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  1. Transient is this world,
  2. this we all know
  3. People change and fade,
  4. swept along by the ebb and flow of this endless current
  6. Once again,
  7. autumn nights await me along roads I have walked before
  8. Dressed to the nines, I spend my waking moments
  9. wondering if I have long since died
  11. My talents were thought cultivated,
  12. yet perhaps no more than subjugated
  13. Body and mind at an impasse
  14. More than being human, I yearn to live with candor
  16. Yes, my true nature is that of a beast
  18. Let us run headlong
  19. with our lives wild and free
  20. Our destination shall be our final resting place
  21. as nature always meant it to be
  23. Silent steps I take upon roads yet unwalked
  24. as I tremble in winter's embrace
  25. with thoughts of shame for days come and gone
  26. when I chose to march to the beat of another
  28. Wretched be this sycophantry,
  29. thinly veiled as humanity
  30. Preach your innocence, your self-sacrifice
  31. More than being humble, I yearn to pride myself on candor
  33. Yes, my true nature is that of a beast
  35. In this life cold and uncaring,
  36. your worth is measured in deeds
  37. In solitude shall I know freedom,
  38. thus I go far and speak no more
  40. Imitation or not, it matters little
  41. The time for debate has long since passed
  42. For you see, all of these things,
  43. happiness and sorrow, victory and defeat,
  44. these things are relative
  46. I have but one sliver of life
  47. to be squandered as I deem fit
  48. Though it may be misery that awaits me,
  49. this burden too is mine to bear
  51. I have but one borrowed life
  52. to waste and return without shame
  53. Now come, do your worst
  54. I welcome you with hearty laughter
  56. As I walk a path too narrow for any one man
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