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  1. 1943 Must completely destroy final battleship to beat the last level.
  2. 10 Yard Fight Win the Super Bowl
  3. 720* Finish class 4
  4. Advanced Dungeons & Dragons: Hillsfar Finish the game with one of the characters
  5. Adventures of Dino Riki Loops after level 4-4
  6. Air Fortress Similar to Ghosts 'n Goblins game must be played through twice to reach the credits.
  7. All Pro Basketball Must play 35 games and beat each team 3 times
  8. Alpha Mission Loops after area 12 (area 13 is just area 1 again)
  9. Anticipation Win a game versus the computer
  10. Arch Rivals: A Basket Brawl! Win a single game
  11. Archon Win or draw versus the computer (same credits sequence either way).
  12. Arkanoid Must beat without using continue code. Warp code allowed (mentioned in manual). Probably impossible to beat without a Vaus controller.
  13. Arkista's Ring Must complete four loops to get to the ending.
  14. Athletic World Obtain a degree for finishing a round with a good enough score
  15. Balloon Fight Beat the high score in both 1 player and balloon trip modes
  16. Bandai Golf: Challenge Pebble Beach Complete 18 holes of golf
  17. Bandit Kings of Ancient China Finish scenario 4 to get the ending
  18. Barker Bill's Trick Shooting Play and beat each event, including the special ones in Fun Follies mode (stage 4, 5, 9)
  19. Base Wars - Cyber Stadium Series Win pennant mode
  20. Baseball Win a single game
  21. Baseball Simulator 1.000 Play and win a season. The shortest is 5 games.
  22. Baseball Stars Win a league
  23. Baseball Stars II Win a league
  24. Bases Loaded Must win 80 games
  25. Bases Loaded II: Second Season Must win 75 gamesn the World Series
  26. Bases Loaded III Beat a level 5 team with a rating of 100.
  27. Bases Loaded IV Must win 70 gamesn the Super Series
  28. Battle Chess Win a single game
  29. Bill Elliott's Nascar Challenge Play and win the Championship Season
  30. Black Bass Be ranked #1 at the end of September 25
  31. Blades of Steel Win a tournament
  32. Bo Jackson Baseball Beat the playoffs mode
  33. Bram Stoker's Dracula Must play on hard difficulty to play the full game.
  34. Break Time: The National Pool Tour Win the national pool tour
  35. BreakThru Loops after level 5
  36. Bubble Bobble Beat the game with the good ending. Not necessary to do second quest.
  37. Burgertime Loops after stage 6
  38. Caesar's Palace Must have $140,000 to leave in the best car.
  39. California Games Set a new world record in each event
  40. Casino Kid Must win $2 million.
  41. Caveman Games Compete in the caveman games and set records in each event
  42. Championship Bowling Complete a game of bowling and beat the high score
  43. Championship Pool Win either the 8 ball or 9 ball tournament (not necessary to do both)
  44. Chessmaster Win a single game
  45. Chubby Cherub Loops after stage 12
  46. City Connection Loops after stage 6
  47. Classic Concentration Win a single game and win the bonus round at the end.
  48. Clu Clu Land Loops after stage 21
  49. Commando Beat stage 4-4
  50. Conflict Must beat all 15 maps to reach map 16 to complete that one
  51. Crash 'n the Boys: Street Challenge Win first place as Southside for the ending
  52. Cyberball Win a single game
  53. Dance Aerobics Beat all modes
  54. Defender II Loops after stage 1
  55. Dig Dug II Loops after stage 72
  56. Donkey Kong Loops after stage 3
  57. Donkey Kong 3 Loops after stage 4
  58. Donkey Kong Jr. Loops after stage 4
  59. Double Dare Win a game versus the computer
  60. Double Dragon II: The Revenge Must play on Supreme Master difficulty to finish the entire game
  61. Double Dribble Win a single game
  62. Dr. Mario Complete virus level 20
  63. Dragon Spirit: The New Legend Intro stage must be completed without dying to play as the blue dragon, which allows you to play all stages.
  64. Duck Hunt Loops after stage 1. So just beat at least one round and the high score for each mode.
  65. Elevator Action Loops after stage 4
  66. Evert & Lendl Top Player's Tennis Must win all tournaments to get the ending (add more details) rank 12 after asmik, rank 8 wimbledon
  67. F-15 Strike Eagle Complete all 7 missions
  68. Family Feud Must win $20,000
  69. Flying Dragon: The Secret Scroll Similar to Ghosts 'n Goblins game must be played through twice to reach the credits.
  70. Flying Warriors Play on expert difficulty to get the true final boss fight
  71. Galaga Loops after stage 3
  72. Galaxy 5000 Beat Pluto without continuing to get to the final race - Planet X. Win that race to get "The End:"
  73. Gauntlet II Consider beating stage 100 as finishing it.
  74. Gemfire Beat scenario 4 to get the ending
  75. Genghis Khan Choose "World Conquest" and take over the map
  76. Ghosts 'N Goblins Must be played through twice to reach the credits.
  77. Goal! Win a World Cup
  78. Goal! Two Win a Super Cup
  79. Golf Beat the default score (+28)
  80. Golf Grand Slam Get the best score after 18 holes.
  81. Gotcha! Loops after stage 3
  82. Greg Norman's Golf Power Play 18 holes of golf
  83. Gyromite Must beat Game A & B
  84. Harlem Globetrotters Win a single game
  85. Hatris Beat level 9-5
  86. High Speed Beat the high score
  87. Hogan's Alley Loops after stage 1. So just beat at least one round and the high score for each mode.
  88. Hollywood Squares Win a game versus the computer
  89. Hoops Win 15 games
  90. Ice Climber Beat all 32 stages.
  91. Ice Hockey Win a single game
  92. Isolated Warrior Must beat first 6 stages without continuing to reach final stage.
  93. Ivan "Iron Man" Stewart's Super Off-Road Get to race 36 (race 35 is the eighth and final new race)
  94. Jack Nicklaus' Major Championship Golf Play 18 holes of golf
  95. James Bond Jr. Similar to Ghosts 'n Goblins game must be played through twice to reach the credits.
  96. Jeopardy! Win a single game
  97. Jeopardy! 25th Silver Anniversary Edition Win a single game
  98. Jeopardy! Jr. Edition Win a single game
  99. John Elway's Quarterback Win a single game
  100. Jordan vs. Bird: One-on-One Beat the computer in each mode
  101. Joust Finish wave 16
  102. Karate Champ Loops after round 10
  103. Kick Master Complete the game once.
  104. Kickle Cubicle Special stages not necessary
  105. Kings of the Beach Win a tournament
  106. KlashBall Win the league
  107. Lee Trevino's Fighting Golf Win a nassau game vs the computer
  108. Legend of Kage Ending appears after 3 loops
  109. Legends of the Diamond Tournament mode
  110. Lemmings Start on hardest difficulty to reach the credits quicker (you're only required to do the final 25 stages)
  111. L'Empereur Beat scenario 4 to get the ending
  112. Little League Baseball: Championship Series Win a championship series
  113. Lode Runner Complete all 50 stages
  114. LoopZ Get a high score on Games A & B, and clear Game C
  115. Lunar Pool Beat the game on a single credit to get the ending screen
  116. M.U.L.E. Beat the computer opponents on normal.
  117. M.U.S.C.L.E. Loops after stage 4
  118. Mach Rider Loops after stage 10
  119. Magic Darts Complete each game of darts
  120. Magic Johnson's Fast Break Win a single game
  121. Magician Complete the game once.
  122. Magmax Loops after second boss; there's a brief transition period and then you return to stage 1
  123. Major League Baseball Win a single game
  124. Mario Bros. Loops after phase 18
  125. Mighty Bomb Jack Any ending is fine.
  126. Millipede Loops after round 16
  127. Monopoly Beat a computer opponent in a single game
  128. Monster Truck Rally Finish monster truck rally mode with the highest total score, vs at least 1 cpu opponent
  129. Ms. Pac Man Loops after stage 13
  130. NES Open Tournament Golf Win $1 million
  131. NES Play Action Football Win the playoffs mode
  132. NFL Football Win a single Super Bowl game
  133. Ninja Kid Loops after stage 8
  134. Nobunaga's Ambition II Choose the scenario "Nobunaga's Ambition" and take all territories
  135. Operation Wolf Loops after you've completed all 6 missions
  136. Othello Beat level 4 to unlock level 5. Then beat that.
  137. Overlord Play on the hardest difficulty to get an actual ending screen.
  138. Pac-Man (Namco) Loops after stage 1 (and beat high score, of course)
  139. Palamedes Win a tournament to get the credits
  140. Pictionary Finish a single game
  141. Pinball Get 200,000 points for the flippers to disappear then reappear
  142. Pinball Quest Finish RPG mode
  143. Pinbot Beat the high score of just under 10 million
  144. Pipe Dream Loops after stage 16 on game B
  145. Pirates! Retire with the highest rank of King's Advisor
  146. Popeye Loops after level 3
  147. Pro Sport Hockey Win a Super Cup
  148. Puzznic Clear Puzznic and Gravnic
  149. Qix Must beat high score of 100,000 points
  150. R.C. Pro-Am Loops after level 24
  151. Race America Best ending is not necessary
  152. Raid on Bungeling Bay Just need to beat round 1 of game B
  153. Rally Bike Game ends after playing each stage twice
  154. Rampage Loops after 128 stages
  155. Rampart After you see a screen saying "you won the war," you'll start a new level where a single enemy ship approaches waving the white flag. After this you'll get a "The End" screen saying you completed the game
  156. RBI Baseball Finish the season with a 9-0 record
  157. Remote Control Win a single game
  158. Rescue: The Embassy Mission Beat mission Jupiter
  159. Ring King Beat the world #1
  160. Rock 'n Ball Beat all modes. Specifically: Mode 1: Beat the high score. Mode 2: Get at least the final secret code. Modes 3 & 4: Beat all the sub-modes. Feel free to use the codes once you've unlocked them.
  161. Roger Clemens' MVP Baseball Pick an NL team (they play 6 fewer games)
  162. Rollerball Get 1 million points to get the credits
  163. Rollerblade Racer Get 5000 points to compete in the final race, after which you get the credits for a third place or better finish (10,000+ points)
  164. Romance of the Three Kingdoms Win the fifth scenario
  165. Romance of the Three Kingdoms II Win the sixth scenario
  166. Roundball: 2 on 2 Challenge Win the tournament
  167. Seicross Loops after level 6
  168. Sesame Street: 123 Beat each game in each of the two modes
  169. Sesame Street: ABC Beat each game in each of the two modes
  170. Sesame Street: Big Bird's Hide & Speak Beat all 6 levels
  171. Sesame Street: Countdown Finish each mode
  172. Shooting Range Get 40,000 points to win the gold medal
  173. Short Order/Eggsplode Complete a 10 story burger on short order and 60 bomb round on eggsplode
  174. Side Pocket Must get 7,100 points to get the final trick shot to appear, which leads to the credits
  175. Skate Or Die Compete in all events
  176. Ski Or Die Compete in all events
  177. Sky Kid Loops after mission 26
  178. Sky Shark Loops after stage 5
  179. Slalom Beat all 8 races on each of the 3 mountains
  180. Snoopy's Silly Sports Spectacular Go through "1 play total game" and win a medal
  181. Soccer Win a single game
  182. Solomon's Key Continue code is fine to use, since it's on the poster that came with the game
  183. Spot Win a game versus the computer
  184. Spy Hunter Get to the loop point (after each season, ~15 minutes?)
  185. Spy vs. Spy Beat the computer on any level
  186. Sqoon Loops after phase 8
  187. Star Trek: The Next Generation Achieve the rank of Captain
  188. Stealth ATF Loops after stage 8
  189. Super Dodge Ball Win world cup play
  190. Super Jeopardy! Win the finals (three games)
  191. Super Spike V'Ball Win a World Tournament
  192. Super Team Games Win all 4 events in 1 player mode
  193. Tag Team Wrestling Must beat the champions' mark of 35 victories
  194. Tecmo NBA Basketball Complete a season and win the NBA Finals.
  195. Tecmo Super Bowl Complete a season and win the Super Bowl.
  196. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Tournament Fighters Playing on normal is fine (even though the credits are only on hard)
  197. Tennis Win two matches on any difficulty to win the trophy
  198. Terra Cresta Get to the loop point (third boss?)
  199. Tetris Beat 9-5 on B-type, and the high score on A-type
  200. Tetris 2 Start on level 30 (to make it faster). Keep playing until you reach "The End" and the game goes back to the title after level 80
  201. Three Stooges Get at least $5,000 to get the worst ending. You can deliberately game over once you have the money and you'll still get the ending.
  202. Tiger-Heli Loops after stage 4
  203. Touchdown Fever Play and win a tournament.
  204. Town & Country Surf Designs Finish stage 10 of wood and water rage
  205. Track & Field Compete in all events and beat the high score
  206. Track & Field II Play Olympic Mode and reach the closing ceremony after the 8th day
  207. Ultimate Basketball Win the tournament
  208. Urban Champion Loops after 3rd fight.
  209. Vegas Dream Must win $10 million
  210. Volleyball Win a single game
  211. Wario's Woods Finish 100 rounds of Game A or B
  212. Wayne Gretzky Hockey Win a game versus the computer
  213. Wheel of Fortune Win a single game
  214. Wheel of Fortune: Family Edition Win a single game
  215. Wheel of Fortune: Featuring Vanna White Win a single game
  216. Wheel of Fortune: Jr. Win a single game
  217. Where in Time is Carmen Sandiego? You must complete all 80 cases until you're retired. It's not enough just to catch Carmen.
  218. Wild Gunman Loops after stage 1. So just beat at least one round and the high score for each mode.
  219. Win, Lose or Draw Finish a single game
  220. Winter Games Compete in all events
  221. World Champ Compete in all events and get the gold medal in each
  222. World Class Track Meet Win the tournament
  223. World Games Set a new world record in each event
  224. Wrecking Crew Beat all 100 stages.
  225. WrestleMania Win a tournament
  226. WWF King of the Ring Win either the WWF Championship or the King of the Ring tournament
  227. WWF Wrestlemania Challenge Select "yourself" and defeat all the other wrestlers
  228. WWF Wrestlemania: Steel Cage Challenge Win the WWF Championship
  229. Xenophobe Loops after stage 8
  230. Xevious Loops after stage 16
  231. Yoshi Beat level 16 on Game B (to get the pineapple final fruit)
  232. Yoshi's Cookie Beat round 10, stage 10
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