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A Pleasure to Serve

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  3. Marte quietly entered to the bedroom. Her arms laden with the morning’s meal. A hardboiled egg and two slices of whole wheat toast. All made to the master’s specific tastes. She placed the tray down at the foot of the bed and walked over to the window across the room. The room flooded with light as Marte pulled the curtains away. The light danced across the dim room. As the light hit the bed a figure stirred. Marte picks up the tray saying “Good morning, Master Xavier. It is a quarter to nine and as requested your usual breakfast is being served in bed. All your luggage is in the car now and Joseph is waiting up front.” Master Xavier sat up and stretched. “Thank you, Marte, would you please bring me my suit, hang it in the bath, then go tell Joseph I will be down shortly.” Marte bowed “A pleasure to serve.” She found the suit hanging in the closet. After bringing it to the bathroom, she went downstairs to the lobby. Joseph Bagrov, the head butler, and chauffeur to master Xavier. He was a tall man with a solid figure. He had a trimmed head of black hair and his face was clean and shaven revealing a rigid but handsome face.  His family had taken care of the Marrovin family ever since they came fled from Russia all those years ago. “Joe, Master Xavier is coming down shortly would you please pick up the usual today, but large instead of a small.” Joe bowed “A pleasure to serve.” Marte looked around the main hall. She checked if there was any luggage that Joe had forgotten. As she was looking, she heard footsteps coming down the stairs. It was Master Xavier. He had gone through his morning ritual and had put on his suit. “Marte, thank you for the wonderful breakfast. Superb as usual. If Joseph is in the car then I will depart now, I have some business to attend to before I depart.” Marte gave a small bow in response saying “As always a pleasure to serve, Master Xavier. Please enjoy your vacation.” Xavier smiled and headed to the door before a hand grabbed his shoulder. Xavier turns to see Marte smiling holding a bag. Xavier turned around and took the bag from Marte’s grasp. “This is for you trip master, as heard that you were meeting someone with a taste for the final things.” Xavier look surprised as he looked into the bag. He closed the bag saying “Thank you, Marte, I usually dislike you eavesdrop on my conversations but this time I’ll let it slide. Thank you, Marte.” Marte smiled “I apologize, but you know how much I care for you and your relationships, especially with those I see potential in, now go, Joe, is waiting for you.” Xavier smiled and stepped out of the house to hopefully a new chapter in life. Marte sighed, “I am sure he will be ok, my intuitions are never wrong.” She said to herself. She continued the daily chores for the rest of the day. She was done around 2. After that, she went to the servants’ quarters and took a shower and changed into an old t-shirt and a pair of sweatpants. She headed to the living room and hopped on the coach. She reached for the remote and turned on the tv. She checked the recorder, one of her favorite shows “Gunter and Emilie.” It had a couple of episodes recorded. She prepared to enjoy her show when two things interrupted her, her stomach rumbled, and the door-bell rang. She got up and walked over to the front door. She opened the oaken slabs to reveal Joe holding two bags of fast-food. She stepped forward giving Joseph a kiss “My dear Joker, your timing is impeccable.” She said grabbing one of the bags and heading to the living room. She laid on the couch and opened her usual. Her usual is a triple cheeseburger with fried onions and bacon on top. She also got a large serving of Five Gals famous fries. Joe entered the room dropped next to her, giving her a bottle of unsweetened ice tea. They both started eating their dinner. “You know if you eat like that your going to need a bigger uniform.” Joe told her. She pouted with a mouth full of triple cheese goodness, a used her aching leg to hit his leg. “Hey! I’m sorry, ok. I actually have to admit that bit of chub makes you look cute.” As he complimented her he ducked into a kiss cheek. Marte blushed and took another bite of her food. After finishing their meal, they both lied down on the coach. “Joker, could you give me one of your famous foot massages?” Joe smiled upon hearing the pet name she had given him, and gave a simple response “A pleasure to serve.” He gave her legs a good rub down making the special focus to her clawed toes. The message was about twenty minutes, after which Marte gave a loud sigh and hugged him. “Thanks for that my Joker.” Marte said and kissed him. He returned the kiss. She rubbed herself into him. “Your lucky, this week is off-limits. Your message got me in the mood. Remember our plan.” Joe kissed her, saying “Of course.” He continued to kiss her. “But what do you think master Xavier is going to do this week? You and I both met Lillian, they are make a great pair, and that gift you found will seal the deal. So, lets give the new heiress a playmate.” Marte smiled “Fine, will my joker except the honor of siring my daughter and heir the Bagrov line?” Joesph sat up and gave a small bow. “Of course, my mistress, a pleasure to serve.”
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