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  1. Biggie Smalls is a Lightfoot halfling bard who previously worked as a scholar at the College of Lore. He has a love for performance and music, as well as a strong thirst for knowledge  and storytelling. Unfortunately for him, his great great grandfather was a gnome which has made him also have a penchant for trickery and thievery, both of which he struggles to overcome. Any situation where a prank can be pulled, or money can be made, he has a strong urge to do it. His antics were first accepted by the college because his father is high up within it, but after he ruined the last midsummer feast by using magic to glue everyone to their seats, the college decided it would be better for him to be "promoted" to a "travelling bard" job. He accepted the "promotion" and has only recently set off to find a new set of stories to call his own...
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