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  1. Ricky Pine
  2. Yo, quick question. If my PC has 8gb memory (2x 4gb) and has 2 empty slots. I should be able to add 2 more 4gb sticks without a problem right?
  4. 12:30am
  5. Jed Dolbeer
  6. depends on what the motherboard supports
  8. 12:30am
  9. Ricky Pine
  10. is there a way to quickly look that up?
  12. 12:30am
  13. Jed Dolbeer
  14. model number and brand of your motherboard
  16. 12:30am
  17. Ricky Pine
  18. been years since I've done all this
  19. http://www.findlaptopdriver.com/specs-ipimb-ar-7h27292011/
  20. says max 16gb, look right?
  22. 12:38am
  23. Jed Dolbeer
  24. if that's what it says
  26. 12:41am
  27. Ricky Pine
  28. says acer inc. IPIMB-AR REV:1.02A to be exact
  29. Do you have a sec to make sure I have the right one?
  30. Don't feel like making my computer explode
  32. 12:45am
  33. Jed Dolbeer
  34. i have no idea what the right one is Rickyu
  35. I can't see your motherboard
  37. 12:45am
  38. Ricky Pine
  39. Ah, well figured you could look it up by the info I gave you
  41. 12:46am
  42. Jed Dolbeer
  43. i mean, you have way more info than i do
  45. 12:46am
  46. Ricky Pine
  47. I have the same info you have lol. Ya I can see what would fit visually
  49. 12:46am
  50. Jed Dolbeer
  51. i have 0 information. you have the computer lol
  53. 12:47am
  54. Ricky Pine
  55. I just gave you the motherboard info
  56. which is what you said I needed
  57. Assuming I'm correct and 16gb is max, if I don't go over the max and the memory "fits" the slot, are there any other factors to be concerned about
  59. 12:48am
  60. Jed Dolbeer
  61. what i would do if i had the brand and model number of the MB, is look up the specs and check what it said was the max amount of ram
  62. you did that already
  64. 12:49am
  65. Ricky Pine
  66. agreed, was just wondering if you could take 30 seconds and confirm my reading of the information gathered.
  67. Sorry I asked
  69. 12:49am
  70. Jed Dolbeer
  71. was just saying that it's a very simple and finite problem to be solved. that page you linked me to is extremely short. only 1 possible answer there
  73. 12:50am
  74. Ricky Pine
  75. Again I agree
  76. IMO there is nothing wrong about asking a 2nd opinion
  77. Yes, you can't see the MB
  79. 12:51am
  80. Jed Dolbeer
  81. second opinion on what lol. it clearly states that the max amount of ram is 16gb. you really want me to double check that?
  83. 12:51am
  84. Ricky Pine
  85. It's strange, most people ENJOY when they get asked questions.
  86. Sure, why not
  88. 12:51am
  89. Jed Dolbeer
  90. you do realize that i do this EVERY day
  91. right
  93. 12:51am
  94. Ricky Pine
  95. takes 30 seconds to be like, ya it looks like 16gb max
  96. lol
  97. Because I ask you one question every 2 years
  99. 12:52am
  100. Jed Dolbeer
  101. that's not even close to the point
  102. but whatever
  104. 12:52am
  105. Ricky Pine
  106. I'm so sorry for the hindrance on your life!
  108. 12:52am
  109. Jed Dolbeer
  110. did i say it was?
  111. no. i was just simply saying that you were fully capable of doing everything you asked me, on your own.
  113. 12:53am
  114. Ricky Pine
  115. yes, all very good points. Well understood. I shall not ask you anymore "obvious" questions.
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