Yandere Alp (series)

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  2. Yandere Alp Attacks                 10  SUFFERING
  3. Yandere Alp in the Night            52  SUFFERING
  4. Yandere Alp's Maid Cosplay          72  SUFFERING
  5. Master and Margarita                102 End
  6. Original greentext outline          136
  8.    ***   ***   ***
  10.     Yandere Alp Attacks
  12. It was just two guys hanging out, as usual. Best friends, together since childhood, all that jazz. As they played the newest edition of Dead or Raped, John, a slightly chubby one with short hair, thought he heard something. A buzz? What's that? Nothing, he supposed. He kept on playing and chatting about this and that with his lanky buddy, Jake. The buzz was still there. John turned to his mop-haired friend: "Hey bro, is your rumble pack stuck on or something? There's this weird sound I keep hearing." Jake slowly turned to face him, his eyes gleaming behind his ragged bangs. "Ahaha," he laughed like a witch, and continued with his girlish voice, "you finally noticed...?"
  14. John looked at him, puzzled, as he stood and walked over to John. Jake unzipped his jeans, stepped out of them, and to John's surprise and disgust, began lowering his trunks. "What the hell bro, cut that shit out!" he nervously laughed. As Jake's trunks fell and fell, they revealed not a penis, but a big, purple dildo buzzing in his vagina. Several electric cords ran from belts around his thighs into his vagina. "Holy fuck bro, you're an Alp?!" John exclaimed, shocked to see his old friend so changed. "Oh, darling, I've been an Alp for two years, now." She edged closer to John, lewd juices dripping from her crotch. With a feminine face and voice dripping with malice, she continued: "You know, I've had a vibe in every time I came over for the last year~" John was floored. He had never noticed.
  16. She lifted her baggy T-shirt to reveal tiny, but unmistakeably female breasts, bandaids covering her nipples. "You never noticed. You just kept gushing on and on about all those gender bender mangas. 'How nice it would be to have a cute reverse trap girlfriend~' Disgusting. You know what the difference between those romance heroes and you is, Johnny-boy? They noticed right away their best friend was suddenly a girl. But not you. You're always so oblivious." As she talked, she creeped closer and closer to John. Finally she had backed him to the wall and crouched in front of his sitting form. Her delicate lips drew ever closer to his mouth and her slender fingers snaked into his pants. Her lewd tongue violated his mouth. "Its no wonder you never had a girlfriend, you idiot. A girl could rub her cunt on you and you'd never realize she wanted you! I bet you're still a virgin, you loser~"
  18. Her hand wrapped around John's erect penis. She leered and cooed: "Oh, what's this, BRO?!", drawing out the word in contempt, "Are you hot for me? You gay, bro? You though I was a boy just 15 minutes ago!" She slowly pulled John's pants down between running her fingers up and down his neck, and kissing his lips, neck and collarbones. "I waited for you so long, hoping you'd notice me... We could have had all kinds of wacky, cute, romantic adventures. Just a guy and his suddenly a girl best friend~" Her face twisted with hate. "BUT YOU NEVER NOTICED! Do you have any idea how much that hurt? Watching you gush about gender benders while ignoring the me right next to you?..." She stood up, dripping her lewd juices onto his face. "I'm soo~ sorry I ruined my hole already waiting for you~ NOT! I waited a whole year for you, for nothing..."
  20. "You see... Look at how big this dildo is! Your little dick could never come close to this! You squandered your chance to have a cute waifu and nice, tight snatch~", she warbled into his ear, rubbing her small chest with one hand and her clit with the other. She pulled the purple monstrosity out of her body and rammed it into John's mouth. He could feel the slimy juices on his lips, even as his teeth were clenched shut. "Don't worry though, BRO," she screeched in his ear, "the only things I've had in there were plastic~" Her cavernous pussy slowly descended upon his shamefully hard, pulsating member.
  24. Half an hour later, she shuddered in orgasm on top of John. Truthfully, she could barely feel him. The humiliation was what drove her over the edge. Seeing the shame in his eyes, she continued to taunt him, whispering in his ear: "Oh, but you didn't cum, did you? What's wrong, bro?" She slowly rose, leaving his glistening wet dick pulsating in the air, long strands of liquid stretching and breaking between their bodies. "Oh, I know!", she exclaimed in mock surprise, "You're gay! That's why you never reacted to my turn! Why, I bet you can't even come from a pussy~!" She glanced at him down the bridge of her nose in disgust. "I know! I'm gonna let you in my ass!"
  26. Her tiny anus barely touched his drooling tip. She swayed her hips back and forth, teasing him. She rolled his dick around, letting him feel her brown eye with every side of his tip. "You can pretend I'm still a boy~ Look, I'll even put my shirt back on so you can't see my boobs!" She swiped her hair behind her ears. Even if she wore the baggy shirt, there was no way to mistake her beautiful features for a boy. Well, beautiful, had they not been distorted by bitter malice. Slowly her hips dropped lower and lower, until her ass had given all the way it could to his dick. Suddenly her ring opened, swallowing his tip in an instant. They both gasped, one with the pleasure of her tight sphincter, one with the alien sensation of her first anal experience.
  28. "Ahn~ You know what, bro? I've never put anything in my butt before~ You're taking your best friend's anal virginity, you gaylord~" She leered at his as her hips sank lower and lower until her ring sat around his base. Her face still dripping with contempt, she ever-so-slowly rose again, until John's penis fell out of her anus with a satisfying plop. It that instant, he ejaculated, spurting his seed all over her gaping, twitching anus. "Ahn~ You came with one stroke! Thats gay, bro! Ahaha~"
  32. Tears welled in John's eyes from the humiliation and betrayal, as she rummaged through his room. Suddenly she shrieked: "Eww~ What's this, bro?" She was holding his prized onahole, hidden in the underwear drawer. "You sure love jacking off, don't you? How many times have you come into this?". she asked, licking the inside of it with her long tongue. "Mmh~ You're a sloppy cleaner, bro. You like jacking off more than you like pussy, huh? You're one sick puppy~" She sauntered back to him, still licking the hole and lewdly fingering the cleaning hole. "Well, if you love masturbation so much, why don't I help you with it?", she cooed, rubbing the onahole on her crotch. "You know what I'm gonna do, don't you?", she asked, with a frighteningly normal voice, as she probed her pussy lips with the onahole before pumping it in and out like a dildo, her face contorting into a disusting grin in contrast to her almost sweet voice.
  34. "Get up, I won't do all the work for a third time!", she barked out, leading him to his bed. She lay down on her back, the onahole still inside her. "You're finally going to fuck me~", she cooed, pulling him into the missionary position. She pulled his face in for a gentle kiss. "This is what you wanted, wasn't it? All those erogames, always picking the pure childhood friend type...", she said almost wistfully as she guided him into the onahole inside her. "It's just too bad you couldn't make it in time~ Now you're left pumping it into an onahole! Aww, it's so sad~"
  36. Her sadistic face and mocking tone rang in his ears as her fucked "her." Silently weeping, John grunted and moaned as he felt himself approaching orgasm in this sorry state. He collapsed on top of her immediately after ejaculating into the onahole. Her soft hands stroked his hair as she whispered in his ear: "You're all mine now~ You're too twisted to ever find a lover, bro..."
  40. John dreamt of a different path. In his dream, he came home from work to find his gentle, loving Alp wife Jane cooking in a naked apron. "Welcome home darling~ Would you like to start with the omelettes, or would you prefer me?", she would softly coo as he fingered her tight pussy and groped her tiny breasts from behind, all the while kissing the delicate nape below her short, yet feminine hair. He would take her to the bed and ravish her tight hole, enjoying her cute moans and expressions, finally falling asleep still cuddling her.
  42. ...
  44. Reality dawned on John. The real Jane was sitting on his face, milking his cock with both hands, her dirty hair and empty eyes staring at him through his tears. "I love you so much, bro... We're going to be together forever~" John could only fantasize that he had noticed her change and her love in time, before she became this twisted. The tears blurred his vision, and her face briefly reminded him of how she was in his dream. Of how she looked just a week before. He finally broke down in screaming cries.
  50.    ***   ***   ***
  52.     Yandere Alp in the Night
  54. "'How to heal mindbreak,' huh?" Jane chuckled as she read the screen. "You want to heal me do you, Johnny-boy? You fucking loser~", she giggled, one hand on the mouse and the other under the table. "'Does vagina tighten?' Well, did you find it out?" An unintellegible mumble came from below the table, almost drowned out by a violent buzz. "Well, depends, really. Long-term stretching can lead to it staying like that, but my distended Alp hole would spring right back if I just let it~ Sucks to be you, though, 'cause I won't." John was on his knees under the table, licking Jane's crotch. A gigantic dildo bucked and buzzed inside her.
  56. Jane shuddered in her seat, clamping her thighs around John's ears. She jolted her hips forwards in ecstasy, driving the bottom of the dildo, sticking out of her, into his jaw. "Ahn~... You know what, Johnny-boy? All you'd have to do is to take control. Just go out and buy a pair of handcuffs. Really. I promise I'll let you cuff me and force my cunt to tighten." She pulled him out from under the table. "But you won't. We both know it. You're too much of a loser to even try. You're just a worthless toad.", she taunted him, staring into his red eyes from under her mottled hair. "If you had the balls to act, you'd have taken me two years back." She laughed and threw him onto his back.
  58.    *   *   *
  60. A dark shadow creeped across the bedroom floor. It approached the sleeping figure in silence, step by step. Finally it stood by the bed. It's arms rose, fingers outstretched. They worked their way to the sleeper's neck, wrapping around it in darkness. The sleeper was awake in an instant, but did not struggle. A tear, glittering in the light of a streetlight outside, fell from the face of the strangler onto the face of the strangled. The strangled groaned and rasped for air as the fingers tightened and tightened. Finally the grasp was broken, and the crying figure slinked off in silence as the victim coughed and hacked. "I knew you couldn't do it, you piece of shit...!"
  62. Jane switched the nightlight on as John fell to his knees, crying. She coughed in a hoarse voice: "You'd hurt me even more, after what you did...?" She slowly rose from John's bed and grabbed him by the neck. Strangling him in turn, she dragged him into the bed, throwing him in on his back. She pulled his pajamas down and coaxed his penis erect with her mouth. "How would you like to get a deepthroat from the neck you just tried to strangle~", she growled. She slowly descended on his now erect member, scraping it with her teeth all the way down. John whimpered out loud as she stopped, wih his dick deep in her throat, to gnaw at it with her molars.
  64. John screamed as Jane bit down on his head with her front teeth. The pain was excruciating, even if she did not draw blood. Finally she grew bored, and plopped the penis out of her mouth. "You can't even come from a blowjob, can you? What a loser~! I bet it's 'cause you can see my boobs!", she warbled at him. He didn't answer. He never did. She pulled a big, black dildo out of herself as John cried his eyes out behind his hands. She grinned to herself as she silently brought it up to his trembling face. She pinched his cheeks to keep him from biting down, and rammed the monstrosity into his mouth. John immediately vomited as the slimy, black plastic forced it's way into his throat. Jane's malice-filled face twisted into her trademark leer. "Ahaha, what a fucking faggot! You should just die! Atone for what you did to me!" John almost wished he would.
  70.    ***   ***   ***
  72.     Yandere Alp's Maid Cosplay
  74. "But Master, we can't~ A maid can't marry her master!" Purple eyebags hung below the maid's mottled hair, which almost grazed a frightened, bound, man's face. He stuttered: "Jane, please let me go! What are you doing?!" Jane's dirty fingers slapped his face, the strike as instant and loud as a bolt of lightning. "Stay in character, you worthless piece of shit!" Tears welled in John's eyes as her jagged, unkempt fingernails dug into his cheeks. "You're the kinky count who likes to force his shy maid Margarita to do some nice bondage play to him, remember?", Jane hissed at him.
  76. The whole room was darkened with trash bags and tape. The deep darkness was only pierced by a dim old nightlight, and, of course, the rancid smell permeating the entire apartment. Old sweat and mottled hair mixed with rotting fish and dried squid. It must have been at least two weeks by now. Jane had quickly grown bored with just plain old beatings, forced cunnilingus and relentless insults. Her penchant for maid roleplay did not extend to cleaning and bathing, though, and the room grew more and more disgusting by the day.
  78. Another slap rang though the air. "Stop daydreaming, you slimy fucking toad! Master wants some orgasm denial, remember?! Kepp it up!" John snapped to attention, immediately stuttering out his lines: "S-shut up and k-k-kiss me, Margarita! You're m-my thing a-a-a-nd..." Jane's eyes squinted in hostile anticipation as John struggled for words. "I can t-throw you back on the streets any time I wish!" The hate in her eyes seemed to melt for a moment as her almost screamed out the words. Jane craned her head down for a kiss. John tensed in expectation of a vomit-inducing assault, but Jane was deep enough in character to give him the sweetest, gentlest kiss of his life.
  82. Jane snapped and beat John several times throughout the night - every time he broke character. She would transform from the - of course similarly physically dirty, but also gentle and pure - Margarita into a terrifying banshee in an instant. Almost as quickly her malice would melt away, as they again transformed into the master and the maid. As long as John was in character, she was the shyly aggressive lover. John almost wished the charade would go on forever.
  84. The orgasm denial angle was mostly only informed - Jane had removed another whirring and buzzing monstrosity from herself just seconds before they begun. Her distended orifice barely gripped John's shaft to begin with. She could keep riding, kissing and fondling him for hours without any danger of bringing him to orgasm. John thought he felt her tighten throught the night - maybe he imagined it, but he slowly begun to feel pleasure as 'Margarita' gently teased him. He even began to slowly and occasionally move his hips to meet hers.
  86. Finally, after almost an hour of grinding, uninterrupted by break in character and breatings, John was finally brought to the edge by Jane's feather-light touch. He groaned as his hips pistoned his member up and down inside her. Finally his seed shot into Jane's wet hallway, almost immediately dribbling out of it and staining his own, already mottled pubic hair. "I love you," a barely audible whisper. Jane tensed visibly over him, her face obscured by her dirty hair. She shook silently, but the tears falling onto John's chest betrayed her. "Liar...", she whispered as John twitched in reaction to the sudden impacts. "LIAR!"
  90. John winced, expecting another beating, or maybe slender fingers throttling him as they rose from his chest, but Jane only whimpered on top of her. She wiped her eyes, and for an instant John could see only pain in her usually so hateful eyes. She screamed out loud with another surge of tears as she realized he could see it. John tried his best to curl up into a ball in anticipation of another beatdown. Of course he couldn't, his limbs tied to the bed. The best he could manage was to turn his head and close his eyes as tight as possible.
  92. He held his breath as he felt Jane's small weight rise from on top of him. To his surprise, the strike never arrived - instead he heard the cries stumble out of the open door and towards the kitchen. He lay dumbstruck as Jane cried her eyes out in the other room. Why did he say that? Who was the lover, who the beloved? Did John love Jane, or the master Margarita? Perhaps his mind had crossed tracks and it was John who loved the imaginary Margarita. It was all so confusing. His mind felt like a maze.
  94. Jane, meanwhile, was on her knees under the kitchen table, rocking herself softly and crying vigorously. All the pain she had felt waiting for John to notice her had suddenly broken through the wall of hate she had so laboriously built. More than a year of deliberate hate and disgust had given way for an instant and the long-ignored feelings overwhelmed her. For the first time in ages, she was afraid. What would happen if she let herself feel again? A normal relationship with John was obviously impossible at this point. What should she do? What could she do? Continue breaking him? Try to kill her feelings again? She was at a loss.
  100.    ***   ***   ***
  102.     Master and Margarita
  104. "Here master, say ahn~!" A slender young woman in a maid dress with short hair cooed as the spoon in her hand approached the mouth of the man opposite her. The spoonful of ice cream disappeared into his mouth, his lips caressing the metal as she pulled it out again. She took another spoonful of the sundae and slurped it up herself as the man watched her face contort in pleasure. Other patrons whispered and giggled to themselves - "Are they cosplaying on a date?! How cute~!"
  106. The pair left the cafe one after the other. The maid followed her master two paces behind, gently smiling with her hands together at the front of her hip. The master was a slim, modern fellow - clean shaven and dressed in dark jeans and a dress shirt. He walked with a strong posture, his head held high. Yet his face was not the image of contentment that his maids' was: he seemed wistful, even sad, as they made their way home.
  108. The apartment was smaller than a master and a maid could be expected to have. Even so, the studio was immaculately cleaned and tastefully decorated. Early afternoon sunlight bathed the elegantly plain furnishing. The maid stepped into the kitchen immediately as they entered. "Please entertain yourself, master. I shall prepare lunch meanwhile." The master watched her elegantly make her way to the refridgerator before slipping into the bedroom.
  112. John lay on the bed in silence. He sighed as he held an old photo above him at arm's length. In retrospect the Jack in it was already a Jane - but at the time he had had no idea. The girl was still a shy nerd, not the lewd monstrosity she had later become. He thought about the painful months after the truth had come out, and the day Jane's sanity collapsed and she lost herself in her maid roleplay. As painful as Jane's malice was, in a way she had died that day. Tears welled in John's eyes as he imagined what could have been.
  114. Jane stared at a small photo held in her hand as she stirred the pot with the other. The John in the photo was still a pudgy nerd, before his mind had broken. Her constant bullying and abuse had finally made him snap and fall into a fantasy world, where he was the confident master of a loving maid instead of a nerd being abused day in and day out by his former childhood friend. The guilt was almost overwhelming - she had destroyed the person she had supposedly loved.
  116. Jane sighed as the soup neared completion. If only she hadn't been so set on a fairytale romance. She could have done any number of things to make him hers - could have. Now it was too late. His mind was broken and she couldn't get her dear childhood friend back no matter what she did. The sighed again, more heavily. She couldn't tell if she could take this forever, playing pretend with the empty shell of her love.
  120. That night, as the master was in the bath, his devoted maid changed the sheets in his bed. Suddenly something fell out of the sheets - a photograph. The maid picked it up in the amber evening sun, and froze. Why would the master have a photo like this? Anxiety filled her heart. She took the photo with her and sat down in the kitchen, staring at it while listening to the sounds of the shower.
  122. The master stepped out of the bathroom with a towel around his hips. He noticed hid maid sitting, uncharacteristically hunched, in the kitchen. He immediately knew something was wrong, and stepped up to her. "What's wrong, Margarita?" The maid lifted her head, revealing red, anxious eyes. "Sit down, master." He did, concerned with her sudden gravity. The maid slowly rose, hiding something in her hands.
  124. "What is this, master?" He flinched as she opened her palm. She had found the photo. Her hands rose, her face an emotionless mask. He instinctively cowered, anticipating an assault like so many times before. Instead, her hands gently grasped his cheeks, tears welling in her already red eyes. "John...? Johnny, is it still you...?" His arms fell from their protective position as his eyes grew wide in surprise. "It is you!", Jane gasped as she grasped him into a strong hug.
  128. A slender young woman with short hair in a dark green sundress craned her neck to slurp up a spoonful of ice cream. Her lips caressed the metal as the slender young man pulled the spoon back out. He leaned forward to kiss her cherry-and-vanilla-tasting lips. The soft kiss lingered long enough to draw giggles from a passing group of schoolgirls. The giggles intensified as they cooed in unison: "I love you~"
  134.    ***   ***   ***
  136.     Greentext outline
  138. >faint buzzing noise throughout the game
  139. >Hey bro, is your rumble pack stuck on or something?
  140. >Ahaha, you finally noticed...?
  141. >he drops his pants
  142. >instead of a dick there's a big buzzing dildo and several rotor cords going up his vag
  143. >Holy fuck bro, you're an Alp?!
  144. >Oh, darling, I've been an Alp for two years now.
  145. >she walks up over you as you stare in panic
  146. >her pussy drips on you face as she leers at you
  147. >You know, I've had a vibe in every time I came over for the last year~
  148. >she lifts her shirt to show tiny A-cups with bandaids on the nipples
  149. >You never noticed, did you? You're always so oblivious...
  150. >she kneels down to ram her lewd tongue deep into your throat
  151. >It's no wonder you never had a girlfriend. A girl could rub her cunt on you and you'd never realize... I bet you're still a virgin!
  152. >her hand swims down into your pants and caresses your rock-hard boner
  153. >Oh, what's this, BRO? Are you hot for me? You gay bro? You thought I was a boy just 15 minutes ago!
  154. >she slowly pulls your pants down
  155. >I'm soo~ sorry I ruined my holes already waiting for you~ Not! If you only had noticed me in time, you could have had some nice, tight snatch...
  156. >she finally pulls out the slimy dildo and slaps your face with it
  157. >Don't worry though, BRO, the only things I've had in there were plastic~
  158. >her cavernous pussy slowly devours you as she bullies your mouth with the dildo
  160. >she rides your dick for half an hour while panting obscenely in your ear
  161. >finally she shudders in orgasm on top of you, almost collapsing on top of you
  162. >Oh, but you didn't cum, did you? What's wrong, bro?
  163. >she slowly lifts herself off your dick, leaving it twitching in the air, dripping with her juices
  164. >You really are gay, aren't you~ I bet you can't even come from a pussy~
  165. >she caresses your neck and collarbones with her slender fingers
  166. >I know! I'm gonna let you in my ass!
  167. >she positions her anus on your drooling tip, swaying her hips back and forth, teasing it with her brown eye
  168. >You can pretend I'm still a boy~ Look, I'll even put my shirt back on so you can't see my boobs!
  169. >she finally stops bullying your dick with her hips and starts to lower herself down onto you
  170. >you feel her buttflesh give way for your hard dick, until it suddenly gives way and engulfs you
  171. >you both gasp for air, she with her first anal experience, you at her throttling tightness
  172. >Ahn~ You know what, bro? I've never put anything in my butt before~ You're taking your best friend's anal virginity, you gaylord~
  173. >she slowly sinks all the way down your shaft, the tightness working it's way down oto your base
  174. >just as slowly she rises again, until her anus lifts off your dick with a disgusting, yet satisfying plop
  175. >you come just as her butt leaves you, shooting your hot load onto her gaping butthole like a drinking fountain
  176. >Ahn~ You came with one stroke! That's gay, bro! Ahaha~
  177. >tears well up in your eyes from the humiliation and betrayal
  179. >you lie on your back biting back the tears as she rummages through your bedroom
  180. >Eww~ What's this, bro?
  181. >she's holding your onahole
  182. >You sure love jacking off, don't you? How many times have you come into this?
  183. >she licks the inside of it
  184. >Mmh~ You're a sloppy cleaner, bro. You like jacking off more than you like pussy, huh? You're one sick puppy~
  185. >she saunters back over to you
  186. >Well, if you love masturbation so much, why don't I help you with it?
  187. >she positions the onahole on her pussy lips
  188. >You know what I'm gonna do, don't you?
  189. >she probes her insides with the cocksleeve, pumping it in and out like a dildo, her face contorting into a disgusting grin
  190. >Get up, I won't do all the work for you a third time!
  191. >she leads you to your bed with the onahole still in her pussy
  192. >You're going to finally fuck me~
  193. >she lies down on her back, beckoning you to penetrate her in the missionary position
  194. >you do, slowly pushing your slimy dick into the onahole inside her
  195. >she grabs your hands and pulls you in for a kiss
  196. >This is what you wanted, wasn't it? All those erogames, always picking the pure childhood friend type...
  197. >she grabs you by the sides and guides you to fuck herself
  198. >It's just too bad you couldn't make it in time~ Now you're left pumping it into an onahole... Aww, it's so sad!
  199. >her sadistic leer and mocking tone ring in your ears as you fuck "her"
  200. >you grunt and moan as you feel the orgasm approacing
  201. >finally you shoot your second load deep into the onahole
  202. >as you lay on top of her, with tears again swelling in your eyes, you feel her delicate hands stroke your hair
  203. >You're mine now~ You're too twisted to ever find a lover, bro...
  205. >you dream of a different life
  206. >you come home from work to find your cute wife cooking with a naked apron
  207. >Welcome home darling~ Would you like the omelettes first, or do you want me?
  208. >you finger her tight pussy and grope her tiny breasts as you kiss her behind the neck
  209. >I can't decide!
  210. >you bring her to the bed and set her down
  211. >you ravish her tight hole, enjoying her cute moans and expressions
  212. >you fall asleep still cuddling her
  213. >...
  214. >you wake into reality
  215. >she's sitting on your face, milking your cock with both hands
  216. >you come all over your tummy, and she climbs off you to lick it all up
  217. >through your bitter tears you see her twisted, disgusting face leering at you
  218. >I love you so much, bro... We're going to be together forever~
  219. >if only you had seen through her before she became this twisted
  220. >the tear-blurred image of her face almost reminds you of how she was, in your dream, when you were still being fooled
  221. >you cover your face with your hands and weep out loud
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