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mexicanseafood26 Apr 19th, 2019 94 Never
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  1. this is for later. please dont use until your time has come.
  3. so, if you're reading this mom/dad/brother, im sorry. im sorry i had to leave you this way. im sorry you have to see this image of me that will never come out of your mind. im sorry i failed you. i cant live with myself as such a paranoid and sensitive fuck. im such a perverted, stupid person that nobody needs around. mom, im sorry i was a failure. i never did anything you wanted because i could never remember what i was supposed to do. and i also hope you know that i never meant to be such an annoying mistake. dad, im sorry for being such a moody replica of my brother. brother, im sorry for not being able to help you. you're always in so much pain and i cant do shit. you always say you love me for what you aren't, but you shouldn't. i'm a much worse person. you aren't even bad. and to my friends, you know who you are. {redacted}, im sorry for always treating you badly. i was never a good friend to you. {redacted}, i'll tell you the truth, i've had feelings for you for quite awhile. im sorry for always annoying you and being such a shitty, cowardly, weak souled person. {redacted}, i'm sorry for being so pushy. i always try but nothing works. god i cant even write this. i'm writing this note on the 19th of april. i dont even know what im saying. to everyone that cares, im sorry that i had to fade away like this. i know nobody would be phased by it, but i still need to write this in case things go sour. i'll be at your alter. i love you
  4. -me
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