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  1. # Why do you want to become a ERT
  2. #### well um I actually took a long time to write this paragraph so I'll just copy and paste my DM to William; I'd like to become an ERT because I'd like to help people with their problems and make sure the server runs perfectly smooth and postive!
  3. Hmm... I don't know what experiences I have but I'm patient with people and make sure to talk to a higher role if I'm not sure if I should do that e.g bots not working/afk? should I kick the bot and make it rejoin? lemme ask a higher role first!
  4. If there were raiders the first thing I would do is immediatly kick them to make sure they don't cause anymore/any problems in the server, after all this is meant to be a positive server, and child friendly!
  5. My strengths are that I think before making a move and I also think about the consequences e.g will this affect the users in the server in any way? If so what other options are there left? I'm also very active!
  6. My weaknesses are that I tend to talk to the people/raiders instead of kicking them because I'd like some answers of why they made these actions and also what was going on in their minds and who they think they are trying to ruin a server.
  7. I'm obviously subscribed! Who do you think me for?!
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