Legal Agreement

inventor200 Feb 16th, 2017 1 Never
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  1. Hi! Hope you're doing well! :D
  3. I really hate writing up this kind of thing, but someone is gonna try to screw me over one day. Therefore, I'm writing this now.
  5. From hence-forth:
  6. "I/me/my" refers to the ownership of Joey Cramsey.
  7. "You/your" refers to the party which wants to make listening to Joey Cramsey music possible outside of the main website (
  8. "Song credit", "credit", and "credit for the song" refers to the shared song's title, and my name as the composer.
  10. So here's the deal for legal stuff: I'm using a Creative Commons Attribution Non-Commercial license. Let me elaborate what that entails for anybody wanting to share my work around. If you share my work, you are agreeing to the following terms and conditions.
  13. - Remix
  14. - Shorten
  15. - Upload
  16. - Broadcast
  19. 1. Credit must be given to me with on all screens or pages where a listener can play the song, or see the song's title.
  20. 2. A link to my main site ( must be accessible in no less than 5 clicks upon seeing the title of the song.
  21. 3. You do not make money off of the upload.
  22.     a. If you receive currency from the traffic of a website, the song may not be uploaded to that website for listening. You must instead post a link to the original song on my site, or to a site where you do not receive currency.
  23.     b. If you do not receive currency from the traffic of a website, you may upload the song to it as long as you do not receive currency for downloads or plays.
  24.     c. If the personnel of Party A receives currency from the traffic of a site, but non-affiliated personnel from Party B are uploaders of the shared song, then neither Party A nor Party B are breaking this agreement.
  25. 4. If you are playing the song at an event, or on a broadcasted station:
  26.     a. Credit for the song must be audibly and, if possible, visually given to me. Visuals may include:
  27.         i.  A readable graphic with my name and song title, visible for at least 5 seconds.
  28.         ii. A link to my main site (
  29.     b. If audible credit is given, visual credit is not required.
  30. 5. If the music is played during a stream, such as Twitch, then refer to conditions 1, 2, and 3, with your source streaming page being the "website" in question.
  32. 6. If I personally send you a written form of communication (email, physical mail), and if this communication gives you other conditions for sharing, or gives you permission to break this agreement, then any communication-listed additions will be used in conjunction with the above agreement for only you.
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