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Fernando Gont - The Art of Deflection and Mastering of Rape

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Jun 19th, 2013
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  1. Fernando Gont - The Art of Deflection and Mastering of Rape
  3. Fernando Gont has been around the security block for some time and once upon a time, I respected him. Due to the recent comments posted [1] in regards to an incident at a Security Conference, and after reading Fernando's response [2] as to what occurred, it is despicable to think he is in the same professional industry as I am.
  5. Having been in the security industry now for over 15 years, and being a male, I have seen my fair share of sexism. I know full well what we - males - say and do. I have seen it, never once have I done or said anything out of line to a female peer. On the contrary, I have had the pleasure of reading and learning from some of the industry's best, and brightest. I respect the fact that women have to work at times doubly hard to drive in a point, because most males in this industry are "machistas." [3] This sense of entitlement (the machista sense) is what it is, and those trying to emphasize their "role" in such fashion are often insecure, arrogant, and often narcissists. Most will believe there is nothing wrong with this type of behavior, and when the individual is talented, the individual often goes "un-checked" by his peers. Other times, many find it difficult that this "rock star" would do such a thing.
  7. In psychology, there is "crowd manipulation." Described [4] as: the intentional use of techniques based on the principles of crowd psychology to engage, control, or influence the desires of a crowd in order to direct its behavior toward a specific action." This is what I believe Fernando is now trying to do after reading his blog entry. The verbiage comes across as "you need to look at me, I'm a rock superstar. Other underclued peers, saw nothing and because of my rockstar status do not believe I did anything, therefore, do not believe this psychotic person lobbing an accusation." This is how Fernando's explanation comes across. Verbatim from his blog [2]: "Ironically enough, the people that had access to hotel security video recordings and other sort of information are now also accused for 2not taking action"
  9. What we see with his statement, is admission he was in the hotel room. What he mentions in another statement in summary states: "You have little evidence, therefore nothing occurred" Verbatim from his blog [2]: "And I personally encourage anyone that has any concrete accusation to make, that they do so with the corresponding legal procedures."
  11. If anyone managed to physically see Fernando during this time, one has to question, why is he bruised up. Is this for no reason. It would have to hold true that, the reason for his bruising, came because a "psychotic individual" (as he states in his blog) attacked him for no reason whatsoever. If this indeed held true, then why wasn't Fernando the one to call security, and or the authorities.
  13. Common sense and logic dictate the something is amiss in Fernando's comments, and attempt at dumbing down what occurred. I would have had more respect for him, had he come forth and stated: "I'm sorry, I could not handle my alchohol, I apologize to my peers, to the victim. I think I need help." That is more respectable than denials, and name calling. I do not know Georgia, have never met her, so there can be no: "you're just trying to stick up for your friend." This is utter nonsense and deflection. For the male machistas reading this, you came from a woman - your mother. Remember this.
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