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  2. From: <>
  3. Date: Mon, Jul 15, 2013 at 4:07 PM
  4. Subject: Memo from President Bharucha
  5. To:
  8. Dear members of the Cooper Union Community,
  10. On Friday at around 5:00 PM the individuals who had been occupying the Office of the President for over two months reached an agreement with the administration and the board, and ended the occupation.  I am pleased with this peaceful outcome and want to thank the Board, in particular Michael Borkowsky and Jeffrey Gural, for working closely with me to lead the negotiations process that led to the agreement. The administration, board and former occupiers have issued a joint statement which was previously distributed via campus notification.  The statement includes the main elements of the agreement.
  12. There are so many strengths we collectively embody at The Cooper Union.  I admire the commitment the students, staff, faculty and alumni have to their work and professions.  I urge us all to continue to work tirelessly to bring the Cooper Union community together in a productive and inclusive manner.  We may not all agree on everything we face but I am committed to lead Cooper Union in a way that places the institution in a strong position for the future.
  14. Jamshed Bharucha
  15. President
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