Hearts of Dragons

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  1. Hearts of Dragons
  2. by Kyla Ivete
  5. Many see them ruthless
  6. Monsterous Beast.
  7. Evil and meriless.
  8. Hard to defeat.
  10. "Strike at the heart!"
  11. Man said to beat.
  12. "May it be sword or dart
  13. For a dragon to fall at your feet."
  15. But has forgotten
  16. Not all dragons are the same.
  17. Man just wants to stop them.
  18. For money and pride to gain.
  20. Some of these dragons
  21. Are merely angels with scales.
  22. They protect their loved ones from sadness.
  23. And sing beautifully as whales.
  25. Some are guardians
  26. With fire in their brave hearts.
  27. Dont assume, you barbarians.
  28. Watch and listen to tell them apart.
  30. Some dragons hearts are cold.
  31. Their breathe cant warm it.
  32. They fill their life with blood and gold.
  33. Only to this, they commit.
  35. Although, Man is no different.
  36. No different all.
  37. They're just to heartless to notice it.
  38. Their vanity too tall.
  40. So I say
  41. If Man's hearts can beat on,
  42. Why is it okay
  43. To terminate our scaly guardians til all are gone..?
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