An Angelic Experience (Panty & Stocking TG)

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  1. Peter and Stan were best friends. They shared a lot in common. They had the same favorite food, same favorite color, same favorite show, and they both were desperate to get laid. They were the only ones in their circle of friends who were still virgins, and were frequently teased about it by the other guys. The two friends were on their way to a party one of their friends was having, hoping they could find some chicks there.
  3. "Do you think we'll even make an impression on any of the girls?" Peter asked.
  5. "Probably not," Stan replied, looking forlornly at the ground.
  7. "Oh, come on, cheer up!" Peter said as he nudged his good friend. "Even if we don't score, we'll still have a good time."
  9. "I guess so," Stan chuckled. "I heard there's going to be pizza!"
  11. "Is food all you ever think about?" his friend replied, making them both laugh. As they wandered through an unfamiliar, seemingly deserted part of town trying to find the place, one particular building caught Stan's eye. "Dude, check it out!" he said, grabbing his friends arm and pointing to a nearby sex shop.
  13. "Yeah, so?" his friend replied.
  15. "Maybe we could find something to help us out in there!" Stan suggested.
  17. Peter sighed and retorted "Dude, those places just sell dildos, we're not going to find anything."
  19. "It wouldn't hurt to look..." Stan said sheepishly. Sighing again, Peter relented and entered the shop with his friend. To their surprise, the place was completely barren.
  21. "Told you. Let's go." Peter was about to leave when a small yap made him stop. The duo turned their attention towards the back of the shop and noticed a small, weird-looking green dog. To its side was a white pistol and a creepy-looking cat plush. "What's this dog doing here?" Peter questioned. The dog grabbed the pistol in its mouth and placed it in front of Peter. "Um, thank you?" Peter said confused, picking up the gun.
  23. "I hope that wasn't his way of asking to be put out of his misery." Stan quipped.
  25. "That's not funny." Peter replied with a stern glare.
  27. "I wasn't trying to be funny! I was just saying…" Before Stan could finish, his friend suddenly dropped the gun and started moaning in pain. "Dude, are you alright?" he cried.
  29. "I don't know," Peter groaned. "I feel… weird…" Peter suddenly dropped to his knees as he felt a wave of pain come over him. He raised his hands up to his face, and saw that they were becoming thinner and daintier. His arms started becoming more slender as all his body hair was plucked out one by one, leaving him with ungodly smooth skin. He watched in disbelief as his fingers became manicured and covered in red nail polish. He screamed in ecstasy as his cock was sucked inwards and reshaped into a fresh, throbbing wet pussy. As he experienced his first female orgasm, his boxers shrank into a pair of frilly panties to accompany his new clit. He resumed writhing in pain as his hips and butt shot outwards and tore his pants off while his legs became curvier. His belly fat was sucked inwards and began crawling upwards until two perfectly round bosoms shot out of his chest. Stan looked on in horror as his friend's last recognizable feature, his face, started changing. His face contorted into a womanly shape as his vocal cords became much higher. His eyes became larger and turned blue while his eyelashes lengthened. His nose turned small and cute while his lips became more feminine. His brown hair turned bright blonde and shot down to his thighs. He began to shrink a little while his now very loose shirt stretched and morphed into a sleeveless red dress, fitting snugly around his new body. His sneakers morphed into a matching pair of red heels while red hoop earrings, gold wristbands, and a gold necklace materialized over his body. Peter's thoughts began to cloud as new, sluttier thoughts filled his brain.
  31. Stan backed away slowly from what was once his best friend. He was ready to make a break for it and run far away from the shop and never turn back. However, some mysterious force had locked the doors shut, trapping him inside. The female that had replaced Peter began to rise from her slump. She shot a flirtatious grin at the panicking man and slowly made her way over to him. Stan was desperately fidgeting with the door handle, trying desperately to escape, but to no avail. Soon, the strange woman had cornered Stan against the door. "Hey, tall, dark, and nerdy," she spoke in a rather sultry voice to a visibly shaken Stan. "Ever wanted to bang an angel?" Stan, becoming ever so creeped out by this whole situation, tried to move his face away from the girl's now extending tongue. He saw that strange green dog walk over to the "couple" with the cat plush in his mouth. He continued to stare at Stan as he tried pushing the woman away, trying to loosen her grip on him.
  33. "You!" Stan yelled at the weird dog. "You did this!" The dog simply sat there as Stan finally managed to push the whore away. Getting the hint that Stan wasn't interested, the woman grabbed her gun off the floor and tucked it into her panties while grumbling under her breath. Stan stormed over to the dog and yelled "Why are you doing this?" The dog still sat there and would not answer. As Stan's rage began to boil, he noticed the cat plush sitting beside the dog. Still very creeped out by the doll, Stan was shocked when the cat levitated from the floor and launched itself at him, knocking him onto the floor. As he looked into the cats soulless eyes, he could feel some of his own changes starting to begin.
  35. Stan's eyes widened in horror as his hands began to shrink and become dainty. His arms and legs lost their muscle mass and were completely stripped of their body hair, giving him the smooth skin of a goddess. His shoulders cracked together while his hips and ass became much more pronounced. He cried out in agony as he felt his member get shoved inside him and morph into a fresh, wet pussy. As his female orgasming continued, frilly black panties formed over his new g-spot. His body fat shrank inwards and repositioned itself upwards. His chest expanded into a pair of beautiful round boobs, almost as big as the blonde's. He shrank about two sizes as he managed to shoot a glance at the dog, who just sat there as if nothing was wrong. "You little dick" was all Stan managed to say before his face began changing. His face contorted to a womanly shape while his vocal cords grew higher. His eyes became larger and turned a beautiful shade of blue as black makeup appeared below them. His nose shrank as his lips became slimmer and more feminine. His hair turned a deep shade of purple with pink streaks and grew down to his thighs. His now too large clothing reformed into a black Lolita dress while his socks stretched out into a pair of blue and black stockings. A blue bow materialized over his head while his tennis shoes morphed into black pumps. Thoughts of sex and sweets began to cloud Stan's mind before he finally collapsed unconscious onto the floor.
  37. "Hey, wake up, bitch! We didn't take the night off from ghost hunting so you could laze around!" Panty yelled, kicking her sister awake.
  39. "Sorry, guess I dozed off." Stocking said, getting up off the floor and grabbing her cat plushy.
  41. "Now stop fooling around, that party starts in like, five minutes." Panty said with her hands on her voluptuous hips. "Come on, Chuck, let's go." The green dog chirped his name in an affirmative tone and rushed towards the door waiting for the two girls.
  43. "Thank god there aren't any ghosts tonight," Stocking sighed with relief. "I haven't had sex in days!"
  45. "Yeah, me neither" Panty agreed.
  47. "I hope to God they have sweets there!" Stocking chimed.
  49. "Is food all you ever think about?" Panty questioned sarcastically.
  51. "Oh, fuck off!" Stocking scoffed. "Let's just go to that party, get hammered, and find some guys who'll screw us."
  53. As the sisters and their dog were about to leave, Panty leaned seductively towards her gothic companion. "You know, who ever said it had to be guys?" she mused in a flirtatious tone. Stocking stood there, befuddled by her bimbo sister who was drawing increasingly closer towards her.
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