Abomination (series)

Feb 13th, 2015
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  1. Contents line comments
  2. A Thing in the Darkness 9 horror
  3. A Lovely Horror 49 horrorifice
  4. The Cursed Tape 93 horrible sex tape
  5. A Source of Inspiration 131 horrible copulation [arc end]
  7. *** *** ***
  9. A Thing in the Darkness
  11. A shadow in a forgotten cellar. An abandoned military installation in a collapsed empire. I was there to take some cool photos and post them on my blog. I thought I'd get a nice photo of some molded-over torture chamber, but then... Well, there was something in there. I had a bad feeling even before opening the heavy iron door, and my hair stood on end as I stepped in. I felt watched. Something seemed no gnaw at my brain as I stepped forward. I was a pace away when I noticed it.
  13. A slender figure sat there, at the wall, fastened to the chair. The reflected light of my flashlight illuminated it only partially, but I could tell it was a person - or something similar. A doll, forgotten from some exercise decades ago? That ought to be creepy enough. I turned my light towards it. I froze like a deer in headlights.
  17. There was a... Thing, sitting in the chair, calmly looking at me. Parts of it looked like a haggard young woman, but the rest...? My eyes were locked with hers. It was as if I was looking into a portal to another galaxy - her red and purple eyes seemed to swirl in place, dimming and blurring everything but them. I could tell that her mouth was not normal, but mostly as a feeling, rather than by seeing it. A mass of sharp teeth, two lower jaws... But those were not the most terrifying parts of this mysterious girl.
  19. YOU SHOULD STEP CLOSER. A voice rang through my skull, dark like centuries-old dried blood. At once both seductive and terrifying, it seemed to come from within, like it was my inner voice. It wasn't. I wanted to scream in naked terror and run way the moment I heard it. I couldn't. I was transfixed on her beautiful eyes. I stepped closer, barely realizing I did. THERE IS NO REASON SHE SHOULD BE LOCKED HERE. Yes... I... There was no reason, she must have been so lonely. YOU SHOULD UNTIE HER.
  21. The leather straps were in oddly good condition - they must have been thoroughly oiled before this place was abandoned. I had to really work at it to open them. Finally all dozen of them were open, on her forearms, upper arms, chest, forehead... She finally turned her head to me. My lizard brain screamed at me to run and hide and never look back, but I was still a slave to her eyes. Slowly, clumsily, she stood up.
  25. YOU SHOULD KISS HER. I hadn't blinked even once since I had entered the chamber. I leaned closer and closer to her horrifying jaws, and closer and closer to her captivating eyes. As I turned my head to the side, my lips touched her teeth. I could feel a disgusting, clammy slime coating her teeth. They seemed to twist and turn, trying to pull me in like the mouth of some ancient insect. Her touch was surprisingly gentle, although the terror I felt every waking moment even knowing she existed gave it an unsettling edge.
  27. Suddenly a mass of tentacles swarmed out of her horrible orifice. What passes for her tongue, I assume. My consciousness wished it could die, my instinct wished it could escape, but something in me was excited. Her mouth tentacles twirled around my tongue in an unholy french kiss. They secreted a warm slime, almost like saliva. Suddenly I heard the voice again. YOU SHOULD TAKE HER IN YOUR ARMS.
  29. I stepped in closer, even as every part of me screamed the opposite. I wrapped my arms around her and pressed her to my chest. With her terrifying visage hidden, pressed against my chest, she would have seemed almost normal. Yet - the horror I felt at her was, if possible, even stronger. She stood bolt upright, seemingly unresponsive to the hug.
  31. YOU SHOULD WALK HER OUT OF HERE. Her small hand rose, silently demanding that I take it. I didn't dare not to, and she held my hand. We started off, walking through the ruined building and into the open air. She winced at the sight of the sun. How long was she in that cellar? What was she? I was interrupted by the voice, hers, I guess. YOU SHOULD TAKE HER HOME. I could no other.
  35. She sat on my bed, perfectly lit. I still couldn't make out her mouth - it was like something deep inside me prevented me from seeing the horror even if I looked straight at it. She called out at me: YOU SHOULD SIT NEXT TO HER. W-what...? YOU SHOULD KISS HER. Where was this going? YOU SHOULD TOUCH HER CHEST. What the hell? Why would an abomination like her want to make out with me? Under her control I did, kissing and fondling her slender body.
  37. Suddenly there seemed to be a hesitation in the voice. SHOW ME... SHOW ME YOUR TRUE FEELINGS. Her hold on me crumbled in an instant, and on instinct I fell backwards, skittering to the corner in terror. I rocked back and forth, attempting to burrow through the wall. The voice - an emotion, rather than words - screamed in anguish. She buried her face in her hands for an instant, before standing up and walking up to me, the terror growing with each short stride. Finally she kneeled next to me, trying to touch my face. I screamed like a dying animal before passing out.
  41. When I came to, she was nowhere to be found. The primal horror was gone, but impossible to forget. I was never the same, I never went to another abandoned building, never watched another horror movie, never forgot that something like that could exist in this world. Did she go back to that chair? Is she hiding in some other dark corner of the world? I don't know, and I don't want to know. I reported that place as a radiation hazard. I hope that no-one else will find that thing.
  47. *** *** ***
  49. A Lovely Horror
  51. A figure sits in a pitch-black room, deep beneath the earth. Restraints sit, open, under its slender form. It sits, waiting for nothing, as it had for more than two decades - only now its head hangs forward in the darkness. There is no-one to see, nor any light to glint in, the tears on its cheeks.
  53. * * *
  55. Those fuckers! How dare they call my incredible Chernobyl photos 'cliched' and 'tryhard'?! Shiyeeet... No taste in the whole lot of them. Shit-bitches. Looks like I got lucky with this new site, tho'. Only one visitor so far, and he tagged it as BOTH a radiation hazard AND a biohazard. No pics. This ought to be good.
  57. So far it isn't. I mean, it sure is an abandoned military installation, but there's nothing interesting about it. Those assholes have blasted the facade away, and the elements have destroyed most of the upper parts. Why did they blow these places up, anyway? Afraid of squatters? Well, who cares. It's about time to check the tunnels.
  59. Whoa, this place is huge! Too bad they cleaned the place out. Nothing interesting down here at all. Not papers, not instruments, barely even any dust. Badly lit photos of featureless concrete? Bah. Still, I might as well check everything now that I'm already here. It's not like there's all that much left - by my reckoning there's just one lab to go...
  63. Now this place, this is great! Even my hair stands on end... I wonder why? There's all sorts of tools on the floor, and even some sort of electric chair! I better take a good look at th- YOU SHOULD LEAVE. Woah, that's the first time my conscience has sounded like that. It's like a rusty iron fist wrapped in velvet. I guess I better obey. I take the most direct route out of there, and after some ten minutes I finally feel the sun again on my face.
  65. Wait, why did I want to leave? Shit was just getting good. I make my way back inside. I turn my flashlight towards the chair and- YOU SHOULD TURN AROUND AND WALK OUT OF THE DOOR. -And turn around and walk back into the corridor. What the hell? I march right back in there. This time I manage to turn my light to the chair before my conscience comes knocking.
  67. There's a girl in the chair, with wet, purple eyes. Y-YOU- I-I- Y-YOU- NO! The voice rings in my skull as I find myself lost in the swirling galaxies on her face. The back of my skull throbs at the sight of her face - her eyes, her unkempt hair, her... Blurred mouth...? Why can't I seem to focus on anything below her nose...? The voice stutters again: W-WHY ARE YOU H-HERE?
  71. I explain it to her - that voice seems to be hers. She seems confused. YOU WANT A PICTURE... Her eyes narrow, and the voice seems to perk up. OF ME? Not exactly. OH... She seems dejected. OF COURSE. WHY WOULD ANYONE WANT TO SEE ME? I AM A HORROR... That's not true! She's the most beautiful thing I've ever seen. I mean, I can see why someone would think otherwise, but... B-BEAUTI- LIAR! YOU SHOULD LEAVE.
  73. The open sky and a warm sun on my face. Fucking shit, again! I run back to her. I won't leave without her. IF... IF YOU ARE HONEST, SHOW ME YOUR FEELINGS. Is this a proposition? Sure seems like it. I step closer, leaning over to her face. The static in by brain grows stronger and stronger as my lips approach the blur that is her mouth. My lips press onto her face - it seems like she has three lips. One above and two below? Something slithers out to meet my tongue, slowly warming up to me. As I slowly work my tongue into her mouth, the slimy tentacles first shyly probe at me, and then quickly begin to wrap all around my tongue. They probe at my tongue and my gums, awkwardly teasing my mouth all over. Finally she breaks the kiss, her tongues quivering in the stale air. AREN'T YOU AFRAID? Afraid? No. Tense, maybe? Her touch drives my senses wild, the alien sensations in my mouth, the buzzing in my skull, the blur in my eyes... GO ON...
  75. My eyes still locked to hers, I work my hands down her slender body. A rough fabric, like sailcloth, is draped over small breasts and a tight stomach. I trace her curves as a wordless moan rings through my skull. Her breast fits easily into my hand, one arm draped under her arm and on her bust, the other slowly snaking its way down. My lips are pressed to the side of her neck, glued to the barely-felt tendon. Her cheek seems to wobble as I tease her all over. Her nipple hardens as the stiff fabric rubs against it under my touch. PLEASE... My skull rings with a voiceless pleasure, begging me to continue. My hand is at her crotch, digging inside her sailcloth trousers. I find a familiar mound, but as I cross the peak, there's something alien. It feels like a best of earthworms, constantly shifting, trying to suck my fingers in. I pull my hand back out and pull myself away from her - her mouth hangs sligthly open, forming a T, wet tentacles shimmering within in the weak light of my flashlight set on a cabinet.
  77. I pull her trousers away, revealing soft, slender legs below her tentacle nest. She still sits on her chair, her legs draped around her former arm restraints, her arms now wrapped around my neck. My penis rests on her pubic mound, her lower tentacles squirming all over my balls. I press my face onto her modest bust as I pull my hips back and thrust myself into her horrifying orifice. A psychic scream fills my soul as I enter her in one thrust. Her walls shift and undulate around me, each wet tentacle working on its own - and yet seemingly following a great pattern at the same time. My hands worm their way up her stomach under her shirt. As they finally find her small breasts, I pull my head back to look her in the face.
  79. Her lower jaws hang grotesquely to the sides, her face forming an upside-down Y. The mass of needle-like teeth has fallen away to reveal a bundle of tentacles twisting and squirming around an opening. Shivers run down my spine as I look into her mouth, finally visible in full focus. As I slowly begin to thrust, I lean in to again kiss her tentacles. My face enters her gaping, open mouth as her tentacles violate every part of my mouth, even entering my nose. I gasp in pleasure as her tentacles caress me at both ends - a constant din of moans and breathless gasps rings through my mind. My thrusts become more frantic, her squirms more chaotic, as I experience an almost indescribable pleasure swirling around my head and shaft.
  81. Finally I come to a shuddering orgasm. I ejaculate deep inside her nest accompanied by a mind-shattering scream inside my head, and her tentacles only slowly cease to milk me as I too come to a halt. Her jaws slowly close, eventually turning our lewd embrace into something resembling a human kiss. I pull myself out, but no liquids of any kind manage to escape her hole. The ringing in my skull slowly fades to a sensation, a soft velvet coating my consciousness as I lie on top of her, panting.
  85. "Obvious fakes!" "Is this a viral ad for some horror film?" "Hahaha you faggot, we always knew you'd sell out!" Those motherfuckers! I post some nice photos of me kissing my new girlfriend, but nobody believes me! Talk about shit taste...
  91. *** *** ***
  93. The Cursed Tape
  95. They say that there's a video floating on the net, one that couldn't possibly be real. There's a couple 69'ing, but the longer you watch, the more wrong it gets. The girl's face opens to reveal a mass of writhing tentacles wrapped around the boy's groin. He pulls his head away from her crotch to reveal another writhing mass of flesh where a vagina should be. Supposedly, if you watch it all the way through, a monster like her will take you away. I don't know about that, but I know that tape exists. Why? Because I made it.
  97. * * *
  99. She sits hunched over, her hoodie drawn tight over her surgical mask and shades. Of all places to find a cosmic horror in disguise, this is a nice cafe downtown. There's some tea and cakes on the table between us, although I don't see how she intends to eat with that mask. I ask, and a barely audible voice rings though my skull. SOMEONE WILL SEE ME. SOMEONE WILL BE AFRAID OF ME... Well, she has to get used to being in public, she can't hole up inside for her entire life. I DO NOT WANT TO FRIGHTEN ANYONE. NOBODY WANTS TO SEE ME. I SHOULD NOT BE SEEN. Well, how does she intend to eat?
  101. She takes her cake and brings the plate inside her hood. A few tentacles squirm out from below the mask, wrapping around the cake, breaking it into tiny pieces and smuggling it into her hidden mouth. Well, at least she's outside, even if she doesn't look like she's on a date. WAIT. HOW DO I DRINK THE TEA? I watch her, trying to guess at the expression hidden behind her disguise. It must be the cutest thing ever. Finally she takes the cup and brings it under her jaw. Her mask is pushed forward, and she puts the cup in behind it. The tentacles writhe behind the mask for a while, and then she brings out an empty cup. SEE. I CAN DO IT WITHOUT BEING SEEN. How does she know nobody wants to see her, anyway? I sure do, and I can't be the only one. THE RESEACHERS. THE FIRST EXPLORER. EVERYONE ELSE IS AFRAID. THEY ARE TERRIFIED. I DO NOT WANT THAT! NO! I lean over to grab her hands as she gets more and more agitated at the memory. I have an idea.
  105. Later in the evening I set up a camera in my bedroom. WHY WOULD THIS PROVE THAT SOMEONE WANTS TO SEE ME? Well, if we make a sex tape and I put it on the net, people are going to talk about it. THEY WILL SAY THAT THEY ARE AFRAID OF IT! Some, sure, but I bet a lot would say she's pretty. That's because she is. Besides, nobody knows her face, anyway, so there's really no downside. I AM NOT CONVINCED. BUT, I DO NOT THINK IT WILL CAUSE HARM. Excellent.
  107. I position myself on top of her. Her crotch is wound up tight - it almost looks like human labia. I poke at her face with my dick as I slowly begin to lick at her curled tentacles. Her mass of tiny, spine-like teeth grazes at my hard penis as her mouth slowly opens. Her lower tentacles twitch as I lick and kiss them. I bring my fingers up to her hole, pushing her topmost tentacles aside to reach deeper, probing the lower tentacles with my tongue as I stroke and pinch her top tentacles. Meanwhile her lower jaws have opened, taking my cock into her mouth almost like a human would. She's obviously camera-shy.
  109. Slowly she warms up, her crotch beginning to writhe and pulse under my tongue. Slowly her tentacles uncurl, beginning to respond one by one. One of them enters my mouth from the side, rubbing against the side of my tongue as I lick her deeper and deeper. A black slime gathers inside her, making her tentacles slick as they wriggle around my tongue. I use my hands to stroke her tentacles, gathering them into a black, slimy, twisting and turning rope-like mass to finger and tongue.
  111. Meanwhile her jaws are beginning to open - I feel her lower jaws extend along my hip creases, her dozen purple tongues caressing my shaft and balls as I push myself deeper into her mouth. As I near her mouth hole, I can feel her breath quicken around my taint. I suddenly draw my head back, showing her lewd tentacles, twitching in the air, to the camera. She's finally turned on enough to let her tentacles outside her body.
  115. I pull my hips back before ramming my dick deep into her mouth. I finally penetrate her mouth hole, at the point her three jaws meet. Her back arcs and she shivers as I do, the sensation obviously alien to her. A confused moan fills my skull, ringing for what seems like an eternity. There is a feeling of shock, surprise, and yet also pleasure. Her lower tentacles straighten as she screams inside my head, letting me work my face deep inside her. There is another hole, deep inside her tentacle nest, covered in and oozing out of it that black oil that coats her tentacles. I extend my tongue.
  117. It tastes salty. Like sweat combined with seaweed - the taste is not really pleasant, but I can deal with it. I trace the raised edge of her orifice with my tongue, her juices staining it black as death itself. Her entire body squirms again, but now her scream is undoubtedly one of pleasure. Her tentacles curl all around my head, ramming my face into her lewd hole. I lick, kiss, nuzzle her orifice with all my might as I thrust my dick in and out of her mouth hole. Her legs wrap around my head, her soft thighs pressing onto my ears just as her tentacles squirm all over my head, fondling me in ecstacy. Her arms wrap around my back, pressing my belly into her modest breasts. My head rings with the constant din of her moans.
  119. Finally she shudders in sanity-shattering orgasm. Her black, glistening hole pulls my tongue inside it as her entire body first tightens and then relaxes. Her lower jaws dig their tiny teeth into my ilium in the throes of her satisfaction. Her psychic scream slowly settles into a soft purr of pleasure as I still pump myself into her mouth. Just as her teeth begin to let go of my flesh and her tentacles uncurl around my head and testicles, I come. My thick cum shoots, the dribbles, down into her horrifying maw. Her throat pulses in waves around me as she swallows it all.
  123. YOU SEE. NOBODY WANTS TO WATCH ME. That's a little premature, isn't it? There are plenty of posts saying they came. I THINK THEY ARE SHITPOSTING. Oh, come on! They wouldn't watch it to the end if they weren't at least a little turned on. WHAT IS THE POINT? EVEN IF SOME PERVERTS LIKE MY BODY, I STILL CANNOT GO OUTSIDE WITHOUT A DISGUISE. Well, in all honesty I thought it would be fun. Besides, she can't be the only girl of her kind, right? People fapping to her will make it easier for them to come out of hiding later. Her booming voice seems to take on a teasing ring. LIAR. YOU JUST WANT TO BRAG TO YOUR FRIENDS.
  129. *** *** ***
  131. A Source of Inspiration
  133. ARE YOU SURE THEY WILL NOT NOTICE? She "whispers" to me, keeping her voice from reaching the surrounding crowd. She clings to me, disguised in her hoodie, surgical mask and sunglasses, the same getup as always. They won't. There's something much more interesting to look at, some of the cosplayers, for one. Holy shit, what a body, showing off her every curve. Fuck, I bet she's getting off on it, too. WHAT ARE YOU LOOKING AT? Oh shit, she caught me. Nothing, nothing... She seems to glare, first at me, then at the girl.
  135. IT IS NOT GOOD TO LOOK AT OTHER GIRLS. I turn to her, but something feels off. She didn't force me to do it. SEE? YOU DO LOVE ME. She scoots herself closer as we walk off. Soon we reach the main hall. PLEASE EXPLAIN TO ME AGAIN, EXACTLY WHAT WE ARE LOOKING FOR? Well, it's some of the material. She might not believe it, but people will actually pay to read about girls like her. YES, I KNOW. THOSE ARE CALLED HORROR STORIES. Not this shit again... It's to masturbate, alright? They get turned on by it. YES, I KNOW. THOSE PEOPLE ARE CALLED MASOCHISTS.
  137. We walk around between the stalls until we hit the one I had in mind. There's another disguised girl on the way. SHE LOOKS UNDERAGE. She absent-mindedly continues inside my skull: I WONDER IF I LOOK UNDERAGE... Finally we reach the stall and she hides behind me as she sees the cover: a girl lifting her skirt to reveal a mass of tentacles. T-THAT IS VERY INAPPROPRIATE. I buy it anyway and I lead her to a darker corner. I start to flip the pages as she watches between her fingers. An undulating buzz, like heavy breaths, slowly grows inside my head.
  141. The girl in the story hugs a man from behind, wrapping her tentacles around his cock like an onahole. A-ARE YOU TRYING TO I-IMPLY SOMETHING? I flip to the next page - now the girl pumps his dick with her tentacle reacharound. IS THAT W-WHAT YOU WANT? WELL, A-ALRIGHT... The buzz inside my head grows to a contant, dull throbbing. She wraps her arms around me waist and pulls me into the corner, almost on top of her. She's almost entirely hidden behind me, and it must look like I'm just browsing a magazine in the corner.
  143. I feel her tentacles worm and uncoil behind my ass. They make their way out of her jeans and into mine, slowly writhing forward along a complex path. I almost gasp when her warm, wet flesh wriggles into my pants, finally making contact with my flesh. Slowly they make their way to my front and begin to massage my dick inside my pants. She hugs me tight as she does, breathing heavily into my ear from behind. I can hear her mouth slither, eager to touch me. I wonder if she can restrain herself.
  145. It's almost painfully tight in my jeans - my rock-hard cock is enveloped by her soft, slimy tentacles. Her appendages tease me, slowly writhing back and forth as I can only hold her hands, still over my chest, to return the favor. For a moment all tentacles push down on me, then they all pull at me, then they begin to twist and turn around me. The slow, erratic stimulation is maddening. I want to put it inside her so bad, I want to paint my dick black with her lewd juices. The buzz is now a constant din in my mind.
  149. Suddenly I feel a psychic wave blow past me - and tentacles at my ear. She's lost control. I feel her needle-like teeth nibble on my earlobe even as some of her tentacles worm their way into my mouth. Her tentacles inside my pants to wild, trashing around like some wild beast. Her barely-contained voice rings inside me: I WANT IT. I WANT IT. PLEASE GIVE IT TO ME. Even as she is, she does not take control of me. That's so sweet. But really, public sex? That's a new one for her. PLEASE TURN AROUND. PLEASE GIVE IT TO ME.
  151. I slowly spin to allow her tentacles to gently reposition themselves. Suddenly I face her leering face, her sunglasses hanging from her neckhole and her mask pulled down to reveal her beautiful eyes and mouth. The stars in her eyes spin as slowly as they always do, as if uncaring to the world on this side. Her tentacles invade my mouth as I crane my neck forward to kiss her. She twists them into a thick rope to mimic a human kiss, but her jaws, hanging lewdly open, ruin the impression.
  153. Her hands break the hug and begin to work at our jeans. Soon my tentacle-covered dick swings free. She continues to tease me with them while she opens her own trousers. She tries to wrangle my dick into her crotch, but it just doesn't work. She lets the jeans fall all the way to the ground before stepping out of them with one leg. She lifts it over my shoulder with the flexibility of a ballet dancer. Who knows how her muscles and tendons even work, but the position surprises me. PLEASE PUT IT INSIDE ME.
  157. Her black, inky hole is exposed to the air. I gently push myself forward, wetting my tip in her ink as the tentacles uncurl. I lay my head onto her shoulder, her tentacles still inside my mouth, kissing me. I gasp as I thrust myself inside her horrifying orifice. Her wordless shock crashes through my skull, a mixture of pain and pleasure. This is the first time I have fully entered her ink hole, unimpeded by her tentacles. It feels bizarre - slimy, tight, hot, almost as if it wrapped around me to ensure a perfect fit.
  159. I stop to hug her with my dick inside her, to let her get used to it. Her tentacles wrap all around my waist, and to my surprise they slowly begin to pump me back and forth inside her. Every slow, slimy, gentle thrust feels like heaven - the sensations are amplified by our connection. It's almost as if she shared her feelings with me, and my brain is filled with sexual pleasure. My temples throb as she kneads her arms along my back and her walls around my dick. It's almost as if there's some undercurrent hidden beneath the physical sensations she sends me.
  161. She picks up the pace almost imperceptibly. Soon I realize that both her tentacles and my legs push me into her again and again like a pair of pistons working in unison from different sides. I pull my face back to look into her eyes, but something had changed. The stars are gone, her eyes now filled with black. Shivers run through my spine in anticipation. My hair stands on end, just like the first time I met her. I can feel myself near the edge as her eyes transfix me - I can't seem to move my eyes from hers.
  163. Suddenly it seems like a black mist erupts from her eyes towards mine. Incorporeal tendrils snake through the air, but I can't focus on them. I can only stare deeper and deeper into her eyes, too black to exist in this world. As the mist reaches my face, my eyes begin to fog over with black. The ringing in my ears seems to subside, becoming more understandable with every moment the black continues to fill my vision. I can almost understand, there's something in her thoughts, banging at the door just behind the wall of consciousness.
  165. Finally my vision is entirely black, and the buzz becomes clear in an instant. I LOVE YOU. I WANT TO BE TOGETHER WITH YOU. FOREVER. I LOVE YOU. I feel her gentle love permeate my very essence, as if she had stepped inside my skull and embraced my brain itself. Suddenly her message takes a more serious tone, seeming to boom like the voice of a stern god. I AM IMPRINTED. At that instant, I can faintly feel my body release my seed deep inside her twitching, black orifice. The blackness subsides rapidly, the tendrils pull back into her eyes, and the endless black is replaced by the familiar galaxies. She gasps.
  169. Her tentacles lazily curl back into her as we stare each other in the eyes, panting. YOU HEARD IT... I did. Was that like a proposal or something like that? SOMETHING LIKE THAT... Well, I want to be together with her too, forever. I want to marry her. She blushes as she hears that, and her jaws begin to close. They clamp shut and she gives me a soft human kiss. I DO.
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