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  1. Cheezus was sitting at his computer, jacking off to dolphin erotica for all we know. Suddenly, a large skull popped out of the screen! It was Senpai Sans! But Sans was not Sans, because he had the voice of Zaz969 and a bigass nose! "DAMN DANIEL!" Zaz snorted out of his inflated nose. "I'VE ALWAYS LOVED YOU, BUT SINCE I'M ALLEGEDLY STRAIGHT, I'VE NEVER BEEN ABLE TO DO WHAT I WANTED TO DO WITH YOU!" Zaz's nose deflated as a pink gas wafted out. Cheez inhaled the gas and felt all tingly. "AHH! I CAN'T SEE SHIT!" The gas eventually dissipated, and Cheezus was startled by his...her? new voice "AHH! I STILL CAN'T SEE SHIT... WAIT WHAT THE FUCK?!" He realized that his...her? new brown straight hair was blinding him...her? her. She looked down and saw a large pair of breasts and an ass to boot. "Obligatory comment about the fact that I am now female and was male" said Cheezus. Suddenly, a wild Zaz969 appeared! He was wearing a fedora and had a massive bulge in his pants.
  3. At the tip of Zaz's fedora, Cheezus's furburger became extremely wet, and began to drip. This feeling only intensified when Zaz said through a mountain of fat on his face, "M'LADY". Both undressed, and laid down in bed. Cheezus wanted it so bad, so Zaz pulled out his dong, revealing his empty fleshlight holster in the process.. It was a massive chode. Zaz said "Oops! forgot something!" He pulled out a specially designed dragon dildo strap-on he paid 300 dollars for, and fastened it to his monster lump. Cheezus was begging for it in the ass, so they continued the night with disgusting, ball-slapping sex.
  5. TheKerbalKraken woke up in Cheezus' computer chair. It was still sticky with her ass-sweat. He heard the incessant moaning that was rattling the very foundation of the house, and wondered what the fuck was going on in Cheezus' bedroom. He opened the door, and saw the awesome sight that he had dreaded. Zaz and Cheezus were doing it doggy style, and at such speed that it looked like one of Heisenberg's prop engines that he made when he was stoned beyond belief. He slowly and quietly whispered "wIDE DICK 40" before falling on the ground and convulsing because he remembered that he's supposed to have PTSD or something. Cheezus had the best night of her life.
  7. Cheezus woke up the next morning, he thought it was a nightmare. "Phew!" Cheezus TRIED to say. He couldn't say a word, and he couldn't even move! Then, he realized that he couldn't see anything! Suddenly, he saw blinding light as Zaz pulled up his rolls of fat to reveal his fleshlight holster. Cheezus then had the terrible realization, HE was the fleshlight!
  9. Cheezus had gotten used to life as a fleshlight, although she still missed actually being human, and not being trapped in a sex toy like some sort of dirty genie. One day, Zaz saw a fleshlight of a dolphin on Ebay. He wanted it so badly, but a double holster would completely drain the money inherited to him from his late childhood. He had to make a sacrifice, buy this dolphin fleshlight and throw away this one, or keep it. He decided on the first option. This may have been what broke the spell.
  11. Around a week later, Zaz finally got off his ass and decided to take out the trash. Zaz was puzzled that his fleshlight was missing, but he didn't care thanks to the fact that his new dolphin fleshlight would be arriving from today. He didn't care to look behind his shelf, and maybe that's for the best because a still-female Cheezus was hiding there.
  12. She dared not talk, might she attract the attention of the mountain of flesh currently taking out his garbage.
  14. After Zaz went back into his apartment, Cheezus lined herself up on the road, ran backwards, and jumped. "Hmm... How did I not figure out that B-Hopping was possioblebosobneosnbseseb...." Her voice was drowned out by the wind whipping by at over 700 miles per hour. She passed by a game of Car Soccer, and went into the arena. She rammed the ball at such speed that it teleported into Blue's net. "RED GOAL" croaked the announcer from the booth high above the field. After leaving, she B-Hopped at such speed that she made a sub-orbital trajectory to her home town of Leamington.
  16. She stepped into her home, and immediately was greeted by the stench of rot. she walked into her room to realize that TkeKerbalKraken had never actually recovered from his convulsing, and died. She saw her gaming setup, and sat in her chair. She tried to boot up her computer, and instead was greeted by a webpage conveniently telling her all about Zaz's secret organization focused on making everybody in the world trans! They must be stopped!
  18. The webpage also contained the address to Zaz's secret base on Jupiter's moon Ganymede. She readied herself for her fastest B-Hop yet. She began to jump, and she immediately gained speed to nearly five thousand miles per hour. She began to jump with better timing, and nearly circumnavigated the earth by the time she hit 20,000 miles per hour. Once she hit escape velocity, it was only a twenty year long journey to Ganymede that awaited her.
  20. She hit Ganymede's crust at nearly 50,000 and eventually slowed to a stop. She dusted herself and her surroundings off, and found a welcome mat in the shape of a penis. "Well played, Zaz." she said to herself. She traced a triangle around the mat, and yelled "BABY GRAVY!" to nobody in particular. The mat split into three pieces revealing a Dance Dance Revolution console. She then proceeded to beat Zaz's record twenty times before the DDR console split into three, and revealed the airlock Cheezus suspected was there.
  22. She opened the airlock and came upon four armed guards, equipped with dildo launchers. Cheezus was completely unfazed by this. She said "I am a cis-gender white female who don't need no man." The guards were so aroused by the prospect of being raided by a cis gender white female that their penises SEXPOLDED and they died. After she got through them, she saw a large corridor with doors labeled "spare dragon dildo strap-ons". When she got to the end, she saw a large door labeled "ZAZ'S ROOM NO GIRLS ALLOWED". It was magnetically locked, but it had voice recognition software. She quickly pulled out her phone, and googled Zaz's youtube channel. She held her phone up to the mic and played one of his fan-fiction Let's Reads.
  24. The door slowly swing up, ricer style. and revealed a newly thin Zaz wanking off to a picture of Archie's dolphin dong. "DIDN'T YOU SEE THE SIGN?!" Zaz yelled before recognizing who she was. "Oh wait, you're Cheezus aren't you?" "I know what you're trying to do, Zaz, IT WON'T WORK!" Zaz chuckled for a bit and said "Silly Cheezus, you're out of time." Zaz produced a glowing red fleshlight out of his pocket and pressed on it's rubbery part. A loud alarm sound filled the room as a picture of earth came up on the center-console, covering up Archie's dolphin dong. Slowly, a pink haze built up in earth's atmosphere. Cheezus recognized this as the cliché as fuck TG gas. "YOU MONSTER!" Cheezus cried as she watched in horror.
  26. Cheezus spawned a knife using a toolgun she found, and stabbed Zaz in the chode. "AHHH Shiiiiiiiiit." Zaz sputtered as blood leaked from his new vagina thing. "There is one thing I need to tell you, Cheezus-san, This isn't your universe." Cheezus was confused "What?!" "The fleshlight was a portal to this universe, you didn't think you could do what you did in real life, did you?" Trying to hide the shame of being a gullible little cunt, Cheezus said "Uhhh... no?" "Good! But that brings up another topic, why would everybody know all these memes that are indigenous to our community?" "I don't know..?" Cheezus said, still confused. "The fleshlight to your universe is in Storage Room 360, get out of my sight before I call some guards specially trained in assrape."
  28. Cheezus went back to where she came from, and counted down the rooms "500, 10, 10, 10, 10, 10, 499," Eventually she found room 360 and walked in, only to find that it's sole content was the fleshlight. She crawled in somehow, and on the other side was a Cheezus' room. He looked down to see that he actually had his manhood back! "ye" was his only response.
  30. Its 9pm Cheez Is hard at work. Neko walks in to the room. She says what are u woking on. Cheez replys A dildo its omost done. can you test it? Cheez begins to GFuck Neko With the dildo.
  31. Cheez removes the dildo from nekos pussy. he pours mapel surup on the dildo. He proceed to GFuck Neko. cheez grapz his other project a vibrator and sticks it up nekos ass.
  32. Neko begins to moan and pant hevaly. Cheez moves that dildo faster and faster. as Neko moans and pants get even heavier. Neko then orgasms. The vibrator falls out as cheez
  33. pulls out the dildo as this is haping neko explosively shits and pissis! Neko wies the mess up. Then Cheez WIPS OUT 7 INCHES OF COLD CANADINS COCKKKKK!!!!!
  34. Cheez Latches on to nekos thighs. and begins to rape Nekos tight ass Forcefully! Then Cheez pours Tim Hortons Coffee in nekos ass hole. He does this out of love.
  35. Cheez the continues to GFuck Nekos ass with his 7 Inch Cock. Neko is now panting hard. Cheez gos faster and faster. Cheez cums as neko orgasms in a Big Bloody Shit Filled
  36. Coffee Covered Cum Stained Mess!!!!!!!!
  38. Cheez and Neko leave the room. 5 minutes later archie walks into the room and says   o nIG WAT DA HELL HAPEND HERE!?!?!?
  40. Archie Was shocked to see the room messy as fuck. In the corner of an eye, He Saw A Red Haired Neko behind him. Archie never seen her in the building before. She Mustve been the maid, Archie Thought.
  41. When the Neko was a foot behind him, she whispered " Follow me BB". Archie Followed the Neko to the Nearest Bed room. She Said "Close the door bb."
  42. Archie did what she said. Arch looked at the Neko. She was ,with red beautifull hair. "Whats your name?" Archie asked.  he Neko replied, "Bitch, Im Your Waifu...."
  43. Archie looked at her with a shocked face. She Replied "Do not look so shocked. Since i am your Dream Waifu.......fuck me! Let me ride you!"
  44. The Neko Walked into the Washroom saying, "Ill Get Ready......"
  45. Archie Looked Fucking Shocked as fuck. A Few moments later, She Came out. "Are you ready Baby?" She Asked in pleasure?? (I Guess?)
  46. Arche Nodded. So She Pulled off Archies pants and started Jerking him off. She Was Going to town at Archies 12 inch Bus dick, Stroking it and sucking it when she could.
  47. Archie made a Rage/Pleasure face,Telling Her Archie was gonna cum.
  48. Atlast, Archie Came. It Went Everywehere.
  49. On The Sheets, The Pillows.
  50. And on her face.
  51. A strange noise rattled against the door of the bedroom, surprising Archie and Neko.
  52. "What in the ABSOLUTE FUCK is going on in here" NetBlitzer asked
  53. "Oh Uhh.........Nothing" Archie Said, Confused.
  54. "We Were Just Fucking" Replied the Neko.
  55. "GTFO OUT OF MY ROOM CYKA!" Net Yelled
  56. "Alright Alright! Fuck Man." Archie complained, but those were the only words he was able to get out as NetBlitzer banned them.
  58.     Down in ban hell, Archie wondered "Why did i do this in the first place?"
  59. But then he met Cheezus' past life, punished to making sets of trucknuts
  60. for the rest of eternity.
  61. He said to past Cheezus "Hey what're you doing down here?"
  62. Cheezus replied "Who the fuck are you you fucking faggot cunt nigger?"
  63. "Bro calm down! It's me, Archie!" Archie had not realized that this was
  64. Past cheezus and not present cheezus.
  65. Archie said "Do you know where neko is?
  66. Cheezus replied "Who/What the fuck is a Neko?"
  67. "Oh. I guess you don't remember them", Archie replied.
  69.     Archie then looked around for Neko, as he was banished to ban hell
  70. before he could take out his bus dick, and it was now stuck in neko until
  71. he found her. He finally found Neko, sitting in a corner, crying in pain.
  72. He asked kindly "o nIG, can i have my bus dick back?"
  73. Neko replied "Only if you fuck me again with it after i give it back (͡o͜ʖ°)"
  74. Archie hesitated, but agreed to it in a short time. He grabbed his bus dick
  75. back and surgically attached it back on. As he had agreed to, he promised to
  76. fuck neko again after he got his bus dick back.
  77. He asked Neko "Bend over (͡o͜ʖ°)"
  78. Neko willingly abliged and bent over onto her knees and got ready for the
  79. impending bus driving straight into her tender anus. But she didn't feel it!
  80. She looked back and saw NetBlitzer dragging Archie away. She yelled "NOOOOOOO"
  81. but it was too late. Archie was gone. Thrown into the permaban hole of despair.
  82. Neko thought it was hopeless after that. She found a small fragment of the
  83. newly attached bus dick and kept it as a memory of her fallen comrade.
  84. She was released back into the world of unbanned and never forgot Archie.
  86. Archie had blacked out. When he opened his eyes finally he could see, but just barely.
  87. He saw Spencer, b0n3s and mcvinchyy standing over him.
  88. Spencer said "Well Well Well. What do we have here?"
  89. B0n3s replied "Looks like a new slave to me, boss!"
  90. Spencer said "Throw him into the pit of twelvies. He'll have plenty of fun
  91. in there."
  92. Archie screamed "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO" but he was powerless to stop
  93. them from dragging him into the twelvie pit.
  95. Archie woke up after a few minutes of being thrown into the pit of twelvies
  96. by the blood-curdling, mic deep-throating kids. One of them said "WeLcOm3
  97. t0 0ur sp3c1al h311!!111!1!1!11!" He then blacked out.
  99. It was four years later Archie was finally released from the ban pit. He had
  100. pleaded to NetBlitzer, the king of BanHell to release him. He finally obliged
  101. and was now on the surface of mg_unbanned. His first thought was to go find neko.
  102. He had agreed to fucking her again to get his massive bus dick back. So he
  103. asked around town, see if she was here. He eventually got a tip that she was
  104. living in a hotel somewhere downtown. He rented a cab and got to the hotel
  105. a few hours later. He asked the hotel manager "Does anyone named Neko reside
  106. here?" the hotel manager said "Yes" and archie asked what room she was in.
  107. The manager said room 512 and told him it was on the 5th floor. He raced up
  108. there and knocked.
  109. A depressed voice said "Go away."
  110. He replied "It's me! Archie!"
  111. Neko was surprised. Had archie finally come back after all this time? Had
  112. Netblitzer finally released him?
  113. She opened the door and was relieved. It was Archie.
  114. Neko said "OH MY GOD YOU'RE FINALLY BACK!" and hugged him, almost killing
  115. him from the pressure.
  116. Archie said "Are you forgetting your little deal?
  117. Neko had forgotten after all these years. Their little deal about him getting
  118. his busdick back in exchange for sex.
  119. Neko blushed. "Oh yes. Come in. Have some wine."
  120. Archie came in and sat on the bed and neko went to go get changed. Archie
  121. drank some wine. It was good, but a bit tangy. Neko came out of the bathroom
  122. completely naked.
  123. Archie said "o nIG" and stripped.
  124. Neko got on her knees and got ready for the impending busdick penetrating
  125. here now firm, small anus. It made contact. It was slow at first but got
  126. faster and harder. She screamed "OHHHHHH YESSSSSSSSSS" It reminded archie of
  127. a game he played long ago. Undertale. Archie pulled out and went straight
  128. for the vagina. Again, slow at first but got faster and harder. Archie was
  129. about to 'jaculate. he quickly pulled out and got it all over neko's face.
  130. Neko said "MORE" and quickly grabbed archie's bus dick and started massaging
  131. it. Archie ripped her hands off and stuck it in her mouth. She could taste the
  132. exhaust fumes from his big V8 engine. After more fucking, foreplay and teasing,
  133. Neko said "Okay that was fun."
  134. Archie was completely pooped out. He was so tired after that session, neko
  135. just said "hey you can just stay here for the night. You're obviously very
  136. very tired so you can sleep here."
  137. Archie appreciated the offer. He accepted and he slept there that night.
  139. 2 YEARS LATER
  140. Neko and Archie had been going on dates since then. Some went better than
  141. others, and archie was ready to propose.
  142. Archie said to neko "Hey Neko, i've gotta ask you something."
  143. Neko replied "What's that honey?"
  144. Archie pulled out the ring case and said "Will you be my waifu?"
  145. Neko exclaimed "OH MY GOD ARCHIE YES!!!!!!"
  146. Archie and Neko got married a few months later. They went on their honeymoon
  147. and they decided to have a kid.
  149. Once upon a time, in the land of fuck all, or as they like to call it, 'malleus gaming'. There was 2 little chickenshits named Bob o Baggins and Overly Extended Xbox name. We'll just call him zaz for short. Bob and zaz did not like each other that much, but we all knew they had the strongest love for eachother, love so strong that they prematurely ejaculated everytime they saw eachother. It was a grand dad sight to see if you asked me.
  151. Bob walked up to Zaz, blushing immensely, because he had difficulty getting a boner. Zaz looked at him, smiling with spaghetti all over his face. Bob just couldnt help but say "YOU FUCKING CHICKEN SHIT KILL YOURSELF, BUT I LOVE YOU PLEASE FUCK ME!" ... Zaz was surprised hearing this from Bob. All of the sudden, Zaz whipped out his 0.02 milimeter cock. Bob couldnt help but stare in awe as it was the biggest cock he has ever seen, even bigger than his own!
  152. Bob said "HOLY SHIT, KILL ME WITH THAT COCK YOU FUCKING FAGGOT!" Zaz tackled bob, and in the end, they ended up with 2 very fucked up kangaroo children.
  154. Sadly though, their love could not last, because bob is a little chicken shit. Once they were done with their furry fuck fest, bob snuck away while zaz was passed out from that sweet, passionate, fuccage. Once zaz woke up, he was upset to find bob has left him, Zaz cried for days and days, wanting his fuck-friend to come back. Bob never came back. Bob ran and ran, but fell down, nobody helped him up because he is an ass. Bob couldnt get up, he was so fuckin fat. But, out of thin air, there was his distant cousin, he was named B0n3r. N0 wonder they both act like massive dicksuckers. B0n3s put his hand on Bobs shoulder and said ".. COULD YOU FUCKIN NOT LOOK AT ME WHILE WE'RE FUCCIN?" ... Bob was never seen again.
  156. THIS STORY TAKES PLACE A WEEK BEFORE BOTH SPENCER AND B0N3S WERE BANNED. 'good one spncer' B0n3s messaged to Spencer. They were at it again messing with everyone else on the server and getting away with it. Spencer replied back 'Thanks. Say, I'm going to an area near where you live in a couple days, want to meet?' B0n3s immediately said 'Yeah, sure' and the events were set in motion. As soon as they met in person they could see that they were to become friends and maybe more. It only took them a few hours before they were both in the same room and describing their burning passion to want to fuck each other. As they undressed each other slowly and kissed passionately, they both got erect and rubbed each other's cocks. B0n3s spread out onto the bed and asked spencer to hurry up. Spencer slowly inserted his member into b0n3s' stiff anus and started shifting back and forth slowly. Spencer wanted more than just that. Abruptly, spencer said 'This isn't working. We need to be more.. exotic' and opened his suitcase to reveal a gigantic horse cock sized strap on and a fleshlight 'I always carry these with me for myself, but I can make an exception for you.' Spencer put the horse strapon over his cock, gave b0n3s the fleshlight and began thrusting into b0n3s' now widening anal cavity. 'go faster baby' cried B0n3s loudly. Spencer began pumping at furious speeds, making loud contacts with B0n3s ass cheeks on each thrust. Both were filled with extreme pleasure at the thought that they might be able to cum in each other for the first of likely many times. As the ass slaps increased in rate, so too did the moaning and the convulsions of their bodies as euphoria and adrenaline shot through their veins to their throbbing cocks. The bed at this point was almost in flight from the powerful thrusts and convulsions of both B0n3s and Spencer. The room began to fill with the roars of pleasure of both. They spilled their baby gravy all over the bed and each other.
  158. One day on MG,
  160. there was a big event. Everybody was there Net,Bob,Kraken,Cheezus,Neko,Viral and Petaflop.
  161. It was the three year anniversary of MG. Kraken got on the mic to say a few words "Fuck cre8ive and floofland, we're gonna build a wall and make them pay for it".
  162. Net was going to get Neko And Cheezus a Drink when he had a thought "If I slip a Viagra and a date rape drug in to each one of there drinks...".
  163. Cheezus and Neko sip on the drinks there both out by the time the event ends.
  165. Neko and Cheezus wake up tied to a pole with no clothes on. Through Cheezus' blurred vision he sees Net half dressed gripping whip in his hand
  166.  and a dildo in his mouth. Cheezus says "ohok.jpg" Neko says "...".  Net says "First I will fuck Neko Then then Cheeus. Cheeus you will fuck Neko Hard
  167. Until you cum in her as i whip both of you. -Aros interrupts and says "KYS NET!". Net continues "Well now that you said i will cut your bus dick off and shove it
  168. up your ass.".
  170. Net unties Neko He Fucks her its long hard sex. He reties Neko and unties Cheezus, Net Shoves his cock up Cheezus' ass Net eventually cums.
  171. Cheezus unties Neko and begins to forcefully penetrate Nekos ghetto booty. Nekos ass is swollen and shit smeared when Cheezus finally cums.
  172. Net says "Now time for the finale.". Net begins to cut off Aros' bus dick with a rusty,vinegar soaked,salt covered, dull saw. Aros SCREAMS IN AGONY
  173. "NO NO PLZ STOP PLZ!". Net finishes sawing of Aros' bus dick he determinedly jams it up Aros' ass.
  174. Turdleman says as he's walking down the stairs "Hey, I heard noises down here, I'm wondering if you saw Neko, Archie and Cheez lately... What the fuck is this? WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS?".
  175. He smacks Net in the face and says "What in the name of Malleus Gaming is going on down here?!?". He bans Netblitzer on the spot, and then unties Neko, Cheezus, and Archie.
  176. Cheezus says "Once I get out of here, I better get promoted to owner.".
  178. This is Aros, a middle to upper class man with a beautiful wife and two beautiful children. He has a wonderful house, and a wonderful job working for Facepunch as a game developer. Every day he drives his super clean white Trabant to work.
  180. One night, Aros said to his wife "Hey, after the kids go to bed, you wanna do it?". She replies "No, I’m on my period.". "Fine," he says, "I’ll just hop on the computer for a moment.". As Aros is on the computer, he tries PornHub but he can’t find anything he likes. He starts adventuring through different sites. After a few minutes of browsing he comes across a Russian site, on which he comes across a video titled "BUS.mp4". He thinks "That’s an odd title, I may as well click on it…". He goes to watch it and finds a picture of a bus bent over with its pussy and asshole exposed. He’s at first a little shocked and weirded out, but he gets strangely aroused. An odd rage in him wants more. He types "Bus Porn" in the search bar, and comes across many more videos. It’s 1 in the morning by the time he’s finished. His cock is red and crippled. He gets into bed and his wife wakes up and asks "Why’re you up so late?". He replies "Sorry, I just couldn’t sleep.". "Alright" his wife replies. They both go to sleep.
  182. Aros wakes up in the morning with the bluest balls you’ve ever seen, and a dick more bent than a curly fry. He drives off to work in his Trabant. As he’s driving there, he sees a school bus and pops a boner. He thinks in his mind, "No, no, I’m going to work, this is NOT ok.". He continues driving to work. He arrives at the Facepunch headquarters. He asks the big man himself "Hey Garry, I really think we should add buses to rust.". Garry replies "But we haven’t even added cars, or any matter of transportation for that matter yet!". Aros replies "Yeah… but when you do… please add buses… for you know… carrying around people and stuff, you know?". Garry responds "I guess I’ll get on that, but it’ll take a while.". Aros gets to his desk and starts working on Garry’s Mod, only to break advanced duplicator 2 and make Trouble in Terrorist Town "better". He finishes doing that by the end of the day, and drives home to his wife and family.
  184. He and his family are at the table eating dinner, and asks "Could you please pass the bus.. i-I MEAN SALT. Could you pass the salt?". Later that night, he takes one of his children’s die-cast buses and his bottle of lube to his room where his computer resides. He returns to the Russian site from the previous night and searches up bus porn. Right before he starts, his wife says through the locked door, "Hey Timmy was looking for his die-cast bus you got him for his birthday, do you know where it is?". Aros says "Sorry I don’t know, I’m a bit busy right now". She replies "Oh, alright" and heads off to Timmy’s room to tell him dad didn’t know where the bus was.
  186. Aros begins to lube up his hand and the bus. He opens a video and begins to violently jerk off. He gets a bit of pre cum on the bus and sticks it in his asshole. He continues to jerk off harder and more violently. When he comes, the bus comes flying out of his ass like a bullet. It hits the ground, and it explodes into a wave of shit, covering all of his windows and turning anything chrome dark brown. He heads off to bed after he cleans himself up.
  188. He wakes up the next morning and heads off to work as usual. He sees a school bus go by, and explosively cums in his pants almost immediately. He has to pull over and wipe it off with his 2 week old McDonalds napkin. He gets to work and heads inside Garry’s office. When he meets Garry he asks "Have you added buses to Rust yet?". Garry angrily responds with "No, and you should stop asking. They’ll come eventually, when Rust is finished.". Archie replies "Oh. Sorry" and heads off to his desk to work on Garry’s Mod some more. This time, he attempts to "fix" DarkRP by breaking Expression 2. He almost finishes with it, then heads home for the night.
  190. Earlier that day, his wife had gone into his room to find the die-cast bus. She picks it up thinking Timmy found it and it had chocolate on it. She smells it to check, and jerks it away when she realizes what it was. She heads over to the sink thinking "Boy, I’m gonna beat Aros’s ass when he gets home…". She goes over to Timmy and regrettably tells him "Timmy, I’m sorry but I accidentally threw out your toy bus.". Timmy is heartbroken.
  192. When Daddy Aros gets home, his wife screams at him "I know what you were doing with that bus. I went through your browsing history. That site is not OK. Your kink is not OK.". Aros responds "I have no idea what you’re talking about.". She responds "Timmy is heartbroken. I had to tell him I accidentally threw away the toy bus you GOT FOR HIS BIRTHDAY. I don’t trust you with the children. Get out of here and take your things. Don’t come back.".
  194. Aros heads to a local run-down hotel. His first night he just sits in silence contemplating what he’s done. The next morning, he heads off to work. He finishes the update for Garry’s Mod, breaking E2. After work he heads back to the hotel. He doesn’t have a computer, or anything. He only has a paper bag with some stuff he got from the store as he was coming home. It’s later in the night now, he decides to go out and try his luck getting a hooker. A hooker comes to his room in the hotel and says "Are you Aros?". Aros replies "I am..". She says "It’ll cost ya $50".
  196. Little did he know, his wife only left him $1000 in his bank account. She took the rest. Aros gave her the $50. She asks "Is there any kinks I need to know about?". Aros replies "No… actually, this plastic bag here, could you put it on? Let me just draw something on it…". He draws the sexiest bus he could imagine. He tells her "Alright, let’s go.". She begins to slowly take down Aros’ pants, and then her own. She bends over, exposing her old, rugged, and well used pussy. Aros whips out his dick and begins to fuck her in the pussy. After 5 minutes, he takes it out and begins to stick it in her asshole. After 3 minutes of that, he cums in her asshole. She says "Alright, bye.". He says "Let me just take this paper bag back.".
  198. It’s around 9:30PM. Aros goes to bed. He wakes up the next morning and heads off to work as usual. He talks to Garry and says "DUDE, you seriously need to add buses to rust.". Garry angrily responds with "Why the fu- wha- fuck this. I’m tired of this shit. You’re fired. Pack your things and leave.". Aros walks out of the building, sad and discouraged. He hops in his Trabant and drives off to his hotel room to pick up his clothing and suitcase, and then heads off back to his house. He knocks on the door, his son Timmy answered said "Mom! Mom! Daddy’s home!". She says to Timmy "Give daddy a hug and then head up to your room. He and I need to talk.". Timmy gives Aros a hug and then heads to his room. Once Aros’ wife hears the door shut, she says "What the HELL are you doing here?". He replies with "I… I don’t know.". She says "Well, you may as well get the hell out of here because you aren’t going to find anything here for you.". Aros says "Well... well… I want a divorce.". She responds "Alright, well I don’t know how we’re going to break this to the kids." "I think you should do it," Aros replies. "I don’t belong here anymore.".
  200. It’s a bit later, and the library is still open. He prints out a picture of the sexy bus he found on the Russian site in secrecy. Afterwards, he heads to the local sex shop and picks up a yellow flesh light. He then checks back into his hotel room. He places the flesh light in between the mattress and the box spring, and places the picture on the bed. He begins thrusting vigorously.
  202. This routine continues for years, going between using his flesh light and ordering hookers. He gets money from selling illegal memes, barely making enough to meet his burning sexual desire for buses. After many years of his sexual routine, his sexual thrills slowly faded for the regret of leaving his family was overcoming him. He begins going to B.U.S. meetings (Breaking Uncommon Sensations). On his first meeting, there’s some other people there. They go around explaining their problems. One woman says "I’m into butt stuff.". Another person says "I was heavily into shoving jelly beans up my ass.". It’s Aros’ turn. He says "I was completely engorged in bus porn. I need help. I need help now. I abandoned my family. My wife left me, I abandoned my children. All over buses. What have I done.". Aros starts balling his eyes out.
  204. The man at the head of the class says "I’m gonna get you help, Aros. Same with the rest of you.". Aros is now merely whimpering after hearing what the man had to say. After 5 months of these classes, Aros was finally cured of his sexual desires towards buses. He heads back to his family after about 2 and a half years since abandoning them. He goes up and knocks on the door. His ex wife answers the door, saying "Oh, it’s you. What do you want?". Aros says "I’ve been cured. I went to a B.U.S. class.". "You mean you fucked buses until you were tired of it?" his wife responds curiously. Aros responds quickly, saying "No no no no no! They helped me control my sexual desires towards buses. May I come in?". She responds "Sure, I guess…".
  206. "Timmy and Samantha aren’t here right now, but they’ll be home a bit later. You could wait for them if you want to." his wife tells him. Aros says "Good. I wanted to apologize to them for abandoning them.". She says "Good. You should.". Aros asks "Is there a new man in your life?" and his wife replies "No, I’ve looked, but there’s nobody that was quite like you. You know, you before you were addicted to buses…". He replies "Yeah, I guess, I don’t know…". His wife says "You know, I’ve only had a dildo on my side for a while. I could use some… dick.. you know?". Aros replies "I might be up for that…". "Meet me in the bedroom. 5 minutes." his wife tells him.
  207. After having hot, steamy sex with his ex wife, and apologizing to his kids for leaving them, a few months later they get re married and resume living a normal life.
  209. Years later, Aros explains to his kids what really happened. They’re shocked, and Aros tells them both "And THAT kids is why you don’t go to sketchy Russian porn sites.".
  210. The end.
  212. It was 9:00pm on a saturday, in the middle of summer.
  213. BDroidz was busy thinking about what to build on KSP when the phone rang,
  214. hMMMMM, i wonder who that could be?" asked BD
  215. So BD ran over to the phone and answered. "Hello?"
  216.  "Hello? BD?" asked a familiar voice
  217. "Who is this?" BD asked.
  218. "Its me, Your g i r l f r i e nd . M22."
  219. "oH hi M22, how are yo---"
  220. "Listen, Im at your front door right now, so, you might aswell let me in." M22 interrupted, in a flirty kind of tone.
  221. BDroidz r i p p e d off his sweater, ran over to the door, and opened it.
  222. And there she was, standing there with her shiny dirty blond hair, blue striped tank top, blue denim shorts and black DC shoes.
  223. "Wow, uhm…. You look….."
  224. "Hot? I know im pretty hot."
  225. "Now my question is, why do you have pumpkin spice latte in hand?" Asked BD.
  226. "Well, my friends told me they were good, so i got one."replied M22
  228. "Nice. So do you want to come in?" asked BD
  229. "Sure. i’d love to"
  231. So BD and M22 went into the Bedroom to play d e s t i n y. (yeah, that old ass game.)
  232. "Jesus, is it ever hot in here. Do you mind if i take off my top?" Asked M22, in a V E R Y flirty tone
  233. "Sure. I dont mind.(O ͜ つ O)" replies Bdroidz.
  234. M22 Begins to blush as she takes her top off,revealing her small,uncovered tits.
  235. M22 giggles as BDroidz stares at her t i t s.
  236. "Uhhh…..Ummm….. I didn’t know you were like that M22."Says BD, shocked at the sight of M22’s tits.
  237. They were in a relationship, but to BD, he never thought it would go in this direction.
  238. "Fuck. it’s still hot in here." M22 says as she starts to take off her shorts.
  239. Bd’s eyes start to widen at the sight of the nude M22 sitting next to him.
  240. "I got to go to the washroom. So bee right bacc." M22 says through her mic.
  241. M22 walks over to the washroom. And closes the door but, she doesn’t lock it.
  242. A few minutes later, Bd hears light moaning from inside the washroom
  243. BD starts to worry about M22. so he starts to walk over to the washroom.
  244. What he saw, was shocking yet arousing to BD and M22.
  245. M22 was masturbating While looking down. She didn’t realise BD was watching til she came and looked up.
  246. "Uhmmm. I can explain….." M22 says while blushing.
  247. "Why masturbate, when you can have, the Real thing." Bd says while pulling down his shorts and boxers, revealing his rock hard cock.
  248. Bd sits down on the Bathtub edge, and M22 starts to lick  Bd’s gargantuan shaft.
  249. "Mmmmph, This is good." M22 says, muffled by the cock in her mouth.
  250. and they both move over to the bed, and m22 starts to insert His Rock hard dick into her virgin pussy
  252. M22 moans loudly as BD’s cock gets fully inserted into her meat cavern
  253. "oH fUCK thats deep, it hurts!"
  254. M22 bounces up and down on bd’s cock. BD tells m22 to turn around.
  255. BD starts to kiss M22 Furiously as she starts to bounce faster.
  256. M22 moans loudly as his cock rubs against her not-anymore-virgin pussy walls.
  257. BD pulls away from the kiss and he feels M22’s pussy twitch, and M22 feels his cock twitching.
  258. "Im about to cum!!!!!1" M22 yells.
  259. They both cum, and M22’s pussy starts to get filled up by his man seed.
  260. "Oh fuck that was good" Bd exclaims
  261. "Its not over yet…."M22 says in a very, VERY flirty tone.
  262. M22 rolls onto her stomach, revealing her red-rimmed ass to BD.
  263. The bed was now nearly in flight from the raw force of BD’s powerful thrusts, so much so that even Gaghr would be impressed.
  264. As BD inserts his meat rod, she moans yet again, even louder this time
  265. "OH YES!!" M22 screams
  266. The room was filled with a powerful roar of both M22 and BD moaning loudly
  267. Finally, the sound of ass-slapping increased in speed, and within seconds, M22’s rectal repository was coated in BD’s baby gravy.
  268. "You want some more?" questioned M22 as she bent down towards BD’s raging hardon.
  269. M22 started to give BD a footjob. "
  270. "Oh fuck that feels good." BD yells
  271. Halfway through, BD’s phone rings, he looks at the caller, "This fucking cunt viral calls at the worst times."
  272. Bd answers "Hello Viral, what is it."
  273. "Well um, i'm at your house with the monopoly board."Viral says.
  274. "Well um… Viral im kinda busy right now so, maybe later."Bd exclaims.
  275. "Sure. ok. I thought we were gonna play monopoly though."
  276. Bd hangs up on viral. "Now, where were we…."
  277. M22 keeps rubbing BD’s rock with her feet. But eachtime, she goes a bit faster.
  278. A few minutes later. Bd’s cock starts to warm up alot and starts to twitch.
  279. "Oh Fuck, i cant bear it any longer. I’m gonna cum!"
  280. Bd cums onto M22’s body.
  281. They both lay down onto the bed, M22 laying down Next to Bd.
  282. "Fuck, that was amazing" M22 exclaims
  284. One day, as Maus was watching her daily tankfest binge, she heard a knock on the door.
  285. "Wonder who that could be, hope it’s Cheez!"
  286. She looked out the window, and saw cheezus’ white Ford Taurus parked outside of her house.
  287. "Yay, it IS cheezy!" thought Maus to herself. She hopped to the door, rack bouncing and opened it to see cheezus in his casual clothes carrying his laptop.
  288. "Heya Maus!" Says Cheezus, casually walking in the door and sitting on the couch with his laptop open.
  289. "Watcha doin Cheez?" Replies Maus.
  290. "Not much, just checking the latest reddit threads and uploads." He replies.
  291. As Cheezus clicks on a reddit link, Maus notices a distinct lump in his pants start to rise.
  292. "Is that a cannon or are you just happy to see me?" Maus says to Cheezus, the lump in his pants still rising farther.
  293. "Uhhhhhh…" Cheezus says nervously and flips his screen to show Maus the biggest canadian icicle going into a pussy on r/gonewild.
  294. "wOAH thats hot" Maus says.
  295. "Why don’t we try some of that?" Cheezus replies.
  296. "I’ve been waiting for you to ask." Maus says
  297. Maus hadn’t been wearing any panties due to the fact she woke up about an hour ago and didn’t get fully dressed, so she simply pulled down her skirt to reveal her shaved, tight pussy.
  298. "Already wet i see." Says cheez, staring at her pussy that had started to drip.
  299. Cheezus gets so hard his thin pants tear and reveal his long canadian icicle. Maus is instantly aroused and comes over to start licking his long n’ thick.
  300. "Damn that’s good" Maus says muffled after gobbling down cheezus’ cock.
  301. Cheezus starts pushing her head up and down on his cock, pushing his cock deeper and deeper down her throat.
  302. "I feel it coming up, get ready!" Cheezus exclaims.
  303. As cheezus releases his load of maple syrup, Maus swallows most of it.
  304. "Damn, that tasted nice. Why don’t we use some of that to lube my ass?" Maus says, still eating his cum.
  305. Maus spits the rest of his cum back onto his cock and rubs it in. She then turns and reveals her ass and slowly sits down on cheez’s icicle.
  306. "Oh my GOD that’s tight." Cheezus says after getting halfway into Maus’ ass.
  307. As cheezus bottoms out on Maus, she moves onto the floor, and knees. Cheezus, in turn, starts slowly going back and forth in and out of her ass.
  308. "OH YES KEEP PUSHING CHEEZUS DADDY" Maus exclaim as cheezus speeds up.
  309. As cheezus reaches his pre-climax point, it slips and shoves deep into her pussy by accident.
  310. Maus is instantly wet and near cumming point.
  311. "OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH" Cheezus exclaims as he releases his second load of maple syrup into Maus. Maus then cums at the same time, and cheezus quickly flips maus and licks up all the juices out of her pussy.
  312. "Ooooh that tastes good." Cheezus says.
  313. "Why don’t we use my boobs now?" Maus replies.
  314. "Why not?" Cheezus says in turn.
  315. Cheezus spreads maus’ legs and sits on her stomach, placing his icicle between her boobs.
  316. He then starts going back and forth while also leaning back with his arms and fingering maus at the same time.
  317. "Oh my god that’s so gooooood keep going daddy cheezus keep going!" Maus says loudly.
  318. "WARP SPEED!" Cheezus exclaims.
  319. Cheezus starts speeding up faster and faster and in turn fingers maus faster and faster. Maus is near her second cumming point.
  320. "I’M GONNA EXPLODE!" Maus screams.
  321. Maus had kept most of her cum in during the last cumsplosion, so the orgasm was so violent her legs shook and the cum came flying out of her pussy. At the same time, cheezus came onto her face.
  322. "Can we 69 now?" Cheezus says, aroused as all hell.
  323. Cheezus moves down to her pussy and places his cock near maus’ mouth. Maus gobbles it down and cheezus licks maus’ pussy. This goes on until 10 minutes later, until they were both tuckered out.
  325. 8 hours later….
  327. Cheezus and maus were sitting on the couch, while cheezus was browsing pornhub. Both of them were aroused and ready, but weren’t in the mood for sex.
  328. "Why don’t we masturbate together?" Cheezus says.
  329. "Sure~" Maus replies flirtily.
  330. They both pull down their pants, Cheezus pulling down his underwear and Maus her panties.
  331. They choose a video, a POV of a yoga girl riding reverse cowgirl. Before they fap, Cheezus makes an interesting remark.
  332. "Why don’t we masturbate eachother?" Cheezus says
  333. "Oooooh that sounds fun. Finally get my hands on that icicle of yours." Maus replies.
  334. They move their hands to opposite genitals, and cheezus starts the video. It starts off slow, with normal yoga excersizes, but accelerates from 0-100 real quick. The yoga girl pulls down her yoga pants and sports panties and sits on the man’s dick and goes up and down.
  335. "Ohhhhh that feels much nicer when someone else is doing it." Cheezus says to Maus.
  336. "Ditto." Maus replies.
  337. As they both near climax the video ends and they both close their eyes and cum at the exact same time.
  338. "AMMORACK!" Maus exclaims
  339. "CUMMING!" Cheezus yells in response.
  340. The entire room explodes in a white light and as it fades, they are both covered and dripping with cum.
  342. 4 years pass. Bob and Zaz are still apart from eachother. But their long dick 40's are still ripe with sexual tension. Zaz masturbated to a burnt up picture of Bob every day. Sometimes even Professor Pedophlop joins in on Zaz's Masturbation Castration. Zaz has recently found a new fuck friend, but as his regular life goes, cant keep a sex buddy for more than a month. Zaz was getting bored of Pedophlop, his sex moves were too plane. (fuck you and your nigger planes) Little did zaz know, Pedophlop had his eyes on xaviers tight obese bumhole. Pedophlop left Zaz in the middle of night. Zaz woke up to realize, that this was the same situation as Bobs.
  344. Zaz ran and ran and ran. Zaz ran so much, he ran all the way to Mother Russia. Zaz couldnt stop running, untill he ran right into an oversized tank, overpowered enough to take down the twin towers with one shot. The tank lowered its long cannon 40, and launched a dildo right at his face, knocking him out.
  346. Zaz wakes up to see one Ugly looking motherfucker, and one Ugly looking childfucker. It was B0n3s and B0b. B0n3s has converted Bob into B0b. His original character. (Do Not Steal) B0n3s grabbed zaz by the shoulders, and whispers in his ear "I'm gonna fuck you like Malleus Fucked me" B0b and B0n3s flip zaz over, onto his stomach. They both got their long dickinsons out, and let the mating ritual commence. Distant "WAAAHH, OH GOD, UHHHHhhhhhnnn" could be heard. Bob started screaming "YOU FUCKING NIGGER" over and over and over again. At the end of the day, Zaz was destroyed emotionally, physically, and mentally. Dont forget anally aswell. In the distance, watching through a window. Cookies was watching the entire time, stroking his 27 centimeter engine car.
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