Kissing Lessons

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  1. ← Kian
  2.       Too many times has he known the idea of being the bottom of the barrel. Only recently did it ever occur to him that-- he was no longer there. But again, it didn't mean that others weren't. Because there are still far too man people who tried to get through life without having to look themselves in the mirror, and be disgusted of what they saw. And not in the physical way, sometimes, it went even further than emotional. Kian, had zero inkling that she had a crush on him, or anyone else who did for that matter. Because not only was he oblivious, and painfully unaware of everything that was going on, but also because he didn't think there was anything about him worth
  4. crushing over. Glasses that were discarded was lifted to his own face, and then wore just for her viewing. The goofiest Keller smile was flashed to Jenelle. "How do I look?" He teased playfully, before taking it off. It was a stupid joke on his part, seeing as it was her first kiss, and he didn't even give her time to react, but-- he felt her fingers on his shirt, and was pulled towards her for another one. It was okay. People got carried away. Kian always got carried away. A quick --sharp-- inhale was taken when the second kiss was broken. Eyes wandering over her features as she spoke. "Y--yeah." His head nodded to a certain rhythm, as his hands planted on th
  6. e blanket beneath them, Kian finding himself to be crawling closer and closer to her, lips pressing warmly --wetly-- against her's. A single hand, grabbed at the corner of the blanket, tugging it towards, and eventually over him, and them, wrapping both their bodies in a cocoon all for themselves. Each kiss went from pecks, to one that brushed tiers opposite of his against one another, like a repetitive dance that seemed to meet no end. Like upper and bottom lips needed to meet Jen's without remorse. His head, moved along with the kisses, their salivas exchanged, yet-- the idea of it may have been rather strange, but to Kian? He found it oddly... intoxicating.
  7. → Kian
  8. lashes fluttered with surprise as Keller admitted to suffering from the same predicament that Jenelle found herself in. A constant state of insecurity and confusion, never knowing what the right course of action was. Ultimately throwing caution to the wind and hoping for the best, or just curling in the fetal position and waiting for it to be over. It was nice to know that she wasn't alone with being a complete and utter mess, even on her best days. Maybe that's why she was so attracted to Kian? For all his flaws, he was utterly beautiful and perfect to her. So kind and generous with every word murmured in her direction. If he meant to calm her, it was doing the exact opposite. Every syllable tugging at the longing that curled in belly, a need for him to do something. For herself to do something. For them to do something together. Breath caught just as dark head tilted, lips pressin
  10. g firmly to hers in a cradling embrace that was so sweet it could rot your teeth. Jenelle didn't react at all, afraid to move, to breathe.. as his hand ran the length of back, drawing her blissfully closer. And when it was over, far too quickly, she almost cried. Only for his hands to frame face, one that many considered too sharp and plain, removing glasses and setting them aside. His breath warm against her face, and blue squinted to make him less blurry at the corners. As those kind words continued to flow like water from the faucet, a gulp was made for air, and she shifted anxiously. Fingers curling into his shirt, tugging him closer as lips sought his again. For just another taste. Hoping it was okay? And at the same time not caring. Her lips were hesitant, and curious. "Ki-kiss m-m-me," lips breaking against his, "Pl-please." Steadily growing a little firmer, slightly more bold.
  11. ← Kian
  12.       "My whole-- my whole life I've never been sure of-- of anything." For a moment his head dropped, leaving her forehead, for the briefest of moments. Hand raised to inspect the skin of her hand, moving and rotating it a few times, as if the male were considering his own words "--and for the most part-- I still mess up a lot." His brows furrowed, meeting in the middle of his forehead. "But I do know what you're-- going through, Jen." Hand squeeze. "I do. And--" Finally his head raised, turning to face somewhere preferably the open door leading outside the storage room. "I just-- don't want you to regret anything." And Kian's had a lot to regret. But for the shortest time he's known her, she deserved more than how everything around her treated her. And so-- "I've never been more sure of something." Slowly, he leaned to press a kiss upon her lips, a hand gently bracing her back, caressing her frame and leaning against her. A few seconds passed, allowing the peck of a kiss to linger, Kian pulled away. He'd be lying through his teeth if he said that he didn't enjoy it. Because it was-- wonderful. Both hands raised to her face, each one grabbing at ends of her glasses, pulling it away from her features. Eventually, it would be put aside. A few heavy breaths were made, gaze watching her eyes intensely. "I don't-- I don't know why you've never been kissed." Why? "Because you're so-- incredibly beautiful."
  13. → Kian
  14. it was as if some cosmic being in the universe was listening, and decided to give Jenelle Oliver a taste of something she had craved since she was eleven years old. To feel seen as a princess or leading lady worth bestowing a kiss upon. Slender hand found itself ensnared within his, small and delicate, something to be cherished. The tug drawing lithe frame closer, almost toppling her onto him. Free hand catching against his bicep as forehead braced gently to hers. It didn't take a rocket scientist to decipher what he was implying, and her heart all but leaped free of chest to fall into his lap. "..Ki-kian?" humiliated by the plea in her voice, "Ar-are yo-you su-sure?"
  15. ← Kian
  16.       "Maybe." Lips pursed and head tilted to the side, the idea of Mary-Angel being pushed away from his thoughts completely. Eventually he'd deal with it, but now it was something he shouldn't even be thinking about. A deep breath was taken. Because why wouldn't he? Kian knows how special first kisses are, and he knows just how special it was going to be for Jenelle, and how much it wasn't for Jack. Hand slithered to fully take her's in his. A slight tug made. "I'm-- uh-- only-- I'm only going to do this, because-- please don't hate me. But-- but because I think that-- that-- uh--" His eyes fell to a close. "--only because I want it to mean something to whoever you're kissing. So--" Leaned, shoulder brushing against her's for a moment, before foreheads were pressed against one another. "--are you ready?"
  17. → Kian
  18. she didn't really see, but got the idea that whatever had transpired between Kian and this mystery person was something that he still felt guilty about. "..We-well, ma-maybe o-one da-day yo-you'll b-b-be clo-close a-a-again? If yo-you two me-meant th-that mu-much to ea-each o-o-other," giving a small nudge to his ribs. Gaze dropped to the pinkie that brushed against her middle finger. Ooof. Jenelle wished her first kiss was Kian Keller. Because it would be nice, and sweet, and hot, and worth remembering..
  19. ← Kian
  20.       shook his head. "Oh, you know-- It's just-- I do a lot of stupid shit." A single finger, his pointer finger, ran across the top of lip, scratching at it. "And--" Both hands shrugged. "--I don't know. It just sucks that way. We used to be really close, and-- I guess I just made my mistakes. We shouldn't-- we really shouldn't think about it." Moved closer to her, just-- just because. But found that his pinkie touched the tip of her middle finger. However, instead of pulling away, Kian simply smiled. It didn't burst with confidence, but more of one that reminded her of the fact that-- she was going to be okay. Even with her first kiss being some creep who burned the library down.
  21. → Kian
  22. honestly has no idea. never having a first kiss, meant she had never been on a date or even had a boyfriend. lot of never ever before. but she kept telling herself that was what college was for. right? as Kian took the seat beside her, closer than even before, Jenelle tried to keep herself calm. "..wh-what ha-happened?" biting lower lip, as gaze tracked his movements.
  23. ← Kian
  24.       Well, it would be, but-- they could still be friends and hold her. Right? That was part of the friendship rule. Or something along those lines, and Kian's just having them all messed up. "Well-- yeah. I'm-- sorry you had to get him as your first kiss." Pursed his lips slightly, and finally settled next to her. "If it makes you feel any better, mine was great-- but! She hates me now, so--" Shrugged slightly. Is here to offer that whispering sweet nothings if she wants it.
  25. → Kian
  26. gulp, wait.. isn't that.. against the rules? felt the shudder of awareness run the length of spine when Kian closed the distance between them to adjust her glasses. and damn it it all if those blue eyes didn't dart upwards to skim over the handsome lines and angles of his face. "r-r-really?" brows furrowing into a troubled frown. what was she going to do? her first kiss couldn't be with a creep.
  27. ← Kian
  28.       wait-- does she want him to do that? Because he can! And he will. If she asked. he's having weird thoughts right now. But then he was called out, causing both hands to shoot upwards defensively. "Okay-- okay. I might be. But-- that's only because-- Jack's-- uh-- well-- Jack's not a nice guy. I-- I heard he's the one that caused the fire in the first place. But-- I wouldn't actually know." Walked closer and tilted his head. Adjust her glasses for her. Which is understandable since, she couldn't see herself in a mirror.
  29. → Kian
  30. loved the Martian and Interstellar. Admittedly has never watched Barney.. sorry. Her mother considered it trash television. But totally loved the Chipmunk's Great Adventure! Couldn't ask Kian that, although would love to hear him say nice things.. especially in her ear while holding her. "..I feel like you're lying," finally returning glasses to their proper placement on nose, avoiding looking at him so she wouldn't be a mess.
  31. ← Kian
  32.       The Martian was one of his favorite movies. Along with Interstellar and Barney's Great Adventure. Long story. Please don't ask. Hey, if she ever asked him what he thought of her, he's more than willing to remind her how pretty she was. "Jack Wild--" OH MY GOD, HE'S GOING TO EAT HER ALIVE. Tossed a hand to her. "You'll be fine."
  33. → Kian
  34. blushed deeply as Kian was proving yet again, why he had earned and held her longest standing crush on an individual to date. will just have to trust him on that, because no one else seemed to share the same opinion. grinned as he quoted watney, and felt her heart skip a beat. "i uh.. got some guy.. jack wilder?"
  35. ← Kian
  36.       --we solve one problem, and then we do the next. So we start with "A". Who'd-- who'd you get?
  37. ← Kian
  38.       okay, well-- in the Martian, he says "You do the math. You solve one problem... and you solve the next one... and then the next. And If you solve enough problems, you get to come home." So--
  39. ← Kian
  40.       it's-- it's what makes her, her y'know?
  41. ← Kian
  42.       before he gets to Matt Damon, he'd like her to know that-- her stuttering mess is-- wonderful.
  43. → Kian
  44. what does matt damon have to do with this?
  45. → Kian
  46. uh, have you talked to her? she can't talk to guys she finds attractive without being a stuttering mess.
  47. ← Kian
  48.       cupped his chin with a hand. O--okay, um-- did she ever watch the martian?
  49. → Kian
  50. snort, isn't any of those things! but he's kind to say so.
  51. → Kian
  52. shook head, glad his face looked fuzzy and distorted so she couldn't see him laughing at her. however silently.
  53. → Kian
  54. hasn't done her assignment yet either. because a) doesn't know who he is and b) well what if she sucks and everyone laughs?
  55. ← Kian
  56.       but she's so pretty. And likable. And attractive. And cute-- how-- how has she not been kissed before???
  57. ← Kian
  58.       eyes widened for a moment. Never? As in-- never?
  59. ← Kian
  60.       well if he's going to be real with her, he thinks Kendall's avoiding him. On purpose.
  61. ← Kian
  62.       hasn't-- done it with the person he's supposed to do it with, because--
  63. → Kian
  64. has never kissed anyone, before.
  65. ← Kian
  66.       Right! He signed up for it as well.
  67. → Kian
  68. cheek puff, still cleaning glasses.
  69. → Kian
  70. it does.
  71. → Kian
  72. it's the least she could do, right?
  73. → Kian
  74. it's for the rebuilding the library? And those that got her.
  75. ← Kian
  76.       he's never laughed at her if that makes her feel any better?
  77. ← Kian
  78.       tilted his head slightly. Considering what?
  79. → Kian
  80. But.. promise not to laugh?
  81. → Kian
  82. Yeah, it seemed the right thing to do.. considering.
  83. → Kian
  84. takes off her glasses to clean the lens on her apron.
  85. ← Kian
  86.       WAIT. SHE DID?
  87. ← Kian
  88.       Oh! Oh, okay. Cool. Uh-- walks towards the center, preferably next to her, character sheets in hand.
  89. → Kian
  90. signed up for that kissing charity.
  91. → Kian
  92. isn't too concerned, had put those extra blankets on top of them. Yanno for the movie night they're supposed to host in a few weeks?
  93. ← Kian
  94.       was something the matter? Also, those crates are really dusty.
  95. ← Kian
  96.       peeks. Because the crates need to be handled with ca-- oh, she just flopped it.
  97. → Kian
  98. just sorta flops on one of the crates in the storage room.
  100. ====--------------------------------------------------------------
  102. → Kian
  103. it must have been the warm sugar cookie scent of her shower gel or shampoo. A scent that was subtle, and generally considered comforting. Jenelle never thought for a moment that it would be enticing to someone else. As if it prompted the desire to just devour her up, inch by inch, until she disappeared or was slick from head to toes with his saliva. There was near inaudible panting moans as sensual mouth traced astrological signs on neck, causing knees to nearly buckle from the delicious sensation visited upon her. Kian's own hips biting back into hers, pinning her more effectively, helplessly into the uncaring wall. Mouths finding one another again, wet and hot, all tongue and fire, teeth and desire. Fingers twitched uselessly from where hands were still held aloft, slender frame rubbing shamelessly and naively into his. Begging for something she didn't know, or was afraid to admit aloud. Kiss breaking after several minutes by her that time, to chase the length of his jaw. Up the curve towards ear, to clumsily nip and suck at the lobe, before dipping down towards neck. Lips busied themselves in a similar fashion he had to her own neck, even as she suck hard at flesh, to draw skin between teeth in a tugging kiss that walked the line of pain and pleasure. Was she doing this right?
  104. ← Kian
  105.       didn't mean to have been taken in by her scent so easily, by the sudden eagerness for him to be kissing her. In fact, he didn't mean for any of this to happen, but there were moments, often as they may, there were moments that he could not seem to just let go off. Moments where his mind jut wandered, allowing his body to do whatever the fuck it wanted. This is one of those moments. The hold he had upon her hands were tightened, tightened with every kiss that was given next, every gentle nibble that was offered to the skin of her neck. Her words were heard, thus he pursued. His own hips pressed firmly against her's. helping to pin Jenelle against the wall. It was then that he pulled from her neck and paid attention back to her lips. With every passing second, he seemed to be growing more and more driven by urge. By want. Yet, a part of him attempted to keep himself at bay. Perhaps it was the thought of Jenelle deserving more than what she was getting, or maybe it was the idea of Kendra.
  106. → Kian
  107. the invasion of Kian's tongue was more forceful that time, encouraged by her eagerness to learn. A soft sound was made in throat, as head tilted back in surrender to the onslaught, lashes fluttering closed. Tongue rubbing at his, awkward and earnest, wanting more and not knowing how to communicate it. As he lead her backwards, sneakers stumbled along concrete floor until back met the cold support of wall. Lithe appendages dragged upwards, to keep her from touching him, and vulnerable to whatever he decided to do with her. A faint whimper sounding as the kiss broke, and the suggestion hung heavy, and pregnant in the air with implications. Head tilting as far to the side as possible as she arched into the kisses placed to neck. Drawing hips in a brushing graze to his. "Th-that feels.. ni-nice," shuddering, "Ki-Kian.."
  108. ← Kian
  109.       grabbed at her other hand this time, finally releasing the hold on her back. He felt her mouth suck him back in, and Kian did not relent, instead, he gave everything he could to her, swabbing the tip of his tongue against the roof of her mouth in greeting, even giving her lower lip playful bites. Steps would be taken, closer and closer, until her back would be against the wall of the storage room, feet pushing away at spare boxes scattered around. Both her hands would be raised over her head, and pinned against the wall. Pulled away from the kiss and eyed her, almost longingly, keeping her arms over her head still. "--y--you can also kiss other places. Like--" Lowered his head and kissed at her neck, peppering along the smoothness of it. Repeatedly.
  110. → Kian
  111. Kian's logic made sense. It was sorta the reason, they were kissing.. right? To prepare her for guys like Jack, or something. Not at all because he thought she was pretty, and he made her heart race. "Ye-yeah," barely murmuring as his mouth found hers again. Devilish tongue slipping past her lips to dart into the small, moist cave of mouth and give a light introduction of what he meant. Oooof. When he attempted to retreat, sucked instinctively on the muscle to draw him back in.
  112. ← Kian
  113.       "Yeah! Of course-- we can. I mean-- you need to lean to impress people after all, right?" What the fuck are you even on about, Kian? "I can-- I can teach you..." Pressed his lips back to her, lips parting to have tongue slither from out of his mouth, and into her's. Wet muscle gently brushing against the top of her's, sliding further into the cavern of her lips, before shifting back out.
  114. → Kian
  115. shivered as heat of his palm claimed the small of her back, tugging her ever closer. kisses slowly growing more bold with each passing moment, fingers curling into Kian's shirt at his sides.. so languid, and lovely. as if they were sampling wine or top shelf liquor. bit at lower lip when he pulled back. "..c-can w-we?" not caring, as long as his mouth was on hers.
  116. ← Kian
  117.       with free hand, Kian wrapped it behind her back and pulled her closer. Each kiss made with a certain tender touch that only one who knew what he was doing could commit to. Pulled away slowly. "Should-- uh-- do we--" They've never done something. "--should we use tongue? Or-- or something?"
  118. → Kian
  119. fingers laced together, drawing them ever further into one another's orbit. only took off her glasses so they wouldn't get broken, they were kinda expensive. as his head lowered towards hers, janelle rose up on toes to meet him halfway. soft and tender, testing the waters.
  120. ← Kian
  121.       bit at his lower lip, and interlocked his fingers with her, and squeezed. Had half a mind to put her glasses back on, but-- instead-- watched the glasses-less eyes of her's. Approached slowly and turned his head to her for a kiss.
  122. → Kian
  123. blushed a bit, and removed her glasses to set aside on the shelf. totally won't forget them! fingers connecting with his to trace down his palms. thinks he looks great.. all the time.
  124. ← Kian
  125.       raised both his hands. Wait. Before-- before they start, he just wants her to know that she's-- she looks great. Today. Well-- everyday. But she knows what he means.
  126. → Kian
  127. took a few nervous steps towards him.
  128. → Kian
  129. sets the clipboard and pen aside. a small shake of head given.
  130. ← Kian
  131.       that wasn't creepy was it?
  132. ← Kian
  133.       OH! OH-- he-- he gets it now... closes the door.
  134. → Kian
  135. turned to look at him, and lifts clipboard for him to see. It's just blank paper.
  136. ← Kian
  137.       well-- should they-- uh-- do they-- hm-- maybe they should actually inspect first??? Doesn't know how this works.
  138. → Kian
  139. was waiting with clipboard in hand, and pen tapping.
  140. ← Kian
  141.       opened the storage room for-- inspection.
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