA> I also don’t have that many expenses.
  379. [17:52] <+JuliaA> and I get paid for all the pilots I’ve done, you know that shit
  380. [17:52] <+JuliaA> it all adds up
  381. [17:52] <+JuliaA> I don’t spend as much as it seems like I do
  382. [17:52] * napoleon is now known as Guest7895
  383. [17:52] <+JuliaA> I also .. fuck, might as well just say it now, I also have to start blogging again on monday.
  384. [17:52] <+JuliaA> because I have a contract
  385. [17:53] <~partypants> do you think when you emerge again you can be more honest about your life? about you? talk about the nose jobs, your insecurity with your left side pose
  386. [17:53] <~partypants> what happened with mary and jordan, and pk
  387. [17:53] <~partypants> put it all out there once and for all
  388. [17:53] <~partypants> i think a lot of people, including rbns would applaud this
  389. [17:54] <+juliaspublicist> mary jordan and pk have been answered
  390. [17:54] <+juliaspublicist> pretty reasonably too
  391. [17:54] <+JuliaA> Well, so, first of all, I have to start blogging again on Monday – which I do NOT want to do, because I feel like crawling into a hole and just crying – because I have a contract with a brand for a month and – frankly – I need the money.
  392. [17:54] <+JuliaA> But …
  393. [17:54] <+JuliaA> a lot of times when I don’t talk about things …
  394. [17:54] <@juliafoolia> OK so are we moving on from Jordan
  395. [17:54] <+JuliaA> it’s not because I’m being shady!
  396. [17:54] <@juliafoolia> gonna kill those Qs
  397. [17:54] <+JuliaA> it’s because I’m fucking hurt as hell
  398. [17:54] <+JuliaA> You guys always think I have some nefarious plan
  399. [17:54] <+juliaspublicist> then why hint about them
  400. [17:54] <+JuliaA> I PROMISE you, I don’t.
  401. [17:55] <+JuliaA> it was supposed to be a peek!  a peek!
  402. [17:55] <+juliaspublicist> <granny>Do you think that your return to blogging will have a little more focus on the struggles you have by putting your life out there for everyone to see? More down to earth?
  403. [17:55] <+JuliaA> I wanted to talk about PK
  404. [17:55] <+loren> I have no plan either in fairness.
  405. [17:55] <+JuliaA> god, I did
  406. [17:55] <+JuliaA> well
  407. [17:55] <+JuliaA> actually, I didn’t … I was in too much pain, but now I sort of do.  I just want to be like, “god, I totally fucked up this relationship” but … sometimes it doesn’t help when guys read that, you know?  ha
  408. [17:56] <~partypants> <missbojankles> can she also stop calling us “haters” bc we’re obviously not all crazy
  409. [17:56] <+juliaspublicist> it builds a better realtionship with your readers
  410. [17:56] <+JuliaA> I’ll stop calling you haters if you start giving me the benefit of the doubt.
  411. [17:56] <+juliaspublicist> that’s what lifecasting is
  412. [17:56] <@juliafoolia> Q: Why has NS detoriorated into something other than “human behavior”?
  413. [17:56] <+JuliaA> seriously.  I’m actually nice.  Although apparently I’m VERY inconsiderate, which is pretty much why PK dumped me.  It’s true, though.  I am.  I need to deal with that problem, and right now.
  414. [17:56] <+JuliaA> NS …
  415. [17:56] <+JuliaA> sigh.
  416. [17:57] <+JuliaA> I don’t know.
  417. [17:57] <+JuliaA> Re: NS, I think I had great expectations, and a lot of delusional with how easy it would be to run a company.
  418. [17:57] <+JuliaA> it’s not easy.
  419. [17:57] <~partypants> hi guys trying to get to all your ?
  420. [17:57] <@juliafoolia> Q: Friends with Leven or for show, why be friends with someone who slept with your ex?
  421. [17:57] <+JuliaA> And I didn’t succeed.  But I learned a lot!  I know I sound like a Pollyanna when I say that … but that’s true.
  422. [17:57] <+JuliaA> Leven … sigh.
  423. [17:57] <+juliaspublicist> just a comment from granny: I honestly think that showing more of the “real” stuff, heartbreak, friendships, insecurities, that stuff makes you real to your readers and “haters”. It’s not all bunnies and rainbows, we want to see that you feel the same way we do… life sucks sometimes.
  424. [17:58] <~partypants> ok julia, someone would like to know about your current relationship with mary
  425. [17:58] <+JuliaA> I’m … I don’t know what to say about her.  She made a mistake.  She was 17.  I believe … you’re just going to have to trust me on this, but I believe very strongly in God, and I believe in forgiveness. So.  Well.  There you go.
  426. [17:58] <+JuliaA> Mary and I don’t really talk.
  427. [17:59] <+JuliaA> yeah, let me tell you, my life has fucking sucked
  428. [17:59] <+JuliaA> you know those smilely photos in aspen?
  429. [17:59] <+JuliaA> lies.
  430. [17:59] <+JuliaA> I shouldn’t say “lies” actually.
  431. [17:59] <~partypants> Julia, btw:  <missbojankles> in response to my haters ?….this openness is helping…its easier to give benefit of the doubt if we know whats actually happening
  432. [17:59] <+JuliaA> That’s overdramatic.
  433. [17:59] <+JuliaA> Thank you, Miss Bo Jankles.
  435. [17:59] <+JuliaA> just had to get that out there.
  436. [17:59] <+JuliaA> HATE THAT
  437. [17:59] <+JuliaA> argaj;ljaf;lgkjaf;jkagjklr
  438. [18:00] <@juliafoolia> ” from a reader (since before Jakob & Julia even)  You want RBNS/readers to give you the benefit of the doubt but how can they do they when a lot of what you post turns out to be half-truths?  Or maybe just not sharing the whole truth – either way, why call if “life casting” if you aren’t sharing your life?”
  439. [18:00] <+juliaspublicist> haha
  440. [18:00] <+JuliaA> okay, whew, that felt good.
  441. [18:00] * mib_u0aq9u is now known as MK
  442. [18:00] <+juliaspublicist> sorry that was funny
  443. [18:00] <@juliafoolia> Also, what happened in Aspen?
  444. [18:00] <+loren> Im pretty sure the internet doesn’t get weirder than this.
  445. [18:00] <+JuliaA> Well, COME ON.  You have to be reasonable with me.  Understand that frequently there are reasons I can’t post more than what I do.  Seriously.  I have gotten dumped for shit I posted, I have made friends angry, and also – this is probably most important – there are two sides to every story.
  446. [18:00] <~partypants> Julia: You should take the ‘donkey’ as a compliment, from my end its from old school internet memeing of loldongs
  447. [18:00] <+JuliaA> My side isn’t always right!
  448. [18:00] <@juliafoolia> So many Qs guys – trying to get them all, trust.
  449. [18:00] <+JuliaA> You know?
  450. [18:01] <~partypants> means you are INTERNETZ OMG
  451. [18:01] <~partypants> also, you talk really loud.
  452. [18:01] <+JuliaA> THIS IS TRUE!!!!!!!!
  453. [18:01] <+JuliaA> I am a loud talker
  454. [18:01] <@juliafoolia> Aspen JA, what happened in Aspen?
  455. [18:01] <+JuliaA> better than a close talker, eh?
  456. [18:01] <+JuliaA> oh, aspen was supposed to be perfect
  457. [18:01] <~partypants> but come on i got called a slovenly obese cat lady. let it go.
  458. [18:01] <+JuliaA> all of my best friends.  my boyfriend.  PERFECT, right?
  459. [18:01] <+JuliaA> no.
  460. [18:02] <~partypants>  <peltvest> I want Julia to know this is really fun. She’s coming off as a real and fun person by doing this
  461. [18:02] <+loren> The Donkey schtick was the funniest thing ever. Please can we still have that?
  462. [18:02] <+JuliaA> he was out of love with me.  my friends were all at each other’s necks because none of us know what the fuck we’re doing with our lives.  it was so sad.  I was so sad.
  463. [18:02] <+JuliaA> I cried every day.
  464. [18:02] <+loren> Yeah this great. Everyone is coming off really well. Not strange at all.
  465. [18:02] <+JuliaA> if I would let you see my zits you could see I’m crying right now thinking about it.  I cry an awful lot lately.
  466. [18:03] <~partypants>  <chesca> comment – i think the fact that you haven’t been open is what has turned so many of your former fans against you. no one can relate to someone who has a “perfect” life. it almost comes off as if you want people to envy your lifestyle and that has turned a lot of people off. the fact that you’re being honest now changes a lot of that
  467. [18:03] <+JuliaA> well, a lot of times it’s not because I want people to envy me, it’s that the painful stuff is TOO painful
  468. [18:03] <+JuliaA> you know?
  469. [18:03] <+JuliaA> or I’m embarrassed
  470. [18:03] <~partypants>  <mib_ne1p3p> Julia, are you on Adderall?  Could that be causing your sleep problem and mood swings?
  471. [18:03] <+JuliaA> No, no no noooooooooo adderall NO!
  472. [18:04] <+JuliaA> I tried that when I was with Alex … for a month.
  473. [18:04] <+JuliaA> I TURNED INTO A PSYCHO.
  474. [18:04] <+JuliaA> It was NOT good.
  475. [18:04] <+JuliaA> I’ll tell you what causes my sleep problem … when I am anxious about life, or upset.  It’s pretty normal.
  476. [18:04] <+juliaspublicist> adderall is fun
  477. [18:04] <+JuliaA> Also I just really like staying up late
  478. [18:05] <+juliaspublicist> comment from granny: julia, i’m sorry aspen was disappointing
  479. [18:05] <+JuliaA> you know what’s fun?  XANAX.  Which I took for the first time this year, and I have now taken four times total.  that shit is amazing.
  480. [18:05] <+JuliaA> Yeah, I said it.
  481. [18:05] <+JuliaA> And also – with regard to my drinking
  482. [18:05] <+JuliaA> I am SO SO SO SORRY that I said “I never drink” a long time ago.  I didn’t mean “I NEVER drink” I said it in that off the cuff way like “I rarely drink”
  483. [18:05] <+JuliaA> Just fyi
  484. [18:05] <~partypants> girl the world would like you so much if you just drank and said so
  485. [18:05] <+JuliaA> dude, I should start drinking a lot more
  486. [18:05] <~partypants> you should
  487. [18:05] <+juliaspublicist> you should smoke pot really
  488. [18:05] <@juliafoolia>  do you think you are depressed?  would you or have you ever sought professional help in dealing with these insecurities? Why haven’t you sought therapy?
  489. [18:06] <+JuliaA> I really don’t drink that often, that’s why I act like a FRESHMAN IN COLLEGE whenever I do
  490. [18:06] <+JuliaA> I need professional help
  491. [18:06] <+JuliaA> whoa
  492. [18:06] <~partypants> WHOA WHAT
  493. [18:06] <~partypants> whoa
  494. [18:06] <+JuliaA> I just gave you the best material
  495. [18:06] <~partypants> hey now
  496. [18:06] <+JuliaA> ever
  497. [18:06] <+juliaspublicist> good, there you said it
  498. [18:06] <~partypants> lol
  499. [18:06] <@juliafoolia> WHOA
  500. [18:06] <@juliafoolia> WHOA
  501. [18:06] <@juliafoolia> SPOILER ALERT
  502. [18:06] <~partypants> HEY NOW
  503. [18:06] <~partypants> haha
  504. [18:06] <+JuliaA> I am being serious, I do.  I have been looking for a therapist.
  505. [18:06] <+JuliaA> but I haven’t found one I like yet.
  506. [18:06] <+JuliaA> if you know one????
  507. [18:06] <+juliaspublicist> and i say that in a really positive and comforting way
  508. [18:06] <+JuliaA> I’m serious
  509. [18:06] <+JuliaA> I need one
  510. [18:06] <~partypants> Id rec dr warren in cleveland but shes in cleveland.
  511. [18:06] <@juliafoolia> Go for it. It’ll be good for you.
  512. [18:06] <+juliaspublicist> yeah!
  513. [18:06] <~partypants> ok ?  <vinca> who is the ‘one that go away.’ why was she still pining after him when she was in love with pk?
  514. [18:06] <@juliafoolia> So the people who joined NS were supposed to earn their own living through their own shills? how did that work? how is someone supposed to live on that? Is NS officially dead?
  515. [18:06] <+JuliaA> It didn’t occur to me how badly until recently, but I’ve been looking for about a month?
  516. [18:07] <@juliafoolia> Oops
  517. [18:07] <+JuliaA> no … the one who got away was michael
  518. [18:07] <+JuliaA> and so – the reason I had the mental breakdown was this:  I lost Jordan, then I found out Michael, the love of my life, was engaged to the girl he started dating because I had “to be single for a while before we could be together”, then PK dumped me.  I’m shocked I’m still amongst the breathing here.
  519. [18:08] <+JuliaA> FML doesn’t begin to cover it
  520. [18:08] <~partypants>  <mib_ne1p3p> Julia, you seem like a real person right now and I feel for you.  I’m sorry you’re sad.  I don’t think anyone wishes you any unhappiness here.
  521. [18:08] <+JuliaA> thanks Alice
  522. [18:08] <+JuliaA> but c’mon a lot of people wish me unhappiness!!!
  523. [18:08] <~partypants> Some do, sure
  524. [18:08] <@juliafoolia> JA: It seems like you never take responsibility for your actions. Like you’re always blaming other people. Don’t you think you’d have more respect if you owned your shit?
  525. [18:08] <+juliaspublicist> i personally don’t
  526. [18:08] <~partypants> i dont
  527. [18:08] <~partypants> i have my own hate site about me
  528. [18:08] <~partypants> or had
  529. [18:09] <~partypants> but HEY WHOA THERAPY
  530. [18:09] <~partypants> try it
  531. [18:09] <@juliafoolia> So the people who joined NS were supposed to earn their own living through their own shills? how did that work? how is someone supposed to live on that? Is NS officially dead?
  532. [18:09] <~partypants> not saying that to be mean
  533. [18:09] <+JuliaA> nah, see, that’s the thing.  I know you probably won’t believe me, but I absolutely DO take responsibility – frequently.  Maybe not on the blog.  But in my life, I do.
  534. [18:09] <~partypants> but try it
  535. [18:09] <~partypants>  <iamla> oh god, does she know that people have real problems? this is infuriating.
  536. [18:09] <+JuliaA> No, NS isn’t dead … but … people are supposed to earn their own livings
  537. [18:09] * platypus is now known as remembereworld
  538. [18:09] <~partypants>  <mib_0pucih> julia, don’t you think saying women have an expiration date is really awful?
  539. [18:09] <@juliafoolia> JA, it’s a business and you need to pay your employees.
  540. [18:10] <+JuliaA> real problems?
  541. [18:10] <+JuliaA> what are real problems?
  542. [18:10] <+JuliaA> ;)
  543. [18:10] <+JuliaA> I’m kidding.
  544. [18:10] <@juliafoolia> Q: Insecurity + desire to be liked = staged photoshoots and all other fameballing stuff? Do you get that it has the opposite effect and that this site wouldn’t exist if you didn’t do that shit?
  545. [18:10] <@juliafoolia> Q: OK the reason it feels like shadiness is because you rarely disclose who you’re shilling for. like this contract that starts on monday. what is that for?
  546. [18:10] <~partypants>  <Ginger> (comment) Julia, I really don’t think most people here wish you harm. They might be infuriated by your online persona (speaking from experience), but wishing you unhappiness? no.
  547. [18:10] <+JuliaA> ? what do you mean, my employees????
  548. [18:10] <@juliafoolia> “partners”?
  549. [18:11] <~partypants>  <Braycation> Can you please tell Julia no one wishes her unhappiness….we wish she would act like a human sometime. Also….that Easter outfit – WHY? Did she not get how tacky her whole Easter get-up and the church photos were?
  550. [18:11] <+JuliaA> Why would I pay my partners?  I actually pay Megan Alagna, but I don’t pay Meghan Asha.
  551. [18:11] <@juliafoolia> Q: So nonsociety is not really a business then? It’s just a group blog? Then why call yourself an entrepreneur?”
  552. [18:11] <+JuliaA> Dude, I love that Easter outfit.  I stand by it.
  553. [18:11] <~partypants> hehe
  554. [18:11] <+JuliaA> It was a business.
  555. [18:11] <~partypants> ooook
  556. [18:11] <+JuliaA> Now it’s a group of women. :)
  557. [18:11] <@juliafoolia> Q: can you please ask julia why she’s such a weak ass female in regards to men? and why she thought PK would forever be ok with the way she exposed their entire relationship and that that kind of relationship would evolve into something permanent?
  558. [18:12] <+JuliaA> Contract on monday will be disclosed on monday.
  559. [18:12] <@juliafoolia> Q: are you jealous of your brother & his engagement?
  560. [18:12] <~partypants>  <emily831> To Julia: I second the remark about people having real problems-honestly, you should work in a soup kitchen or a domestic violence shelter for a week, you’ll stop crying your about *yourself* pretty quickly…
  561. [18:12] <+JuliaA> I think that’s pretty good advice, actually.
  562. [18:12] <+JuliaA> re: domestic violence shelter
  563. [18:12] <+JuliaA> but I also think you’re sort of heartless if you expect someone to get dumped and not cry.
  564. [18:12] <+JuliaA> I’m human, you know
  565. [18:12] <~partypants> Ok just want to say don’t send me rec’s for a doc, please email julia if you have rec’s for a Thinky Doctor
  566. [18:12] <+JuliaA> Of course I’m going to be upset about it.
  567. [18:12] <@juliafoolia> Q: More on Aspen, more on Charslie
  568. [18:12] * shutin is now known as DudeSlowDownOnTheQuestions
  569. [18:13] <@juliafoolia> LOL thanks SI
  570. [18:13] <+JuliaA> charslie!  That girl!
  571. [18:13] <+juliaspublicist> ha!
  572. [18:13] <+JuliaA> oy
  573. [18:13] * DudeSlowDownOnTheQuestions is now known as SheOnlyHasOneBrayn
  574. [18:13] <@juliafoolia> COMMENT: Julia, I fundraise for a domestic violence shelter (not in NYC, though).  We’d love to have you anytime.
  575. [18:13] <+JuliaA> I found out about her blog when I was in Davos, Mary RIPPED HER a new one, then she refuses to talk to me!  I was actually going to say something along the lines of “everyone makes mistakes, I probably would have done the same thing”
  576. [18:14] <@juliafoolia> But go on RE: Charlsie, and more on Aspen
  577. [18:14] <+JuliaA> then she threatens to go to the media!
  578. [18:14] <+JuliaA> I would love to do that.  Domestic violence lady, please email me
  579. [18:14] <@juliafoolia> Comment: “let her know that there’s a difference between crying over it and saying comments like “surprised she’s still among the breathing”? thanks so much”
  580. [18:14] <+JuliaA> okay, well, I’m overdramatic.
  581. [18:14] * SheOnlyHasOneBrayn is now known as JABroughtAlotOfPeopleTogether_
  582. [18:14] <+JuliaA> I mean … you know …
  583. [18:14] <+JuliaA> come on.
  584. [18:14] <~partypants> ok Julia:  <mib_nhm3vr> what was pk’s stated reason for breakup?
  585. [18:14] <+JuliaA> You’ve read me for a while.  Of course I’m overdramatic.
  586. [18:14] <@juliafoolia> Q: Was Charlsie lying about her duties
  587. [18:15] <+JuliaA> that girl “worked” for me – like FIVE TIMES MAYBE
  588. [18:15] * partypants sets mode +v loren for #gomirbns
  589. [18:15] <@juliafoolia> Re: PK again — why she thought PK would forever be ok with the way she exposed their entire relationship and that that kind of relationship would evolve into something permanent?
  590. [18:15] <+JuliaA> she got college credit for it!  And when I called the dean to explain that her student just threatened me, she told me that Charlsie’s mother was constantly calling her up and threatening her job
  591. [18:15] <~partypants> I just want to say something to Julia quickly
  592. [18:15] <+JuliaA> okay, re: PK
  593. [18:15] <~partypants> This chat is addicting. that is all.
  594. [18:15] <+JuliaA> no no no you don’t understand
  595. [18:15] <+JuliaA> He thought it was FUN
  596. [18:15] <+JuliaA> I know that sounds crazy to you
  597. [18:16] <+JuliaA> but he loved when I posted about him!  He thought it was fun and sweet and very lighthearted
  598. [18:16] <+JuliaA> sometimes – again, shocking, I know – sometimes people don’t have problems with everything!
  599. [18:16] <@juliafoolia> “why do you post on Twitter really random questions instead of just Googling things…… like the birth control” “would you be friends with Randi if she weren’t a Zuckerberg?”
  600. [18:16] <+JuliaA> It was ME who wanted to cover up his face and name because I have been dumped by people (cough cough KEVIN ROSE) who couldn’t handle it
  601. [18:16] * JABroughtAlotOfPeopleTogether_ is now known as FessUpWasHisShlongSuperSized
  602. [18:16] <+JuliaA> I just twitter things I think.
  603. [18:17] <@juliafoolia> “was hipster lawyer a real person? or a ploy to make pk jealous?”
  604. [18:17] <@juliafoolia> answer RE: Randi and HL por favor… a lot of ppl wondering
  605. [18:17] <@juliafoolia> also more on Aspen
  606. [18:17] <~partypants> PROTIP FOR JULIA ALLISON: Type in /clear to restart your chat life
  607. [18:17] <~partypants> clears the screen a bit
  608. [18:17] <@juliafoolia> ” Could you ask her to stop saying she is a pescatarian, because she gives real vegetarian and vegans a bad name.”
  609. [18:18] <+JuliaA> I would have been friends with Randi in college if I were smart enough to go to Harvard.  Seriously.  I really do love her.  I know that you all think she’s fancy just because she’s a Zuckerberg, but … that’s sort of crazy!  She’s not famous and she’s not rich.  She’s just … she’s a kindred spirit.  We understand each other.
  610. [18:18] <+JuliaA> pescatarians eat fish!
  611. [18:18] <~partypants>  <emily831> To julia: re-crying about losing a bf you’ve been dating for two/three(?) months is OK-its not OK for it shut down your life….you’re insecure about nose jobs, other people are sleeping in the street tonight…i dont wish you ill julia, i wish you a reality check
  612. [18:18] <+JuliaA> Also, Rachel isn’t famous or rich, and I’ve been friends with her since high school, despite her making fun of me in junior high.
  613. [18:18] * FessUpWasHisShlongSuperSized is now known as WhyDidntUGo2StandfordAsLegacy
  614. [18:18] <@juliafoolia> COMMENT: Chicken Broth is not fish
  615. [18:18] <+JuliaA> I do tend to keep my friends, which means that not everyone thinks I’m a total turd
  616. [18:18] <+JuliaA> THAT WAS ONCE.
  617. [18:18] <~partypants>  <mibkjh> Ask her if she seriously thinks she’s a “journalist”
  618. [18:19] <+JuliaA> sheesh
  619. [18:19] <@juliafoolia> Q: Will you tell PK or friends about doing this chat?
  620. [18:19] <+JuliaA> Not sure.
  621. [18:19] <+JuliaA> Probably I will
  622. [18:19] <+JuliaA> I told him his name was up on your site
  623. [18:19] <+JuliaA> he didn’t really care.  I did, though.
  624. [18:19] <~partypants>  <K> JA you should enable comments on NS THIS WEEKEND. let’s all start fresh monday. have an hour of “get it off your chest” each day. awesome online virtual talk show.
  625. [18:19] <+JuliaA> But I’m trying to give him space right now.
  626. [18:19] <+JuliaA> oh lord!
  627. [18:19] <+JuliaA>  it’s not the worst idea.
  628. [18:19] <@juliafoolia> “julia, do you think it’s fair that the sister of the facebook ceo is altering you facebook account for benefit? How did you get facebook to give you so many fans (mostly from the other side of the world)?  Any truth to the claim that many of your twitter followers are sham accounts?”
  629. [18:20] <+JuliaA> Well, I’ve tried to get on twitter’s recommended list once.  didn’t work.
  630. [18:20] <@juliafoolia> Q: Update on Harvard Biz School (or any Biz School)?
  631. [18:20] <@juliafoolia> What about FB fans
  632. [18:20] * Struggle is now known as IsAnybodyReallyBuyingThis
  633. [18:20] <+JuliaA> re: my facebook fans who don’t speak english … HAHAH
  634. [18:20] <+JuliaA> um, yes, I’m very proud of them ;)
  635. [18:20] <@juliafoolia> Did Randi GIVE them to you?
  636. [18:21] <+JuliaA> no she didn’t “give” me fans!
  637. [18:21] <+JuliaA> hahaha
  638. [18:21] <~partypants> ok, how did you and pk meet seems to be a popular question
  639. [18:21] <+JuliaA> but she did let me in on the promotional feature they were testing – just the way her team did with about 200 other people
  640. [18:22] <~partypants> ok, how did you and pk meet seems to be a popular question
  641. [18:22] <+JuliaA> I already answered this but PK & I met through a friend of his, whose wedding photos I posted on my site.  I asked the guy if I could post them and said “hey if you know anyone let me know!”
  642. [18:22] <+JuliaA> and he did
  643. [18:22] <@juliafoolia> Another popular Q: Did hipster lawyer really exist
  644. [18:22] <+JuliaA> yes, and I spoke with him today.
  645. [18:22] <~partypants>  <lisathegreat> what happened with toph eggers? or whatever his nickname was
  646. [18:23] <+JuliaA> everyone existed
  647. [18:23] <+JuliaA> toph?
  648. [18:23] <~partypants> “Everyone exists” – Julia Allison
  649. [18:23] <+JuliaA> you can’t make this shit up, trust me
  650. [18:23] <@juliafoolia> Q: is HL your father?
  651. [18:23] <+JuliaA> okay that’s gross
  652. [18:23] <+JuliaA> seriously
  653. [18:23] <+JuliaA> have some respect
  654. [18:24] <+JuliaA> gross
  655. [18:24] <~partypants>  <Pinky> Charlsie seems like a miserable human being, so I’m definitely Team JA on that one.  I went to the same school as Charlsie, and our J-Term internships are cool, but RARELY as awesome as the pamphlet makes them out to be.
  656. [18:24] <@juliafoolia> Q: Is Meghan leaving NS
  657. [18:24] <+JuliaA> well … NS is just … a collection of women working on different projects now
  658. [18:24] <@juliafoolia> Q: really with HL in Hawaii or someone else? Are the YSLs real?
  659. [18:24] <+JuliaA> YSLs are REAL baby
  660. [18:24] <+JuliaA> but I didn’t buy them for myself
  661. [18:24] <+JuliaA> HL in Hawaii yes
  662. [18:24] <+JuliaA> his dad’s place.
  663. [18:24] <+JuliaA> he’s older, though, 37.
  664. [18:24] <@juliafoolia> Q:  julia, don’t you think saying women have an expiration date is really awful?
  665. [18:25] <+JuliaA> I didnt mean it like that at all.
  666. [18:25] <+JuliaA> AT ALL
  667. [18:25] * KrakenSkulls is now known as YouAlreadyAskedThat
  668. [18:25] <+JuliaA> and that wasn’t even the quote!
  669. [18:25] <~partypants>  <mibkjh> Ask her:  Why the constant emphasis on the fact that people she mentions on her site went to ivy league schools?  And other unneccessarily pretentious details (downtown condo, etc., university club, etc.)
  670. [18:25] <+JuliaA> I don’t remember the exact quote or the context, but rest assured it wasn’t that
  671. [18:25] <~partypants> Ok
  672. [18:25] <@juliafoolia> Q: RE Ivies, why didn’t you go to Standford as a legacy?
  673. [18:25] <+JuliaA> I tend to describe things like that – it’s my way of putting context into a situation
  674. [18:26] <+JuliaA> I got rejected
  675. [18:26] <~partypants> Julia, people are also posting ? on the Ask Julia post on rbns
  676. [18:26] <+JuliaA> :)
  677. [18:26] <~partypants> feel free to go answer those if/when you have time
  678. [18:26] <@juliafoolia> Q:  Q: What about the Georgetown pink door? Was it really….um…’baptized’ as has been reported?
  679. [18:26] <+JuliaA> ?
  680. [18:26] <+JuliaA> baptized?
  681. [18:26] <+JuliaA> I’m confused?
  682. [18:26] <@juliafoolia> peed on
  683. [18:26] <~partypants> There are rumours guys used to pee on your door
  684. [18:26] <+JuliaA> I did paint my door pink at georgetown
  685. [18:27] <+JuliaA> I don’t know!  That’s sort of horrible and hysterical at the same time.
  686. [18:27] <+JuliaA> I bet they did.  They used to punch holes in the walls.  Why not pee on my pink door while they’re at it?
  687. [18:27] * YouAlreadyAskedThat is now known as PenisSizeQuestionTime
  688. [18:27] <@juliafoolia> Q: Why so much makeup? What are your thoughts on the mask the girl on Twitter posted of you?
  689. [18:27] <@juliafoolia> Q: (again) What about Harvard Business School?
  690. [18:27] <+loren> Im so proud of all of this.
  691. [18:28] <~partypants> youre welcome loren
  692. [18:28] <+JuliaA> I didn’t see the mask so I don’t know … but I rarely wear makeup now, I wore a lot of it when I used to do TV every day.
  693. [18:28] <+loren> You girls and gays. All of you.
  694. [18:28] <+loren> Jules too
  695. [18:28] <+loren> all of you
  696. [18:28] <@juliafoolia> We lub you Lorannn
  697. [18:28] <+loren> just wonderful
  698. [18:28] <+JuliaA> I probably will still wear a lot when I go out, which I plan to never again.  I don’t know.  I just like it.
  699. [18:28] <+JuliaA> Harvard Business School?
  700. [18:28] <@juliafoolia> Yes.
  701. [18:28] <+JuliaA> I haven’t applied but I’ve taken courses for the GMAT
  702. [18:28] <+JuliaA> really thinking about it
  703. [18:29] <~partypants> I’d like to jump in and say thanks to julia hey watch me kiss her ass for doing this.
  704. [18:29] <+JuliaA> ha, well … thank you?
  705. [18:29] <+juliaspublicist> do you have any close gay friends?
  706. [18:29] <+juliaspublicist> like close, not haircutter close
  707. [18:29] <@juliafoolia> Q: “Don’t you think we’re all you left now? Gawker doesn’t care anymore and that’s why you’re here;  why do you think you’re of interest to anyone having led such a tiny sheltered life?
  708. [18:29] <+JuliaA> I have gay friends, yes, but …they are my hair stylists!
  709. [18:29] <~partypants>  <mibkjh> Why the pelts??  Doesn’t she know they look fake?
  710. [18:29] <+JuliaA> I don’t think I’m of interest.
  711. [18:30] <+JuliaA> Pelts = mistake!
  712. [18:30] <+JuliaA> but oh well.
  713. [18:30] <+loren> Julia could so be a gay icon
  714. [18:30] <+loren> so not kidding
  715. [18:30] <+JuliaA> okay, you’re also assuming that the point of my life was to GAWKER care about me????
  716. [18:30] <+juliaspublicist> from gem: To go back in time a bit. What happened to all the supposed CES/Davos converage? Why not cover the great opportunities you got/get?
  717. [18:30] <~partypants> ok a lot going on in here
  718. [18:30] <+JuliaA> oh lord almighty
  719. [18:30] <+juliaspublicist> then why go to denton’s party in that costume
  720. [18:31] <~partypants> Julia, i posted so you can go answer in your own time if you want
  721. [18:31] <+JuliaA> I don’t even want to get into that, but suffice it to say, I would have done it differently if I could go back.
  722. [18:31] <+JuliaA> Mistakes were made.
  723. [18:31] <~partypants> and you guys who cant speak you guys can go ask stuff
  724. [18:31] <+JuliaA> that was in 2006!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  725. [18:31] <+JuliaA> that costume was FOUR YEARS AGO
  726. [18:31] <~partypants> srsly stop being a victim guyz
  727. [18:31] <@juliafoolia> Julier – read the question above, and Q: How did you mean the expiration date comment?”
  728. [18:31] <+JuliaA> I really did want attention back then!  I thought that costume was hilarious!  I still do, actually.
  729. [18:31] <@juliafoolia> IT WAS FOUR YEAR AGO
  730. [18:32] <@juliafoolia> WHY SO SERIOUS
  731. [18:32] <@juliafoolia> k back to the qs, Julia, scroll up
  732. [18:32] <~partypants> CALM DOWN
  733. [18:32] <~partypants> sorry julia, this is funny:  <discardedtutu> title of her memoir: “julia allison: mistakes were made”
  734. [18:32] <+juliaspublicist> from a random: Did Julia think she could become “successful” without really doing hard work, but rather network instead? It’s like she wanted a shortcut to success.
  735. [18:32] <+JuliaA> expiration date – I just meant that we have an expiration date in terms of biology – having a baby.
  736. [18:32] <+JuliaA> it’s not .. terribly… well, I didn’t think that would be controversial.
  737. [18:33] <+juliaspublicist> god i feel like richard lawson right now
  738. [18:33] <@juliafoolia> it sounded like you meant it re: aging/wrinkles
  739. [18:33] <@juliafoolia> Q: How many times have you had botox?
  740. [18:33] <+JuliaA> well, let me through out something right now – to the person who thinks I’ve done no work – do you actually believe – in your heart – you know everything I’ve done?
  741. [18:33] <+JuliaA> Or could it, maybe, be that you’re making assumptions?
  742. [18:33] <+JuliaA> never had botox! plan on having it soon though
  743. [18:33] <+JuliaA> I’m looking OLD.
  744. [18:33] <@juliafoolia> restalyne
  745. [18:33] <~partypants> at 29?
  746. [18:33] <@juliafoolia> how many times
  747. [18:33] <+JuliaA> I have had restalyne in the folds above my smile
  748. [18:34] <+JuliaA> twice
  749. [18:34] <+JuliaA> 29
  750. [18:34] <+JuliaA> yes, I’m  29
  751. [18:34] <+juliaspublicist> from gem: When do you feel that it all went wrong? Can you pinpoint a moment when you feel it started to spin out of control?
  752. [18:34] <~partypants> do you think, at 29, saying “i look old” is rather insulting to women say, of any age who dont feel that way
  753. [18:34] <+juliaspublicist> julia, you don’t look old
  754. [18:34] <@juliafoolia> Q: Why do you look like one of jesse james’ mistresses in her facebook fan picture? the open legged squat doesn’t send a vision of “harvard business school or “serious journalist”
  755. [18:34] <+juliaspublicist> you are just a little puffy from lack of sleep
  756. [18:34] <~partypants> there are women at 50 who cringe at a 29 year old saying they look old
  757. [18:34] <+JuliaA> oh, come on.  You guys say I look old CONSANTLY
  758. [18:34] <~partypants> i mean…get real julia
  759. [18:34] <+JuliaA> CONSTANTLY, rather.
  760. [18:35] <+JuliaA> that’s why I said it.  I’m just … trying to keep things light here.
  761. [18:35] <+JuliaA> geez
  762. [18:35] <@juliafoolia> because you layer 800 pounds of makeup on your face
  763. [18:35] <~partypants> oh ok
  764. [18:35] <@juliafoolia> people have also said you look much younger without it prooootip
  765. [18:35] <@juliafoolia> KK MOVING ON
  766. [18:35] <~partypants> yeah do you realize how ok you look without makeup
  767. [18:35] <~partypants> jeez girl
  768. [18:35] <+JuliaA> I think that question about the squat is mean.
  769. [18:35] <~partypants> i missed that question
  770. [18:35] <@juliafoolia> Q: Keep it real, you HAVE read RBNS
  771. [18:35] <@juliafoolia> it was the jesse james mistress one
  772. [18:36] <@juliafoolia> Q: was nonsociety ever funded?  by who and how much?  are any funds left? how would you position yourself in a biz school application considering NS is not really a business anymore?  what would you say you do professionally?
  773. [18:36] <+JuliaA> the only times I’ve read Reblogging were at the beginning – then when gawker linked to them over Christmas, or if anyone emailed me about it and I thought there was a serious problem (like with Toph or with PK)
  774. [18:37] <~partypants> Ok Julia, look at the top of your screen
  775. [18:37] <@juliafoolia> JA respond to NS qs please
  776. [18:37] <@juliafoolia> also, where do you see yourself in 5 years?
  777. [18:37] <+JuliaA> Nonsociety was once funded – in 2008 – by an angel investor.  I don’t want to discuss anything else about it.   Not sure how I would characterize myself professionally.  Just trying to figure that out now.
  778. [18:37] <+JuliaA> dear god, I hope I’m married in 5 years.
  779. [18:38] <+JuliaA> I have no idea, though.
  780. [18:38] <+JuliaA> I hope my life is more calm
  781. [18:38] <+JuliaA> none of this bullshit
  782. [18:38] <+JuliaA> I think I liked the drama for a long time, but that stopped when Mary left.  I just didn’t want any more drama.
  783. [18:38] <+JuliaA> I have not gotten my wish.
  784. [18:38] <~partypants> Julia Allison is ignoring my private message guys. So you all know how not important I am.
  785. [18:38] <+juliaspublicist> from a random:     that trip to arizona – weight loss motivated?
  786. [18:38] <+loren> Hi Party!! Funny meeting you here.
  787. [18:39] <@juliafoolia> Q:  why do you always stand on the furniture in bars and stuff? it’s so inconsiderate.
  788. [18:39] <~partypants> lol
  789. [18:39] <~partypants> oh crap
  790. [18:39] <~partypants> totally forgot
  791. [18:39] <+JuliaA> HAHAHAHA – re: standing on furniture … um … I don’t even know … how to answer that?  I guess if that’s my biggest problem (hint: it’s not!) I’m doing okay.
  792. [18:39] <+JuliaA> trip to arizona was with a boy who didn’t want to be revealed.
  793. [18:39] <@juliafoolia> you have bigger problems bbq, stop standing on furnitire
  794. [18:40] <@juliafoolia> Q: What was the promotional feature on FB?  Did it convert friend requests into fans?
  795. [18:40] <+juliaspublicist> from gaycats or something : why the wide stance
  796. [18:41] <+JuliaA> no it was different, but the friend requests into fans nonsense was NOT my doing – apparently that’s normal when you change to a fan page, but no one liked it.  I was not happy, either.  Made me look really stupid.
  797. [18:41] <+JuliaA> why the wide stance?  I don’t know.  It’s just where my bow legs go.
  798. [18:41] <+JuliaA> I’ll try to stand in a way that makes you happier in the future. ;)
  799. [18:41] <~partypants> ok guys
  800. [18:41] <~partypants> just got info
  801. [18:41] <+JuliaA> what info?
  802. [18:41] <~partypants> that this chat is being sent to gawker
  803. [18:41] <+juliaspublicist> huh?
  804. [18:41] <+JuliaA> oh god.
  805. [18:41] <@juliafoolia> Q: what’s with the mystery tweets (“well, then”, etc.) posted without context on a public forum?
  806. [18:41] <@juliafoolia> ugh
  807. [18:41] <+JuliaA> is that even possible?
  808. [18:42] <+JuliaA> no n oooooo
  809. [18:42] <@juliafoolia> GAWKER IS SO LAME
  810. [18:42] <+JuliaA> NO NO NO
  811. [18:42] <@juliafoolia> this is why we kick mibs
  812. [18:42] <+juliaspublicist> who is your least favorite person at gawker
  813. [18:42] <@juliafoolia> Gawker stalkers
  814. [18:42] <+JuliaA> you know, this was supposed to be private … inasmuch as anything is.
  815. [18:42] <+JuliaA> I thought that you weren’t even reposting this on your site?
  816. [18:42] <@juliafoolia> Q: Why was TMI weekly cancelled?
  817. [18:42] <+JuliaA> it wasn’t cancelled.  we quit!
  818. [18:42] <@juliafoolia> Comment: let me just say FUCK GAWKER
  819. [18:43] <+JuliaA> well.
  820. [18:43] <+JuliaA> it really was mutual
  821. [18:43] <+JuliaA> we sort of didn’t get along.
  822. [18:43] <+JuliaA> we hated our show
  823. [18:43] <+JuliaA> we thought it sucked
  824. [18:43] <+JuliaA> HA
  825. [18:43] <+JuliaA> I probably shouldn’t say that.
  826. [18:43] <@juliafoolia> Q: What actually was the deal with CNN if there ever was one?
  827. [18:43] <+JuliaA> CNN?
  828. [18:43] <@juliafoolia> That was the Q. I think there was something else you didn’t address
  829. [18:43] <+juliaspublicist> i’ve never heard that one
  830. [18:43] <+JuliaA> I don’t know what that is about …?  the pilots?
  831. [18:43] <@juliafoolia> NNN, perhaps?
  832. [18:44] <+JuliaA> I’ve never heard of a deal with CNN
  833. [18:44] <@juliafoolia> NBC
  834. [18:44] <+JuliaA> Do I have one?  That would be awesome.
  835. [18:44] <@juliafoolia> has been corrected – NBC
  836. [18:44] <+JuliaA> NBC?  Oh, I addressed that.
  837. [18:44] <@juliafoolia> Freelancing, correct?
  838. [18:44] <+JuliaA> Do you want me to address it again?
  839. [18:44] <+JuliaA> yes
  840. [18:44] <@juliafoolia> Question was from a UK-based viewer
  841. [18:44] <+JuliaA> it’s not a big deal.
  842. [18:44] <@juliafoolia> K, so that’s done
  843. [18:44] <@juliafoolia> Q: julia, why do you feel entitled to bring your dog to places the nyc health department says “no dogs allowed” and speaking of lily, do you think you take good care of her?
  844. [18:44] <+JuliaA> I mean, I don’t think it’s a big deal – like, I don’t think I’m a big deal for doing it.
  845. [18:45] <~partypants> chat break guys
  846. [18:45] <+JuliaA> I do think I take good care of Lilly.  absolutely.  I travel a lot, but I never leave her in a kennel, only with people I love and trust will take good care of her.  She and I spend more time together than most people do with their dogs.
  847. [18:45] * partypants sets mode +v Jacy for #gomirbns
  848. [18:46] <+Jacy> sweet mother of fuck
  849. [18:46] <+JuliaA> I’ve never understood why people didn’t think I took good care of her.
  850. [18:47] <@juliafoolia> your blog makes you look like a careless dog owner
  851. [18:47] <+Jacy> Julia, re: we thought our show sucked. Why don’t you blog that shit? It is your fraudulent representation of your supposedly fabulous life that drives people crazy
  852. [18:47] <+JuliaA> oh calm down.  I’ve made her wear a sweater like FOUR TIMES.
  853. [18:47] <@juliafoolia> CALM DOWN
  854. [18:47] <+JuliaA> how is that fraudulent??
  855. [18:47] <~partypants> OK GUYS
  856. [18:47] <@juliafoolia> Q: Why do you call yourself a journalist?
  857. [18:47] <@juliafoolia> Q: How often do you walk Lilly?
  858. [18:47] <+JuliaA> Also, I’m being a bit … blase about that.  I didn’t think ALL of the shows sucked.
  859. [18:47] <~partypants> this chat has made its way to gawker
  860. [18:47] <@juliafoolia> Are we pausing now, PP?
  861. [18:47] <@juliafoolia> ugh fucking lames
  862. [18:47] <~partypants> i think we need to pause ok
  863. [18:47] <@juliafoolia> Gawker ffs
  864. [18:48] <@juliafoolia> OK PAAAAAAAAAAAAUSE
  865. [18:48] <+JuliaA> Twice a day, and I let her out three times.  How often do you walk your dog?
  866. [18:48] <+Jacy> How is it fraudulent?>? Kissy-faces on red carpets, breathless posts about your travel schedule, referring to your “sisters” when now you say you didn’t get along and hated the show — you lie ALL the time on your blog
  867. [18:48] <@juliafoolia> Gawker gets info about their star from RBNS
  868. [18:48] <@juliafoolia> complains about RBNS
  869. [18:48] <@juliafoolia> I find this hysterical.
  870. [18:48] <@juliafoolia> are we mib kickin?
  871. [18:48] <+JuliaA> okay, well, I’m going to leave the chat if you’re going to say that I lie, because honestly, there’s no point for me to be in here if I’m dealing with someone who doesn’t believe me.
  872. [18:48] <+JuliaA> I rarely lie.
  873. [18:49] <+Jacy> And seriously, what are you doing right now? If I send you the name of a good NYC therapist, will you go see the guy?
  874. [18:49] <@juliafoolia> JUUUULIA.
  875. [18:49] <@juliafoolia> JUUUUUUUUUUULIA. Don’t do that.
  876. [18:49] <~partypants> ok im out guys
  877. [18:49] <+JuliaA> Jacy, you need to chill out.
  878. [18:49] <~partypants> Julia, thanks for doing this
  879. [18:49] <+JuliaA> Thanks Alice.
  880. [18:49] <+Jacy> This is your life? You created this for yourself, and don’t like that people react to it?
  881. [18:49] <+JuliaA> I appreciate it.
  882. [18:49] <@juliafoolia> Oy.
  883. [18:49] <+JuliaA> You’re very … just calm down.
  884. [18:49] <~partypants> Ill be back to re voice everyone when you leave
  885. [18:49] <@juliafoolia> lmao @ JA
  886. [18:49] <@juliafoolia> CALM DOWN JA
  887. [18:49] <@juliafoolia> OK, chat is basically over
  888. [18:50] <+Jacy> Shut up with the calm down, OK JA? I am not one of your minions. Piss off.
  889. [18:50] <@juliafoolia> because Gawker is stalking this shit
  890. [18:50] <+JuliaA> You’re sounding a little crazy, Jacy.
  891. [18:50] <@juliafoolia> like they stalk everything on RBNS
  892. [18:50] <+JuliaA> Seriously.
  893. [18:50] <@juliafoolia> JA and JACY CALM THE FUCK DOWN
  894. [18:50] <@juliafoolia> CHILL
  895. [18:50] <@juliafoolia> IT’S OVER
  896. [18:50] <+JuliaA> I’ve been in here for what – 30 minutes – I already talked about needing a therapist.
  897. [18:50] <@juliafoolia> I will slap both of you.
  898. [18:50] <+Jacy> You created this life for yourself. You put it ALL out there. What you can’t handle is people not liking it. Why all the control issues?
  899. [18:50] <+JuliaA> I actually thought this was sort of nice.
  900. [18:50] <@juliafoolia> Are we calm yet?
  901. [18:51] <@juliafoolia> Because I’m winding up.
  902. [18:51] <+JuliaA> I did create this life, you’re correct.
  903. [18:51] <~partypants> also, i want no part of anything that gawker is watching
  904. [18:51] <~partypants> so peace out
  905. [18:51] <@juliafoolia> Nope
  906. [18:51] <+Jacy> I don’t care if Gawker is reading this. I’m not a hypocrite.
  907. [18:51] <@juliafoolia> DAMNIT
  908. [18:51] <@juliafoolia> CHAT IS OVER PEOPLE
  909. [18:51] <@juliafoolia> vamoooose
  910. [18:51] <+Jacy> Anyway, JA, if you don’t like the criticism, you should leave the theatre. It’s pretty easy. You have on online reality show audience. Just deal.
  911. [18:51] <+loren> Gawker is just so lame
  912. [18:52] <+loren> Julia was Nick’s Judy Garland.
  913. [18:52] <+Jacy> Juliafoolia, who are you? Is this JP or Partypants?
  914. [18:52] <+loren> or maybe Liza
  915. [18:52] <+JuliaA> Thank everyone for listening.  I appreciate the chat.  I hope you appreciate my honesty.
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