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iOS "Userscripts Loader" info

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Feb 12th, 2015
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  4. [Empire] How to Enable Userscripts on a Jailbroken Device - xadamxk - 04-15-2013 12:21 PM
  6. How to Enable Userscripts on a Jailbroken iDevice
  8. A free alternate for "Userscripts Loader" can be found in Cydia, for Google Chrome only, called "UserScript for Chrome"
  10. Prerequisites:
  11. - Jailbroken iDevice running iOS 5.x or Greater
  12. - Browser: Safari, Chrome, Downloads, Dolphin, etc.
  14. Installation:
  15. 1. Download "Userscripts Loader" from Cydia
  16. Price: 2.99$
  17. Developer: Shichangone
  18. 2. Respring your device after the installation, and again after the Springboard has loaded.
  19. Use SBSettings, IntelliscreenX, Terminal, etc to Respring.
  20. 3. Browse to, scroll down to "Userscripts Loader" to confirm a successful installation
  21. Userscripts Loader Menu Picture:
  23. Adding Scripts:
  24. 1. Browse to, scroll down to "Userscripts Loader"
  25. 2. Tap "Download By URL"
  26. 3. The settings are defined to add "Http://", so users only have to enter the ID of the script they wish to add. [this part is obsolete]
  27. 4. Find a script you wish to add, and add the ID of the script to the text box.
  28. 5. Click "Done" and wait for the loader to download and install the script.
  29. 6. When complete, you will be prompted that the script has successfully been installed.
  30. 7. Browse to the userscripts Loader menu, and tap "Applications". This is a whitelist of browsers that will enable the userscripts.
  31. 8. Enable the browser you wish to use.
  32. 9. Browse to the Userscripts Loader menu again, and tap "Installed Scripts"
  33. 10. Be sure the script you just added is enabled, and hit the home button.
  34. 11. Launch the browser you enabled, and enjoy your freshly installed userscript(s)!
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