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  1.    41/318 M:242/379 V:174/218 XP:11111891 C:->
  2. eq
  3. You are using:
  4. <worn on finger>     tiger's eye ring
  5. <worn on finger>     a carved wooden ring..It has a soft glowing aura!
  6. <worn on body>       an enchanted elven chainmail shirt
  7. <worn on head>       crown of the quickling king
  8. <worn on legs>       a pair of bronze leggings
  9. <worn on feet>       a pair of leather boots
  10. <worn on hands>      a pair of gold-trimmed gloves
  11. <worn on arms>       silver arm bands
  12. <worn as shield>     an armadillo shell
  13. <worn about body>    a white silk robe
  14. <worn about waist>   a scaled belt
  15. <worn around wrist>  a shiny charm
  16. <worn around wrist>  a shiny charm
  17. <held>               a book of knowledge..It has a soft glowing aura!
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