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Jul 2nd, 2019
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  1. /c/ Pastebin for 4cc Champions League 2019
  2. --------------------------------------------
  3. ----------Pregame--------------
  4. Sub by ability and make sure no medals swap places.
  5. Make sure FBs are taking corners.
  6. Start on preset 1.
  9. -----------Before half-time------------
  10. If we go down by 1 go +1 and turn off "Swarm The Box" (if it's on)
  12. ------------After half time---------------
  13. If there are no goals for either side by 70' go +1 and take a time out to go turn off "Swarm The Box" (if it's on)
  14. Do subs at 70' and sub out the most tired non medals for best condition replacements.
  15. If we got down by 2 passed 75' go to preset 3 for memes and leave on +1 if it's already on. (if it's NOT already on don't turn it on)
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