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  1. I know everyone here thinks SRS is the real problem, and trust me, they are. But to bring them down, we have to strike where we can hit them first. And the biggest target in need of striking is the most unlikely place: /r/SRSSucks.
  3. First, a history lesson. In a time long ago, the main place for people who hated SRS to go was /r/antiSRS. For a while, it had thrived successfully, until SRS decided it needed to go. They got an inside man, willmcdougal, to start introducing new obvious SRS-shilling rules to the subreddit, such as forbidding new or novelty accounts, and forbidding criticism of SRSers. This obviously resulted in a great backlash from the aSRS community.(http://www.reddit.com/r/antisrs/comments/zp1cz/mod_post_regarding_the_coming_antisrs_renaissance/?sort=controversial) Eventually, further backlash would meet Will, as he takes to calling a user a pedophile due to them expressing disapproval over SRS' plan to infiltrate the media with anti-reddit propaganda (http://i.imgur.com/OkldM.png) and a petition for his demodding was soon formed in response to his behavior.(http://www.reddit.com/r/antisrs/comments/10k3vk/petition_to_demod_willmcdougal/) Shortly after his demodding, the subreddit went private for a short amount of time.
  5. This was the first step in moving them. The next followed about a month later, when another SRS plant, ArchangelleDanielle (posing as a defecting SRS moderator) revealed her allegiance by adding in her fellow SRSers, who implemented a policy of banning anyone who commented in the subreddit. (http://www.reddit.com/r/antisrs/comments/10yxcc/new_rule_shitlords_anyone_who_comments_in_antisrs/) The fun lasted for a day or so, until the aSRS mods above them realized that their modmail was full of defecting SRSers reporting in on their alts, and the SRS mods could view that. They were swiftly booted from the subreddit, but the people were unsatisfied.
  7. Eventually, the subreddit was handed over to a few newer moderators (http://www.reddit.com/r/SRSsucks/comments/1144zq/in_response_to_numerous_pms_here_is_what_is_going/c6j5z5d?context=1) following an incident where a moderator, BeelzebubsBarrister, had demodded themselves and moved fellow mod MittRomneysCampaign to the bottom of the mod list for reasons unknown. Following that, the subreddit was left in the hands of brucemo alongside 2 bots above him in the modlist. He modded two other people, and the subreddit was left standing, but wounded.
  9. Meanwhile, /r/SRSsucks had grown to nearly the same size as /r/antiSRS was, just about 500 subscribers behind them in 5 months. (http://reddit.com/r/SRSsucks/comments/175hlz/meta_only_500_and_change_subscribers_behind/c82e7db) Why, you ask? Because of SRS. They had managed to get it running behind everyone's eyes using alts, and used the same things to draw them in that they would regularly ban for (racism, misogyny, transphobia, etc) and made it known that this was the main place for anything against SRS. But the question remains, why would they do this?
  11. That's simple. To drag their opposition through the mud. If they successfully pull off a false-flag to make their enemies look like human scum, there goes everyone's respect in them. And it's working. More and more people are starting to look at SRSsucks like they're all pond scum, and won't even dare to touch them. AntiSRS still exists, only barely. What needs to be done is we need to bring down SRSsucks before anything else, so we can bring back the full movement we need to take down the enemy. We can do this, brothers.
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