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Gadgetzan Nights

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  1. >"Greetings from Gadgetzan!"
  2. >The exaggerated text on the illustration yells at you in front of the sandy background.
  3. >The rounded buildings sit there on the flats of what seems to be a tiny town.
  4. >You lower the postcard picture from your face; trying to match up any features on it versus the vista directly ahead.
  5. >The main entrance to the city is gargantuan with lights shining along multi-culturally inspired architecture against the moonlit sky.
  6. >The silence between you and your Uncle were broken even a couple miles away as the hustle and bustle of the city drowned out Tanaris' barren lands.
  7. "Are you sure this is Gadgetzan, Uncle Chen?"
  8. >"Yes Li Li, but it appears that they've added some things since the last time I was here. Including customs."
  9. >The series of Goblins running security by the gate give collective nods to a each other.
  10. >A big thumbs up allows the caravan in front of you to enter under the sandstone arch.
  11. >A duo of goblins waltz up to you both while Chen speaks up. "Ah hello there! We're both-"
  12. >"Pandaren." Interrupts the leftward figure barely shorter than you.
  13. >The one on the right blurts out. "Yarp. Don't get a whole lot of your kind around here. State yer business."
  14. "Family matters. Just visiting."
  15. >The armed ogre brusier closer to the gate shuffles in place when hearing this.
  16. >"Mmmhm okay yeah sure. Put yer stuff on the table."
  17. >Chen shrugs and motions for you to hand over your satchel. "Why so cautious over a couple of travelers?"
  18. >"Family matters right?" The left guard loops around your waist and checks your jug full of brew.
  19. "Hey!"
  20. >You yank it from his grasp.
  21. "What next? A pat-down?."
  22. >He trades you an annoyed look. "Only other pandaren 'round here tend to flock around the Jade Lotus."
  23. >A squeaky voice from behind spooks you. "But I'm sure you knew that."
  24. >You and Chen look over your shoulders to look down at a gnome with sirens for shoulders and glowing blue eyes.
  26. >"Name's Sergeant Sally and I have a lot on my plate so if I have to deal with you, I'm not taking any shortcuts."
  27. >You sit there with your mouth open while Chen scoffs. "We're only here to catch up on some history."
  28. >She points to her eyes then to yours with a frown.
  29. >The goblins seem satisfied enough with the passthrough of your bags, hand them over, and set you on the way into the city.
  30. >It only took a few steps in to realize just how busy the streets are.
  31. >Every alleyway has either some sort of crowd gathering or rotating gears powering loud contraptions.
  32. >Booths on each side sell all sorts of assortments from foreign food to crude weapons.
  33. >Customers ranging from Arakkoa to Tauren bargain in lines even as the moon reaches its highest.
  34. >You strap on the final latch of your gear and make sure your staff is in arms reach.
  35. >Chen struts forward looking for the nearest tavern, as always.
  36. >"Do you remember what I wrote to you about this place?"
  37. "That it was a frontier for technology and innovation in the middle of nowhere?"
  38. >"Does that still seem like the case?"
  39. "Uh hello? I thought you were the expert. Of course. I don't even know what half of this stuff can do but that doesn't stop it from being cool."
  40. >You spot a giant neon sign with an arrow glowing red that reads 'MAPS'.
  41. "This one seems kind of obvious though."
  42. >Slamming down on the big red button causes a rush of wind to siphon through a connected glass pipe.
  43. >A scroll of paper spears through to the end of the tube with a plop.
  44. >Grabbing it gives you a scale of what you got yourself into.
  45. "How are we supposed to find Aya in here? This is like half as big as Stormwind!"
  46. >Chen points to a nearby restaurant.
  47. >"Well that seems like a good place to start."
  48. >The architecture and decor has elements of Pandaria but it's mixed with all sorts of other bits.
  49. "Grub n' Brew?"
  50. >"A good journey always starts with both!"
  52. >You take one last look to marvel at the culture shock given by the city as Chen pushes through the door.
  53. >Orange lights from pandaren styled fixtures flood your eyes.
  54. >You almost trip over a couple of cats that weave around your legs out the door.
  55. >Chen chuckles as a human kid skirts past and chases after them screaming what you guess is slang.
  56. >"Interesting layout, don't you agree Li Li? Feels like home."
  57. "Yeah. It does."
  58. >The whole building is one open room full of all walks of life.
  59. >The bar style itself is mostly pandaren but the aroma of food escaping the kitchen behind it is uniquely tantalizing.
  60. >A voice rises above the rest. "Oh! Hi there!"
  61. >You twist up to the balcony of the second floor that looms over half the restaurant.
  62. >"Well don't just stand there, go find a seat. We'll be with you in a second."
  63. >The pandaren girl that seems around your age disappears back into waitressing.
  64. >Chen has no issue doing just that as he chooses a round table near one already full of rowdy dwarves.
  65. >You pull up a smaller chair that isn't meant for an ogre and plop down to take in the atmosphere.
  66. "...Still haven't told me why we're really here."
  67. >"I told you I would tell in time. Well, apparently time moves faster than I thought."
  68. >Chen laughs at his own dumb humor while you patiently roll your eyes to help deal with his bullshit.
  69. >"It is quite simple. We are here to sell our brew. The Blackpaws have reached out for a contract. Naturally, we came personally to set up the agreement."
  70. >Of course. Chen is still tied to the family business after all.
  71. >The waitress rushes down the nearby stairs and greets you. "Welcome! I'm Miau. Are you guys from Pandaria?"
  72. "Shen-zin Su, actually. You?"
  73. >"Same! Well... Kinda. My parents bailed off that turtle a couple generations before everyone settled down too hard."
  74. >Suddenly a crash of plates from the kitchen makes Miau jerk. "Hold that thought, I gotta help my sister."
  76. >She starts off but then shuffles back. "Forgot the menu. Here." Then makes her way back past the troll bartender.
  77. >You grab the menu and immediately slam down on your favorite go-to pandaren noodles.
  78. >That's when you see Chen was not characteristically looking at the menu.
  79. "Problem?"
  80. >He strokes his chin "Have you ever seen a pandaren larger than me, Li Li?"
  81. "Father has got to have like twenty stouts on you. So yeah, definitely."
  82. >"Yes but bigger than that?" He gestures with his eyebrows over to a hulking armor-laden pandaren.
  83. "Uhhh. No."
  84. >You're shocked that you didn't notice him walking in.
  85. >Then you see how he was striding with nearly no noise despite the weight.
  86. >The rest of the restaurant ignores his appearance as he makes his way behind a neat decorative waterfall near the corner bar.
  87. >You raise your voice over the clattering of mugs from the dwarves.
  88. "This city has everything so far. I mean look at the food! What the heck is a Kezan Kerfuffle?"
  89. >The waitress returns during your attempts at deciphering the rest of the food... with a higher voice?
  90. >"Sorry about the wait."
  91. >You notice something odd after looking up from the stylized menu.
  92. "Did you just change your hair?"
  93. >She grins wildly. "Nah. That was my brother. We're twins."
  94. >Chen cocks an eyebrow. "Brother? But he looks just like you?"
  95. >She laughs. "Hehe yeah.. It's a running bet to see how many people we can trick; he hates it and I'm winning. Name's Mei by the way. What can I get for you?"
  96. >Chen beats you to it. "I'll take the Kezan Kerfuffle."
  97. >You sigh.
  98. "Chef's noddles for me."
  99. >Mei sketches that down then takes a seat next to you. "So you're Chen and Li Li, right?"
  100. >You and your Uncle exchange glances in confusion until he says "How did you guess?"
  101. >Her eyes dart to the waterfall the large pandaren disappeared behind.
  102. >Finally answering, "I know you because White Eyes does. He's the boss around here. Told me to give you this."
  104. >She reaches into her pocket and tosses a stone being on the table.
  105. >It recovers with a lively bounce then sits there idly facing her.
  106. >You make it out to be similar to the spirits on Pandaria but you've never seen a green one of this design before.
  107. >"This is my jade spirit. I just got him so I don't have a name for it yet. It should guide you to the Blackpaw mansion."
  108. >The spirit makes a muffled yet chirpy cheer-like sound.
  109. >Your uncle leans back. "Ah that is great! We will head out right after grub."
  110. >"Actually..." Mei leans in to your shoulder. "You guys should head out now. It's getting to that time of night when the Kabal start doing weird stuff."
  111. "What kind of weird stuff?"
  112. >A subtle rumbling cascades through the floor of the restaurant quickly followed by a roar of thunder, making the denizens simmer down to a collective call of "come on" and "really?"
  113. >Mei pokes your chest to grab your attention. "Bombs and stuff. They don't take too kindly to us." She stresses that last part with a shitfaced grin.
  114. "Alright Uncle Chen, lets go. We'll ask the Blackpaws for food."
  115. >Chen gets up but lazily twists around to Mei. "And you're sure it's safe to go out right now?"
  116. >She laughs and gestures around to the inhabitants of the bar who are arming themselves, taking one last glance at the waterfall in the corner. "You'll be fine."
  117. >You strap your staff next to your backpack and reach down to carry the jade spirit when it nimbly hops into the collar of your shirt.
  118. "Whoa! What?"
  119. >It nuzzles it's way down your tunic, hiding itself propped up above your belt.
  120. >Mei snickers. "Hehe, it likes to sneak around. Looks like you have a lot of room in there."
  121. >Sheepishly trying to nudge it out makes you look stupid so you just deal with it.
  122. "It's just a baggy tunic!"
  123. >She saunters off. "Whatever you say." Then starts yelling orders to her brother.
  124. >You follow Chen out the door to a scene unchanged from when you came in.
  126. "Alright little green guy, where are we going?"
  127. >The cute spirit pokes out of your collar on your left shoulder and vibrates himself, strengthening his luminescence.
  128. >"I am going to assume he means left, Li Li."
  129. "Not a bad guess."
  130. >You make your way through several blocks of twists and turns, each guided by a hidden vibration that is getting too close to personal bubble territory.
  131. >A group of chatting shaman show off their latest totems near a streetlight.
  132. >Meanwhile a group of hozen face off against mantid in some sort of ball game.
  133. >They all largely disregard your presence as you stroll down the alleyways beside your uncle.
  134. >Every now and then you'll get a sparkle of their weapons glinting in your eyes from the moonlight under their variously ornate clothing.
  135. >After walking past a tavern, you hear a goblin yell "And stay out!"
  136. >A tumbling tauren crashes out of the swinging doors with his orc friend following behind with a worg at his side.
  137. >They take no time berating the goblin then stomp off in your direction.
  138. >Uncle Chen pipes up "That was quite the crash, friends. Are you okay?"
  139. >The orc dusts himself off and aggressively says "Hnf, like you care, pandaren. Move."
  140. >He shoves past your uncle then bumps into you.
  141. >Not seeing that coming, you trip over a wood plank and fall into a pile of sandy mud.
  142. "Agh what the fuck!?"
  143. >The orc and tauren laugh but the worg stays behind and starts sniffing you.
  144. >They whistle over Chen's unheard complaints. "Bashka, come!"
  145. >The jade spirit vibrates uncontrollably on your chest as you try to shove the worg's muzzle off your body.
  146. >Chen moves in closer.
  147. >Starting to get even more pissed, you start kicking at it.
  148. >The tauren elbows his friend and starts laughing at your predicament.
  149. >That's when the green thing pokes out of your vest glowing a loud chant.
  150. >"Hey! They're Jade Lotus!" The orc snaps into seriousness and draws a blackjack.
  152. >Everyone freezes.
  153. "Jade what?"
  154. >The tauren backs off, eyeing down Chen.
  155. >You reach for your staff, confused as to everything that's happening.
  156. >The worg flashes its fangs.
  157. >Then it just drops.
  158. >Its prone body slams into the ground splashing mud into your face.
  159. >You wipe dirt off your eyes just in time to see the other offenders drop to the ground.
  160. >That's when you feel a prick in your leg.
  161. >You pull out the spirit in one hand and use the other to feel around your leg.
  162. >Pluck.
  163. >A dart was punctured through your pants.
  164. "Seriously?"
  165. >Almost immediately you feel woozy.
  166. >From high up you hear voices. "You botched it!"
  167. >"No I didn't miss; that was you!"
  168. >A worried Chen kneels down, notices the dart in your paw, and facepalms. "Looks like it is just sedative."
  169. >A couple of figures jump down from the rooftops.
  170. >Chen relaxes. "I saw you two following us. You are both terrible shots."
  171. >The last thing you feel is the spirit rustling our of your paw and into your pants.
  172. >And the last thing you hear is the two figures bickering over who screwed up and Chen laying down dumb sayings.
  174. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  175. >Bzz
  176. >...
  177. >Bzzz
  178. >Flopped on your stomach, your body moves on its own.
  179. >Bzzzz
  180. >Your hips dig into something rough while your head presses down on something soft.
  181. >Bzzzzz
  182. >Stimulation spikes under your waist.
  183. >BZZZZ
  184. >Gasping, your eyes jut open to a flash of light.
  185. >Your senses wake up to a weirdly good feeling.
  186. >Your face rolls over a small soaked spot on a pillow.
  187. >Half of your muzzle is matted down with drool mixed with dirt.
  188. >"Ah. You're awake." Chen's voice rolls over the room.
  189. >Kneeling next to the couch, he curiously stares into your eyes.
  190. >"Hmm. Abnormal pupil dilation? Aya, is that normal for the sedative's effects?"
  191. >A pandaren leans against the decorative doorway.
  192. >She doesn't even look much older than you.
  193. >"Normally it shouldn't but it has strange effects on some. Though we keep personal testing on ourselves limited."
  194. >She sounds different. Almost with a unique accent.
  195. >You flop over to get a better look.
  196. >A silent pulsing on your lower lips break your twist half way.
  197. >It finally snaps, you've been edging while unconscious.
  198. >Your mind races remembering the jade spirit.
  199. >It rustles in the corner of your spacious pocket struggling against the fabric vibrating on your sensitive nethers.
  200. >Reaching into the pocket, you grab it in your paw.
  201. >Sliding it out slathers some wet fabric up your bare leg.
  202. >Definitely not mud.
  203. >Chen chortles. "So that's where it must have gone! I thought it had ran off."
  204. >Bzzz
  205. >The joyfully chiming gem stops dancing in your grasp.
  206. >Aya eyes you suspiciously, watching you tug at your muddy pants trying to break the stickiness from your fur.
  207. >A humorous yet sly smile creeps up on a corner of her maw.
  208. >When she snaps, the jade spirit loses its illumination and lies dormant. "Poor thing. Seems it was scared after your little encounter. Pathetic. I'll scrap him for parts later. How are you feeling Li Li"
  209. >You could feel the embarrassment rushing to your head while your body recovers from nearly cumming.
  211. >She doesn't realize right?
  212. >How could she know?
  213. "Fine! Totally a-okay. Didn't even hurt. Wasn't scared at all. Nope."
  214. >You noticeably fake the enthusiasm trying to cover up the fact that you're disheveled as fuck.
  215. >Chen pushes up off his knees. "That is great to hear. I had to carry you the rest of the way following the pandaren that shot you.".
  216. >He elbows Aya. "It is a good thing she's not too heavy. There are too many times where I have to lift her drunk self out of a bar."
  217. >Aya rounds around the room's center desk. "A lightweight too? Cute."
  218. >Cute?
  219. "Uncle stop lying. What else did your fat ass blurt out?"
  220. >"Oh nothing." Aya opens up a drawer and grabs a key. "This is the key to your room. We're tight on space so you'll both have to share one."
  221. "Where are we anyway?"
  222. >"Why you're in none other than my own mansion!" She shifts her weight onto the other hip. "Well, museum I guess. A bit of both."
  223. >Looking around the room reveals a glossy marble floor ordained with exotic carpets with the rest of the room focused on vista paintings.
  224. >"Chen, you and I have much to discuss but you've come a long way so we'll leave the bulk of the business for tomorrow... Zook!"
  225. >A hozen dressed as a butler walks through the door.
  226. >"Please show Li Li to her room then the bathhouse." She gives you the key and smudges your scrunched up nose. "No offense, but you look like crap."
  227. >She wipes some of the mud from her finger onto her blackened jade robes and approaches Chen. "Shall we get a brief start on the deal?"
  228. >Chen nods and sets up on the desk.
  229. >Despite the blatant insult, you can't help but grin and stare at the floor as you follow the goofy looking hozen out of the room.
  230. >You enter what seems to be a lobby.
  231. >A group of jinyu walk along carrying a crate of rattling weapons.
  232. >The butler mentions backwards. "Nameuh Zook. Follow, don't get lost."
  233. >You do just that but take in the aesthetic of the museum and how it clashes with the goblin furnishings of a mansion.
  235. "What's with the uniform?"
  236. >"Aya orders. First Zook think it stupid and big waste of jiba dookin' time but Zook like it now."
  237. >You stop at a door near the end of a corridor lit by electric goblin lights.
  238. >Zook opens the door. "Take."
  239. >He hands you a green striped black robe. "Leave clothes. Zook be back, busy things. Will ook them clean later. Bathhouse round corner."
  240. "Wait, you're gonna do what?"
  241. >He just keeps hopping away ignoring you.
  242. >Perusing around the modest bedroom leaves you marveling at the d├ęcor.
  243. >A bowl of grapes catch your eye first on the coffee table near the couch.
  244. >Until you realize they're fake.
  245. >A gust of wind pushes curtains out of the way and you realize there's a balcony attached to the room.
  246. >Staring outside, you see the moon is high up in the sky but the city is still lively and lit as ever.
  247. >Even from several floors up you can see the nightly activities of salespeople, partygoers, and what you guess are gangs.
  248. >All of that and you can't even get some food yet.
  249. >Annoyed, you finally pay attention to the physical mess you're in.
  250. "Guess he wanted me to swap?"
  251. >You begin untying your dirt ridden clothes, stripping them off over your head and down your legs, and toss your gear into the corner of the room near the giant bed.
  252. >Looking in a mirror was a pain but it made you realize just how horny you were when you woke up.
  253. "Great."
  254. >You untie the silky red hairband to let your clumpy hair dangle down your shoulders.
  255. >Worried your Uncle would barge in, you immediately wrap the robe around you, paying too much attention to the touch of its gentle silk rub against your nipples.
  256. >You wander back outside and immediately find the entrance to the bathhouse.
  257. "Woah."
  258. >Walking in, your steps turn into patters against a tile floor as you're greeted with a giant pool and a set of smaller... hot tubs?
  259. >The tall ceiling is held up by a few thick pillars connected by arches.
  261. >The herbal aroma of the room invades your nose making relaxation wash over you.
  262. >Several bottles of soap are laid across a wooden shelf.
  263. >You grab one at random and pick a smaller pool in the far corner.
  264. >Letting the robe fall to the ground, you just now notice the golden inlays on the black textile shimmer against the light emitting from glass art fixtures.
  265. >Brushing off the fancy daze of this whole situation, you slowly dip your naked body into the pool letting the warmth clean off the dirt.
  266. >The dirty water magically whisks away and is replaced by fresh bubbly water coming from streams along the sides of the room.
  267. >After scrubbing under your fur for a solid several minutes you take a peek over at the entrance.
  268. >Middle of the night...
  269. >No one would be here right?
  270. >You pop open the bottle and squirt some viscous teal gel on your paw.
  271. >Relaxing in the pool's corner, that paw finds its way down and slips a couple of fingers around your labia.
  272. >Already feeling amazing, you slip one in and rub your walls while your other paw massages your clit.
  273. >The seconds roll on as you start sliding your back and head against the marble walls while breathing heavily.
  274. >A click that echoes through the bathhouse knocks you out of a stupor.
  275. "Eep!"
  276. >You snap a glance over to the entrance to see Aya hovering over the soap shelf.
  277. >A splash rings through the room as you cross your arms over your chest when she approaches your corner.
  278. >"Well you look comfortable. Mind if I join?"
  279. "Uhhh."
  280. >"Cool." She starts undoing her clothes she was wearing earlier.
  281. >Right above you.
  282. >You turn and avert your eyes, moving to where more bubbles are gathered.
  283. >The water displaces when she dips in.
  284. >Her hand grabs the bottle in your peripheral. "I didn't know you were so adventurous. Picking the mint lube? That's not even soap."
  285. >A surprising tingling on your vulva steals your attention.
  286. "O-oh. Well good thing I didn't use it yet. Haha."
  287. >Shit.
  289. >Aya butts on around in front of you.
  290. >Being a bit taller, her breasts are just above the water level.
  291. >"Why so shy? Doesn't Pandaria have bathhouses too?"
  292. "Only a couple."
  293. >"Well don't be bashful. You know what people say; both girls anyway?"
  294. "I don't think anyone has said that. Like ever. It's not even catchy."
  295. >You cautiously replace the crossing of your arms with a cross of your legs, trying to stifle the minty burn in your thigh gap.
  296. >Aya pops open her own bottle of shampoo and squeezes a load onto her hair then gestures at your rack.
  297. >Or the lack-there-of.
  298. >"I didn't know you were that kind of a lightweight. Must hide it under all that gear."
  299. >You roll your eyes.
  300. "Yeah good one. Never heard that before. I just like baggy clothes alright?"
  301. >The bubbles that aren't from her shampoo begin to magically whisk away letting you sneak peeks at her toned pear figure.
  302. >Not helping.
  303. >It takes every bit of willpower to not reach down and prod at your sting, especially now that Aya's so close.
  304. >... Why is she so close?
  305. >"Sorry about the whole jade spirit thing. They don't know how to behave."
  306. >Aya's tone of voice changes.
  307. >"I knew where it was. Aaannd what it was doing. But it looked like you needed some beauty sleep."
  308. >You stare at her, confused.
  309. >"Nah I'm just joking! I left it in your pants because you were moaning and loving every second of it."
  310. >Your mouth goes agape at a loss of words. Trying to find any excuse.
  311. >Cold, soapy drips from her drenched purple-streaked hair fall on and around your areolas.
  312. >"Your uncle's too easy. A little poking and he told me quite a bit about you."
  313. >"Adventurous." She grabs your shoulders.
  314. >"Adorable." You get turned around, arms now resting on the edge of the pool.
  315. >"Experimental." A knee invades between your closed legs, pushing them aside a little.
  316. >You look over your shoulder with a nervous desperation straight into her humored violet eyes.
  317. >"Chen's a little dumb though. He just thought you were having a bad dream."
  318. "Ahh..-Aya?"
  320. >Her knee gently presses straight up onto your loins.
  321. >Her thigh's underwater fur brushes along the entire area in waves, tickling everything more than it already was.
  322. >The familiar pop of the shampoo is followed by a caressing rubdown of your shoulders.
  323. >You hang your head low practically seething through your teeth.
  324. "It's, uh, my first time with a... with you. I dunno what I'm supposed toAHH!"
  325. >A slippery paw tugs on your stubby tail causing your hips to buck forward pushing further into Aya's thigh.
  326. >"Didn't your Uncle tell you it's rude to interrupt?"
  327. >You can't do it.
  328. >You can't take the teasing anymore.
  329. >So your body takes over to start grinding against Aya.
  330. >"Anyway, that jade spirit you had was an idiot. I'll have to get Mei a new one."
  331. >Your arms begin giving up on holding you.
  332. >Most of your weight ends up onto her leg.
  333. >You manage a reply through heavy breaths.
  334. "You're going to scrap the little guy? W-what's that mean?"
  335. >She continues massaging your back by scrubbing deep down under your fur.
  336. >The minty stimulation fades off to leave more focusing on the pure pleasure of Aya scratching at your skin.
  337. >Her reply was something about the spirit being transferred and gems being recycled.
  338. >All hopes of keeping up this side conversation dies out.
  339. >The only thing you can think about is getting off.
  340. >Which is so close to happening as the pressure of the friction builds.
  341. >Aya tilts your head with a finger toward her own, now reaching around your side.
  342. >Your eyes fixate on her curvy chest with her strange grin in your peripheral.
  343. >She quickly kisses you on the lips then pushes on your back, floating away in the water while you catch yourself with sore arms.
  344. >Both your mouth and clit want more as you catch your breath.
  345. >You peer down into the water at your pinkish tinted sex.
  346. "Why'd you stop!?"
  347. >You reach down with your own paw to rub the rest out.
  348. >"Wait up, Li Li."
  349. >You freeze, watching her contemplate something.
  351. >She wades off through the water then calls out "Hey! Zook!"
  352. >A puff of smoke pops behind you near a pillar and the butler hozen appears through it.
  353. "Gah!"
  354. >"Clear out the halls to my room. We're feeling like a brisk walk."
  355. "We are?"
  356. >Aya climbs up the pool stairs with excessive seductive use of the railing.
  357. >You get a perfect view of her white matted ass being yanked out of the water in contrast to the rest of her gray backside.
  358. >Her kempt mound is presented in the same fashion when she bends over grabbing a set of towels from a bamboo rack.
  359. >She turns to catch your gaze knowing damn well about all the forms of wet you are suffering.
  360. >Your stomach randomly growls heading the same way.
  361. >"Woooow. Horny and hungry? So needy." Her sarcastic remark playfully relieves the casual nudity as she tosses you a lavender smelling robe.
  362. >"Have food ready in my room too."
  363. >The butler bows. "Zook ook food real good." Then pops out of existence in the same mist that never faded.
  364. >"Isn't he just the best?"
  365. "I've never seen a hozen so civilized."
  366. >"Meh. It took him a while to figure it out but he owes me."
  367. >You wrap the robe around but Aya just actively uses it to dry her hair off while walking out the door.
  368. "Alrighty then."
  369. >Aya strolls naked along the halls while you skip-step past the trail of drips to her side.
  370. >Which was totally not a reason to try and steal glances of her boobs bouncing as she dries the rest of her body off.
  371. >"Ignore all the weird paintings. It's all trashy goblin aesthetic. The renovations are taking fooreeever. I had the bathhouse done first for obvious reasons."
  372. >Each weave around the corners gives a whole new environment from a lobby, armory, and even closed exhibits of Tanaris artifacts.
  373. >A giant pair of inactive golems creeps you out as you pass in between them.
  374. "Aya, how did you get the jade magic? What does it even do? How?"
  375. >"That is a long story for another time sister."
  377. >She throws the used towel on the spear of one of the golems and patters on along the stained wooden floor.
  378. >As she drones on more about the mansion, you take the chance to utilize an arm encased in the full body fabric.
  379. >A couple of fingers slide along your muff.
  380. >A strand of watery mixed grool sticks.
  381. >"-just up these stairs. Li Li? Li Li!"
  382. >You snap out of your own little world almost walking into a wall.
  383. >"You can't be that tired..." She stop and grabs a chunk of your towel. "You just woke up after all~"
  384. "No! It's just cold is all!"
  385. >You keep it tied as she tries to get you naked.
  386. >"Pfft sure." She dives in for a quick kiss on the nose which breaks your balance.
  387. >The towel is ripped off and the first thing Aya sees is the strand of lewd linking to your fingers.
  388. >"Eager much? I told you to wait, silly. Gosh no self control."
  389. "Self control!? But you and the teasing and the knee and-"
  390. >She turns and saunters up the stairs. "Let's go, food's waiting."
  391. >Now entirely air drying, you stomp imprints into the carpeted stairs.
  392. >The feeling of freely being bare in an open house like this stops you from even remotely trying to cover up your cold erect nipples.
  393. >Aya stops at a set of double doors three times your height lit by orange pandaren styled light fixtures.
  394. >"Welcome to the Blackpaw Estate."
  395. >She swings them wide open revealing a magnificent room centered on a floor table laying in the middle filled with stouts and plates of... boar?
  396. >You sniff stepping in.
  397. >Definitely boar.
  398. >Having to stop yourself from salivating, Aya gleefully takes a seat with crisscrossed legs on a pillow.
  399. >"Dig in!"
  400. >You didn't need permission.
  401. >In between bites of grapes, strawberries, and deliciously seasoned meat Aya asks "You wouldn't want to wake up your Uncle in the other room right? Wanna sleep here?"
  402. >Wide eyed from the blatant implication, you nod like a gullible moron.
  404. >"Figured. You know, Li Li, I've heard a lot about you. Even before Chen's blurts."
  405. >You look up from her legs with half of a strawberry leaking from your maw onto your lower body.
  406. >She twirls chopsticks between her dexterous fingers amused at your accidental cuteness.
  407. "Like what?"
  408. >"Finding Pandaria, helping Ironforge, being the right hand of the Grandmaster. Very admirable."
  409. >You blush.
  410. >"Some of that even went toward developing Gadgetzan business. You may not know it but you've indirectly been a great deal of assistance to me."
  411. "I dunno what to say, Aya. Life is an adventure and mine never stops."
  412. >"A fine thing to live by. So how did Zook do?"
  413. >There's too much food to finish off.
  414. >The last thing you want is to fall into a food coma.
  415. "Too freaking amazing. The brew's fine but lacking."
  416. >"That's why I need you guys. Keeping a clan happy requires the best stuff."
  417. >For the first time, Aya appears fidgety. "Turns out you're the best."
  418. >Even with the beer the whole meal is sobering and pulls you out of fatigue.
  419. >Thinking it's out of place, you don't inquire about the Jade Lotus.
  420. >Mainly because you thoroughly take in Aya's bare body again causing the lower pressure to come back.
  421. >She notices your dire stare.
  422. >"Anyway. Allow me to show my appreciation."
  423. >You take a long swig to finish off the brew as Aya shoves food to the side.
  424. >A hiccup lodges in your throat when she surprises you by crawling forward across the ground's flowery carved table.
  425. >She pushes on your collarbone, making you fall onto your back against the pillow.
  426. >Following your fall, she meets you at the bottom then plants a tender kiss on the lips.
  427. >Her larger breasts make contact with your drying ones.
  428. >Her tongue pushes your lips apart and starts to play around with your inexperience; especially with girls.
  429. >You catch air through moans and wrap your arms around her torso exploring her body.
  430. >Her shoulders nudge a bit as she slides a paw in between her lower body and yours.
  432. >A foreign finger slips into your still lubed pussy.
  433. >You gasp through Aya's mouth.
  434. >It feels completely different versus your own and you love it.
  435. >She rhythmically fingers you while rubbing your clit at the same time with her lower body.
  436. >The weight of her body moving around on top of you brushes her boobs up against your nipples.
  437. >Seconds later you're panting and pressing your arms further into Aya's body.
  438. >She notices but keeps the same agonizingly slow pace after sliding in two fingers at once.
  439. >Your legs tense up and you cross your feet along her right leg.
  440. >A wave of ecstasy spikes through your cunt to your head as you drive your hips into her grasp.
  441. >Aya bites down on your lower lip through your quivering.
  442. >Vision gets blurry as you orgasm.
  443. >After riding it out, you go slack and Aya stops the movements.
  444. >She hovers above your body, bent over on knees leaning on her arms placed beside your ears.
  445. "I.. I came."
  446. >She giggles. "I can tell."
  447. >You use a splayed out arm to take a paw full of one of her boobs right in front of your face.
  448. "So much better..."
  449. >You peek down through your recovering state to see Aya's own visible excitement.
  450. >She jumps up, grabs your arm, and pulls you up to stand.
  451. >The unexpected headrush makes you tumble into her arms.
  452. >"Comon, this will be way more comfortable."
  453. >She pulls you past a logistics map on the wall of Gadgetzan.
  454. >Past an armor stand dressed with an armored version of the outfit Aya wore earlier tied to a whip like weapon.
  455. >Then ending up in another room lit by candles surrounded by jade decorations.
  456. >She thrusts yourself past her.
  457. >You flop through red curtains onto the giant bed into what might be the softest sheets your face has ever touched.
  458. >Your stomach feels like you're sinking into a blackened cloud.
  459. >The feeling is interrupted by a slathering of your labia.
  460. >You arch your neck up in shock.
  461. >Looking under your raised front, you are rewarded with seeing Aya eating you out.
  463. >She tosses strands of her hair aside and places a paw on your lifted ass.
  464. >Then shoves it back into the bed. "Relax~"
  465. >The same tongue that was playing with yours earlier goes back to lap up the wetness.
  466. >You try to keep yourself from drooling a bit on the sheets but you can't keep your tilted mouth closed.
  467. >Aya spreads your asscheeks to get a taste of your inner walls.
  468. >Your cunt isn't even sore from earlier.
  469. >It's just simply asking for more.
  470. >The licking stops.
  471. >A drawer is opened then shut.
  472. >The mattress sinks in more.
  473. >"You know, my magic has a ton of applications." Aya comments above you.
  474. >Something rough presses into where she was tonguing.
  475. >The coldness contrasts with the global warming in your pussy as it opens your tight walls.
  476. >You grit as what you assume is a toy stops just a short length in your opening.
  477. >"You managed to find out the one I love the most."
  478. >She snaps.
  479. >And it starts vibrating slower than the other one was.
  480. >You close your eyes in a state of bliss.
  481. >Aya starts kneading your back in a massage.
  482. >She sets a pattern from your shoulders to your hips wrapping around the sides of your body.
  483. >"Speaking of my magic, I'll find some way to punish you if you tell anyone about it."
  484. >The tempo shifts to a sensual groping.
  485. >"You wouldn't tell anyone, would you Li Li?"
  486. >You moan some kind of response.
  487. >"That's what I wanna hear." She moves down, straddling your butt.
  488. >She squeezes it together, making your walls subtly push down on the vibrations.
  489. >You spasm on a wave of electricity jutting through your nethers.
  490. >"Almost there already?"
  491. >Your moans turned squeaky.
  492. >With her knees still on both sides of your legs, she pulls on your right hip to splay you over so you can stare up getting a great view.
  493. >A trail of juices traveled down Aya's left thigh as your eyes fixate on her bare dripping self.
  494. >She takes one thumb and twirls it around your areola.
  495. >The other thumb pushes the dildo slightly more in then slightly out.
  497. "Y-yeah I'm right on the edge. A-ah I don't think-"
  498. >You paws reach forward to squeeze into Aya's kneeling thighs.
  499. >Your knees raise then topple over to the sides, giving her more clearance.
  500. >The shllps of the gem-like toy grow more intense and it slides against your walls
  501. >Aya's gropes on your chest get overridden by the familiar creeping orgasm.
  502. >Throwing your head back, you get tangled within your rarely unkempt and untied hair.
  503. >The buzzing drowns out.
  504. >You cum hard.
  505. >Way harder than before.
  506. >Your legs tremble and you push your paws deeper into Aya's thighs.
  507. >The world comes back when the toy slips out of your sensitive sex.
  508. >A quiet squelching sound permeates through your puffing for air.
  509. >You open your eyes to Aya fondling her breasts using the same toy on herself.
  510. >Your aftermath mixed with her own passion lubes up her labia while she hotdogs it.
  511. >"You're such a beautiful mess."
  512. >The excess liquid shakes off the dildo and streams onto your pussy.
  513. "How pent up are you??"
  514. >"A shit ton. Thanks for asking!"
  515. >She snaps the gem off then lays down next to you on her stomache.
  516. "If you wanted me to, I could.. uh..?"
  517. >"I'm not stopping you. My shoulders are killing me."
  518. >You get up on your knees dodging around the wet spots on the sheets to mount the gorgeous figure the same way she mantled you.
  519. >The lewd butterflies wear off as other muscles wake up.
  520. >Thankfully Uncle Chen taught you how to message like a god.
  521. >You relieve some of Aya's knots in her shoulders trying to ignore the dampness seeping down your thighs.
  522. >"You should have seen White Eyes at the restaurant, right?"
  523. "Was he the pandaren bigger than my Uncle? How'd you know we were there?"
  524. >"Secrets are as much as a resource as they are a trade so I won't tell you. But yeah, he's that big guy."
  525. "What about him?"
  527. >"He's good and useful for a ton of things... but being a body double might be his best."
  528. "Body double?"
  529. >"Like a decoy. Not many know that I'm the boss around here. Kinda easy since he leads the storehouse hits and stuff like that." She trails off.
  530. >"Anyway what I'm trying to say is that he doesn't know how to make a girl feel-"
  531. >You hit a hard knot.
  532. >"Mph~ like that."
  533. >She lets out a drawn out sigh. "And you are really handsy. Go lower."
  534. >You go down to the back of her ribs and knead around.
  535. "There?"
  536. >"Lower."
  537. >Your paws trickle down to her cute tail snub.
  538. >"Keep going." She coos.
  539. >Timid grips focus on her butt.
  540. >It's as soft as the sheets brushing against your legs.
  541. >You redden through apprehensive fur taking in how her body molds to your pressure.
  542. >"Lowerrr" She practically purrs.
  543. >You freeze after ending up on her puffy vulva.
  544. >Aya grabs a pillow to rest her head while crossing her arms under it.
  545. "This is all, ahh, super new to me? Sorry."
  546. >"We got aaalll night."
  547. >One paw presses down on an asscheek while the other explores new territory.
  548. >You softly slide two fingers along her moist slit.
  549. >Undoing her juicy seal, the teasing finally slips inside only for a second.
  550. >You compare the touch of her wet folds with your own then get absorbed rubbing deeper around her walls.
  551. >While you enjoy the warmth, Aya shudders under what you guess is a plow of indulgence.
  552. >For a while you swap between giving her clit attention and pinching her lips.
  553. >Her back rises and falls in breaths that become shorter and more audible into the pillow.
  554. >"Li Li do me a favor."
  555. "Yeah?"
  556. >"Just a little in..."
  557. >You retract the two fingers that were deep in there until they're barely inserted.
  558. >"Tiny bit more."
  559. >You crawl an inch in.
  560. >"Now press down~"
  561. >You poke into a certain spot in her walls and the twitch response was immediate.
  562. >"G-good. Right there. Taking notes?"
  563. >You cover your mouth with your free hand and nod a muffled
  564. "Mmhm!"
  566. >You go back to working that same spot and the top of her slit at the same time.
  567. >The only thing you can do is pay close attention to her response while doing what feels good when you touch yourself.
  568. >It seem to be working; it doesn't take long until she loses her earlier composure and melts in your embrace.
  569. >"Fast-faster."
  570. >You pick up the pace and balance yourself by sitting on the back of her legs.
  571. >You desperately peer through the hair intruding in front of your face watching her reaction.
  572. >Shortly after, her walls push down on your fingers and her tail twitches.
  573. >You hold her down as she groans into the black pillow.
  574. >She tenses up in her own unique way clutching at the sheets.
  575. >"Mnah!" Her mouth pops off the pillow. "Fuck!"
  576. >She cums for you.
  577. >Because of you.
  578. >The excitement rushes to your head from learning something so sexy.
  579. >The joy hits you just as much when she flips over onto her back basking in an afterglow, arm crossed over her forehead.
  580. "Not bad?"
  581. >"Not bad at all."
  582. >She raises her eyelids, takes a deep breath, and slithers out from under you.
  583. >While dismounting her, you realize just how much you've dampened the sheets under your heat from resting on her legs.
  584. "Oops."
  585. >She sees what you're talking about and laughs.
  586. >"Oh no, whatever will I do?" She says sarcastically.
  587. >She rolls off the bed onto wobbly legs to stretch.
  588. >"Hmm, I think I know."
  589. >Finally taking a look around the room shows off just how unique of taste Aya has.
  590. >The space is divided into two gigantic rooms.
  591. >The one where you ate is furnished as an office filled with all sorts of esoteric clan paraphernalia.
  592. >The other is her flashy room with grandiloquent dressers, ornate mirrors, and symbolic mementos.
  593. >Everything is Pandaren styled with a flare of Gadgetzan added.
  594. >Scrolls of a strange lotus design hang along walls covered in wavy golden paintings.
  595. >The centerpiece near the sliding door is the breathtaking armor you passed by earlier.
  597. "Your home is nuts."
  598. >"Which part?" She calls from one of the dressers.
  599. "All of it."
  600. >"Aww, thanks! It better be, it cost a fortune to start moving things in after I bought it off of Mayor Noggenfogger."
  601. >You get off the bed to view out the closed window across one of the mirrors.
  602. >The skyline to the night sky is tall enough to overlook all the way to the spotlighted sea.
  603. "Being able to wake up to this every day must be amazing. The alleyways don't even look threatening from up here"
  604. >One of the ships at the harbor has some distant red and blue lights whirling around on its deck.
  605. "What's with that Sergeant.. uh.. Sonya?"
  606. >"Sally? Did she mess with you?"
  607. "No, not really. Just weirdly aggressive. Like half this city."
  608. >"I couldn't tell you. Gadgetzan doesn't even have cops. Just the Mayor's bruisers."
  609. >You step around to check yourself out in the mirror.
  610. >Being dry from the pool doesn't even mean much anymore.
  611. >You do like how your hair passes just below your shoulders though.
  612. >Makes you wonder why you always have it in a ponytail.
  613. >Aya makes a *click* on the dresser and it starts rotating.
  614. >It stops when revealing the other side which is flush with rope and other green sex toys.
  615. >You can't even put a finger on what half of them would be used for.
  616. "Don't you think the spin is a tad excessive?"
  617. >"Goblins make some cool stuff sometimes." She grabs the thin red rope and moves over to you.
  618. >"And let's be honest, I can't just have anybody walking into my room and seeing this. It's not like I can sex up everyone."
  619. "What about me?"
  620. >"Like I said, you're cute and helpful."
  621. >Out of nowhere, she takes your sticky finger into her mouth.
  622. >She suckles on it for a second, releasing it with a pop.
  623. "Am I supposed to be grossed out by that or turned on?"
  624. >"Huh. That's what I thought. You taste better than I do."
  625. >What?
  626. "The hell kind of compliment is that? Why'd you have to taste yourself to figure that out?"
  628. >"Well it's not like I go around tasting myself every day, I needed a refresher."
  629. "Oh-okay?"
  630. >She exaggeratingly throws her arms around. "Alright so I'm a little weird! Shut up and hold this."
  631. >You take the short rope, holding in a chuckle.
  632. >It passes over the pad of your paw like silk.
  633. >"We're kinda limited here so you'll have to bear (kek) with me."
  634. >"I'm still missing a few shipments. Some assholes broke into the bank the other day. Really disrupted deliveries around here."
  635. >She gathers several hanging red threads of thin rope and then reaches for a bowl full of plump cherries on top the dresser.
  636. >"Go sit there." She points to the other circular window you weren't looking out of.
  637. >You plop down on the couch onto a set of magenta pillows.
  638. >Trying your best not to drown the cloth in your juices, you shift weight onto your elbows not thinking about how you're presenting yourself to Aya with feet spread out on the floor.
  639. >The full moon shines through the golden ordained window, creating rays of silver light that sparkles up your navy-black hair.
  640. >"Nope, that's my seat."
  641. You scooch on over.
  642. >"Newp." She snaps pointing at the thick carpet, placing the bowl of cherries near it.
  643. >The click of her fingers causes the former dildo to start vibrating again over on the bed.
  644. >"Freakin'" Another snap turns it off. "Fuckin' fuck. Defective garbage."
  645. "Why am I on the floor?"
  646. >"You'll see."
  647. >You stare at the silk in your grasp.
  648. "Whatever this is, it looks... fun?"
  649. >She kneels in front of you as you lean against the foot of the couch.
  650. >"Fun is certainly a word for it.
  651. >"You know what else is fun? Whatever is under this mansion. I bet you'd be interested in it."
  652. >You pull your feet in to criss cross your legs in interest.
  653. "Is that why you bought this place?"
  654. >"Nice guess! Yup, who knew Tanaris had so much stuff under it? I'll let you check it out tomorrow if you want."
  656. >Aya reaches over and grabs a stem attached to its respective cherry then drops it in her closed maw.
  657. >You can tell her tongue is working around it.
  658. >While she's busy you twirl around the fur on her hips where it changes from white to black, just like yours.
  659. >A quick humming tune later and she sticks her tongue out... showing off the cherry stem snapped in half.
  660. "Pfft. Classy."
  661. >"Ah well screw it, I tried. Doubt you could do any better."
  662. >She takes another cherry and places it carefully in her teeth.
  663. >Her head reaches out to meet your lips.
  664. >Quickly taking the cherry into your mouth, you snatch it before Aya has a chance to let go of the stem.
  665. >You pop the cherry off it to enjoy the burst of flavor into your mouth when you chew down.
  666. >She smiles. "You-hu little bitch. That was fast."
  667. >Aya gets up and sets the rope next to her on the couch.
  668. >"Don't move too much."
  669. >She starts coiling the fabric around your waist, starting around your groin.
  670. >The loops turn into helixes then into corkscrews and curlicues.
  671. >"And a loop there..."
  672. >She seems to intentionally graze your nipples several times while knotting up the curves of your torso.
  673. >Looking down, you're impressed by some of the elaborate ties.
  674. >Aya takes a paw and digs to your scalp, grabs a pawful of hair, then gently pulls your head back.
  675. >A padded metallic collar snaps around your neck.
  676. "Whaaat is that?"
  677. >"Don't worry about it. Move your knee up."
  678. >Through your confusion, she continues the process of wrapping you up as you become increasingly uncomfortable.
  679. >It only takes a few minutes until the short pieces of rope combine into one full one intertwined between your toes to your inner thigh all the way to forcing your arms to stretch out together.
  680. >The entirety of it is just slack around nearly every crevice of your body.
  681. >"Annnddd there we go!"
  682. "Now what?"
  683. >"Now this."
  684. >She takes one big long stray strand and spirals it around the one you've been holding this whole time.
  685. >And then...
  686. >She pulls.
  688. "Hnngh!"
  689. >Every single thread is pulled together and goes taut on your body.
  690. >You can't even budge your arms or legs.
  691. >"Whew. That's a lot easier to do on someone else."
  692. "Holy shit! It's so tight!"
  693. >"That means it's working."
  694. >Aya swings her hips on over to the same dresser and grabs three egg-shaped objects.
  695. >She hurls them down but they never hit the ground.
  696. >Instead, they float in the air surrounded by translucent teal magic.
  697. >You watch her shape out a few signs with her fingers and they move on their own.
  698. >One presses itself into the erogenous pad of your raised foot.
  699. >Another finds its way to your right nipple.
  700. >The last rests dangerously close to your clit just above it.
  701. >Finally, Aya grabs the centermost toy on the rack of the dresser.
  702. >It's the most unique looking floppy, clear, jade dildo in the set.
  703. >Looks like it would fit her perfectly.
  704. >You look at her with alarming eyes.
  705. >"What? It's my favorite. Jade is a girl's best friend!"
  706. >She kicks some pillows off the couch to make a stack of them in front of you on the floor so that she can lay crunched over.
  707. >"I've only done this once so make sure you tell me /exactly/ how it feels."
  708. >You lack a response, still trying to figure this all out.
  709. >Not satisfied, she takes hold of the leash attached to the collar on your neck.
  710. >She tugs on it a bit, forcing you to nod for her.
  711. >"Works for me."
  712. >Attentively watching each other, Aya makes one last sign in the air.
  713. >The same vibrations you've been experiencing all night return with greater intensity.
  714. >They localize on ludicrously sensitive spots that have yet to be touched like this all night.
  715. >The silk rope digs further into your fur pressing against your skin as you fidget.
  716. >You feel your blood circulation pump and pulsate past the pressure.
  717. >Your entire groin reddens, pussy swelling up.
  718. >The square pattern around both of your breasts takes some of the concentration of one egg off your areola.
  720. >The mixture of pleasure, teasing, and distractions bulldozes through any stamina you have.
  721. >Your clit buzzes just the tiniest bit following the tremors right above your mound.
  722. >Your restrained feet dangle cutely in the air instinctively kicking at the toy.
  723. >You sit there on a sore ass pushing your back into the base of the couch made of wood.
  724. >Meanwhile, Aya takes the tip of her dildo into her mouth.
  725. >She quickly lubes it up with her saliva then penetrates her ready vag while groping her breasts.
  726. >Minutes must have passed while you try to help your body's elation.
  727. >The room is again filled with buzzing, your pants, Aya's moans, and the dildo's effect.
  728. >Every second that passed was as torturous as it was orgasmic.
  729. >One crucially particular egg is lowered, probably because Aya's concentration starts breaking.
  730. "OOoaahhh Fffuuu-"
  731. >You shut your eyes, trying to focus on the pleasure past the soft yet harsh bonds.
  732. >Time slows down.
  733. >You struggle to cum, trying to nudge an inch of your thighs together.
  734. >The vibrations stop.
  735. >You open your eyes to deeply stare into Aya's violet irises, beads of tears from the stimulation welling up in the corners of your eyelids.
  736. "C-cum p-please let me cummmm..."
  737. >"Adorable."
  738. >She makes a different sign.
  739. >The vibrations kick in again faster than ever.
  740. >Your body finally jumps over the edge.
  741. >A pleasure washes through every erogenous zone that isn't numb by now causing your ears to twitch.
  742. >A very small amount of liquid squirts out from your pussy coating the carpet.
  743. >Every part of your body seems to heat up.
  744. >Your toes curl up, the one on the floor getting tickled while grazing through the carpet.
  745. >Your shoulders tense up.
  746. >Teeth grind.
  747. >You ride out the longest orgasm of your life.
  748. >Just as the high starts fading, Aya pulls on your collar making you topple over and undoing some of the bondage.
  749. >You end up splayed out in between Aya's opened legs.
  750. >The sloshing of the dildo stops when she plucks it out.
  752. >"So, tell me all about it!"
  753. >You can't even get a murmur out.
  754. >"Gotchya. Let me help."
  755. >The collar tugs at your neck until your face is shoved into her drenched muff.
  756. >You just go with it.
  757. >A freed paw reaches up and clutches a patch of her stomach's fur to pet it.
  758. >She reaches over it to rub her clit while you suck on her lips.
  759. >She arches her back when you start tonguing her walls.
  760. >The taste of her honey has an uncanny relationship to the smell of the shampoo she used in the bathhouse.
  761. >"Almost!" Aya's rubbing becomes more rapid.
  762. >You go between lapping up the length of her slit to rubbing down on the bottom of her pussy, sticking your tongue in.
  763. >You attempt to hit that g-spot.
  764. >It works.
  765. >She shakes and starts crushing your head in between her thighs.
  766. >Her free paw pushes down on your head as she grinds against your tongue.
  767. >Eventually she collapses back onto the pillows.
  768. >"Ahh man... wonderful job~"
  769. >Still largely tangled up, you try to push yourself up.
  770. >Being semi successful you smile weakly, gazing at the impressed Aya with glazing eyes.
  771. >Upon moving again, you lose your balance and fall onto Aya, face smothered into her chest.
  772. >"Puhh!"
  773. "Welp. This is my life now. Not the worst way to die."
  774. >Both of you take a minute to relax.
  775. >"Lemme get that..."
  776. >Aya reaches around knowing just where to untie you.
  777. >A couple of jerks later and you're free, rolling over onto the carpet.
  778. "Are we done?"
  779. >"Yup."
  780. >She climbs to her feet and takes your paw reaching out for help to pull you up.
  781. >Without saying a word you both stumble back onto the bed.
  782. >You trail a finger through the sore creases of where the rope used to be inlayed on your skin.
  783. "This was soooo good."
  784. >"Knew you'd like it."
  785. >She throws the covers back and invites you in.
  786. >The candles and moon light your bare naked bodies getting comfortable.
  788. >Before you lay on your side, Aya kisses you.
  789. >It was the most passionate one yet with just the littlest bit of tongue that lasted forever.
  790. >A cherry taste saturates your mouth again.
  791. >She moves off to spoon you, slipping a knee in between your legs.
  792. >The rise and fall of her chest against your back soothes any remaining stress.
  793. >It takes you a while to succumb to the exhaustion even after Aya already slumbers hugging under your arms.
  794. >Your thrill for tomorrow is interrupted by the thought that your clothes are gone.
  795. >Meh, you'll leave that for the morning.
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